Courage Is Running Towards Danger


With a modern day Patriot’s Gratitude to : Thomas Paine, no Summer Soldier, was he.

Foreword: On November 20, 2014 Mr. Barack Obama announced a historic, and unprecedented amnesty for over Five Million illegal immigrants who have lived, and worked, illegally in the United States, or have recently broken into the United States, through the U.S. Mexico border.

Prior to that, Mr. Obama, had refused to enforce immigration laws, leaving the United States border undefended and its citizens unprotected. This was in violation of the Constitution, and was a purposeful dereliction of his duty as commander and chief.

He, also, aggressively, attacked individual states that were trying to protect their borders.

Mr. Obama’s refusal to enforce immigration laws, and his hostile interference with law-enforcement officials, assisted these invaders: many of whom were criminals, and all of whom were uninvited strangers who were forcing their way into the United States, on their illegal path, to do what they would in our nation.

On November 20, 2014, against the will of the majority of Americans, Mr. Obama decreed amnesty, for these millions of foreign nationals.

This, after years of urging Congress to make into law an amnesty that the rightful citizens of America had rejected. Mr. Obama declared his amnesty, in defiance of the people, and, after the huge Democrat- Progressive losses in the 2014 midterm election.

That election, was, clearly, a rejection of Democrat, Progressive, Leftist, Marxists, and pro-amnesty forces within the United States.

With their votes, in 2014, the American people re-asserted their connection, and their ownership of the United States of America, and they strongly rejected, Mr. Obama, the other pro-amnesty politicians, and, illegal immigrants, pro-amnesty organizations, and all of their ideologies their aims, and ambitions within, this, our country.

Americans rejected the amnesty that was the greatest goal of these factions. The reaction against Mr. Obama and the factions that had formed to promote amnesty was so strong because, in the past several years many American citizens had become convinced that those politicians, especially, Mr. Obama, and his supporters were destroying our republic, and were giving over its power to foreign nations, and to their people.

The 2014 election was a rejection of Mr. Obama, and especially a rejection of his radical amnesty that aimed to give huge benefits, and power, to these, un-vetted, illegal immigrants, who are, and who will, likely, remain, at heart, the loyal citizens of other nations, even after Mr. Obama’s, expensive, and paid-for by taxpayers, amnesty.

Before Mr. Obama’s illegal amnesty, which was awarded against the will of the people, Americans had rejected the Senate’s expensive amnesty for which citizens would pay the costs, while the former illegal immigrants would reap all of the advantages, and the spoils.

To citizens, amnesty was an illogical act, and absolutely against their own best interests, and against the United States best interests. And they asked: what other country in the world would give so much power, and so many benefits to a people who had, by the millions, and for decades, shown such disrespect for the country they had invaded, and who had consistently, shown continued contempt for its laws.

Amnesty has been, and is still rejected  by the rightful citizens of the United States because it disenfranchises them, and gives all of the power to drive the future of the United States, over to a foreign people who want all of the benefits they can reap, but have little love, or respect for the nation. Some of them have great hostility to Americans.  This Amnesty, and its many costs to citizens, makes it apparent that Mr. Obama is, also, hostile to both Americans and America.

And, amnesty makes it apparent that Mr. Obama, absolutely, scorned the 2014 election, and had contempt for the citizens decisions.

By decreeing this amnesty that clearly harms American citizens, Mr. Obama has rejected our representative government, which is meant to give choice, and a voice to the citizens. By his support for the rights of non-citizens, over the United States’ citizens, he has, again, disregarded his oath of office, and discarded his allegiance to the United States and its citizens.

He has shown that he has discarded his allegiance to citizens, and to the United States by acting on behalf of five million illegal immigrants, and against the wishes, and the voice and the votes of Americans. He has acted on behalf and in the best interest of another, and a foreign people, and not in the best interests of the people, the rightful citizens, who elected him.

Mr. Obama has rejected the fact that the American people are the owners of this republic, and as James Madison wrote: we are the authority on which the American government is based. The authority of the American people, is the authority from which Mr. Obama’s office, receives its authority to act. The election of 2014 told Mr. Obama that the people did not want his agenda and his policies. It showed that the population did not trust him to act in our best interests, especially concerning amnesty.

By imposing this illegal amnesty on this free people, Mr. Obama acted as a dictator. He took away the people’s right to decide their elections, and then to use that power to guide the nation in the way they would have it to go.

America is a Republic, not a Communist nation, or a dictatorship. Mr. Obama was elected to uphold that Republic and to govern it under the Constitution, and to acknowledge the power of Congress, and of the people that Congress represents.

The United States is a sovereign nation, a Republic in which the citizens, through their elections of their leaders show their rejection or acceptance of policies, and choose the direction the nation is to take. That is how the authority of : We the People of the Constitution works. That is how United States citizens show and express our authority, and our guidance of our nation.

Mr. Obama has defied all of the constraints of the Constitution on the honorable office of President of the United States.

 Mr. Obama defied the authority of the American people on November 20, 2014. Mr. Obama, on that day, once again, showed his defiance of the Constitution, and of the rule of law. He showed his contempt for the people, the rule of law, the Constitution and for the security of the United States.

On that day, and by his actions, Mr. Obama revealed, once again, his Anti-American feelings.

By bestowing amnesty on these non-citizens, he turned his allegiance over to these millions of people of other nations, who reside, illegally within the United States of America. By his defiance of Americans’ voices, votes, laws, and our rights to this nation, Mr. Obama  withdrew his allegiance from the United States and her people, and gave it over to another set of people, these millions, who are citizens of other countries.

By showing that his allegiance is not to us, the legal citizens of the United States, and by usurping our authority, our rights, and our power, Mr. Obama has shown that he is not acting as our president, and that he has, abandoned his oath of office, and has lied to, and betrayed the citizens, and has ignored the Constitution that he swore an oath to uphold and protect.

Mr. Obama has, by his actions, cast off the right to, and the power of his office as President of The United States.


Readers: The following Petition and Protest, began as a citizen’s pamphlet, but over at least one years’ time became a book of about 200 pages, chronicling the American peoples’ struggle to preserve immigration laws, to protect the integrity of their elections, and to force the man acting as president of the United States to protect them by enforcing the lawful immigration laws that were their, legal right, as citizens. The text reflects the times and the changes through links to many news reports. It is a book that was written according to what was happening at that particular moment. It is a citizen’s book, and not the book of an expert. It is as imperfect as I am as a writer, and it reflects the technical struggles that I had with WordPress. I have tried to give proper acknowledgement to all of the sources that I have cited. If I haven’t given proper credit where it is due, please contact me, and I will do better.

God Bless the United States Of America. God Bless We The People of The Constitution.


By: An American, and a “Modern Day Thomas Paine”

On behalf of Citizens and Whistle Blowers–1st, a Protest and a Petition

A Citizen’s Pamphlet to put forth the objections of Americans against Mr. Barack Obama, and his, or any government official’s, right, whatever their title, or position, to decree special rights, or any amnesty, whatsoever, for illegal immigrants.

Because amnesty for millions more foreign nationals, when the foreign born population, within the United States, has already reached 41 million, means that there will be a complete change in the demographics of the United States, and therefor, a change in who has power within the nation.

Will those who have the power to decide the fate of the nation be the rightful citizens, or will those who vote, -those who make the decisions for the United States, be a new, and recently imported population, or foreign nationals who were, purposely, allowed to stay in the United States? Whether they are recently imported, or were allowed to stay here, against U.S. Immigration laws, these millions of foreign nationals, are here, illegally. They are here because Barack Obama, is using their numbers, and their race to purposely, and unlawfully, change the demographics of the nation.

Will the Obama Administration end the American citizens’ right, and end Americans’ power to decide the destiny of the United States, by a series of Presidential decrees that will take the nation out of the hands of its rightful, and lawful citizens, and, instead,illegally, give the control of the United States away, to a new people. Millions of Illegal immigrants, in the United States because they broke the law, or because Mr. Obama helped them to break U.S. laws, are the people that Mr. Obama has decided to decree to be United States citizens. Illegal immigrants, here only because they are lawbreakers, are Mr. Obama’s and the Democrats chosen citizenry for the United States of America.

This amnesty is a, purposeful, and a fundamental transformation of the country that was established between the government and The People, who were, in 1789, a particular, and a different population. The people who wrote and adopted the Constitution,were, primarily, the descendants of English Colonists who had settled the thirteen colonies. Clinton Rossiter, who wrote about the Colonists of 1765, stated they were by descent, English, and were a people who believed in the rule of law.The people that would be covered by any amnesty, are people with no respect for the rule of law, for the sovereignty of the United States, or for the rights of the citizens of this country. Amnesty would reward lawbreakers who demand that we stop enforcing our laws, and also give them the many benefits, the gifts, that amnesty awards to those whose actions show a complete contempt for law.

This excessively large, in numbers, and most expensive amnesty, would be the eighth and the most extreme and radical amnesty ever adopted by this nation. This amnesty is against the rights, the rule of law, and the best interest of Americans, and against the best interests of our Sovereign nation.

TO: The President, and also to The Congress of the United States, which has at many times been complicit with Mr. Obama’s policies; policies that support and protect the rights of foreign nationals, over and above the unalienable rights, under the Declaration, and the other rights that are guaranteed to United States’ citizens, under the Constitution.

Amnesty, awarded to an unknown number of illegal immigrants (possibly 20 to 30 million, or more) , decides the nature, the culture, and the future of this nation. The terms of amnesty change many other laws under which Americans must live, and the terms and the changes that amnesty demands, are not in the best interests of American citizens.

Amnesty voids the agreement, and the terms, that were agreed on in the Constitution.That agreement was between We The People of the Constitution, and the federal government of the United States. The Constitution that was agreed on, did not include provision for the sudden addition of unknown millions; millions of people who are, actually, the loyal citizens of other lands. These are millions of strangers, whose backgrounds, and beliefs may make them hostile to Liberty, the Bill of Rights, limited government, and to the Constitution. Their backgrounds, and culture may mean that they are aggressive, and hostile to the present United States citizens, and to the United States, itself, and to the safety, and to the Sovereignty of the nation.

A radical amnesty, that includes an unprecedented number of citizens from foreign nations, has never been attempted in any country in modern history.It is a dangerous social experiment. To, rashly, and suddenly, make so many foreign nationals, whose loyalty may be to other nations, into United States citizens, who can then determine the future of this country, may endanger the United States security and the rights of United States citizens.

The major changes that such, an untried, and unplanned for, amnesty for millions will bring to the nation, and to Americans, are not addressed by the Constitution.

An amnesty of millions of illegal aliens, can never be undone, and so it fixes the destiny of America. It decides the very fate of the citizens and of the nation itself. The excessive costs, and the other burdens of amnesty, and their unforeseen consequences, will impact all U.S. citizens, and will last for a century or more.

An amnesty for millions of people of other nations becomes an amnesty that never ends.

This amnesty has no end date. The nation is never allowed to return to its prior state. It continues to admit millions more foreign nationals due to “chain migration. Because of the politics of amnesty, and the ever increasing number of foreign citizens coming into the nation, the citizens power will be lessened. If citizens object, they will not be able to stop, or to control the numbers that Congress, and present and future President’s may decide to allow to enter the United States. It is likely that those millions from other lands will forever disenfranchise United States’ citizens’ influence, and their rights and power within their own country. This vast influence, of the millions of new citizens from other nations, will end United States sovereignty.

No one can know the outcomes, or the consequences, for an amnesty that never ends, and for immigration of millions that can’t be stopped.

No one can know the financial costs to the nation, or how long it can bear such costs. No one can know the personal, or emotional costs, to the present citizens, of uncontrolled immigration, and the degrees of change, and upheaval that will come.

Amnesty, is against all that is right, and against all that is sensible. It means putting the welfare of millions of foreign nationals over the welfare of the rightful citizens. Amnesty, and the laws adopted to force so many millions of foreign nationals onto the rightful citizens, will mean loss of freedom to Americans. Amnesty disregards the Constitutional framework for the United States, the rule of law, and it disregards the best interests of We the People, the legal, and the rightful citizens. Amnesty is against the wishes, the will, and the best interests of the citizens. And so, in order for amnesty to be implemented, the government will use force against the rightful citizens. Because of its use of force, amnesty transforms this free nation, from a country whose people, by their voice, rights, and votes, guide the nation, into a strictly ruled, and controlled, Communist nation that no longer represents the rightful citizens.

In The Gettysburg Address, Lincoln referred to the Declaration of Independence, and to the United States, the republic, governed by a representative democracy, as: “government of the people, by the people, for the people..” Amnesty, forced onto the rightful citizens of the United States, over-throws that republic.

Amnesty will result in over-population. Unknown numbers, millions more, will come for many decades. And their numbers will, quickly, over-come the numbers, the power, and the votes of the present citizens.

Amnesty takes away the citizens’ right to decide the destiny of the United States. It takes away Americans right to pursue happiness. Amnesty affects the lives of every citizen in momentous ways that last for their entire lifetimes, and for the lifetimes of their posterity. Amnesty affects the prosperity, and the natural resources of this nation. Amnesty gives all of the benefits of amnesty to non citizens, and gives all of the costs to the citizens, and requires them to bear all of the losses for an amnesty that they never wanted.An amnesty that was imposed on them against their will.

An amnesty of millions of illegal immigrants, necessarily will take property (tax payer money that the government will demand from citizens) provided by the citizens, solely, to benefit the citizens of other countries.

And an amnesty of millions of illegal immigrants will impact Americans’ lives immediately, and in countless ways, that cannot be foreseen.One immediate and tangible change is that: American jobs will likely be awarded, by affirmative action, to those millions who were amnestied.

Americans lives will be changed and harmed by this unprecedented change, and this staggering increase in numbers to our nation’s population.  No one, but God, can know the unforeseen consequences of this amnesty of such a vast number of people from other nations, on the lives of the citizens, and on the future of the nation. Amnesty on this scale and with these numbers has never been done before.

Amnesty is a weighty decision. It is a decision that cannot be made by one who has thrown off his role of president, as given under the Constitution, and is, instead, taking on the role of a king, and usurping the power of Congress, the people, and the courts.

Amnesty impacts the United States, on every hand, and at every level of government. It impacts the entire nation so seriously that the decision must not be made lightly, or quickly. Amnesty, because it can never be undone, requires serious deliberation, and study, and long term planning.

But the most important consideration is that Americans are opposed to Amnesty.

For Amnesty to become reality means that the president or the Congress will force it on the citizens.

Amnesty deprives Americans of their rights, and their property because it uses taxpayer funds to pay for Amnesty.

With Amnesty, the federal government deprives citizens’ of their right to determine their own future. The president, by non-enforcement of immigration laws, and by his determination to inflict amnesty on the nation, against the citizens’ will, punishes the, rightful, and innocent citizens, by burdening them with an influx of other nations’ citizens.

With Amnesty, the president rewards non-citizens with citizenship by disregarding all immigration laws, and by refusing to follow his duties under the Constitution.

And, how can amnesty for hundreds of thousands of foreign nationals, a decision, that affects every citizen, and the entire nation, be made, by Congress? The current Congress has shown, by its desire to, quickly, pass amnesty, without long-term discussion with the citizens, and without long term deliberation, studies, or planning, that it is determined to disregard its responsibility, and its duty to We The People of The Constitution, and to the United States. The president and the current Congress are determined to rashly adopt amnesty. They are determined to take an imprudent step that can never be undone. The president, and or Congress, are determined to take a step that may destroy the nation that they swore an oath to protect.

Neither can amnesty be decided by the citizens of other countries’, who, illegally, reside in the United States, or are invading the United States. They have shown utter contempt for the nation, and for the rule of law. They have invaded, and have broken a series of immigration laws, in order to live and work in the United States. Many illegal immigrants who have lived in the United States for decades, continually, and serially, break United States law. Their actions show a total disregard for the rule of law. Many, and increasing numbers of illegal immigrants, protest against, and refuse to obey United States immigration laws, even as they demand the right to be United States citizens, by a decree of  amnesty.

The Federal Government has allowed foreign nationals to disregard United States laws, and has allowed them to break our laws, sometimes without penalty, and for decades, and against the protests of United States citizens’ and the states within the Union. The Federal Government has harmed United States Citizens by allowing millions upon millions of illegal immigrants to invade, and to stay in our country.

These illegal immigrants have harmed the rightful citizens of the United States, and the citizens’ quality of life in many ways.

These illegal immigrants have taken up an illegal residence in our nation: They have taken our jobs, and our wealth, they have used welfare benefits, they have used medical services, our schools, and every service available to citizens. They have voted in, and decided our elections, therefore stealing our right to decide the laws, and to choose the people that serve as our elected officials.

United States elections determine the course of our lives in this nation.Elections are established so that citizens’ have a chance to make their voices heard, and to determine the direction the nation will take.

When the Federal Government allows, and then protects the citizens from other countries, ability to vote, and to decide United States elections, illegally, the federal government is helping foreign nationals to disenfranchise Americans. The federal government is working against the best interests of the people, and the country. By supporting, and upholding the rights, of foreign nationals to vote in United States elections, the federal government is working against American citizens.The Federal Government, the President and the Congress are committing treason against the citizens. By supporting foreign nationals right to vote in United States elections, the federal government is deciding elections itself; it is not allowing the citizens to decide them.

For years, illegal immigrants, have increased their numbers and their power within the United States by a continued invasion, and by breaking our laws so that they could remain in the United States. During the years they resided in the United States they used birthright citizenship and chain migration, as methods to increase their numbers, and their power within our nation. And, now they, insolently, extort an amnesty from this free people and from this sovereign nation, by threats, and by protests.

Illegal immigrant organizations were included to help write the Senate’s “Immigration Reform” bill that entirely benefited illegal immigrants, and not the citizens of this nation. President Obama is including the same special interests, and the illegal immigrant organizations to help write his decree of amnesty that will,quickly, disenfranchise Americans, and that will destroy their pursuit of happiness, and that will destroy their future, in this their own country, now and forever.

A citizens Petition for Redress of the Grievances of Americans

Regarding: The Lawlessness of President Obama, and his administration.

Concerning:  Violations, of American Immigration Laws, and the Non-Enforcement Of Immigration Laws. The Importation of Persons, illegally, for all of the years of his presidency (working with the UN to bring in large numbers of refugees, and stopping deportations), but lately, by his planning and leading of a massive invasion of adults, and teens, which uses Central American children, as shields from law enforcement, and for propaganda purposes.

Mr. Obama, and his administration, deceitfully, planned this latest invasion. They encouraged, assisted, and supported this invasion of hundreds of thousands of foreign nationals into the United States.

We protest the collusion, and the deceit practiced on We the People of the United States, by Mr. Obama, the agencies under his administration, and by his comrades and co-conspirators: LA Raza, the Hispanic Caucus in the U.S. Congress, and the nations of Mexico, and those of Central America. We include other unknown domestic and foreign entities, who, it seems apparent, have conspired in a purposeful and deliberate opening of our borders, and a vast, and continuing, invasion of illegal immigrants into the sovereign United States.

We protest against Mr. Obama, and his co-conspirators, which include Democrat and Republican Congressmen and Senators, and the foreign nations of El Salvador, Guatemala and Mexico.

This Obama planned, and instigated invasion, shows no decent respect or loyalty to the United States or its people. The invasion will cost American taxpayers trillions of dollars for decades to come. It will usurp the power of American voters. By ignoring, and non-enforcement of our immigration laws, Mr. Obama has taken away the citizens’ right to choose the number, and the people that it will allow to enter the country, legally. By taking away the citizens’ right of choice, and the peoples’ right to security, and safety, and denying them protection from U.S. immigration laws, and by allowing and aiding an invasion into the United States, Mr. Obama and his administration, his agencies, and government officials, interfere with Americans freedom to decide the fate of our communities, and to determine our quality of life. By their actions, Mr. Obama and his administration are committing treasonous acts against the United States, and its citizens.

The Obama Administration is, actively, and purposely,attacking Americans’ unalienable rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, in our own land.It is purposely giving away Americans’ rights over to foreign nationals.

The Obama Administration, and Democrats across the nation have worked deceptively, and as enemies of the United States. They have abused taxpayer funds, using billions of dollars, in order to carry out, and support  the continued invasion, and, also, to allow the Obama Administration to carry out another invasion by Central Americans into the United States of America.

As the Obama Administration works to assist the invaders, and the invasion, they have had the effrontery to call for the invaded Americans to show compassion, and to give acceptance, and support for the invaders.

American citizens, who have been made poor by the burden of illegal immigration which has gone on for decades, are told to welcome these people. People from Mexico, Central American, and from the entire world, who were admitted to the United States, against Americans’ will, because the citizens’ right to protection from immigration laws was ripped from them by the Obama Administration.

And after this lawlessness, and the turning loose of these invaders, many of them felons, within our borders, –after committing these crimes against Americans, Mr. Obama, and pro-amnesty forces still demand an amnesty that solely benefits the new invaders, as well as the millions of illegal invaders of America, who have long resided here.

Americans refuse an amnesty that will harm the lives, and the prosperity of Americans.

The invasion, is a crime against the nation and its people. This invasion, and the amnesty that Mr. Obama plans to decree are based on deceit, and lies. This amnesty defrauds the American People, it disenfranchises them, it uses them, and it impoverishes them for years to come.

The Obama planned invasion uses the William Wilberforce Trafficking bill along with the over-whelming invasion of hundreds of thousands of Central Americans, many making false claims for asylum, in an  attempt to make invaders, and lawbreakers,  into “Refugees” and so , quickly, into U.S. Citizens. Amnesty, whether through Congress, or through the illegal decrees of Mr. Obama, is against the will of the majority of United States Citizens, and it is against their best interests.

The Senate’s, “Immigration Reform” —their Amnesty, was written without any, well informed, law-abiding, and loyal United States citizens’ to legally represent the best interests of the American people or the nation. It was, deceptively, written by pro-amnesty groups, and by representatives of La Raza, which is an anti-American, and anti-white- racist organization, which has worked, continually, against any enforcement of American Immigration laws. LaRaza has worked to usurp the United States citizens’ right to be protected by those laws. La Raza has worked against the pursuit of happiness, and the rights of citizens. LA Raza has worked against American sovereignty. La Raza has worked to undermine the United States. LA Raza works to reclaim United States land, for Mexico, under Reconquista. La Raza and its representatives should be punished, under the full force of the law, for their intent to undermine, and to annex our land. La Raza and Mexico have long taken actions that are acts of war against the United States.

A decree of Amnesty, by Mr. Obama, usurps the power of the people of the United States, it brings upon them a continuing flood of people, who against all decency, and against the Rule of Law, have invaded our country.Mr. Obama is helping these invaders to over-throw the citizens, and to claim all that is ours, he is helping them to steal the United States, away from citizens, and to take it for themselves.

An Amnesty decreed without the consent of the people, without legislation, and made into law through the Congress, is illegal. To decree an expensive amnesty that costs the citizens in every way, and for their entire lives, and through-out the lives of their posterity, is the act of a king. America is a Republic. There is no king here.

An Amnesty that is not passed by Congress is illegal, because the people  who will have to pay for it will have no voice or vote in it. A Decreed amnesty is taxation without representation; it is an illegal attack upon the Republic, and upon the people, by the president of the United States, by his co-conspirators, and by foreign nationals. These citizens of other and foreign nations have no right to decree, demand, or to extort a law, and to extort billions of dollars, that is for their own benefit, and that is provided under any amnesty, and will be provided by American citizens’ tax-dollars.

The President of the United States has attacked the sovereignty of the United States with this planned invasion of hundreds of thousands of strangers. He has taken sides, against Americans’, and has continued his support of foreign nationals, over Americans. These foreign nationals have no right to be in the United States. Their presence harms citizens’ lives, and usurps citizens’ rights, and is against the laws of the United States.

By his purposeful, and aggressive acts, some of Mr. Obama’s goals are made obvious, and one goal is : to change the demographics of the United States. His goal is racist, and it is political. Mr. Obama’s goal is to make the United States into a minority-majority nation. Mr. Obama and Democrat politicians claim amnesty for millions upon millions of citizens from other nations, who they believe will become Democrat voters, and who will give Democrats one-party-rule, unopposed rule, and total rule, within the United States. America was not meant to be ruled. It was meant to be governed in a lawful way, determined by the citizens’ lawfully counted votes, under the Constitution, and for the benefit of United States citizens. And not for the benefit of citizens of foreign nations. .

These citizens of other nations, have no other claim to citizenship, other than their unlawful invasion, or their illegal residency, in our sovereign nation . These invaders, who by their numbers, soon to be increased by their American born, anchor babies, will, with birthright citizenship, and chain-migration, quickly, overwhelm, and disenfranchise  the rightful political power of  U.S. citizens.

Amnesty is a plan to over-throw the United States as it was formed under the Constitution. The United States Constitution was brought into being by the authority of We the People. The Constitution, guarantees that Americans would be governed under a Republican form of government. The United States government came into being by the power, and the authority of We The People. The Present Americans are the heirs of the Declaration of Independence, and the heirs of We The People of The Constitution. We do not give our authority for a radical amnesty that is in defiance of the Constitution, that will usurp our rights as citizens, and that will quickly over-throw the Republican form of government, and the sovereignty of the United States of America.

Mr. Obama, by his dangerous acts that opened the United States border, and by his demand for amnesty from Congress (from the people) before he would agree to, ever again, enforce the lawful immigration laws of the country, is extorting the entire country, and is forcing Amnesty, for millions of illegal immigrants within the United States. Mr. Obama is forcing amnesty onto the United States citizens against their will.

By all of these actions, and by Mr. Obama’s, destruction of immigration laws, and voter ID laws, by his support of this invasion, and his willingness to  out-number, and to over-whelm the citizens, especially, Conservative opposition, and also by his encouraging the over-running of the country by foreign nationals, whom he plans to make into his preferred citizens, –he has now shown his treason against both citizens and the nation.

He, and his fellow Democrats are using these millions of  illegal immigrants, as a means of eugenics, to  totally change the Demographics of the United States. and to usurp the political power of Conservative, and white, American Citizens. This action against the rightful citizens of the United States is against the rule of law, it is unconstitutional, and it is anti-American. It reveals the worst sort of racism.

It is an effort to over-throw the people, the Constitution, the Republican form of government, and the nation, of the United States Of America. By all of the acts, Barack Obama, has shown that he no longer represents the interests of the citizens, or the nation. Barack Obama is a traitor to the United States of America.


Days of Deceit Days of Destiny

Benedict Arnold was considered a hero of the Revolutionary War until he sold out to the British. Even before he took command of West Point he was conspiring with the British to betray it. He lowered the defenses of the fort and reduced its supplies so that it couldn’t withstand a siege. Before the plan was brought to completion, Arnold’s treason was discovered, and he was pursued by the Americans. Arnold escaped, but if he had been caught he would have been arrested and tried for treason.

When Barack Obama took office as America’s first black president, in 2009, he had a majority of support in the United States. That support was  especially strong among Democrats, Liberals, African-Americans, and Hispanics. Because of his party, and his race, Mr. Obama enjoyed support that was protective, that amounted to hero-worship, and even fanaticism from some of his supporters.

Clinton Rossiter, wrote that in Colonial times, the “essential political Liberty” was “freedom of the press”. In the 1760’s to the Revolution, and during the establishment of the United States government, the American press’ role was to stand for freedom of speech for themselves and for the citizens. That role was essential to a free republic.

Once the federal government was in place, the free press was to alert U.S. Citizens’ to any Congressional, or to any executive incursions against the citizens’ rights, the rule of law, and the Constitution. The press was to speak out, and to tell the truth about any power that was working against, We the People, and the nation.

But for many years the United States media hasn’t fulfilled its role of protector of the people, and the Republic. Instead, it has backed the Left, and the Lefts’ goals and Agendas for the United States. And so, the American media, which must have known much more about Mr. Obama’s past, and his Anti-American politics than the American public ever would, took the role of supporters’ and apologists’ for Mr. Obama.

America’s mainstream media, praised, and defended Mr. Obama rather than reporting on the goals and the consequences of his actions and policies. They also attacked, ridiculed, demonized, and constantly charged racism, against anyone, or any group that criticized Mr. Obama.

Since 2008, the American media: print, online, and televised, have tried to silence controversies, and questioners, and, especially worked to silence the truth tellers. Before his first election they served as another part of the Obama campaign, and worked hard to secure his victory. The nation-wide, media campaign, in support of Mr. Obama, continued during his first term, and well into his second term.

At the height of Mr. Obama’s popularity, during the first campaign, and during his first term, he wasn’t in need of press protection, but they guarded him anyway, against truth, difficult questions, and from every opponent.

In those days, if Obama had done nothing more than to muddle through the presidency, he was guaranteed a place of distinction in American history. And, it was certain that Democrats, the media, and Liberal biographers by the hundreds, would make sure he got it.

In Revolutionary Era, America, Benedict Arnold was an American military hero: he showed courage in battle: he suffered two severe leg wounds while in America’s service, and he was famous for the march to lay siege to Quebec.

In the beginning, both Benedict Arnold, and Barack Obama’s chances for honor and success seemed unlimited. Either treason or Infamy were unimaginable.

But since 1780, Benedict Arnold’s, name has often been followed by notations such as: “a military general, both a hero and a traitor of the American Revolution”.

Benedict Arnold’s military career had high and low-points. He was promoted to Brigadier General, but Congress passed over him and promoted five other generals on to the rank of major general. Arnold later received his promotion to major general, but his seniority was not restored. That was one of the experiences that embittered him.

Arnold was brave, but he argued with fellow officers, and he was an opportunist. A reputation for honor was necessary in the military, but honor, itself, seemed to mean little to him. He was accused of being unethical.  He was restless, and ambitious; rank, and money, were everything.

But Arnold went on to triumph in the Battle of Saratoga which has been called a turning point for America in the Revolutionary War.

He was given command of Philadelphia. But, then was relieved of duty on charges of corruption, and that led to his court-martial.

He was exonerated, but was reprimanded by George Washington. And so, he resigned the command of Philadelphia. Despite the court-martial, and the reprimand, there were other opportunities for Arnold. The one that he desired was the command of West Point.

It could have been Arnold’s resentment of the strong reprimand from Washington, that made him a turn-coat. But he was also in debt, and he was married to young Peggy Shippen, who was a British sympathizer, and who had connections to the British army. For whatever reason: the urging of his wife, his desire for money, or because of a grudge against Washington, Arnold began, secretly, negotiating with the British to switch sides in the war.

Even before he convinced George Washington to give him the command of West Point, Arnold, was passing information about the Colonial army’s troop movements, and other secrets, on to the British. Before he received the command, Arnold was negotiating his price to betray West Point to the British. And, once in command of the fort, he immediately began to weaken its defenses, and to drain off its supplies so that it could, more easily, be taken in a siege.

And then, a British spy, who carried letters that proved Arnold’s treachery was captured, and questioned by the Americans. The evidence was clear: Arnold’s weakening of the fort, and his attempt to betray West Point to the British was an act of Treason.

But Arnold was alerted that he had been found out; and he escaped.

If the spy hadn’t been captured, and if the truth hadn’t come out, West Point would have been captured by the British. And, had his plot to betray West Point been successful, Arnold would, likely, have had a successful career fighting for the British. He would have been a strong force, with his insider’s knowledge, in defeating Washington’s army.

If his plans had been successful, Benedict Arnold could have ended America’s fight for independence. And this nation, unique in history, might never have been a part of the world’s history as a free and sovereign Republic. Benedict Arnold’s treason could have prevented the birth of the United States of America.

And because of Benedict Arnold’s deception, the United States Constitution written in 1787, and the Federal Government, formed under that Constitution, that took power in 1789, would never have existed. But fate, or God’s grace, determined that his treachery was discovered. America, triumphed over Arnold’s deceit, his betrayal of the Colonial army, and the American Revolution. Despite Benedict Arnold’s duplicity, and his treason, America was born, and has lived on for over two-hundred years.

According to World Net Daily, Barack Obama, Jr.  sealed his school, college, medical, and passport records. He also sealed records for the time he worked as a lawyer, and as an Illinois State senator, and, finally, as a United States Senator. These sealed records make it  difficult to give a clear account of the facts of his life.

But even before Mr. Obama’s presidency there were controversies and rumors about: his place of birth, his ancestry, his religion, and his politics. And from the beginning, the American main-stream-media showed little interest or inclination to investigate. Later some sources said that Obama’s relationship with the press was often hostile, but that was never apparent to the public. Instead, Americans heard Mr. Obama joke to members of the media: “most of you covered me. All of you voted for me.”

Later, a few reporters claimed that they had been “discouraged, or threatened” by the Obama White House about reporting certain stories. Whatever the claims, one thing is certain: few stories that questioned, or criticized Mr. Obama, on anything, were written in the first years of his presidency.

If the press had difficulty gaining the facts they needed to report on Mr. Obama, they didn’t complain.

No, from the beginning, the media played defense for Mr. Obama . Rather than doing its duty as implied by the First Amendment to the Constitution, the media became cheerleaders for the President. They gave Americans’ “narratives”, warm and fuzzy stories, instead of  facts, about Mr. Obama. Whatever he did, he seemed to please them. And, they obliged him with “soft-ball” questions.

Later, when Mr. Obama’s policies were in trouble or his administration was involved in a scandal, such as the murder of the American Ambassador in Benghazi, the press ignored its role, as investigators, reporters, and truth tellers. It turned away from its duty to investigate the story, and to report the news. In the case of Benghazi, the press, accepted the White House story of the video, that “horrible anti-Muslim video“, which was unknown to most of the world, as being the cause of the “protest” at the, “consulate“. The word “terrorism” didn’t pass their lips. Instead of hard nosed investigations, the media did all that it could to:  ignore, to under- report, to defend Mr. Obama, to distort, to cover up the facts, or to demonize his critics. The media followed the same response pattern for all of Mr. Obama’s scandals, which, if they had happened on the watch of a white Republican president, would have led to condemnation, speculation about impeachment, or at least, hard questions, and continued calls for the facts, from the White House.

On nearly every scandal, or Obama policy gone wrong,  the American mainstream media was consistently on Mr. Obama’s side, no matter the outcome of his policies. They did not question his motives, or whether there might be a hidden agenda. Mr. Obama was, overwhelmingly, portrayed in a positive manner. But, despite the enthusiasm, and the optimism of America’s media, strange events kept occurring.

And a surprising number of Mr. Obama’s policies seem to go wrong, at least they went wrong for America. Few successes, and putting the United States at risk was “the new normal”, for the Obama Administration. Meanwhile American citizens were out of work, and living through hard times while the president and his family lived like billionaires on taxpayer money. And most of the mainstream media had nothing to say about it.

In an article by Peter Ferrara, on Forbes. com, on June 2, 2013, the author examines the Obama Administration’s record of recovery from the recession, which Ferrara says ended in 2009. He goes on to compare Obama’s recovery with other recoveries after recessions. Ferrara writes: “…prior to this last recession, the economy recovered all jobs lost during the recession after an average of 25 months… But under President Obama, by April, 2013, 64 months after the prior jobs peak, almost 5 &1/2 years, we still have not recovered all of the recession’s job losses.”

But despite the non-recovery, segments of the population which have been unemployed for years, and a nation mired in debt, Mr. Obama insists that it won’t harm the United States, or Americans, to give an expensive, taxpayer, paid amnesty, to a possible 20,or 30 million, or possibly more, illegal immigrants, many of whom have lived in the United States, illegally, for decades, and many more who are now flooding into the United States, from Central America to be a part of any Obama Amnesty. And that means that the United States, which still hasn’t “recovered all of the recession’s job losses”, would choose this time to take on the added burden of millions of other nation’s citizens, and take on the costs of caring for their needs, their children’s needs, and soon, their great grand children’s needs for decades to come. Mr. Obama, Democrats, and many Republicans, would make these foreign nationals into U.S. citizens and allow them to take U.S. jobs, instead of choosing to use all of America’s resources to stabilize the economy, and to help its own citizens, and the nation, to make a recovery.

Mr. Obama’s policies have, often, harmed Americans: Obamacare, the IRS attacks on Obama’s political opponents, and the VA scandals, are a few incidences. But even at their best, Mr. Obama’s policies, on every front, seldom seem to benefit Americans or America. Dennis Prager, on National Review Online, wrote an article entitled: The President Who Has Done the Most Damage. Prager points to: the weakest recovery from a recession, Obama’s debt: $6.5Trillion, more citizens on welfare, Obamacare failures, the murders of a U.S. Ambassador, and attacks on U.S. citizens, in Benghazi, and the attempt to cover-it -up. He lists the various other scandals of the Obama Administration, and Mr. Prager notes Obama’s divisiveness, his failures in foreign relations, and more.

But for every criticism, or every time there is a disaster, the media offers excuses. The media does not hold Mr. Obama responsible, or accountable.  As if they believe, at heart, that Mr. Obama is nothing but an Affirmative Action president, and that explains his poor performance. They disregard the consequences of his actions to the citizens, and to the nation. They remain understanding. They smile indulgently, and offer up soft criticisms: “Detached”, or “The president didn’t know”, or even, “floundering”. But never: incompetent, vindictive or subversive. They refuse to consider that he may have a planned agenda to make the U.S. fail, or fall.

But to Americans who are still living in an America that faces “Obama caused disasters”, and awakes to a new crisis every morning, it is apparent that the United States is spiraling downward. And, to common-sense citizens, after five years of Mr. Obama’s “transforming” presidency, it  looks as if Obama is doing it on purpose.

When Mr. Obama stopped enforcement of U.S. immigration law on the United States Southern border, none of the outcomes benefited the nation . The ones who reaped the greatest benefits from Mr. Obama’s non-enforcement of immigration law were non-citizens. The beneficiaries were: citizens of Mexico, and Central America, millions of other illegal immigrants, already, within the United States, and the Democrats who will receive the votes of those illegal immigrants who have, recently, flooded the United States to wait for Mr. Obama’s amnesty. Others who benefited were the anti-American, pro-immigration organizations, within the United States, which are often funded by the Federal Government, such as LA Raza, who have worked to reclaim vast sections of the United States for Mexico, and have used the increasing numbers of illegal immigrants to expand their own power to shape U.S. policy. And, finally, foreign nations such as Mexico, greatly benefited from non-enforcement of immigration laws, because their citizens can make the trip to the United States more easily.

Mexico, Central America, and many other nations had happily relinquished their citizens so that they could send back billions of dollars, in remittances, from their American jobs. These nations also benefit because the Democrats’ amnesty options, assure them that former illegal immigrants would keep sending money back to their families in their home countries. And, any amnesty means these former citizens, and their children, would also be provided for by the United States welfare system, rather than by Mexico’s. These nations are eager to pass their national responsibilities to care for their own citizens on to the United States. These nations know that Obama, Democrat, and Rino Republicans will help them to do that.

All of these entities, which had long agitated, for amnesty, benefited from Obama’s non-enforcement of United States immigration law. They were all part of the faction that believed in open borders. They wanted an America where any citizen of any nation on earth could declare himself an American by simply setting foot on American soil. They wanted an anarchy in which America, as a unique and Sovereign nation, would, in a short time, no longer exist on the earth.

But ordinary Americans who want their nation to always remain their nation, don’t benefit from non-enforcement of immigration laws or from amnesty. With the loss of border protection, Americans’ lost their security, but they lost in other ways as well. Americans paid for Obama’s, deep Communists convictions, his racial prejudices, and his radical policies. They paid by loss of the jobs that should have been theirs. They paid the billions and billions in tax dollars that paid for the needs of citizens from other countries. And these people, were never Americans’ responsibility. U.S. citizens paid the price for illegal immigrants’ criminal activity. Citizens suffered injuries, and death, inflicted on them and their families. Those injuries and deaths were a consequence of Mr. Obama’s non-enforcement of the immigration laws that were supposed to protect Americans, from other nation’s criminals.

To Americans it seemed that Mr. Obama, Progressives, the leftist media, and the pro-illegal immigration, Chamber of Commerce, believed that the only ones who had the right to obtain American jobs, and to benefit from American social resources, and to hold the civil rights of Americans, or to be protected, and gain the blessings of the American dream,– were non-Americans. But what about the actual Americans? As usual, they were left to pay the costs of Mr. Obama’s expensive immigration policies with taxpayer funds. And they were left to pay the price for the peril Mr. Obama had placed them in, and it is a certainty, that they will pay with their property, and with their lives.

But before this present chaos, that Mr. Obama has created, in the beginning, before the 2008 election, and without the facts from the media, citizens were left to form their own opinions about Mr. Obama.

Ordinary Americans, and Liberal Americans based their opinion of Mr. Obama, on the mainstream media’s coverage. Conservatives based their opinions on reports from alternative media, their own political leanings, or were left to depend on their own intuition. Whatever their choices for media reporting, the media influenced their votes in the 2008 election.

Many of the controversies and rumors (was Obama an American citizen) that occurred, early in Mr. Obama’s first term, might never have happened if the public had known more about Mr. Obama. But the press wouldn’t report, and Mr. Obama had sealed his records, and that inspired a negative reaction. Human nature assumes that if a public man won’t allow his records to be made public, then he has something to hide. Later, after the lies about Obamacare, the IRS scandal, and Benghazi, many Americans lost trust in Mr. Obama, in his administration, in Democrats, and in America’s media. Where many facts are hidden, and lies are told by those who have hidden their records, and by those covering up for them, speculation abounds.

At this moment, August of 2014, the United States is in grave danger. The nation is being invaded by a flood of illegal immigrants from Central America and by others, of unknown origin, from around the world.  During a world crisis of terrorism, America’s border is not protected. But Mr. Obama doesn’t worry about terrorism. He speaks of this invasion of foreign nationals, and of the approximately 30, million illegal immigrants within the United States, who are agitating for amnesty, not as a danger to the safety of the country, but rather, as a necessary diversity, and, as something that will strengthen the United States.

But despite these assurances, Americans know they are being invaded by a dangerous flood of, non-Americans, a flood of strangers. Mr. Obama refuses to stop, or to defend United States citizens from this flood of humanity which has come to help themselves to whatever they can.  We know that they haven’t come to help us, or to help America. If they had come legally, according to our laws, and our rules, if they had shown respect instead of contempt for our sovereignty, and come in manageable numbers, and over a decent period of time, we might have trusted them.

But they come, as a mob, as invaders, illegally, without permission, or papers, to harm, steal, or to take what belongs to us as a nation. Never has the level of trust in a president, or the federal government fallen so low. Mr. Obama’s words are optimistic, and his smile is wide and friendly, but Americans have become cynical. They don’t trust his words, and they don’t trust him anymore.

Conservative and white Americans believe that one of Mr. Obama’s aims is to change the demographics of the population of the United States with these invaders. And he may have other aims, as well. Because what president, loyal to the nation, and in his right mind, would purposely lower the defenses of the nation, allow hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants, some of them very ill, and many of them criminals, to invade, an unprotected nation. What president, with any loyalty to the country, and to his oath of office would assist and allow such an invasion, and then transport the invaders across the nation, at huge costs to the taxpayers. What kind of man, what kind of president would show such contempt for the protection of the citizens that he would put the border patrol to work caring for the invaders, instead of patrolling the border.

If it is not subversive, then it is mad behavior at any time, but especially at such a dangerous time when terrorists are threatening the world, and especially threatening the United States.

You would think that Mr. Obama and his administration, which will not allow the word terrorists to be spoken, had never heard of 9/11. And part of America’s fear, is likely, that Mr. Obama, who seems to escalate his efforts to hurt the nation and the citizens, day by day, has opened the border in order to allow another terrorist attack on America.

And why wouldn’t Americans think that Obama is capable of such betrayal, and such evil? They have watched Mr. Obama stop business growth with his rules and regulations, they watched him as he and the Democrats forced Obamacare, which Americans didn’t want, into law. They have watched him take sides and fan the flames of racial hatred. They have watched him, purposely, lose the war in Iraq that had been won. They have watched him lie and cover up his scandals, they have watched him destroy immigration laws, and voter ID laws. And now they have watched as he assisted hundreds of thousands to invade the United States. Americans have been trusting, but they are not stupid. They look at the past five years, and they believe that Mr. Obama is capable of anything.

In order to stop the invasion, and the destruction of the United States, from within, and without, it is important for citizens to know the truth about Mr. Obama, and about those who support him. It would have been better to have known the facts, and the truths before Mr. Obama won the first election. It would have been better to have known all about Mr. Obama, before he gained, and then grabbed more power over our nation, and over the U.S. military. If  the American media had used the power of truth, if it had reported the facts, citizens would have used those facts to make their decision in the voting booth. Mr. Obama might never have been allowed to gain the power he has used, so consistently, to harm us. If we had known the truth about Mr. Obama’s background, his associates, and his agenda, if the truth had been told, Mr. Obama might have lost in 2008, or in 2012. And America might still have a protected border, and the nation would not be over-run with Central America’s citizens. But the truth was not told, it was hushed up, and covered up, by a press that we trust as little as we trust the president. And, even after the invasion from Central America, and up to this present moment, most of the Liberal American media is still protecting Mr. Obama.

The following few paragraphs are a general, and a brief version, of  what is most commonly reported about Barack Obama’s life. This  account doesn’t address controversies and rumors.

A helpful, and much more detailed account, can be found with a Google search of: Barack Obama, .

Mr. Obama’s past records remain closed, and the Obama scandals are still to be totally revealed, or investigated.

But, usually, truth will out. America has learned some truths about Mr. Obama. We have learned from his comments, his politics, his policies, his actions, and his scandals. After over five years of Mr. Obama’s presidency, the present state of America is clear: the job market, and the influx of the millions of Latin Americans, and other illegal immigrants, who Obama, unlawfully, allowed to flood our U.S. border, and the general condition of the country, now, clearly reflect Mr. Obama’s character, and his governance.

His beliefs, and his agenda for America are displayed by our failure to thrive as a people, and as a nation. The results of the agenda he has put into action since 2009, shows up in our economy, our healthcare, our crime rate, and the stability, and the state of the nation.

And, so, what are Americans to make of Obama’s presidency? After a period of over five years, we have only to look about us. Keep it simple. Look at the outcomes; look at the consequences.

Citizens should ask: What were the results of Mr. Obama’s policies and actions? Were the Obama administration’s results good? What is the list of good things that Mr. Obama has done that has clearly benefited the entire nation? What are the list of good results that have been felt by the majority of Americans?

But if the conclusion is that the results are bad, and that over-all the nation, and its citizens have lost, and have suffered; then we should wonder: what is Mr. Obama’s intent for the future of the United States?

Following are some facts commonly reported about Barack Obama with additional comments.

Citizen of the World: But A Man Without A Country

Barack Obama was born in 1961. His childhood was one of frequent moves, and constant change. His Kenyan father, Barack Hussein Obama, Sr. and his white, American mother, Ann Dunham, were separated early in the marriage. They finally divorced when Obama was two. After the divorce, Obama, Sr., returned to Kenya, and Barack Obama, Jr.,  didn’t see him, again, until the 1970’s when Barack, Sr., returned for a visit.

Barack Obama, Sr. was raised Muslim, but became both an atheist and a Communist. Barack Obama, Jr. described his mother as a Liberal. Ann Dunham was raised in a non-practicing Christian family. There are various accounts of her religious beliefs as an adult.

From the age of six, until he was ten, Barack Obama, Jr., lived in Indonesia with his mother and step-father, and first attended a Muslim, and later, a Catholic school. Obama’s half-sister, Maya, said that her family was Muslim. Friends have described, Obama’s step-father, Lolo Soetoro, and his family as Muslim.

Later in his childhood Obama returned to Hawaii, and was raised by his, Liberal, maternal grandparents. He attended an exclusive private school, and he attended the First Unitarian Church, which was known to be deeply involved in Leftists political activism.

Obama once said that his mother was the steadying influence in his life, but he was often separated from her. Separations, and changes were the constants in Obama’s life. There were separations from his father, from his mother, from his step-father, and his half-sister. And, at an early age, he was separated from the United States.

There was little that grounded Barack Obama. No one was irreplaceable. Nothing was permanent. There was no father, and there was no special place, to call home. There was no nation to belong to, or even one God, to call out to: Barack Obama, Jr., once said that he visited places of worship with his mother, as a cultural experience.

As Obama grew, religion became political. But religion, like patriotism didn’t appear to be something that touched Obama deeply. As an adult, Obama attended Reverend Wright’s, radical, “liberation theology” church. Mr. Obama said that he was a Christian, and during the 2008 election, the mainstream media defended that claim. The Obama’s were married in Reverend Wright’s church, and their children were baptized there, and the Obama’s said that the family attended, and belonged to Wright’s church for over twenty years. At Reverend Wright’s church, religion was another, and a useful road to social justice.

From childhood on, Barack Obama was more a “citizen of the world”, rather than the citizen of any particular country. His culture was one that, at least professed, that all cultures were of equal value. He had little sense of national identity. And, because of the people, and the beliefs he was exposed to, if he did identify with a nation, or feel loyalty to a nation, it was not, likely, ever to be the United States.

As he grew-up Obama’s personal ties, and family ties weren’t compatible with loyalty to the United States. He had little connection to America’s history, to its founding fathers, or to the founding documents. Obama was deeply involved in political activism, but he was never sympathetic with, or acquainted with American patriotism. Mr. Obama had an impersonal, and a detached, relationship with the United States. Mr. Obama’s lack of affection, attachment, and belief in America had to increase as he listened to the anti-American sermons at Reverend Wright’s church.

Frank Marshall Davis, was a family friend, who became Obama’s mentor. Davis was a member of the Communist Party. Obama wrote that Davis told him not to count on equal opportunity in the United States. And so, Obama, who would later spend years studying at exclusive schools, and soon found doors of opportunity, repeatedly opened for him, still believed at heart,  that America wouldn’t offer him, or other minorities, opportunity.

Step by step: his education, past beliefs, and his connections held true in his future. During college Obama argued Marxist theory, and attended Socialist Conferences. Their beliefs were his beliefs. And yet, Obama professed to be Christian. A Christian who believed in God and Christ. But Communism seeks to abolish all religion and “absolute” morality. How could Obama be both a Communist and a Christian? Communism and Christianity are at war. How could he be even a Liberal Christian if he was against absolute morality?

His association with Progressives, Leftist thought, and with activists, bound him to their ideology, to racism towards whites, and to a victim mentality. And so, no matter how much his career path was cleared, and made easy, and no matter how extensive his travels, or how luxuriously he lived, he still identified as a victim. His teachers, friends, and churches taught that: America was the guilty party. It was America, especially, white, Conservative, Christian America,  that caused his, and the world’s problems. From early on, Barack Obama, was indoctrinated by Communist’s thought, and with Anti-Americanism.

With that background, it would be strange if Mr. Obama didn’t believe that: America must be changed and transformed. And so, the goal of his political career was not to defend, and protect the United States. Or even to govern the United States to the best of his ability, but rather, his destiny was to be the one to bring about the: “fundamental transformation” of the United States of America. To make America into anti-America.

But the entire world is not America: only America is America. Can the world: the Latin Americans, the Progressives, and even the Communists, be so intolerant that they cannot bear that somewhere on earth there is an America? Must the one and only, America, be changed to conform to their, greed, their jealousy, or their ideology? Must America be re-modeled, deconstructed, or possibly destroyed? Or perhaps, Mr. Obama, and the Globalists think that America should be re-populated with Latin Americans, and so, become another Latin America. Amnesty for millions of Latin Americans is an effective way for the liberty of America, and its citizens to be wiped off the map, and ripped from the Communists’, re-written, history of the world. So that, in time, all that we were, all that America became, and all of the wonders of freedom are, forever, forgotten by all of mankind.

It is odd that Liberals, and the media will accept, and urge, such an extreme plan as an amnesty for millions of people from other nations, a plan that will take jobs from Americans, and cost Americans trillions of dollars in taxes. And these American tax dollars are to pay for an amnesty, that benefits, only, the foreign nationals-not Americans, and it is an amnesty that citizens don’t want. The Liberals, Leftists’ and pro-amnesty forces would never demand that sort of extreme action, an amnesty, from Mexico or any other Latin American nation. It is impossible to imagine that Mexico or any Latin American country would ever consider benefiting Americans in such a generous way.

So, why do they, the media, the Latin American countries, and pro-amnesty forces, demand that this expensive amnesty be given to millions, upon millions of people who have broken United States laws? Why do they put such a burden on the United States, and its citizens, without even a thought of the consequences to the United States and to the people?

Liberals, and the mainstream media, would not expect, or demand the same if Americans were the millions of illegals who had invaded, and were demanding amnesty in Mexico, or in any Central American country. They would be outraged. Americans would be castigated for their selfish demands, and for their invasion of a sovereign nation.

But, somehow everything changes when it’s the United States, that is invaded by millions and millions of other nations’ citizens, who sneak their way in, take jobs, set about parenting anchor babies, and changing the laws of the United States. Somehow it is all different when it is America that is being invaded, and not Mexico, or any other country on earth.

Obama, Democrats, Liberals, the media, Mexico, illegal immigrant organizations, and the Left’s attitude changes when it is the United States.

But why are they so determined that the United States be so drastically impacted, and changed, by giving this amnesty that is so bad for the nation and its people?

Is it to weaken us in order to further transform us?  Will amnesty help them to achieve Communists’ goals such as: Doing away with private property, government control of schools, and government control of factories and production? Many long held Communist goals have become reality, such as: removing prayer in the schools, lowering the morality of the nation, and lowering respect for the Founders of the United States. Other Communist goals for the United States, can be found online, and in different versions, such as: The Communist Takeover of America-45 Declared Goals at:

But, apart from Communism, what gives these millions of  illegal immigrants, the citizens of foreign nations, the right to demand anything from the United States? Why must America, and Americans, be expected to give this expensive amnesty that is, totally, against our best interests to these people who demand it of us? Why should Americans be put through the radical changes, and the upheaval of amnesty, for strangers who have forced their way into the United States, against our will. Why should Americans have to pay the trillions of dollars to inflict on themselves an amnesty which can never, ever be undone?

Shouldn’t the United States have as much right as Mexico to enforce its immigration laws and to protect its border? Shouldn’t the United States citizens have as much right as Mexicans to preserve their language, insist that their laws be obeyed, hold to their traditions, be proud of their history, and not have the citizens of foreign nations usurp their power? Shouldn’t Americans have as much right as Mexicans to keep their jobs, and not give them away to people who have continued to force their way into our nation for decades? Shouldn’t Americans have as much right as Mexico to keep the United States population at a manageable level? Why must Americans allow the United States to be flooded with millions upon millions of strangers from foreign nations–simply because they decide that they want to live here?

But the pro-amnesty forces, who insist that the United States allow every human being on earth to claim the right to be an American, are the ones who most disparage America. They, along with Mr. Obama, do not believe that America is exceptional. They object to the idea that the United States is a unique country. Still, they demand, with high urgency, that we give into the demands of foreign nationals. We, the Americans, must give people who have no legal right to be in our country, the right to live in our country. And, we must make them, these people who reject our language, our history, our culture, and the rule of law, which are vitally important to being an American,–we must make those who reject all that Americans hold dear, into Americans.

Why is that? Besides the political issues, besides what they seek to accomplish with amnesty, and their seeking after power and money, there is something more, something intangible that these vehement pro-amnesty forces are seeking. It is as if they must kill, or put an end to what they can’t understand or ever tolerate.They must destroy the United States, and a good way of doing that is by using the burdens that amnesty will place on it .

They don’t want to destroy it solely because of its military strength, but, also, because of what America stands for in the world. They must destroy the secret longing for Liberty, for freedom, and for a wonderful, peaceful life, that is in most human hearts.

But it is the love of freedom that is the heart of America and that inspires millions across the world. Because, much as they disparage the United States, and deny that it is unique, and exceptional, those who want to destroy it know in their hearts that it is both, unique, and exceptional.

And America is much more.

And so it must die. Because, if America lives, then freedom lives, and Communism, or Sharia law, or Reconquista, does not allow for freedom. All of them, Communism, Islam, and Reconquista, by their very nature, must destroy freedom, and that begins and ends with the United States.

Mr. Obama was determined to transform America, but it seems that his transformation is just another form of destruction.

And from the beginning Mr.Obama was wrong about what is wrong with America.

Obama lists many faults: income disparity– and he calls for redistribution of income. He often thinks it’s racism, and calls for change, and social justice, even as he incites racial hatred and unrest. Obama wants “more people to have a chance to make it here”, and he chooses the people, and takes actions to make them citizens against the real citizens strong objections. Because those people that Obama chose are, here illegally, and they are already, citizens of other nations, nations that they are loyal too. Those foreign nationals share very little with Americans, and have little value for America.

But he is wrong about what is wrong with America. It is Mr. Obama, that is wrong for, and what is, very, wrong with America.

There are always crooks in every society. As they look for a way to money and power they spread their corruption in business, in courts, in politics, elections and governments. Their corruption is cynical, full of lies and deceit. It cheats us all. Corruption festers everywhere, and in every time. It festers, and infects everything. And, lately, it has infected everything in the United States.

We can see that corruption has infected everything, especially at this time, in America, when the man who is called the president of the United States, along with many representatives in business and Congress, are colluding on the deal of the century, the sale of the United States of America. They want to sell off, or give away this nation’s power, so it won’t stand against them, and stand against their ambitious powers, and the great evils that are ready to take power in the world.

And, many of them want to sell it off so that billions more people will live here. Billions of different races, cultures, and a polyglot of languages, all crowded into the borders of this republic.They want to do that so that the identity of being an American will become meaningless. The history, the founding documents, the ethics, religion, rule of law, all will be lost, and that is their deepest desire. I believe that is the desire of Barack Obama, many of his supporters, and of those who put him in power.

Amnesty for millions means the loss of the meaning, the spirit, and the essence of what America was.

But for now, America is unique. America is exceptional. Because of its love of  Liberty, its fight for freedom, its Declaration of Independence, its history of doing good, and for the times that it took steps to save the world, America is exceptional, and that deserves respect. America deserves to do more than survive. It deserves to live, and it must thrive, because it is unique in history, and if it dies, freedom, may die with it.

The United States is a country that came into being, and was born because its founders, and citizens, shared a certain vision. It was a country that was built on an idea, and that idea became its foundation. The citizens of the country were unique in their beliefs, their virtues and their aspirations.

From the earliest days of the English Colonists, we were, as all people are, an imperfect people, but we were  a people with a certain outlook, and we were a population, that largely, agreed on certain things. Our outlook, and the things we have most valued allowed our ancestors, and ourselves, to build a country like no other in the world.

Our Forefathers believed in God, in Liberty, in courage, and in the Rule of Law. They were, and we are a people who love freedom, and who will fight to remain free.

Clinton Rossiter wrote in: The First American Revolution, that one of “the slogans of the Revolutionary generation was: ‘a government of laws and not of men’.”

And that belief in our God given unalienable rights, our love of Liberty, and devotion to the rule of law is a profound, and a irreconcilable difference that Conservative Americans have with Mr. Obama. It is the chief of our disagreement with illegal immigrants, and with many Latin Americans.

America is a sovereign nation. It is our nation, not theirs. It is not Obama’s nation to rule or destroy. It is not Mexicans, Central Americans, or Latin Americans, or any citizen of world’s nation, to invade, or to declare as theirs’. The United States of America is the property of American citizens. It is ours as a legacy from the founders, and from all of the soldiers who fought and died that we might live in freedom: We the People are their posterity. And the people who have come here,  legally, and become citizens join in that relationship and in the legacy.

Illegal immigrants have a different way to gain citizenship. They do not respect U.S. Law, and so they break it. They sneak into the country, break U.S. laws to stay here, take as many U.S. services and resources as they can, and in any way that they can. They have anchor babies and use chain migration to increase their numbers. And then they join organizations to push for amnesty, or they litigate in order to stay here. They protest, and they fight for special rights within a country that is not theirs.  And, it has worked for them, but it will gain them not one speck of respect from citizens who love this country.

The rule of law is one of the foundations upon which America was built. But Mexicans, Central Americans, and many others believe that this nation can be claimed by them, largely because they do not understand that the United States is a covenant nation. The covenant is between its people and their God. America was established, from the beginning, by our covenants with God. And, I believe that God will protect this covenant nation from invaders. They may settle here, against our will, and prosper for a while, but in the end, their corruption of our laws will not benefit them.

Our God given unalienable rights are stated in The Declaration of Independence, and are protected by the Constitution. Our rights to be protected from invasion are stated in the Constitution. The Constitution is the basis for, America’s rule of law, which is based on British law. The Constitution is the framework for the relationship between Americans and our Federal Government. The Constitution says of the president of the United States , under Article II. Section 3. He shall take care that the laws be faithfully executed…The Constitution continues: The President, Vice President and all civil Officers of the United States, shall be removed from office on impeachment for, and Conviction of, Treason, Bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors.

To give away the United States to either illegal immigrants who have lived, illegally, in the United States, for decades, or to those who have recently invaded in order to be included in an Obama amnesty–is an abomination, a betrayal of trust and of his oath. Obama’s amnesty is a betrayal of American citizens who have long been victimized by illegal immigrants, and who have, already, paid billions each year for many decades, for the cost of illegal immigration .

To purposely, plan an invasion of the United States, as Obama did with the Central Americans, and then to open the country to those invaders, after lowering its defenses is treason. And that doesn’t take into consideration that Mr. Obama had the effrontery to use U.S. taxpayer money to pay the huge costs of housing, and transporting his invaders.

All Illegal immigrants have shown, by invading our country, or by disregarding the time that they were to leave the country, that they will not obey United States laws. They have demonstrated their contempt for U.S. laws for decades. They have undermined, and protested immigration laws, and have worked to over-throw the federal government. They are able to work with Mr.Obama because their beliefs, and goals are similar.

Mr. Obama, also refuses to obey United States laws, and he refuses to enforce U.S. Laws. He has circumvented, and ended enforcement for countless United States laws. This behavior puts him in defiance of We the People, the authority on which the Declaration of Independence, and the Constitution were based. We the People of the United States are the authority, that gave him the authority of his office, and he is committing treason against us.

And it is the president of the United States, the man who refuses to obey United States laws, or to enforce them, who has, pushed this amnesty for foreign nationals. And, it is this, lawless, rogue, president, who now plans on decreeing amnesty, which makes citizens of millions of non-citizens. They, like Mr. Obama, show little respect for the nation, or for Americans. And these non-citizens, who demand to be made citizens, are here, only, because they refused to obey our laws.

But the English Colonists, from whom Americans descended believed in the rule of law. America was built by a people who believed in Unalienable rights, given to us by our creator. We believed in Liberty. We believed in virtue. It was that agreement of thought that made us America, and formed our culture.Corruption and disregard of the rule of law destroys the America that was built by English Colonists, and those who reverence the founding documents.

Illegal immigrants, especially Latin Americans, come to the United States, still identifying with Mexico, or their country of origin. They hold to the language, the culture, and the value system of their home countries’.  They say that they come for “better lives” which, at heart means, the benefits that they can receive from government, because they reject everything else that makes America -America. They reject American traditions, and history, they desire Socialism rather than the government of a Republic, and plead for “a diversity” that, quickly, demands that Americans also reject American culture, their own value system, their traditions, and their own history, in order to show acceptance for  the “migrants” who forced their way into our country.

The fact is that Obama’s “Fundamental Transformation”, this amnesty, would change the demographics, and everything else about the United States. Amnesty would make America unrecognizable to the founders of the Republic and to those who fought and died to assure that this nation lived. But this is not something that concerns Mr. Obama. His job is making the changes, and bringing about the transformation. His job was to bring opportunity to those he considered the victims of the United States, even though, they were not citizens of the United States. And, he was ready to do this even if his actions, on foreign nationals’ behalf, destroyed the lives of Americans, and ultimately destroyed the United States as a Republic.

How could Mr. Obama take the oath of office in which he swore to protect and defend the Constitution, when he intended to change every aspect of the country, and to dismantle the protections that the Constitution guaranteed to the citizens?

Whatever lies Mr. Obama had to tell, and whatever laws Mr. Obama had to break, and whatever actions he had to take, it is clear that the harm that his actions caused to ordinary Americans, did not matter to him. Despite his oath of office, Mr. Obama was not working to protect Americans’ unalienable rights under God, or their Bill of Rights under the Constitution, or to save their lives by protecting the borders of the United States. He had other, and deeper goals, and, at first, most were disguised, or hidden, just as the records of his past were hidden.

Long before his second term in office, Mr. Obama worked to give social welfare benefits to illegal immigrants in the United States. Soon he began work to award citizenship, and the civil rights, that by rights belong to Americans– to the non-Americans that he protected from U.S. immigration laws.

Mr. Obama’s efforts were never to make Americans’ lives better. He tied the hands of American businesses with Obamacare, heavy taxes, and burdensome regulations. And that insured that fewer jobs were created. Mr Obama’s efforts were, mainly, on behalf of illegal immigrants, not U.S. citizens.

Despite his declarations that it was Congress that needed to address “immigration reform”, from the beginning of his administration, Mr. Obama was determined to give amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants within the United States, in one way or another.

These citizens of foreign nations, that Mr. Obama, and Democrats have praised as “model U.S. citizens” have broken a long string of U.S. Laws to break into America, and to stay in America. But circumventing the law, or law-breaking aren’t troubling issues with Mr. Obama, or to the Obama Administration. They refuse to uphold the Rule of Law.

From the beginning, the Obama Administration has worked at taking down the United States immigration protection, and aiding the numbers of illegal immigrants that invade the U.S.

Mr. Obama, and illegal immigrants agree on this corrupt policy.

Mr. Obama has shredded the Constitution as he moved to establish his version of a transformed United States. And so, the Obama Administration turned enforcement of United States immigration law on its head. They systematically, opposed, and disabled those laws. They claimed the laws that protected the United States from invasion were racist and filed suits against the states for enforcing them. They attacked voter I.D. laws across the country so that everyone, citizen or not, could vote in United States elections. That attack on the integrity of U.S. elections is corruption, and an usurpation, and disenfranchisement of the power of Americans to determine the laws of their own land, and their right as citizens to choose the people they elect to make laws, and to lead the nation.

Breaking US laws, and making sure the immigration laws of the United States could not be enforced, meant that Mr. Obama was weakening the defenses, and the protection of the United States.  It meant that he was leaving the country open to invasion and to attack. Obama’s actions took down United States defenses to allow the invaders inside, just as Benedict Arnold took down West Point defenses to prepare the fort for the invasion of the British.

But Obama went further than Benedict Arnold. The man elected as President of the United States, the man who was supposed to enforce our laws, and protect our borders, encouraged, and also assisted illegal immigrants to flood into the United States.

With these actions, and others not connected with amnesty, but which are detrimental to the survival of the United States, Mr. Obama shows a consistent pattern. It is his aim, and his intention to harm the United States, and to weaken and damage it as much as possible.

The 2014 election, showed that the American public did not support Mr. Obama, his aims or his policies, especially on executive amnesty. But Obama won’t listen. He is determined to grant amnesty, which will harm the United States, and possibly destroy it.

It is clear that Mr. Obama has no intention of protecting the nation or the citizens.He is, firmly, aligned with illegal immigrants, and is working against the citizens of the United States. Mr. Obama is a rogue president and is now a danger to the nation.

And now, in November of 2014,  the country is bracing for a second huge wave of Central Americans to flood across the United States border that Mr. Obama refuses to protect.

The first wave of Central Americans wanted to be part of Obama’s planned Amnesty for Mr. Obama’s Dreamers’ and their families’; the Central Americans knew that Democrats would not hold them to any of the supposed, strict, rules and conditions under the Dream Act. Rules? Conditions? The very idea was laughable.

Democrats, the media, and pro-amnesty organizations, such as LA Raza, would, once again, as they had for decades, plead with Americans for “fairness” and compassion for “migrants and refugees”. They will plead that Americans must not “separate families”. And that Americans must think of the innocent “children”.

The laws would be circumvented, over and over. And, of course, they would lie, and cheat to meet their aims. That was their pattern with the previous amnesties and it had worked well for years.

And, so, by declaring illegal immigrants to be refugees, by deferring deportations, allowing more visas, and more litigation to keep the illegal immigrants in the country until they could provide the needed anchor babies to hold them here–their secret numbers had exploded-to the delight of Mr. Obama. The Democrats, Progressives, illegal immigrants and their organizations have succeeded so well, using every avenue to increase the numbers of illegals, that some estimate that up to 43 million illegal immigrants reside in the United States. And now Democrats, Progressives, and illegal immigrants openly threaten the two party system in the United States, and they brag about their ill-gotten political power.

And Mr. Obama, and his administration, will allow all who invaded, to apply and to be admitted under the Dream Act, or under any amnesty that he can force onto the nation. Democrats and Obama wanted amnesty even more than winning the 2014 election. And the planned, Central American invasion was a another way to, quickly, change the demographics of the United States, and to add hundreds of thousands of Latinos to Democrat voter rolls. Those hundreds of thousands, their anchor babies, and the chain migration that follows, added to the many millions of illegal immigrants that both Democrats and Republicans have, already, helped stay in the United States, results in a shift of power. Those Democrat voters that Obama makes into citizens, totally change the demographics of the United States. And that changes who holds power in the United States electorate, and so in the Federal government.

Obama’s Amnesty, or any Democrat amnesty will quickly accomplish that aim, and give governing power into the hands of Democrat/Progressives for the next century, and beyond.

Central Americans had paid attention to Obama’s pleas for Congress to pass The Gang of Eight’s amnesty bill, and later, to his threats to decree an executive amnesty. They understood Obama’s actions against enforcement of United States immigration laws. Ending enforcement destroyed United States border protection. And finally, step by step, Mr. Obama had opened the United States border, and that was the signal for Central Americans, and Mexicans to flood into the United States. And the invasion, from Central America, and now from the entire world, began, and continues in August of 2014. Mr. Obama is determined to make millions of Latin Americans, and millions of other citizens of the world, into his new United States citizens. And those new citizens are to serve many purposes for Obama’s Communist agenda.

By first dismantling the immigration laws that defended the nation, early on, Mr. Obama was planning, and then over-seeing an invasion of the nation. And that, by the standards used to judge Benedict Arnold,- was treason.

By opening the borders, and assisting the invaders, Mr. Obama is leading an invasion into the United States, Mr. Obama is making war against the United States and its citizens. Mr. Obama has put himself on the side of foreign nationals, and against the United States, and its citizens. And any in Congress who have supported him in these actions, and there are many, are complicit in his treason. But because they are complicit, they will never convict him of treason.

Under the Constitution that Mr. Obama swore to protect and defend, is: Article IV. Section 4. which states: “The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government and shall protect each of them against Invasion; and on Application of the Legislature, or of the Executive (when the Legislature cannot be convened), against domestic Violence.” But Barack Obama was leading the invasion that the Constitution said that he and Congress were charged to defend against. Barack Obama was allowing and assisting hundreds of thousands of citizens of Central America, to illegally invade the United States.

Mr. Obama had knowledge, long before the invasion, that the invaders, would include children among the invaders. Months before the invasion of minors, the Obama Administration had hired adults to accompany the “unaccompanied minors”. These children were used as political shields. The children would be the focus of the media, which would do all that it could to garner sympathy for “the kids”. And the media would speak of all of the invaders as children and as “refugees”, although the majority of them were teens and adults. The children were used to distract, change the subject, and to protect the main invasion from the opposition of concerned Americans.

The invasion included entire families, many young adult males, pregnant teens, political activists, gang members, and criminals, and the diseased. People of all ages invaded the United States,– most were not children. All were allowed to enter the United States. Mr. Obama, with the cooperation of his agencies, was flooding the nation that he had sworn to protect, with the people of other nations. The political agenda seemed clear: these would be Democrat voters. Mr. Obama and Democrats wanted to over-whelm the opposition. They wanted to flood the nation with new Democrat voters. They would insist that the millions brought into the United States had the right to remain in the United States, and that amnesty must be granted to them, as well as to the numbers of illegal immigrants already in the United States that Obama covered under any decreed amnesty. The goal: to purposely, change the political, and ethnic demographics of the United States. Mr. Obama and Democrats would gain one-party-rule, and the ability to rule, unopposed, in the United States. And they would use race, and eugenics, to do it.

If Mr. Obama is able to gain his, and the Democrat agenda, he will have done it by destroying United States immigration laws, and leaving the southern border of the United States open, and undefended to more who want to claim our nation for themselves, and those, the terrorists, who would come to destroy it. None of these people have any legal right to be in our sovereign nation.

Mr. Obama sent a clear message to all who would come. The Dream Act, and the open, undefended border, were clear signals to Latin Americans in Mexico and in Central America. These were invitations for millions of  people, who had seldom needed an invitation, to assault the United States, and to wage war against us by their numbers. And our government gave the United States, and her citizens, absolutely no protection. Mr. Obama refused to defend us in this war for the nation. Mr. Obama was aligned with the invaders, and he helped them at every turn.

The open border invited all to assault, and to quickly invade the United States of America. Hundreds of children came, mainly, as a diversion. They kept the attention of the border patrol, and the media. And they were used by Mr. Obama, democrats, and LA Raza to plead for amnesty for all illegals within the United States. The children were a successful public relations ploy.

Benedict Arnold was called a traitor. He would have been hung as one, but he escaped. He had purposely weakened the defenses of West Point, to make it open to attack from the British.

Barrack Obama, purposely weakened every defense, and opened the entire United States to an invasion of hundreds of thousands of foreign citizens. As this is written, the unbelievable has happened, America’s borders are open, and undefended. U.S. Immigration Laws aren’t being enforced by federal agents. Hundreds of thousands have invaded, and Obama and Democrats do nothing to protect the nation or the citizens. Instead, they plead for sympathy, and refugee status, for Central Americans to be allowed to stay here. And, any day Obama may bypass Congress and make the millions of illegal immigrants into United States citizens by executive fiat. It is clear: Obama and Democrats have, totally, and purposely betrayed the United States.

Mr. Obama’s step, by step, plan for opening the United States border, made entering the United States easier for all who would come. Certainly for hundreds of thousands of Central Americans, but for anyone who had any reason to invade the United States.  To open the border, Obama had to, first, end enforcement of Immigration Laws. And then the border patrol had to be gotten away from the border.

This took strategic planning, and on many fronts. It took collaboration with pro-amnesty groups, many, like La Raza which are anti-American, and pro-reconquista organizations. Long before the 2007 attempts at “immigration reform” -which is always amnesty, some of the alternatives that Obama has implemented, to bring about his amnesty must have been proposed in the inner pro-amnesty circles.

The brazen plans existed, but now with more illegals than ever within the United States, and with his success in forcing Obamacare on the U.S., Obama has hit his stride. He has gone forward much more aggressively with amnesty. After-all, now the facade has fallen away, and we see him plainly, and we don’t believe him or trust him. So, after losing his credibility, and giving up all pretense that amnesty is beneficial to Americans (except for cheap Labor companies), so Obama has nothing left to lose. He does’t have to pretend to be honest, or fair, or even that he has America’s best interests at heart.

The different pieces of Obama’s amnesty were in place, and they operated like clockwork. To open the border, the border patrol must be taken away from the border.

And so, as the flood began, they were put to work taking care of the thousands of unaccompanied minors. They were put to work transporting the children, and hundreds of the invaders, to destinations all across the United States. The Central American children came as a distraction, and to gain American sympathy, but “taking care of the children” was a sly way to keep the border patrol away from the border. And with the border patrol gone, no one would know exactly who, and how many thousands were invading America.

The following are some of the laws that Mr. Obama either changed by executive order, or refused to enforce, or is planning to change in the near future. All had to be accomplished to help bring about the latest invasion by hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants from Central America, and more from Mexico, and the entire world.They were all pieces to fit into place, first in case Congress did not pass amnesty, so that the numbers of illegal immigrants would continue to grow in the United States. And, in case, the decision was made that Obama should declare amnesty.

Senator Sessions listed fourteen pages of serious instances of Mr. Obama, and his agencies weakening of the United States defenses.  It is clear, by reading Senator Sessions time-line, that Mr. Obama, and his administration set about, purposely, and meticulously, tearing down the laws and the defenses that protected the United States. And then, perhaps he said: let the invasion begin.

Senator Jeff Sessions in interview: From a article dated: May 16 2014 by, Caroline May:

“September 2011, the Dream Act: Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals. …Dream Act and other Executive actions, Circumvented Congress, defied federal law and dismantled interior immigration law enforcement.”

Below are a few of those actions that Senator Sessions spoke of . Taken with other Obama Administration actions, it is easy, in retrospect, to see the over-all design, and the plans that worked together to bring about the current invasion of hundreds of thousands of Central Americans, and many others from other foreign nations into the United States. All: children, teens, families, the sick, and the criminals, came through the border which Obama, and the Obama Administration, had purposely weakened, and made defenseless, and had left open for the planned invasion. This was a deliberate, and planned attack by millions of foreigners, with help from Mr. Obama, and Federal agencies, –it was an attack on the sovereignty of the United States of America. It does not matter that many of the invaders were teens, and many may have been unarmed. They were an illegal flood, a planned invasion, an act of war on the United States, by the President of the United States, his co-conspirators, and foreign nationals.

Senator Sessions’ catalog of Obama’s actions to dismantle U.S. Immigration Law

  1. 2009, after a raid on engine shop in Washington, 28 illegal immigrants were detained. Pro-amnesty groups protested. Secretary Napolitano did not enforce the law. She investigated the ICE agents who had carried out the raid.
  2. Secretary Napolitano Delayed E-Verify deadlines in January 2009, April 2009, June 2009
  3. March 8, 2010 It was reported that Immigration and Customs Enforcement had inflated the number of deportations during Mr. Obama’s first year in office, by 47%.
  4. Secretary Napolitano Terminates the $50 million Stimulus money, funded for a Virtual Fence on the border, due to cost over-runs and redeploys the funds.
  5. Ice Director says that it will not process or accept illegal immigrants transferred to Ice custody by Arizona Law enforcement. The reason: the Obama Administration disagreed with Arizona’s immigration law–which made it a crime to be in the state illegally and required police to check suspects for immigration documents.
  6. May 2010 Relaxed Security and special benefits for detained illegal immigrants: unmonitored phone lines, email, free internet calling, computer training, etc.
  7. June 2010 Obama Administration Sues Arizona Over Immigration Enforcement Law
  8. June 25, 2010 Ice Union Casts Unanimous Vote of “No Confidence” in agency leadership. The union representing Seven thousand agents cited: ‘”concern among Ice employees and Union leaders that Director Morton and Assistant Director Coven have abandoned the Agency’s core mission of enforcing Untied States Immigration Laws and Providing for public safety, and have instead directed their attention to campaigning for programs and policies related to amnesty.”‘
  9. July 14, 2010, Obama Administration Ignores Dangerous Sanctuary City Policies. Said that it would not sue Sanctuary Cities for not using their resources to enforce federal immigration law.
  10. July 30, 2010, a Leaked U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services Memo Reveals Obama Backdoor Amnesty Plan. Detailed The Obama Administration’s plan to bypass Congress and grant amnesty by executive fiat. Obama has since acted to protect and “reduce the threat of removal for certain individuals present in the United States without authorization” and “extend benefits and /or protections to many individuals and groups.”
  11. September 16, 2010: Leaked DHS Memo Reveals Obama’s long-term plan to Circumvent Congress and grant “Broad Based” Amnesty.  A ten page memo detailed how the Administration had “long envisioned” a two-phrase “broad based” amnesty plan.

And that detailed plan, is a step by step of how to take away America from its citizens and give it to other citizens. It is full of deceit. It is Lie upon lie. It is a plan to defraud Americans of their power within their own country. Included are: arguments for Mr. Obama and his administration to use to defeat the critics of Obama’s  amnesty. There is a list of possible political ramifications. It is fourteen pages of treasonous actions. It is a detailed plan, and the actions needed, to force amnesty on Americans. These deliberate actions are treason by Mr. Obama and his administration.

  1. October 17, 2010: DHS Dismissals of Deportation Cases up 700 percent

My listing of Senator Sessions’ list describes Obama’s steps to stop United States Immigration Law Enforcement. The intent is to leave the United States border unprotected. My list notes just twelve actions, of many that Mr. Obama has taken, some from the early days of his first term as president. A few are actions that he plans on taking. My list is a condensed, excerpt from Senator Sessions list. Senator Session’s list, has astonishing details, and the entire catalog is 14 printed pages. Those fourteen pages are included in an article on written by Caroline May, on May 16, 2014.

Obama’s actions, in detail, are shocking by their lawlessness, and in their intentional, betrayal of Americans. The list leaves no doubt about what Mr. Obama is doing by ending law-enforcement. He is taking away the defenses of the United States, and all of the former protection that the border provided for Americans. Obama, and his administration are, deliberately, taking away United States protection, by eliminating the patrol, and enforcement of immigration laws by law enforcement officers. Senator Sessions’ catalog clearly shows that Obama is doing to the nation, what Benedict Arnold did to West Point, and to America. Step by step, Mr. Obama is taking away America’s defenses from invasion. Mr. Obama is committing treason.

Running Toward Danger

On January 27, 1838 Abraham Lincoln spoke before the Young Men’s Lyceum of Springfield, Illinois, Lincoln spoke first of the increase in lawlessness, of that time, and how it threatened men’s belief in the government. And then he spoke about the future of America, and the lawlessness that could destroy the nation: “At what point then is the approach of danger to be expected? I answer, if it ever reach us, it must spring up amongst us…If destruction be our lot, we must ourselves be its author and finisher. As a nation of freemen, we must live through all time, or die by suicide.”

Abraham Lincoln went on to speak of that future time when America would be threatened from within. He warned of the leaders of America who would not be satisfied with what had been created by the British Colonists, the founders, and the soldiers who had died to make men free, and to give to Americans’, a country, the like of which, had never existed before.

Lincoln said of the founding of America, of Liberty, and the Republican form of government: “This field of glory is harvested, ..but new reapers will arise, and they too, will seek a field. It is to deny, what the history of the world tells us is true, to suppose that men of ambition and talents will not continue to spring up amongst us…” And he said, that such men of ambition, the Caesars, or Napoleons, “would scorn to tread in the footsteps of any predecessor…It thirsts and burns for distinction; and , if possible, it will have it, whether at the expense of emancipating slaves, or enslaving freemen.”

But what do Americans do to combat such a man, ready to enslave free men, ready to destroy the Republic, or ready to use eugenics to change the demographics of the United States? How do Americans fight the president who has planned this assault on America so carefully, who has prepared to import a new and a large population, and is aiding and abetting the invaders even as they flood into the country, by the thousands, and without anyone at the borders to protect us, and to stop them. How are Americans to over-turn such treason to the country and to the citizens? Could Lincoln ever have imagined such despicable men and women in charge of the American government? How do Americans stop the invaders, and stop the destroyers operating within our government, and throughout the country?

Could Abraham Lincoln, believe that a president of the United States, his administration, and his party, formerly called the Democrats, now called Progressives, could become traitors, and still pretend to be Americans?  That they would attack the demographic make-up of the United States, using foreign nationals as a way to achieve a minority- majority demographic, and so, to disenfranchise, and to usurp the real Americans?

That, according to America’s president’s plan, the invasion would become a sudden flood, and would make use of children, even babies. But, to achieve this practice of eugenics, the instigators of the flood, made sure that many are young families, and that many are sexually active, teens. Some of these teens are gang members, but all are used as the Progressives’ new tool. They are used as an invading force, to force an amnesty for many millions of illegal immigrants upon the, unwilling, citizens of the United States.

Could Lincoln imagine an American president, that new age “Caesar, or Napoleon,” a man named Obama, who with all of his political party, and along with the Progressives in Congress were taking the country apart from within and without? Could Lincoln imagine so many in America’s capital,  willing to assist this flood, this mass invasion of America’s borders? Could he believe that they were doing this in order to change America’s demographics, to end opposition, and to gain one party rule, even if that rule destroyed the country? Could Lincoln imagine, that underneath their hypocritical, claims of desiring to be kind, and to give fairness, and citizenship to these hordes of people, was the politicians’ desire for riches and power?

Would Lincoln be surprised, that Progressives, and Mr. Obama demand, as they have demanded for so many years before, the right to award to millions of people, from Mexico, and other Latin American countries, who are totally unconnected to this sovereign nation, and a people who have no claim on Americans or America, and who are ignoring the country’s laws and borders, and invading it, –that Progressives demand that they be able to give to these people, these millions of invaders, the great reward of citizenship?

Would he believe that an American president would take down America’s defenses at its border, during a time when terrorists, who have threatened the United States, are planning new attacks on the nation? That despite the danger, of another September 11th, style attack on the United States, that the president, and his Attorney General would work for months to dismantle the laws and the enforcement meant to protect the United States? And that once this was done they would begin the new phase of their invasion by foreigners? Would he believe that any president would refuse to repel, during his entire presidency, a massive invasion of humanity that is meant to conquer by its sheer numbers? Would he believe that an American president would not only refuse to repel the invasion, but would support the invasion?

Would Lincoln have realized that these Progressive are using these thousands, especially because many of them are children. That he would realize that Mr. Obama and his administration are sure of their success, because no decent person can fire at children,–even in defense of America. That Progressives are using these children to protect the invasion, much as Muslim terrorists use women, and children, as human shields to protect themselves from attack?

Would Lincoln understand that the latest invasion of foreign nationals, that Mr. Obama and Progressives planned, allowed, and assisted, was an aggressive act of war and an act of treason? Would Lincoln see Obama’s amnesty for what it is? A sly, and deceptive way for Progressives to gain one-party power, to control, and to over-master the very people that they have sworn an oath to protect?

Would Lincoln have understood that the Progressive’s aim, this band of traitors’ ambition, is to become the one political party with power in the United States? And that all of this destruction was accomplished because this new leader, that Lincoln foresaw, practiced deception in order to be elected, and now works hard towards completing his act of treason. That he schemes, and feels satisfaction at bringing about the replacement of the rightful citizens of the United States, with citizens from other countries, who have no legal right to be here.

To know history is to be sure that Lincoln could have imagined such evil schemes. By the end of the Civil War, and his political career, Lincoln would have easily recognized this present treachery.

But for present day Americans who love this country with their whole heart, it is hard to imagine such evil. It is difficult for us, the citizens of the United States, to recognize such treachery, in one man, and in the many who are helping him. That this president, his criminal administration, and his supporters have lied and deceived, and planned for years to displace Americans, and are ready and willing to ruin so many lives is beyond belief. That these acts are actually easy for them, and possibly a pleasure for them, these liars, and traitors, shocks the people who have trusted them. And that they endanger children, and use this ethnic group, and this method of eugenics, to over-power, and to usurp the people of America, and to end the Republic is both frightening and sad. Abraham Lincoln warned us for good reason.

Still, unable to believe that they have been betrayed, Americans are at the cliffs edge looking into the abyss. And unless the Lord God of the Universe, the God in Whom, We the People, Trust, and with whom our ancestors have made so many covenants, if He does not come to our aid, then we will stand alone against a formidable enemy. Without God’s help, these lawless people who have lied, planned and schemed so carefully, to deceive us, may defeat us. Unless we stand together and stand strong to the last, that formidable power will defeat: We The People of the Constitution, and will bring about the desecration of a Communist rule in the United States of America.

More Common Sense: America the Covenant Nation

But long before President Obama, or President Lincoln, In the Beginning English Colonists, with conviction and courage, made their covenants with God before the end of their dangerous voyages to America.

America Is A Covenant Nation: Governor John Winthrop, one of America’s Puritan Founders, in his 1630 address to English Colonists, aboard the  ship Arabella to America, said: “…We are entered into Covenant with Him for this work. We have taken out a commission. The Lord Hath given us leave to draw our own articles…We have hereupon besought Him of favor and blessing. Now if the Lord shall please to hear us, and bring us in peace to the place we desire, then hath He ratified this covenant and sealed our commission, and will expect strict performance of the articles contained in it…”

Within the covenant, and his address to the colonists Winthrop urged them on towards charity towards others and love of God, and God’s Laws, including the Golden Rule: Do unto others.

But as Christians often do, Winthrop did not stress that God meant that Golden Rule for all of his children, that he meant it for all of mankind, not just for Christians, and not just for certain nations, but rather for all nations.

America, that soon to be: Covenant Nation, was the land Governor Winthrop was sailing towards, when he spoke his prophecy that America must be: “a city upon a hill” . But even before Winthrop’s, and the Colonists’ 1630 covenant, there was another covenant with God: The Mayflower Compact written in 1620.

Daniel J. Elazar writes that: “Thus, from their earliest beginnings, the people and politics comprising the United States have bound themselves together through covenants …deliberately following biblical precedents.”  America was based on a history of Covenants with God. It must be remembered, that before even setting their feet on American soil those English Colonists sought to establish lives that would be lived under the rule of law. The colonists were English, but Clinton Rossiter, author of : The First American Revolution, Part 1 of Seedtime of the Republic in 1953, wrote of : “…a people headed consciously in the direction of liberty.”  From the beginning of their lives in America, they were a special and a particular people, of whom Rossiter wrote: “The men of the American settlements were a special breed of colonists, and theirs was accordingly a special brand of colonial culture.”

From that beginning of covenants with God, and a love of Liberty, America was destined to become Winthrop’s and Reagan’s: “Shinning City Upon a Hill”.  And it was destined to be a Light of freedom to the world, largely, because of the character and the courage of those English colonists and their descendants.

Daniel J. Elazar of the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs, in writing of America’s foundation, and history of Covenants with God, wrote of Abraham Lincoln’s visit to Independence Hall on February 22, 1861, on his way to his inaugural in Washington D.C.  Some reports say there was to be no formal speech on that occasion; Lincoln raised a flag over Independence Hall, and he agreed to speak a few words; there are different reports of his visit, and different versions of those remarks. Elazar writes: “Lincoln’s paraphrase of the fifth and sixth verses of Psalm 137 is one of many manifestations of his view of the American experience as being parallel to that of biblical Israel. If Americans were not the chosen people, they were at least, in his eyes, ‘an almost chosen people’. Every cadence and content of Lincoln’s remarks at Independence Hall and on similar occasions suggest that he shared the sense of an American vocation similar to that described by Governor John Winthrop, the foremost of the American Puritan founders.”

Bible Text: Psalm 137 vs5 If I forget thee, O Jerusalem, let my right hand forget her cunning.  6. If I do not remember thee, let my tongue cleave to the roof of my mouth; if I prefer not Jerusalem above my chief joy.   King James Version

According to Elazar, Lincoln said: “May my right hand forget its cunning and my tongue cleave to the roof of my mouth, if ever I prove false to those teachings.”  Meaning, those teachings that came forth from Independence hall.

In his book, Abraham Lincoln: An Appreciation, by Benjamin Rush Cowen, Cowen writes that on that day Lincoln also said: “It is something in the Declaration of Independence giving Liberty, not only to the people of this Country, but hope to the world for all coming time.  It is that which gives promise that in due time the weights should be lifted from the shoulders of all men and that all should have an equal chance.”

Lincoln continued in the language of Covenants, and with a sense of America’s mission, and his own mission. His words showed the same courage of America’s founders: “Now my friends, can this country be saved upon that basis? If it can, I will consider myself one of the happiest men in the world if I can help save it. But if this country cannot be saved without giving up that principle, I was about to say that I would rather be assassinated upon the spot than to surrender it. I have said nothing but what I am willing to live by and if it be the pleasure of Almighty God to die by.”

Did Lincoln have a moment of  conviction, that he would be one of those thousands, should the Civil War come, who would fight and die for other men’s freedom? Did he believe that he would be one of those  like his Grandfather, Captain Abraham Lincoln, of the Revolutionary War, who would be willing to fight for Liberty, and willing to die for America?

His other speeches on that exhilarating trip to Washington never reached that level of darkness. Perhaps he was influenced by more than the “consecrated walls” of Independence Hall, where The Declaration of Independence was brought to life. Perhaps his words were also inspired by the spirit of courage of the fifty six, men, the, first, official,  Americans, who signed The Declaration, on behalf of  their fellow Americans’, and themselves, in another American Covenant with God. The signers of the Declaration concluded it in this way: “And for the support of this Declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes, and our sacred honor.” One of those signers, John Hancock, already had a price on his head. As soon as they signed, all fifty six had a price on their heads. And the British hunted them as traitors.

Perhaps, in Independence Hall,  in recalling that pledge of America’s founders, Lincoln felt led to make his own Covenant with God, for the preservation of the nation.

But history tells us that it wasn’t just a vision that led to his words. Lincoln, and the Signers of the Declaration, all made their covenants with the knowledge of what the risks, the consequences, and the sacrifice required for that pledge might be. The signers of the Declaration joked about “hanging together or hanging separately”. And Lincoln had just learned of plots to assassinate him before he ever reached Washington D.C.  But, like the signers of the Declaration, with full knowledge, Lincoln made his declaration, his Covenant with God, and his pledge for the nation, on: “February 22, 1861, the one-hundred-twenty-ninth anniversary of Washington’s Birthday.”

And then Lincoln went on to his inaugural. He lived and he fought for the survival of the Declaration, for the Constitution, for the Union, and for the United States, during the dark days of the war, and the few years remaining of his life. And, after his assassination in Ford’s Theatre, one of the stops for the funeral train that returned Lincoln’s body to Illinois, was Philadelphia. His body lay in state in Independence Hall, the site of his, and of America’s Declarations to fight for Liberty, for other men’s’ freedom, and to fight for the birth, and then for the survival of America.

In 1776 Americans’ with courage were running towards the danger of the Revolutionary War, and in 1861, they were running towards the danger of the Civil War. On those, and on many occasions since, Americans have run towards Danger. From the English colonists, on to modern Americans, it was their love of freedom, their love of country, and their courage that has saved them and America.

Courage is: Running towards Danger, and America has always needed Presidents, leaders, soldiers and citizens who, despite their fear, were willing, at a time of crisis, to fight for the survival of the nation. America was built on their courage.

“America was not built on fear. America was built on courage, on imagination and an unbeatable determination to do the job at hand…”  Harry S. Truman

Since the economic crash of 2008 Americans have had many things to fear. Now, in 2014; there are few full-time jobs, and the economy hasn’t recovered to pre-2008 levels. But since 2008, Americans have turned away from their losses. They have struggled to push away fear. And they are determined to re-build both their own lives, and the United States. But Americans have been running towards danger for too many years, they are worn out, and life in America isn’t getting any easier.

And despite their personal struggles, they have fears for their nation. There is one threat that endangers the existence of the United States.  The threat is an amnesty for  millions of illegal aliens who reside in the United States. If this amnesty, that the Progressives call “Immigration Reform”, is passed, it will impact the lives of every citizen of the United States, now, and for the next century.

This amnesty legislation, that President Obama is totally committed to, is a bill that, The National Review, reports was written by pro-immigrant special- interests groups, and not by the Gang of Eight Senators who promoted, and support it. This amnesty gives many advantages to the illegal immigrants who will become citizens, but it gives, absolutely, no advantage to ordinary, working class U.S. citizens. It doesn’t even give them the sense of security of knowing  that United States immigration laws will, ever again, be enforced by the Obama Administration, by any Democrat-Progressive-Communist in the United States Congress, or by any future President, whether Republican or Democrat.  This expensive amnesty, that threatens to bring in up to 70 million additional immigrants, after the first 30 million within the U.S., become United States citizens,  now lurks in the House of Representatives, formerly known as: the People’s House, in the United States Congress.

Meanwhile Progressive politicians, corporate America, pro-amnesty- illegal- immigrants, their activists, and the Chamber of Commerce, wait for Americans’ attention to be drawn away, by some other national disaster, or crisis, before they push the House of Representatives to pass amnesty on some dark mid-night, and in a vote so quick that it will rival the House’s previous 30 second time record.

This gift of amnesty, and of citizenship, is for foreign- nationals who have, illegally, taken up residency in the United States. These millions, some of whom, are peacefully searching for a prosperity they cannot attain in their countries of origin, are people to whom we extend our sympathy. But they are citizens of other countries, and they have no legal or moral claim on the United States or its citizens. These people have countries of their own, but they have decided that it is safer, and easier to make their lives in the United States. They are determined that they and their families, are going to live and to work, illegally, in the United States.

And there are millions of others, who came to live and to work in the United States for those same reasons, but who also have ulterior motives for being here, and for demanding to stay. They are demanding, protesting, threatening, and extorting our politicians, and the nation, for amnesty.

Their invasion of the U.S., seems to us, to be a statement that they are moving to stake claims to everything that belongs to Americans, our jobs, our identity, our medical and social services, our land, and our financial and natural resources. It does not set well that they say they deserve amnesty because they have worked hard and deserve it. We wonder, can Americans who have worked in Mexico make such claims? We tend to think that their claim to a right to be citizens is by virtue of their disregard of U.S. laws, and their willingness to usurp the rights of citizens.

Their biggest claim for their right to invade, and their right to amnesty is: we just want to have better lives. And that is a phrase that Americans would like to echo. Perhaps Americans might say: “We just want to have better lives, too, but we didn’t invade your country, or take your jobs in order to get a better life. And after-all Mr. Obama, you who were sworn in to be the president of the American people, but who are acting on behalf of foreign people, and Mr. and Ms. illegal immigrant, and  you, Globalist’s and  open border folks, We are the People of the Constitution, our country was based on the rule of law, and on American Sovereignty. This country has borders. You are on the wrong side of the border. Before you continue with your protests, threats, and extortion, please remember, that this is our country, not yours.”

Many of those foreign nationals who claim the right to be citizens, and clamor about what exemplary citizens they would be, insist on special treatment, and have, seldom, obeyed our laws. They threaten the United States with domestic violence, if we don’t give into their every demand. Some have lived, and worked here, illegally, for decades despite United States immigration laws. And Mr. Obama encourages their behavior by supporting them, in defiance of Article IV. Section 4. of the United States Constitution, which states: The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government, and shall protect each of them against Invasion; and on Application of the Legislature, or of the Executive (when the Legislature cannot be convened), against domestic Violence. Both the immigration laws and Article IV. Section 4. of the Constitution were put in place to protect the citizens and the nation from this kind of invasion, and from the country being over-run by millions of foreign nationals who have no right to be here.

This invasion of millions of non-citizens threatens America’s present security, its financial future and its ability to ever recover from the 2008 recession.

Conservative Americans want a sovereign nation, one that protects Americans’ security, their access to American jobs, and their access to American, tax-payer-paid,  social programs. We no longer know what our Liberal, American friends want. We assume that they want what they have always wanted: everything. They want prosperous, upscale lives for themselves, and for America to welcome every nation’s people to come and live here. Liberals always want America to be diverse, and generous, especially if they don’t have to, pay for it, or, personally, suffer for it. That is impractical, inconvenient and tremendously expensive for the rest of us, but that is what our Liberal friends have continually demanded. So, we wonder: do American Liberals share, in any measure, our love for America, and our wish to preserve both its sovereignty and security? If they do, it is about time for them to care about the lives of their non-liberal, Conservative, fellow Americans who are the ones who will be hurt most by any amnesty. But, Conservatives do not have faith that Liberals will ever chose their countrymen, over the worlds’ citizens. Conservatives are afraid that they are the ones who will suffer, as Liberals side with Progressives, and with millions of illegal immigrants, in trying to squeeze the worlds’ billions of citizens into this nation’s borders.

Conservatives, and Patriots know that to give United States citizens’ that security, and access to the programs that U.S. tax-payers, pay for, our borders must be protected, and immigration laws must be enforced.

This amnesty that supposedly covers 12 million, but more likely, covers 20-30 million, or more, illegal immigrants, is Mr. Obama and Democrat-Progressives’ throw of the die to gain the votes of former illegal immigrants, and to establish one-party- Progressive rule in the United States.

This amnesty, if passed, also begins the importation of many more millions of new citizen/workers to the United States. This happens with chain migration, which comes after the present, 20-30 million  illegal immigrants are amnestied. Chain migration allows the migration of the extended families, of those former illegal immigrants into the United States. Amnesty, is a political agenda, that is being sold, by Mr. Obama as a friendly act towards twenty-or thirty million citizens of other nations. But amnesty is not a friendly, or a rational act, towards America and Americans’. Amnesty and the chain migration that follows after it, have dire consequences for the entire nation.

Mr. Obama hasn’t provided EPA studies that show what that impact of millions more instant citizens will be for the current citizens. We don’t know what impact these millions will have on the United States’ natural resources, or the consequences for the environment. In 2014, after decades of Progressive-Democrats passing reams of strict environmental laws, it is astonishing that there are no studies, and no long-range-plans for the impact- of -70million (numbers estimated with chain migration), or more-immigrants on- the- environment of the United States. There are no, announced studies, or plans, for dealing with possible shortages, or for coping with an influx of millions of people. That must mean there is no assurance that any policy, or any action of the federal government is in place to soften the impact, and lessen the huge environmental footprint that will be left by these millions of strangers on our nation. Devoted Leftist Environmentalists are silent on the matter of millions of people coming to the United States, brought by an Obama, and Democrat amnesty.

Studies of environmental impact are something that the EPA routinely demands , even for parking spaces. But the Obama Administration has nothing to say about the impact of a possible 70 million more people who will swell the U.S. population with amnesty, and with chain migration. That kind of long-range planning, and documenting the likely impact, is what a good city manager would do before adding even a new housing project to his medium-sized city. So why aren’t the environment obsessed Obama Administration, and the Democrat-Progressive politicians across the nation, equally obsessed with the impact of  the 70 million additional people, that they insist must be added to the United States population? Seventy million people, which will include many babies and children, will greatly burden the water, air, and land, and lessen the land and water available for farming and open-spaces in the United States. This population of illegal immigrants increases faster in the United States because their birth rate is much higher than that of Americans. That means that the burden of illegal immigrants is greater on the United States natural resources simply because of their greater, and increasing numbers, even before amnesty. How can we know that America’s natural resources will not be quickly depleted by this amnesty, of 20-30 million illegal immigrants, and by the additional importation of 70 million of their relatives, unless there are serious studies that, absolutely, prove that?

Could it be that Mr. Obama and Democrat-Progressives’ simply aren’t interested, and would rather not know the impact, when it comes to amnesty, about the consequences to the environment, or the consequences of amnesty to American citizens? Would studies of the environmental impact, and the adverse impact on Americans, by amnesty, be too revealing? Would Mr. Obama, and environmentalists, find that serious studies revealed some “Inconvenient Truths”?

What are citizens to conclude? Have all of the EPA’s environmental laws and studies been a fraud? Are environmental studies without meaning and value? Is their purpose part of the political agenda of the Left, one that simply holds back  American progress, growth and prosperity? Don’t they wonder whether their amnesty millions, would have a severe impact on California?  Shouldn’t a president of the United States be concerned about California?  That is where one of every fifteen residents is an illegal immigrant, and there is a long running drought, and there are continuous water shortages. Couldn’t those two facts: water shortages, and a large illegal population, be connected? Shouldn’t a long-term environmental study be done to find out.  Thomas Del Beccaro, wrote on on August, 19, 2014: California has more than 38 million residents…Latinos now equal the number of non-Hispanic whites in California. With projections that show California’s population reaching 45 to 50 million within 20 years.”

Aren’t those statistics relevant to Mr. Obama, or the EPA? Surely, many more illegal immigrants will come to California, and to the entire United States, because Mr. Obama left our unprotected border open for them. And they will come because Mr. Obama and Democrats continue to promise them, The Dream Act, or a huge general amnesty. How many, “amnesty made citizens” will Mr. Obama add to the State of California, and what will those numbers of people do to the environment, and to the water shortage. What will amnesty do to the entire nation’s water supply? How can Democrats move forward with any amnesty that might impact Americans so seriously. It seems that this time, the environmental studies won’t be done, because Mr. Obama, and the Democrat Progressives’ goal is amnesty for as many millions of citizens of other nations as they can get. Amnesty is about the President’s, and Progressives’ own political power, and so they irresponsibly disregard any of the unforeseen consequences that amnesty has to the nation.  In the case of Amnesty, Democrat-Progressives don’t care about the impact, the country, or the citizens; they care about the votes. reports that, currently, 35 percent of U.S. citizens are on welfare. Even if we could ignore the environmental impact, citizens know that amnesty, and the millions of new people it will bring to live, and to work in the United States, is likely to determine whether or not our nation will ever thrive again. Amnesty determines whether America, as we once knew it, will  even survive. The policies of “anchor babies”, and amnesty, as explained by, threaten our country in many ways. Just one of the dangers to citizens is that these millions of new voters will  overwhelm the political power of Americans by overwhelming their votes. This over-whelming of Americans’ political power, especially, conservative political power, means that amnesty would accomplish many Democrat-Progressives’ and Globalist agendas.

Amnesty would, certainly, accomplish, Globalist, George Soros ambitions. Mr. Soros believes that other countries should have input into America’s concerns, and decisions. Mr. Soros believes that other countries’ citizens’ should have a voice and a vote within the United States Congress. In other words, that foreign nations should help to decide America’s future and its fate. Amnesty’s 70 million foreign nationals would certainly have a vote. And, considering the past influence of illegal immigrants in the United States, it is likely that the politics of the additional 70 million that come with chain migration would be a strong Socialist influence. Their votes would take America in a different direction, away from its history when settled by English Colonists. The amnestied, illegal immigrants, would take America far from the Republic that was promised, and far from the Founders’ original intent. The 70 million, or 100 million, Obama citizens, would, as he intends, fundamentally transform the United States, for all time.

Amnesty threatens to impoverish the United States with huge numbers of new citizens who will be dependent on tax-payer-paid benefits in order to survive. That means that the United States will, likely, be one of the first Globalist Welfare States that Mr. Soros, the globalist, desires.

This over-powering of U.S. citizens’ and the impoverishment of the United States seems inevitable. Because for the United States, the number of people given the initial amnesty, quickly, becomes unsupportable because it puts the United States into a state of perpetual amnesty. This perpetual amnesty starts with the policy of “chain migration”. Chain migration means each new citizen can bring in their extended family, and these people also become citizens. And then, those citizens can bring in their families; the chain is never broken.  And these millions, these new citizens, will, likely, be a powerful pro-immigration force. And so once chain migration has begun it will never end. The generous benefits given to former illegal immigrants under this expensive, tax-payer-paid-for- amnesty will assist, and encourage the new citizens to bring anywhere from 43 million, but more likely, 70 million of their country-men to the United States. The result: a rapid population explosion, caused by the importation of citizens from foreign nations, into the United States. Has any nation ever conducted such an odd, and unnecessary social experiment? Has any nation ever imported millions of new citizens when millions of their own citizens had been unemployed for over five years? Has any nation ever imported million more citizens, many of them impoverished, during a time of  national economic peril?

Amnesty is the dangerous social experiment that Mr. Obama, Democrat-Socialists, and Communists in Congress, and across the nation, are urging on the many unemployed citizens of the United States.

The group of illegal immigrants residing within the United States who will receive amnesty, are somewhat diverse as to their nation of origin, and their length of residency. Some, as Progressives say: have been living in the shadows. They have been hiding in the United States for generations, taking jobs, and using United States social benefit programs. Some crossed our borders when Mr. Obama stopped enforcing immigration laws, and some are entering now so that they are ready to claim they have been living here once Mr. Obama’s amnesty passes. Illegal aliens know that Mr. Obama will make things easy for them. It won’t take much proof for any of them to put in a claim for amnesty. Besides, many of them will have the time to produce “anchor babies” and so: the illegal immigrants’ problem is solved, even as they help Mr. Obama change the demographics of the United States.

Many illegal immigrants who live in the United States are peaceable people. But some, often those pushing hardest for amnesty, are vehement, anti-American– activists who want to over-throw the Republican form of Government, or want to claim the United States for foreign powers , possibly under claims of Reconquista. But whether they have resided here for many years, or whether they will come over with that first wave of millions that are brought in with chain migration, these are strangers, and some of them are America’s foes. Most are strangers to our language, traditions, our beliefs, and our culture.

Despite the Obama Administration’s romantic idealization of illegal immigrants, these people are an unknown quantity, and many are a threat to our peace.

Amnesty is against the will of the American People. And Americans are the people that the American president, the Senate and the Republican House, are supposed, and are hired to represent by virtue of winning elections, and by the United States Constitution. But many of these, supposed representatives of the American people, are pressing for amnesty. In pressing for a continuation of the invasion of the United States borders, they are ignoring and defying their job descriptions under the Constitution. Because James Madison, the Father of The Constitution, stated in The Federalist No. 46 that, “The Federal and State governments are in fact but different agents and trustees of the people, constituted with different powers, and designed for different purposes… and, “They must be told that the ultimate authority, wherever the derivative may be found, resides in the people alone…”

By supporting amnesty, by being attentive to illegal immigrants demands, and by assisting foreign nationals in their ambitious desires for power within the United States, the “Representatives of the People” and the president of the United States are ignoring, and over-throwing their duties under the Constitution, as well as working against the wishes of Americans, and the best interests of the United States.

With amnesty, the president of the United States, and much of the Congress of the United States are now representing the interests of foreign nationals, and not Americans. The president and many others in Congress have also been “aiding and abetting” –defying U.S. Law: 8 U.S. Code1324– Bringing in and harboring certain aliens. This is a small part of the text of that law:

Any person who– (i) knowing that a person is an alien, brings to or attempts to bring to the United States in any manner whatsoever such a person at a place other than a designated port of entry or place other than a designated port of entry or place other than as designated by the Commissioner, regardless of whether such alien has received prior official authorization to come to, enter, or reside in the United States and regardless of any future official action which may be taken with respect to such alien: Knowing or in reckless disregard of the fact that an alien has come to, entered, or remains in the United States in violation of law, transports, or moves or attempts to transport or move such alien within the United States by means of transportation or otherwise, in furtherance of such violation of law:  (iii) knowing or in reckless disregard of the fact that an alien has come to , entered, or remains in the United States in violation of Law, transports, or moves, or attempts To Transport or move such and alien within the United States by means of Transportation or otherwise, in furtherance of such violation of law…

If amnesty, wrongly entitled: immigration reform, passes, the foreign nationals will, by necessity, be rushed through the procedure for citizenship with minimal background checks. We will not know whether we are importing poor people, criminals, or terrorists. Whomever they may be, they will quickly swell the population and make immediate demands on our institutions, social welfare programs, our finances, and our natural resources. Mr. Obama hasn’t done any  homework, the EPA has no believable studies to show how the nation will be impacted, and as far as we know the FBI doesn’t have a clue about how many criminals will be included in the 70 million. But just by looking at the numbers, it is certain that these millions of people will greatly impact our environment, our society, and our crime statistics.

The likely outcomes for Amnesty, are similar to the insecurity, the uncertainty, and the chaos that has descended on the United States with Obamacare. But amnesty adds to the chaos that Mr. Obama and Democrats have so recently visited on the nation by taking over America’s health care. Amnesty will add a more complicated chaos: increased crime, and a nation-wide culture war that will follow on the heels of the millions who arrive with chain migration. We can imagine an over-crowded, and an over-whelmed nation. Poor, and over- crowded cities. Cities that are out of control, and on their way to becoming a Detroit, or a Los Angeles. A savage country-side that is over-run with confused, possibly angry, criminal, or emotionally ill, new citizens. Aggressive new citizens who dislike, and who are prejudiced against Americans. New citizens who demand to always be the first in line for education and for jobs. At best, new citizens who don’t respect, or obey any United States laws. New citizens who show as little respect for all of the United States laws as their family members, the former illegal immigrants, did for United States immigration law.

No one can know what will really happen. But we know that any nation that brings in 70 million strangers is likely to quickly descend into lawlessness. We will no longer be a nation at peace. Amnesty is a change that will radically transform the United States, and it is a transformation that can never be undone.

Once amnesty has been voted into law by the House of Representatives, against the wishes of Americans, the waves of new citizens will never end, and no matter the disaster that might ensue, they cannot be sent home. Their numbers, and their birth-rates mean that soon the U.S. will be their home, and not ours, because their votes will control the country. The Obama, and the Democrat-Progressives’ amnesty- made-citizens, will take what were once, American jobs, benefits, influence, and political power away from current Americans. These new, and aggressive citizens will be the ones to help Progressive-Socialist politicians decide how to re-distribute American wealth.

The effects of amnesty can be predicted by examining the likely outcomes of another Obama made law, and a Progressive and Illegal Immigrant push for the hundreds, of thousands of young adults, the children of illegal immigrants. These young adults claim that the United States must give them citizenship, (amnesty) because they were brought to the United States when they were children (the favorite age cited is age five). This demand for citizenship brought about Obama’s Dream Act which is amnesty but on a somewhat lower scale. Though on a lower scale, The Dream Act, by itself, has a huge impact on the United States, and on Americans. Daniel Horowitz wrote in: Chain Migration Will Bury the Republic and Republican Party, “this bill will set off a seismic chain migration. The effects on the welfare system and our ability to absorb so many immigrants will be felt within 5-10 years.” He then gives Senator Jeff Sessions’ break down of what the effects will be. They cover a page and half, and are devastating. And that is just the Dream Act by itself. Amnesty, a huge bill, that is disguised as the “Immigration Reform Bill”, is a separate, and a very expensive bill. It covers up to 30 million illegal immigrants, who receive billions in benefits, and who can then use “chain migration” to bring in their families.

This amnesty that will disenfranchise, and displace Americans, is a first, and an unprecedented case of any President, or any government, anywhere, ever putting the rights, and best interests of foreign nationals’, who are illegally in their country,  ahead of their own citizens. Mr. Obama’s amnesty sets records: the estimated costs, which are usually low, compared to the actual costs, is 6.3 Trillion. Yes, over six Trillion dollars that Americans will be forced to pay to benefit a people who have no legal or moral claim on us or on our nation. And, the sheer number of people who are to be imported with the chain migration that follows amnesty makes Mr. Obama’s amnesty another historical first.

This amnesty is a fraud on Americans because amnesty has nothing to do with immigration reform, or with anything that would better protect the United States. Amnesty benefits illegal immigrants, but not Americans. Americans are benefited by having our immigration laws obeyed, and enforced. Americans can’t afford for Democrat-Progressives to reform current law. Progressives cannot be trusted with any reform because they will use that reform to allow more illegal immigrants into the United States, and will give them expensive benefits under amnesty. Americans are benefited by quickly resolving illegal immigrants’ hearings, and sending them back to their home countries’. Americans would be benefited, and protected by ending birth- right citizenship, and by ending chain migration. But until we have both a president, and a Congress that has proved that they can be trusted, we can’t allow them to touch immigration. If we do trust the present Congress to make a deal on any sort of “immigration reform” they will quickly pass amnesty, and We the People, and our posterity, our children, and grandchildren will pay for it, and suffer for it, all of their lives.

The Left has different goals, and different rules. They share Mr. Obama’s ambitions, and his pro-amnesty, Anti-American viewpoint. They work, tirelessly, to bring about Mr. Obama’s agenda. They argue that amnesty is good for the United States.

We protect ourselves when we remember that amnesty has nothing, whatsoever, to do with what is good for the country or for Americans. Amnesty is a political agenda. Amnesty impoverishes Americans, it usurps them by importing foreign nationals who will be the minority majority, and who will rule, along with Progressives. At least they may rule for a while, until the United States fails because of the burdens that Amnesty imposes, or until the elites gain total control over their new citizens. And so, amnesty, like Obamacare, is a way to gain control over the United States and its citizens. At present, it is a plan by which millions of Illegal Immigrants, many who are radical in their beliefs, along with their advocates and activists, groups such as: M.E.Ch.A and LA Raza, along with corporate America, some in  the Congress of The United States, and the President of the United States, are united in a cause: and that involves using eugenics, to change America’s demographics. It is replacing the citizens of the United States with new citizens. And these new citizens, the preferred demographic, are from other countries, primarily, Mexico, but also Central America, and others.

These new citizens are not the heirs of  the Declaration of Independence. They are not the People of the Constitution; these are people with little attachment to the founding documents, and who feel little empathy, or connection to those whose ancestors founded America.

Formerly, when they marched in protest, Mexican illegal aliens, waved hundreds of  Red, white and Green, Mexican flags, but they found that belligerence, under another nation’s flag, didn’t garner much support for their cause. Now, when they march to protest U.S. immigration laws, or to demand amnesty, they  wave the Red White and Blue, but they do not, always, celebrate America. The Obama Administration, and American and Global Businesses, who support amnesty, also lack admiration and understanding, as well as the values and the connections, to America’s founding documents and to America. With amnesty, Mr. Obama, Democrats, and Progressives believe that they will suppress, overwhelm, and disenfranchise the original citizens, and that they will import new citizens who share their Globalist views, and who will better serve their political agenda.

Can the United States survive such an influx of strangers from different lands, with different beliefs, loyalties, languages and customs ? And after this difficult, and forced transformation will this country still be America?

Can our country remain a sovereign nation if the Republican House of Representatives passes this extreme amnesty? Amnesty was rushed through the Senate, without citizens knowing exactly how devastating it would be. And, on April 3, 2014, according to, it seems there is an effort to sneak some part of Amnesty through the House of Representatives by attaching it to another bill.

How can the American people trust the Democrat-Progressives and Mr. Obama with amnesty after the series of lies they told about Obamacare? And how can Americans’ trust the Senate that first introduced this nightmare amnesty bill, which was written by global businesses, and illegal immigrant organizations ? How can Americans trust the leaders in the House of Representatives who lie to us about rejecting amnesty even as they try to deceive us by sneaking it into law behind our backs? Amnesty is being pushed by the political establishment of both parties, and by big corporations that want cheap labor. The unforeseen consequences of amnesty to the country and its citizens can’t be known by the politicians or by the citizens, because, amnesty on such a scale has never been tried before. It is illogical that Mr. Obama and Mr. Boehner say that this, unconsidered march to amnesty, must be done, quickly and without long range planning, or any EPA studies. This mad rush to amnesty, that the government is forcing on its citizens, is to be done without any studies, planning,  reason, discussion, or thought, and against the will of most Americans. Amnesty is being forced on America just as Obamacare was.

It may never be known whether  the United States can absorb, without harm, even the thousands of former illegal aliens that are criminals and that were released, by Mr. Obama, into the United States rather than being deported. And no one can know whether the country will survive an amnesty that admits, first 20-30 million illegal immigrants, and then an additional 70 million strangers, if the Republican House of Representatives passes amnesty. The president and the Congress are gambling with the country’s security, and our future, for their own monetary, and political gains.

The unforeseen consequences of amnesty to the country, and to its citizens can’t be known by the politicians or by the citizens, because there are no precedents. Amnesty on such a huge scale has never been done and it is illogical that Mr. Obama, and Mr. Boehner say that this, unconsidered march to amnesty, must be done, quickly, and without long range planning. Mr. Obama sees no need for any EPA studies, and no need to comply with any regulation, or with immigration laws. But Americans’ are forced to conform to thousands of United States laws, and to EPA regulations each day, in their businesses, and in their homes. But Mr. Obama’s march to amnesty, is to be done without thought, and against the will of most Americans, just as Obamacare was. And that is no way to run a country: especially when the country is the, “land of the free, and the home of the brave“: the United States of America.

The Obama Administration, and much of the Congress are demanding amnesty, and would like Americans to march at double-time, and without considering the consequences it will have for them.

The government’s advice to citizens is: “be kind, or be docile. Don’t over-think this. Of course we know what we are doing. Never mind that no country has ever imported such a large number of foreign nationals before.”

The people of the United States don’t want Obamacare, and they don’t want amnesty, but that doesn’t seem to matter. The President by- passes Congress, and then they both by- pass the people. Neither the President nor the Congress want anything to do with their constituents these days. Mr. Obama and much of the Congress have elevated themselves to elitist status. They have elevated themselves above the power that the people allowed them in the Constitution. The president and many in Congress are acting with contempt for the Constitution and its constraints; they are showing contempt for citizens. Mr. Obama and the Congress have isolated themselves from the American people. They have made laws that go against the citizens’ rights under the Constitution. They don’t listen to us, they don’t want us protesting their laws and policies. They seem to say: “Ignore our lies. Don’t ask questions. Do what you are told. We, the elites, are in control. We have no need to listen, or to accede to your hopes, wishes, opinions, or even to your demands. Be quiet, or you will be silenced. Or perhaps they will be polite and say: Trust us.

But We the People don’t trust them. Years of lies have taught us that we would be fools to trust them. Obamacare showed their desire to deceive us.  And now citizens believe that the argument for amnesty is simply another con job by the same suspects. As they did with Obamacare, once again, Democrat-Progressives are urging the citizens to take an action that doesn’t make any sense, and that doesn’t benefit them in any way. It will cost Americans much more than Obamacare ever could. Obamacare is the con that taxes, and fines us simply because we are Americans. Insurance companies, and the Progressive’s cronies are making millions, and the American people are suffering for the lawmaker’s lawlessness and greed. Obamacare will destroy the quality of healthcare that Americans can receive. Obamacare will impact our bank accounts, our health and our lives.

But Amnesty is the fraud that will take away our country and our future. Amnesty is the mother of all frauds.  Amnesty is the fraud that will lead to America’s fall.

Amnesty is not like the space program where big ideas, and big goals were worked on for years, were tested, and re-tested, and tried, and either triumphed or failed. The space program didn’t directly impact every citizen of the nation. If the space program failed all of the citizens of the nation didn’t suffer. But amnesty will quickly, and forever, affect every American citizen, those living, and those still to be born.

Amnesty truly affects the state of the nation, and amnesty also affects the fate of the nation.

One reason it is fatal is that amnesty quickly admits strangers by the millions into our borders. Millions of strangers from other countries, whose history and intentions, we can’t know, and whose presence doesn’t enhance our future but rather destroys it.

Amnesty brings those whose intentions we can’t know, within our borders. It is a huge risk that gambles with Americans’ safety, and the country’s security. It is bound to bring many of America’s enemies within our borders. And then, those who have fought us, and those who hope to destroy us, will be able to fight us from within. Many of the illegal immigrants within our borders, who will gain amnesty, have been fighting us in one way or another for decades. Those who have resided within our borders have formed organizations, lobbied, and protested to gain rights, and to change policies at every level of government. They have worked to undermine United States laws, especially our immigration laws. Amnesty will legalize the anti-American and the violent activists as well as the peaceful illegal immigrants. Amnesty will allow the battle for, who owns America, a battle that has been created by the opportunist illegal immigrants, by foreign nations, and by Progressives, and corrupt politicians, to continue, and to rage on.

This is a battle that has no basis, except in the minds of those with a political axe to grind. It has no basis except with the lawless. It has no basis except with the millions of Mexicans who believe that neither the war that was lost by Mexico, and  won by the United States, or treaties signed by Mexico, or payments made to Mexico for territory,  matter, or are valid. These historical events, and documents have never mattered to Mexicans who are intent on Reconquista. And neither does, reality. To many Mexican, illegal immigrants, the existence of the United States, a country that was founded, has existed, and has mostly thrived, for over two-hundred years, and which has over 315, million settled citizens–those tangible matters. None of the history or facts have any standing, relevance or validity, in comparison to Mexicans long-held hatred, their ambitions, and their own political agendas. And that is what America is facing: a people so unfamiliar, with, and so separated from even the concept of the rule of law that they will not recognize previous treaties, or land sales. A nation so lacking in honor, or respect for agreements, made more than a century before, that many invade the United States with the intention of over-throwing the United States. So they invade this large, and settled country, with the intention of re-claiming it in the name of Mexico, and by any means. With amnesty this battle for America, that has no validity, and that should not exist in any sane mind; this battle that is the product of power driven, and fanatical minds, will continue, and it will escalate. But amnesty puts the power to win that battle into the strangers’ hands, because they will over-power citizens by using affirmative action, by their radical ideologies, by their numbers, by their votes, by their lack of respect for our laws, and by their violence. To lose the battle for America’s safety, security, and its borders, is to lose America’s sovereignty, and that means that the United States will fall.

The Constitution specifies the responsibilities of the branches of, our Republic’s, government. Threats to American sovereignty, and to the country’s survival were to be engaged, and fought, first, by the powers of the President of the United States, and by Congress. They were to lead Americans’ against any invasion and in any war against our country.

But neither Congress nor the president of the United States have fought against this invasion of millions of illegal immigrants. And this is a battle that matters, because this infringement of United States law, continues to escalate. Illegal immigrants started with ignoring, and breaking the law, went on to demanding that the law be repealed, and finally to denying that the law has any relevance whatsoever. And to Mr. Obama and his administration, and to the illegal immigrants, and their children, who have flooded across our border for decades, and now insist that they have a right to do so, that is exactly where they stand. They ignore, or break the law, they protest when they are punished or are deported for breaking the law. And then they demand that the law be repealed, and finally they deny that the law has any relevance whatsoever.

These millions of invaders have broken our laws. But our president and Congress have not protected America’s borders, or the rights of its citizens. Our government officials have endangered citizens by refusing to enforce immigration laws. And, now they have gone much further. Our government officials are actively, breaking the law. They are supporting the illegal immigrants in their invasion. American government officials are ignoring their responsibilities to the United States. They are actively pushing an amnesty that will lead to the importation of 70million immigrants who will usurp the rights and the power of Americans. The American government, with some exceptions, is actively working against United States’ citizens safety and security.

Within the last few weeks a new invasion of thousands of illegal immigrants, from Central America, has flooded into the United States, reaching the U.S. border with the assistance of Mexico, which, after years of helping its own citizens, illegally cross the border,  is an expert on the matter. And this time it is perfectly clear that Mr. Obama’s work with illegal immigrant organizations, to undermine U.S. immigration law, his shutdown of enforcement of United States immigration laws, his frequent calls for amnesty for his favorite group of young people in the United States, the adult children of illegal immigrants, caused the invasion. Mr. Obama’s Dreamers, and his many calls for amnesty for up to 30 million illegal immigrants, were the signals that Central American leaders, and their people, had long been waiting for, before beginning their own invasion of the United States.

In the case of amnesty, and the push for the passage of some version of the bill, the threat that comes to America, where half of American families are living from paycheck to paycheck, comes to the citizens as extortion, from millions of strangers that shouldn’t be within our borders.

Strangers who broke into our country,  and who habitually, and continually broke our laws, are now demanding, and extorting amnesty and citizenship from America.

But the real scandal is that United States citizens are threatened with amnesty by our nation’s leaders, who are supposed to be the country’s defenders. They have abandoned their responsibilities to Americans and they have gone over to the other side, in their support of foreign nationals.

With Amnesty, the threat to Americans, and to America, comes to us from the nation’s capital, Washington D.C.  On April 3, 2014, Americans learned the latest about the lengths that the House of Representatives, is willing to go, in order to deceive Americans, and to pass Amnesty for Obama’s Dreamers, who are the children of Illegal Immigrants. Representative Jeff Denham, (R-CA) was inserting what was to be a standalone bill: the “Enlist Act” deep into a Department of Defense authorization bill. In the Breitbart article, Rep. John Fleming said: This attempt to open a back door recruitment path to illegals is mind-boggling…Our military would have to suspend the rule of law to ask those who are here illegally to take an oath to support and defend the Constitution (of the country whose laws they have broken, and have protested), while those, Americans, who have already served, according to that oath, could be facing unemployment.

This threat of amnesty first came from President Obama, and the Democrat Progressive Senate that originated it. And now it comes from “the peoples’ house“. That is, The House of Representatives, which is ready to pass Amnesty, over the best interests of the United States citizens that they represent.

And this threat of amnesty, which will disenfranchise citizens, is the ultimate battle over who owns America, and whether the president or the congress have the right to make a law that essentially gives the nation away from its citizens and over to foreign nationals. This battle to keep their own country is being fought by civilians, and patriotic people, across the nation. We don’t have an army, but we must win the battle against amnesty if the United States is to remain a sovereign nation. We must win the battle against amnesty if we are to remain a nation of laws. Those laws, and their enforcement; the rule of law; including immigration law, are what keep the country a civilized nation, and what protects us from invasion, from domestic violence and from chaos. America without the rule of law is unimaginable. And amnesty, is the beginning of a chain migration, the like of which, has never been seen before. That means millions upon millions of strangers, but with all of the rights of Americans. These new people with the great power  and benefits that Amnesty gives them, will take over America, but they will not have the feelings of loyalty or patriotism for the country, that Americans feel. It is that loyalty, and love of country that have sustained the country.

It is a fearsome thought, the idea of strangers, whose loyalty is to another country and culture, taking over our country. But as Harry Truman said: America was not built on fear. America was built on courage.

Anonymous wrote that “Courage is not the absence of fear; it is pressing forward when you are afraid”. Courage means not running away from fear. You run towards it instead.

Courage is running towards danger

And that is what America needs right now. We need millions of  courageous people speaking the truth and running towards danger, in order to preserve and restore our way of life, our country and our Constitution. Each day Americans face challenges, from Mr. Obama and Progressive Communists, to the Declaration of Independence, and to the Constitution. We have a duty to ourselves, to the founders, to our posterity, and to America, to speak the truth. We must defend the promises, the traditions, and structure for our government contained in  those honored documents, which began,  and still sustain our republic, and which were the foundation for our freedom,  prosperity, and the peace of the nation.

The gift of liberty, and the right to pursue happiness that the founders secured for us in America’s foundation documents can no longer be taken for granted. These solemn truths, are held to be self-evident in the Declaration: that we are a people with unalienable rights, rights which cannot be sold, taken away, or transferred. The right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, are fundamental rights that existed, and were ours, even before the  beginning of our country. These are the truths, and the rights, that are in The Declaration, and are the very foundation of the United States. These are the truths, and the rights, that the United States government was created to protect. But they are constantly challenged and undermined by the Obama Administration, and by Democrats and Republicans in Congress, and by Liberals and Progressives across the nation.

For many years the war to protect and preserve these American rights has been waged in fierce battles in our culture, in our legislatures, and in our courtrooms. And now, since the election of 2008, the “self-evident truths” of the Declaration of Independence, and the rights of United States citizens’ under The Constitution, are under a nation-wide attack. There is no choice but to fight this battle. First because the Progressives seem determined to do away with the rights of the people, and because many of “their” people: people educated in Liberal schools, don’t understand exactly what they are giving up with the loss of unalienable rights, and their rights under the Constitution. In addition, Progressives have shown that they are determined to do away with all dissent, with freedom of speech, and with any opposition whatsoever to the Progressive agenda. We the people cannot allow that to happen. Those “self-evident truths” of The Declaration of Independence, and United States’ citizens’ protection under The Constitution, are what sustain our liberty. And if this war is to be won, and if America is to remain America, then our history, and these truths must be taught to each new generation of Americans. And then, with this knowledge and truth, each generation has the duty to continue the fight to uphold them. That is the only way that the heritage of The Declaration of Independence, and of the “We the People, of the Constitution will survive and flourish.

Abraham Lincoln, was not an elitist. He was a man of the people. In Lincoln’s 1838 speech before the Young men’s Lyceum of Springfield, Illinois, he spoke of “fundamental blessings”. These were blessings that originated with the pilgrims of 1620, and the Jamestown settlers. The pilgrims came to America because of their Christian religious beliefs. The Jamestown settlers of 1607 journeyed to America as part of a commercial enterprise. Both groups made covenants with God. Lincoln’s words about those who founded America were: “Theirs was the task (and nobly they performed it) to possess themselves, and through themselves, us, of this goodly land..” The blessings of  our unalienable rights, and the government founded on purpose to support those rights were our “fundamental blessings” and were created by the founders of America, and by our ancestors who fought in the Revolutionary War. And so, Lincoln said: Theirs was the task…to possess themselves, and through themselves, us, of this goodly land; and to up rear upon its hills and its valleys, a political edifice of liberty and equal rights; tis ours only to transmit these, unprofaned by the foot of an invader(author’s Italics)…undecayed by the lapse of time and untorn by usurpation.”

It was in the 1838 speech at the Lyceum that Lincoln warned Americans of the future. He warned of a time, in America’s future, when the stories of the pilgrims, the hard fight of the Revolutionary War, and the struggle for the establishment of the United States government had faded away from the minds of citizens. Lincoln warned that while America would never be conquered from the outside, it could be conquered from within. He urged that succeeding generations must keep the love of Liberty alive, and that citizens must adhere to the rule of law, and must cling to The Constitution in order to protect and preserve the Republic. He said: As the patriots of seventy-six did to the support of the Declaration of Independence, so to the support of the Constitution and laws, let every American pledge his life, his property, and his sacred honor…Let reverence for the laws be breathed by every American mother, to the lisping babe…let it be taught in schools, in seminaries, and in colleges…”

To protect the legacy of freedom, Lincoln said that we must teach each new generation about their history and their precious inheritance. New generations of Americans must first understand America’s history, and the founding documents in order to value them, and in order for citizens to understand what they could lose if America was lost. New generations must understand. They must be taught the truth about America’s founding and history. They must be devoted to the cause of America. They must be willing to fight for their rights and for their freedom. That was their only protection from leaders, who in the future, Lincoln warned, would arise and would want to change our laws, our system of government, and would want to “fundamentally” transform America. Our history, the truth, and devotion to the laws, and the cause of America, were the citizens’ defense from “every attempt, to subvert our national freedom”.

It requires continual, and honest civic education to sustain a Republic. Since 2008 we have learned that we have good reason to heed Lincoln’s warnings and his wisdom. Because it requires a citizenry that retains a bond with the Pilgrims, and with the founders, a people who despite the passing of years still admire those who won this country. Citizens must have convictions, and be convinced that America is unique, and that they have a reason to have pride in their country . In order to sustain our Republic, Americans need to have strong agreement with the founders beliefs, and uphold the principles of America’s founding documents. We must know, and hold firm to the founding documents; we must have the firmness of character to sustain them. But in the United States in 2013, and 2014,  the mainstream media, public schools, and higher education  don’t follow Lincoln’s advice, instead, they follow the historic Progressive model. These Progressive organizations and institutions no longer inform, or rigorously teach citizens about the bravery of the pilgrims, or the truth about the importance of unalienable rights. They no longer teach that our form of government, that was established to protect Americans’ rights, is superior to others in the world; in fact they usually teach the exact opposite.

They will not teach what Lincoln said must be taught, and that is because Democrat-Progressives, and Socialists have little respect, or love for America, its history, its founders or the founding documents; they extol these qualities and values in their speeches, but their policies support the Progressive agenda, and its Socialist values. Progressives elevate the “common good” that was stated in the Preamble to the Constitution, over the unalienable rights that were declared in The Declaration of Independence. And so, many Progressive organizations, and institutions do not teach basic truths about our most basic rights. But the fight for liberty, and the love of liberty begins with the basics, with the very words that are used: Progressives change the word “unalienable” rights to “inalienable”. And then they define those two words as identical and interchangeable, but the words are not interchangeable, and, in practice, Socialists do not treat them that way.

Words have meaning, and they have the power to create our laws, and our lives; they have the power to strengthen, or to change our beliefs; they have the power to sustain , or to totally transform, and to destroy our country.

Even as God’s word created the world, the words that are used in describing America in the media, and in our text-books, are the words that create our world by what they teach our children. The words we use are terribly important. The words mold, they shape the minds of those who will lead America in the future. And so, the difference in meaning, that is given between “inalienable” rights, and “unalienable” rights make all of the difference in both the words and in our world. Progressive’s sleight of hand, in writing, reporting, and teaching, has gradually changed what is taught in our text-books and in our schools. Much of history is accidently lost every day, but these losses of the concept, and the crucial importance of unalienable rights has not just been lost, it has been deleted; it is a deliberate and calculated omission, and if it continues, it will be fatal to our freedom and to our future.

Lincoln was prophetic in the Lyceum speech.

As the years have passed people have gradually become uninformed about the facts, the ideals, and the foundation documents that established America. Many modern, many Liberal, but especially, the  Progressive citizens, and many who live in America, illegally, do not feel the “reverence for the laws”, or understand the importance of the “rule of law”, or why Lincoln spoke of clinging to The Constitution in order to protect and preserve the Republic. They lack knowledge, of America’s past, and the importance of the rule of law to the English colonists. Because it was the colonists belief in virtue, respect for the rule of law, and their love of liberty that built the United States. Illegal immigrants do not grasp, or even attempt to grasp that past. They turn from it with disgust. They discard it as irrelevant. And they do not realize that America would be an entirely different place if those English colonists hadn’t been its foundation.  Their lack of respect for both United States laws and the truth of America’s past, and the value of its founding, puts them at odds with the United States within minutes of crossing the border. It allows them to accept the rule of corrupt and tyrannical men, and it allows them to manipulate facts, it allows them to manipulate history, and even to manipulate the Constitution, in order to attain their own ends. And that end  is the desire to rule the United States, and to totally transform it into another country.

Many citizens, and noncitizens have little knowledge of America’s founding documents. Many haven’t studied The Revolutionary War, The Civil War, or  any part of American history. And when they do study it they study it based only on the work of Liberal, or authors who have a Leftist mindset. They do not consult other viewpoints, and never a Conservative author. They can’t tolerate other thought.

As Progressive politics have shaped public education, and the belief in “the common good” has been elevated over the individual’s rights, by educators, there has been a move to indoctrinate, “for the common good” of society, rather than to educate. Americans have not been taught to respect the struggles of the pilgrims, or the pioneers, or to see how the founding documents, and our unique history, have made America, and her citizens, unique in all of the world. Progressives have been taught to see the United States as its harshest critics do, and they can seldom see it through a citizen’s eyes. They come to every argument, especially those that concern the United States, and foreign nations, as one of America’s opponents. They begin with a strong bias against the United States, and so they seldom take America’s side because they can’t  see America’s side in the argument. Their every argument begins with the assumption that the United States is in the wrong.  They are a people who have lost the most important quality a person can have: that wonderful ability to change your mind. Their minds are fixed, they do not change. They fight against other thoughts, and no matter what they learn, they are like a faulty compass, and return to their own setting, and their own thoughts, and that is their foundation, their basis for every stand. But sometimes a compass can be wrong. As a posting on The Firing Line states: “it seems as if the polarity of mine (compass) had been reversed. Apparently this can happen if a compass is exposed to a strong magnetic field over a period of time.” American education is that strong magnetic field that makes Progressive and Liberal thought fixed, and set at a certain point, and a point from which they cannot turn.

Progressive education has created millions of progressive citizens who have no grasp, no conception of what the founders bequeathed to them, and that is because Progressive education refuses to point any of the goodness, the accomplishments or the beauty of the United States. And so these students of Progressive education do not value America; they mock, they devalue and deride America. And what you are ignorant of, what you don’t understand or value, what you mock –you will not, you cannot reverence, or protect. In fact, your mission in life may be to destroy it.

But in the beginning, The Declaration of Independence said that the protection of the citizens unalienable rights is the purpose of government, and that government derives its power from the governed. Our unalienable rights are what makes the difference between being an American citizen and a citizen of a socialist country. There are no, We the People, described as a part of the governance of a Socialist country. In Socialist countries, the government holds the power over the people. No matter what form of Socialism it takes, the Socialist government decides which freedoms and rights the people will have. Socialists leaders place the goals and the policies of the government, first; and then the government makes the decisions about what rights the citizens are allowed. If the government decides that the good of society is being interfered with by the rights of its citizens, it simply suspends citizens’ rights, and they do this “for the common good”. Socialists may claim that their citizens have inalienable rights, but there are no unalienable rights in a Socialist country. And since he became president of this republic, Mr. Obama has progressed along the Socialist/Progressive model, until he is now ignoring or refusing to enforce United States laws. He is bypassing Congress, and by his decrees and policies, he is re-interpreting the meaning of, “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness”. Lincoln’s fears, in the speech at the Lyceum, were of a future leader of the United States who would not tread the path of the founders. Lincoln feared the leader who would want “distinction…and although  he would as willingly, perhaps more so, acquire it by doing good as harm; yet, that opportunity being past, and nothing left to be done in the way of building up, he would set boldly to the task of pulling down”.

Since 2009 the Progressive-Socialists-Communist, path that Mr. Obama and Progressives across the country have followed has, as Lincoln predicted, “set boldly to the task of pulling down”. Mr. Obama’s conscious decisions, purposeful policies, and refusal to enforce the law, have torn apart the founders’, Abraham Lincoln’s, and the citizen’s America.

Mr. Obama is quickly removing liberty, and the rule of law from our land. The American Mainstream media has portrayed him on the cover of magazines as a modern George Washington, or as closely associated with the ideals, and goals of Abraham Lincoln, but this imagery does not match Mr. Obama’s actions. He is acting as the president of a Socialist country would. He is not following the path of the president of a republic; he is more closely following the path of a Vladimir Lenin , rather than the beliefs, and the paths chosen by Washington or Lincoln.

With help from the United States mainstream media, which has been linked to George Soros, and which supports Mr. Obama, and casts his actions, and policies in the best possible light; Mr. Obama is grabbing power that is not his under The Constitution. By this usurpation of the other branches of government, Mr. Obama, is working against the best interests of the nation and the people.

And the people fear this usurpation of Congress’ power, and of the people’s power. There is suspicion, and lack of trust of this president, by the people. Some of this distrust is human intuition. Some of it, of course, is biased by their own political leaning, and their beliefs, and hopes for the country that Mr. Obama is so quickly transforming. But there is a strong basis for much of the Conservative distrust, this is shown by the discussions about Mr. Obama’s abuse of power, such as the February 26, 2014 hearing of the House Judiciary Committee. At that hearing, reported on The Conversation on, Representative Tom Rice (R-SC) told of his Constituents concern about Mr. Obama’s refusal to enforce laws. “Rep. Rice testified, ‘the take care clause in Article II, section 3 of the Constitution provides that the President shall ‘take care that the laws be faithfully executed’.” The recurring thought, especially during Mr. Obama’s second term, is the feeling of the people, that Mr. Obama does not enforce any law that doesn’t forward his agenda, and that Mr. Obama purposely acts against the best interests of the nation.

The present state of the nation shows the results of his past actions. And he is destroying American citizens’ future, by vigorously proposing, supporting and taking steps towards amnesty. Along with the pressure of Global businesses, Mr. Obama pushed even the Republican majority House of Representatives towards amnesty.

This amnesty, which will import millions of new Latino citizens, and possibly millions of Muslim citizens will likely lead, in the future, once their numbers far outnumber traditional Americans, to the ceding, the yielding, and giving up states, and possibly much of the American Southwest to foreign powers such as Mexico. That will destroy the United States of America.

Mr. Obama will bring about that disaster with an amnesty, for millions, that will give away the political power of citizens to foreign nationals within the borders of the United States. And then within that amnesty, the law allows those millions, who are illegally in the country, to bring in millions more of their relatives with chain migration. With those millions, many of whom are vehemently, anti-American, Mr. Obama’s amnesty, will purposely, and permanently disenfranchise conservatives, and white Americans.

The largest number of immigrants  came to the United States of America during the 1800’s to the 1930s. During that 130 years, approximately 30 million, mostly, Europeans migrated to the United States.  In 1930, there were over, 122 million Americans. But the Democrat, and Obama amnesty will quickly allow up to 30million strangers to become citizens, and will allow their extended families to quickly come after them in a much shorter time period. It will be a fast, and a drastic transformation of America. There won’t be one-hundred-thirty -years as a period of adjustment.

There are now 315 million Americans in the United States. No one knows the actual number of illegal immigrants in the United States. Most organizations quote numbers that were estimated in the year 2000, or even before. That figure of 11 million illegal immigrants is low. It is ridiculous to think that with anchor babies, the high number of border apprehensions, and the huge costs for education, welfare, and medical care that have risen for illegal immigrants over those years, that the 11 million figure is accurate. Author Nancy Bolton wrote, in 2007, in The Social Contract Press, that researchers at Bear Stearns Asset Management, estimated that there were 20 million illegal immigrants in the United States.  Many believe that there are at least 30 million, or millions more illegal immigrants in 2014. Noting Mr. Obama’s strong connections with LA Raza, and his advocacy for the adult children of illegal immigrants: the Dreamers; if Democrats, Mr. Obama, and illegal immigrants get their way, then the United States is destined be a Latin American country.

And, those numbers of  new “made by amnesty citizens”, followed by a chain migration of at least 70 million will, rapidly, transform the United States into a Latin American country.  Mr. Obama, and the Democrat-Progressives’ Amnesty, purposely changes the demographics of the United States. And, all of this is without taking into account, the numbers that Mr. Obama has allowed to invade from Central America, over the last two years. And, that invasion flooded the nation after the President of the United States stopped enforcement of United States immigration laws. The Democrats and Obama sent those people–those citizens of other nations,  all across the United States, at taxpayers’ expense. They are now living in resettlement centers paid for by Americans, and enrolling their children in American schools. The costs of this Obama planned and led invasion will be astronomical. There may never be a way to know, for certain, how many Central Americans have been allowed to invade, our America. All signs coming from Mr. Obama, and the Democrats in Congress, show that their intent is to include these new invaders in their amnesty.

After amnesty, what if  these new citizens, this new, and powerful demographic, use their sky rocketing numbers, and their over-whelming political power to move to secede from the United States, and to join Mexico? Or to secede, and if it is a Muslim majority, to claim that by virtue of the number of Islamic citizens, that they wish to adopt Sharia, and not the Constitution, as the law of the land? What if they want to secede and to join an Islamic country? Those are the intentions of many Mexicans living within the United States, and of many Muslims within America. And that kind of claim against a nation’s  sovereignty, and the push to join with another nation is exactly what is happening in the Ukraine where Russian speakers, and sympathizers, Putin’s supporters within the Ukraine, are storming government buildings and demanding that they be able to join with Russia. What will stop this from happening in the United States when so many illegal immigrants, their advocates, activists, and their organizations hold to Reconquista beliefs, and Muslim immigrants are demanding Sharia law?

This amnesty, which disenfranchises citizens, and gives United States jobs to foreign nationals, imported on purpose to take them, hasn’t yet been seen as a step towards eugenics. But, this amnesty is an, on purpose move, to  change the demographics of the United States to a majority of minority races. The steps that the Obama administration has taken to prepare for this Amnesty, by opening the U.S. border, by non-enforcement of immigration laws, and by ending deportations, are, illegal, and purposeful actions that undermine United States laws, and that aid foreign nationals in entering the United States.

Mr. Obama, the first minority president, has continually undermined the rule of law in the United States; he has stopped the enforcement of the immigration laws that protect Americans. He has purposely opened America’s southern border to aid minorities, from Mexico, and other nations, to enter the United States. These new arrivals help to swell the numbers of those demanding amnesty, and they will be the beneficiaries of  that amnesty. But to Mr. Obama, Chuck Schumer, Harry Reid, and Nancy Pelosi, the most important reason for swelling the United States population with citizens from other countries, is to gain millions of Democrat-Progressive-Communist party supporters, and voters. Disenfranchising American citizens is an important part of flooding America with illegal immigrants. It doesn’t matter whether they are gang members, carriers of deadly disease, criminals, or vehemently, anti-American, because anyone who crosses the border helps to weaken any control, or power, and any claim on the U.S.  of ordinary American citizens, over this rogue, lawless, and anti-American administration.

Because of the numbers of people  involved, this Amnesty becomes a move towards eugenics that doesn’t, yet, involve the violence that was practiced by Hitler against the Jews in Germany. It hasn’t been recognized as a racist policy, but it would be if it was the policy of a white, Republican president. If a white man, as the President of the United States, declared an amnesty that purposely changed minority demographics, and pushed to give amnesty, and citizenship to millions-upon millions of whites, –white people who were imported by opening the borders, or with a never-ending chain migration, it would cause outrage.

But Mr. Obama speaks of this, his, racist policy, of giving amnesty to millions, and then bringing in additional millions of this different ethnic group, as “fairness” to these millions of foreigners.

And when he speaks of “fairness”, he is not speaking of any amnesty fairness for Americans. Obama is speaking of “fairness” for other nation’s citizens. These are people who did not elect him. He was elected to govern the United States, to uphold his oath, protect the Constitution,  and to look out for Americans’ best interests. However, the people Obama is interested in looking out for, are those who should have little connection to America. Because they don’t have the legal right to be in the United States. Yet, many of them have lived and worked in the United States for decades. They made their homes here, and gave birth to, and educated their children here. They are people, whose connections with the United States were established illegitimately. The millions of Mexicans who reside, illegally, in the U.S. established their residence by their illegal invasion of the United States. They, illegally, crossed our borders, and put down roots, in a country that is not theirs. Now they claim a right to citizenship based on their residency, which was accomplished by breaking U.S. law.

However, these illegal immigrants are important as the people who will make Democrat-Progressives the political party that  rules America. And, Mexicans, and other foreign nationals are the minority races that will help Mr. Obama make the United States into a minority-majority nation.

Mr. Obama speaks of those who have shown contempt for our borders, and who have willfully, broken our laws, and who have invaded America, as deserving of our jobs, and of social welfare programs. He demands amnesty for millions of strangers who have never, in any way, benefited, or have ever cared about benefiting, the people of the United States. But Mr. Obama and Progressive Communists assure Americans that these millions, so willing to take all that they can from us, and who come with that intention, are somehow owed trillions of dollars, and a welcome from Americans.

But when were invaders to any country ever due “fairness” from the president of the country they have invaded? When were invaders ever gifted with an amnesty that will give them bountiful financial benefits, for no reason, other than to reward them for their law-breaking? And when, and why would any leader want to harm his country’s citizens by bringing in millions of people who are citizens of other countries, and to enable them, and to give every advantages to them, so that they can easily take Americans jobs? Why would any country’s president want to throw away all of the citizens’ resources, and displace the country’s citizens,  and then to replace them with a competing population of foreign nationals?

The answer to those questions are: opening up the country to the invasion of millions of foreigners, and disguising it as fairness–to millions of people who have no connection with this country, and to whom the citizens owe nothing, means that America is, truly, dealing with a rogue president. He became president by playing a part, and gaining the trust of Americans, but he has become a turn-coat, and now represents the citizens of foreign nations, against the best interests of the United States.

With the help of the Democrat-Progressive-Communist party, and his silent, shadow backers, he was able to misrepresent himself, and to engineer elections so that he could win. He was, and is a liar. He is a fraudulent president. He is a born dictator. Mr. Obama is a man without a conscience, who has been put into place by Communists, or by foreign governments to do their bidding. And he was joined with those countries, or with the Communist party, or some combination of both, years ago to fulfill a common agenda. Mr. Obama, has a strong dislike of the United States, perhaps because the Republic began with English colonists. Mr. Obama hates the English, and he hates colonialism, unless he is the one to decide which group of people are to be the invaders, and can pick his own colonists to take over the United States. One true thing he has said from the beginning was that he and his supporters were going to fundamentally transform the United States. What can so totally, and so fundamentally, transform the United States than to totally change the make-up of the population. Mr. Obama must over-power his opponents. That means that he must get rid of the patriots, get rid of the Conservatives, get rid of the ordinary people who are decent and God Fearing. Get rid of the white people.  Mr. Obama’s actions are ones of  an enemy to the United States, and to Americans. He is ensconced in the White House, and is supported by his backers- who stay one step backwards, in the shadows. No matter his level of treason or criminal behavior he is supported by most minorities, by unions, by Globalist Corporations, by unmarried women with children, and by all who have made careers of living on welfare. He is supported by Progressive, entrenched, career politicians who want to keep playing their political role, in front of the cameras, but whose main interest, is not protecting America or the citizens, their main goal is holding onto power, and lining their own pockets. Mr. Obama, and his backers will bring down the nation if we allow them to continue their agenda.

The harm that amnesty will do to the citizens becomes more evident the more we learn. Senator Jeff Sessions, according to, said that the 844 page immigration reform bill that came out of the Democrat Senate was crafted, not by the Senators, but by special interests groups, such as “the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the SEIU, and Afl-CIO, and the pro-immigration advocacy, and extremists groups..such as La Raza.”  In effect, Mr. Obama’s Amnesty for millions of illegal Immigrants was crafted, on purpose, in order to benefit and help illegal immigrants, and to harm United States citizens. Mr. Obama’s amnesty, that gives away American jobs, and that gives the American voters’ political power over to foreign nationals, was written by those advocating for the foreign nationals. This amnesty was written to order, and it was written within the specifications of these groups; it was written to benefit all of them. Within this Amnesty, which American- tax-payers will pay to have enforced, are rich benefits for advocacy groups and illegal immigrants. This amnesty bill never even considered what was best for Americans or America because it was written by those competing against Americans. It was written by those who have always lusted after our country. Mexicans, and other Latin Americans want amnesty for financial gain, but also as a kind of revenge. That revenge takes the form of taking over the  American citizens’ political power, and taking over their country.

Amnesty is also for the benefit of The Chamber of Commerce, large, globalist, corporations, illegal immigrants, and to increase the political power,  and the financial power of Mr. Obama and the Progressive-Democrat party, Republican Progressives, and Rinos.

Amnesty, called “immigration reform”, by special interests, by Mr. Obama, and Progressives, has nothing to do with reforming anything that benefits Americans. “Immigration Reform “enforces no immigration laws. It does not protect America from being over-run by Mexico’s citizens. It does not protect Americans from crime. It does not secure America’s borders. Amnesty was written by special interests, and, absolutely, works against enforcement of U.S. immigration law, and the rule of law. Amnesty is not in the citizens best interests. When it has become the law of the land, and has had the time to put in force the full power of chain-migration and birth right citizenship, it changes America’s demographics.  It is then that amnesty takes away nearly every gift, and every right that is part of  the United States’ citizens’ inheritance. Amnesty takes away the pursuit of happiness for Americans. Amnesty is against the will of most U.S. citizens, and it is an insult to their common sense.

Amnesty’s result, and its tragic consequences are the end of the rule of law, the flooding of our border by impoverished citizens of Mexico, and all of Latin America, the end of American Sovereignty, and the end of America’s future. This change in politics, and in beliefs, and culture, will over-turn the country brought into being by English colonists who made their covenants with God, rather than the devil, and believed in Liberty and in unalienable rights. They believed in God given rights. Not one- time special permission slips that allowed them a moment of freedom that could be granted only by a special Obama Decree. The colonists believed in virtue and truth. Not in serial liars, and lawlessness.

Amnesty is a Democrat-Progressive-Communist cheat, another way to rig elections, and take control of the real Americans, and the country. Amnesty is a fraud practiced by the corrupt Republican/Democrats, to have their way with, and against the American people. It uses Americans’ own, taxpayer money, to disenfranchise the citizens. It is disastrous for the country. And that is exactly why Mr. Obama, and the deeply, corrupt and criminal  Progressives (Democrat and Rino), are determined to do it. Amnesty is a step that any American president, who cared about the country, and its citizens, could not take. He is insisting on amnesty, and that tells you where Mr. Obama stands.

This amnesty gives away, not just the jobs, but also the heritage, the voice, the power, and the home of 315million Americans.  Everything that was once ours, stolen, with amnesty, by American politicians, and turned over to citizens of other nations. Power over the United States will be gained not just by Mr. Obama and the Progressive-Democrats, with the votes of former illegal immigrants. Power over American affairs, and  the American government, will be shaped by foreign nationals, and by the ties, and loyalty that they have to their countries of origin.

In a May 6, 2013 article on Senator Sessions, who has continually stood for American workers against the damage that the Senate’s Amnesty Bill will do, said, “…The Gang of Eight claims they wrote it, but really if you saw the news reports Steve, it was always the unions and the chamber of Commerce was working with La Raza and SEIU.”

This amnesty is a bountiful gift , it is taxpayer money going to illegal immigrants, who have broken our laws, taken our jobs, and sent billions of dollars, that never benefited the United States or its citizens, back to the illegal immigrants’ home countries. And then, after years of taking U.S. tax-payer pad benefits, and giving their children a free public education, and free medical care, the illegal immigrants’ and their activists in Latino organizations, demand citizenship, and amnesty from Americans. Amnesty, is a slap in the face to the American tax-payer. Making 30 million illegal aliens who have broken our laws and taken advantage of taxpayers for decades, into citizens, and making Americans pay for that process, is insulting. To allow them to bring in 70 million of their family members to compete against Americans, should be recognized as an attack against the United States economy, and on American, jobs.

Of course, they have been allowed to steal our jobs for years.  Amnesty is absurd. It is a betrayal of the country and its citizens who have suffered because of illegal immigration.

For Mr. Obama, and his cronies, to reward, the millions of illegal aliens who have, continually, broken America’s immigration laws, and who have been invading the nation for decades, shows how little respect, or regard Mr. Obama and the Democrat-Progressive-Communist party, and its politicians have for the United Sates. The steps Mr. Obama has taken for amnesty, and against the nation are crimes. They are criminal activity. The Obama Administration, and most of the Senate are betraying the citizens, and committing acts of treason against America on a daily basis. Every new step that they take towards amnesty of any kind, is against the citizens, and should add to the charges in the case, of the American People versus Barack Obama.

During these long years of invasion, illegal immigrants,  have shown little respect for Americans’ right to live, work, and to be protected by United States laws, within their own country. But Illegal immigrants speak  out loudly about their own rights when they are within the United States. On the other hand, an American, seldom dares to make a claim for any rights, whatsoever, within Mexico, or in an Islamic country. And they are given none.

That any president would reward the behavior, of stealing across the United States border, and then stealing I.D. American jobs, and American Social Services, education, and medical treatment, makes no sense. That he would then praise them and give them his support, help, and recognition, and rewards, for what they have done is both irrational and disloyal. And it is unlawful, to aid and abet the lawless, in the country he is supposed to lead. But Liberal politicians and citizens, who we now call, Progressives, have encouraged illegal immigrants, to invade, and to take whatever they could. Their warm welcome, has encouraged generations of illegal immigrants to have contempt for the United States, its borders, laws, and its citizens. It has corrupted whatever sense of decency, or respect that illegals, might have had, had they been forced to come to the United States, honestly, and legally. Amnesty  is a victory for law-breakers. It is a victory for those illegal immigrants, and for their advocates and activists who have agitated for this gift of amnesty for decades. For years these groups have led a determined, illegal invasion, and a continued, political assault on the United States. They have been an army determined to undermine the laws, and to over-throw the government of the United States. They have succeeded because the President of the United States is now in league with them, joined in rebellion,-with millions of foreign nationals, against United States laws, and against the people of the United States.

The illegal immigrants’ assault on the job market has stolen our citizen’s wealth. The loss of jobs has increased each year until an unprecedented number of Americans are unemployed. An article on National Review Online, on June 26, 2014, reports: “net employment growth in the United States since 2000 has gone entirely to immigrants, legal and illegal..there were 127,000 fewer working age natives holding a job in the first quarter of 2014 than in 2000, while the number of immigrants with a job was 5.7 million above the 2000 level.”

And even as the illegal immigrants broke our laws, and took our jobs, they have protested, and worked to influence our laws. And now they are threatening new levels of civil disobedience in order to undermine, and ultimately to do away with, deportation, and all of the United States immigration laws–laws that were put in place to protect Americans from any invasion. Illegal immigrants have their own countries, but they prefer to take-over the United States. This assault on the country, and on the citizens is easy for them because illegal immigrants do not recognize American sovereignty or the rights of American citizens on any level. For decades, Democrat, and now Progressive, and Communists government officials, have encouraged, illegal immigrants, especially Latin Americans to feel contempt for America’s laws. And now Republicans have embraced the Democrats’ embrace of illegal immigrants, over the rights of the citizens of this country. Republicans and Democrats are joined together to vote for  amnesty, and they will not stand for, or with, Americans.

But if the politicians could turn from the corruption that has brought them so close to betraying America?

If they would stand with Americans, and insist that our laws be enforced, and if big corporations, who have made billions in the United States from American citizens, their best customers, if these politicians and businesses stood, the illegal immigrants could be sent back to their own countries.

We know that this would involve a great deal of  drama, and many frantic speeches from Mr. Obama, and other Communists or Socialist politicians, and many sad narratives from the Liberal media, and Leftist organizations, and, likely there would be violent episodes, but, in the end, with the U.S. Military facing them down, and with the conviction that We the People, of the Constitution, were determined not to give our country to them…they could be forced, they would be forced, to go.

And America, possibly even, a tiny sliver of Liberal America, will have learned a valuable lesson: If you are so foolish as to allow an entire country of people, to invade, use your land and your resources as their own, without taking strong, and consistent actions to protect what is yours, against their abuse,- that they will keep taking, they will keep making demands. They will steal, and they will defraud you if they can.  And not fighting the invaders encourages millions more of them to come, and for those from other Latin American countries to come,  and to take, what their country-men have taken from America. They will push. They will protest. They will demand more advantages. They will extort them, and they will threaten you. If you keep appeasing the invaders, in time, they will even demand that you give them your country.

It is at that point that you know: it is because Americans on all levels, are lectured by Liberal media, Progressive-Socialist Government, Communists Politicians, and Leftist professors, that this foolish, irrational message, of “Give Us Your Country” has stuck. Liberal Americans are dedicated to giving our nation to those who are less fortunate, from other nations, who demand it. Like Obama, Liberals call this foolish act: fairness. Many other reasonable citizens, who want to object, are ham-strung by political laws that infringe on freedom of speech; laws that favor the invaders, and silence the free. Hate laws that threaten and silence the righteous anger of the citizens. And even angry Americans have listened to the false history, and the sad narratives of those who say they have been victimized by the United States. And, many Americans have believed the narratives, and feel that the demands, and the extortions of these people must receive a hearing. And, of course, that hearing would result in Obama’s amnesty.

Think of the foolishness of this argument that so many are making to the lawful citizens of the United States:  It is that these people who have unlawfully, forced their way into our country, so that one day they could claim our country, have a right to our country. And so, those, formerly free American citizens, to some degree, have accepted that they must accept the lawlessness, and suffer the thieves who are invading their country. Many American citizens feel that they have no choice, they must allow the invaders to do what they want. That they must allow the invaders to steal what doesn’t belong to them–to steal America, the country of our birth, and our birthright.

Illegal Immigrants have no right to be in, or rights to, the United States of America. They have rights, and a place, in their own countries. Their rights, their lives, and their future lie in Latin America.

That American citizens have accepted that they must remain silent and allow the invaders, and the Progressives, and the treasonous public officials who work with them, to take away our America, shows what can happen after years of progress by illegal immigrants and their advocates. That illegal immigrants, and the organizations that back them, can live, and work, in the United States for decades, as they sell their “narratives”, seek to undo our laws, and to undermine our country, is a scandal. That Americans, must bow to foreign nationals’ calls for a strictly enforced diversity within the United States is nonsense. Many Americans are overly generous to the strangers who have, illegally, broken in and are now, without disguise stealing our rights, our elections, and our country. Many accept the Progressives’ irrational demand that we must give the invaders whatever they ask of us. And we are to do it with a smile. Because Mr. Obama, his administration, and Progressives across the land are backing this invasion.

And so, we, Americans, have allowed, and suffered the Progressives” propaganda, and admonitions, and the invaders’ abuse, of ourselves and our country.

Because we stood for their mistreatment,  we have earned their contempt as well.

But now, when it is nearly too late, the American people, and those politicians with sense, and with ethics, will stop, and make a last stand for America. We will no longer listen to the calls for compassion; we have shown compassion, and we have earned the contempt of these millions within our borders, and still invading our borders, because of it.

These Americans, the ones with courage, will enforce the laws, and they will build a strong and sturdy fence, one that is stronger than Israel’s, along that long rugged border.

If we are to hold onto America, we must, at last, speak these truths.

The courageous Americans will honestly, and faithfully, patrol the border fence. They will allow no illegal alien to hold any American job. They will send the powerful Anti-American immigrant organizations, back across the border, where they rightfully, belong. Away from the United States where it was so easy to demand, and to protest, and to incite unrest. Slowly, or rapidly, we must send them, all of the illegal immigrants, back to their own countries. They have no right to be here. Neither do all of those organizations who have interfered with our governance and our pursuit of happiness within our own country. We must send them back to Mexico, or to Central America,  or to wherever their home country is. That is where their need for jobs, and their fight for civil rights originated, and should be lost or won, back on their own soil. But, those are the places where they, the citizens of Latin America, didn’t fight. They came here instead. They invaded our borders, and made their demands in the United States, because this was a safer place to demand, and to protest. But despite their insistence, their protests, and their demands, this is not where they belong. They must be forced to return to their countries of origin, and to take their imported chaos with them. Whatever part of Latin America they have come from,  is where they must live out their lives, and be forced to fight for their rights, and  to incite any future insurrections on their own countries’ soil. They must leave America, and Americans, at last at peace.

If a gracious, kind and forgiving God helps us to prevail over this invasion, and the demands for an amnesty that will destroy America, we must never allow this situation to happen, ever, again. It must never happen to us or to our children. We will never again,  allow millions, or thousands, or hundreds, or dozens, or even one, to come here illegally.

These Americans, who fight this desperate fight to hold on to their country, will so love America, that they will ignore the millions of sad narratives, and the many tears of children, and the phony outrage of the Democrat politicians who have brought this crisis on the country. These determined Americans will fight force with force. They will turn a deaf ear to the pleas of  selfish and ungrateful strangers who have nearly bankrupted the country. And they will deport the law-breakers, if it takes fifty years, and chaos, in order to do it. Because they know that those invaders have one intent, and that is the take-over, or, if we won’t allow that, then the destruction of our nation. It is war, it is as simple as that. It is a war against an enemy that we have allowed within the United States. It is a war for the survival of the Unites States of America. The hostile forces are: Mr. Obama, 30 million-to 50 million illegal immigrants, Democrat-Communists, and the Globalist Corporations, all these against Conservative, and patriotic Americans, and a few brave politicians, and public servants who are true to the Republic, and to our flag.

This is what it will all come to. But until that rapid approach of violence is here,  we are at present, still in the political struggle for amnesty, and all of the theatrics that involves.

Because it serves their purpose, illegal immigrants claim the status of victims. They use that victimhood as they cast their fight as a fight for civil rights. They know that many battles, in the United States, have been won on the basis of civil rights. So, despite their decades of law-breaking, they demand the U.S. citizens’ rights for themselves. But lately, Americans have difficulty seeing illegal immigrants as victims: illegal immigrants invaded the country. Illegal immigrants were not kidnapped from their home countries and forced to come to America. Illegal immigrants came against the wishes of American citizens. Illegal immigrants came despite our borders, against our wishes, and  against our laws. Illegal immigrants forced their way into America using any device that they could.

And now, years later, these foreign nationals, want to displace and usurp American citizens. They want to disenfranchise Americans. Illegal immigrants, after having broken so many United States laws, now demand the right to vote in the nation’s elections, and they claim, and demand United States citizenship for themselves, and for their relatives-those chain-migration millions. Their extended families, who will arrive in America because their relatives, the original illegal immigrants broke American laws. They all  must become citizens; because they, Mr. Obama, and Eric Holder, have proclaimed American citizenship as a right to every human being on the face of the planet.

Latino, illegal immigrants’ stated goal is to be the majority political power in the country, to take over entire states, and to change America to their liking, and to their own advantage–and against the wishes, and the best interests of America’s people.

These actions, and  the increasing boldness of their claims to the right to be U.S. citizens, by illegal immigrants, most of whom have already taken so much, financially, from the United States, seem greedy. To grasp the heights of the illegal immigrants’ bias, and their boldness, think of the illegal immigrants’ indignation, and outrage if 30 million American citizens made the same claim to their jobs, and to their rights in Mexico. Think of 30 million Americans being allowed to stay, illegally in Mexico, to form groups such as LA Raza, whose stated goal was to undermine the Mexican government. Mexicans would see the 30 million Americans as invaders. They would see the invasion as a foreign nation’s citizens trying to conquer Mexicans, and Mexico, from within.

And that is what is happening in the United States. We have been invaded by the citizens of foreign nations. Most of the invaders are from Mexico. Some did come, at first, just for jobs. They might even have meant to return to their home countries. But their attitudes and their goals have changed over the years. They have been, and are now in a political, and demographic war with us for the ownership of our country. And the invasion of millions continues.

The Obama Administration backs the illegal immigrants, over the United States’ citizens, on every hand. Americans who have read The Constitution of the United States, know that the proper reaction, and the duty of government, on every level, but especially on the Federal level is to protect Americans, and to protect the country from invasions. The Constitution states, in Article IV. Section 4. : The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government, and shall protect each of them against invasion; and on Application of the Legislature, or of the Executive (when the Legislature cannot be convened), against domestic Violence. In the case of amnesty, the president of the United States and many in the Congress of the United States, are defying, and acting against the Constitution.

Protection from invasion is guaranteed by the Constitution. But for years, for political reasons, and to secure cheaper labor for businesses, our government has ignored a, decades long, invasion by millions of foreign nationals. This is an invasion which has brought about the death of many citizens. The invasion from Mexico has threatened the peace, and the safety of citizens for decades; it now threatens the financial future of both the citizens’ and the nation. There can be no security and little protection for the citizens of America; Mr. Obama’s plan to give amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants requires that he keep the borders open so that more may come to be a part of that amnesty, whatever the costs to Americans.

Citizens from other countries than Mexico also, illegally, cross into the United States across the border. They come from Central America, and there are, also, reports that Muslims have been smuggled into the United States from Mexico. This, after September 11, 2001, when our government promised to do all in its power to prevent another act of terror in the United States. This during a time in which the threat of terrorists’ attacks against the United States have never been higher. What are Americans to deduce about  Mr. Obama when he deliberately leaves the border unprotected, and America open to attack?

It is a ridiculous situation to have TSA guards, annoying, and embarrassing airline passengers by diligently searching elderly Americans at airports across the nation, while Mr. Obama and the Progressive-Democrats are allowing millions of strangers, many of them criminals, to illegally cross the U.S. Mexico border unchallenged, and unimpeded. It is government absurdity at its worst. And it is a highly dangerous situation for the entire nation, and its people. It a dereliction of duty by the president, his administration, and by Congress

By keeping the border open, Mr. Obama  allows, supports, and aids this invasion of the United States. The Democrat-Progressives, and Globalists corporations, and illegal immigrant organizations stand arm in arm with him to support this invasion, and to support amnesty for millions of foreign nationals. These foreign nationals have connections with other illegal immigrants within the United States, and their many relatives, who were anchor babies, or chain-migration citizens. But they have no connection, or understanding of  America’s founding, or its development as a republic. They have no connection with the citizens who are the descendants of the founders, and those who built the United States, and those in the present who stand, against Socialism, and Communism. The invaders and those they are connected to have an interest in what they can take from America and Americans.

They are the invading, destructive, opportunists. But those citizens who fight for  good jobs, good lives  and  for liberty, and freedom for Americans, are the ones who stand against the opportunists, against those who would destroy all that America was, and will be again.

And the message must go out to the world: We are not Latin America, we are the United States of America, and this America was created for United States citizens. We are the Americans- We the People of the Constitution, who have a right to live here. The country was founded on our ideas, our Declaration of Independence, and on our Constitution. It was founded on a belief in honesty, hard work, and virtue. It was founded on our strength, and determination. It was founded on our thrift, and willingness to sacrifice. It was founded on our bravery, and our blood.  It was not created to take in the millions who would invade, take all that we have, and then leave destruction behind them. It was not created for the entire world, for the billions of people who are desperately, poor, and need saving from their plight. We cannot do it; your needy millions, your billions of poor people, sorry as we are for them, – they would also destroy us.

Article IV. Section 4. of The Constitution guarantees Americans will be protected from any such invasion, but Mr. Obama breaks that promise, and refuses to enforce immigration laws. By aiding the invasion, Mr. Obama supports, and helps foreign nationals to take American jobs, and to obtain, tax-payer-paid benefits. In other words, the president of the United States is breaking all trust with the American people, day by day. All of his campaign promises about hope and change sound absurd in 2014. Obama’s cold, calculated action of  throwing the border, open to illegal immigrants, is heartless. The millions of illegal immigrants who will come, end any hope for a prosperous, and happy future for the American people. So, as citizens’  pay for Mr. Obama’s expensive, elitists life in America’s White House, Mr. Obama works to make American’s lives harder. By opening the border, Mr. Obama, is telling Americans that he chooses to use tax-paid funds in order to improve the lives of non-Americans. As he, and Democrat Progressives move to make the dreams of the illegal immigrants, those young adults, Mr. Obama’s Dreamers, come true, he is assuring that young Americans’ dreams have no chance to come true. Daily, Mr. Obama takes the bread from the tables of American families, and gives it to people from other countries, even when he knows that American families are hurting.

These are conclusions we can draw from Mr. Obama’s actions. He is doing all of this deliberately, because he wants to gain millions of Democrat voters, and gain power for himself and his party , or he wants to do great harm to the nation. And, whatever his intentions to the United States, he is helping other nations to harm the United States. Whatever his reasons, Mr. Obama is warring against the United States, and the American citizens. Unless Mr. Obama can prove that is not the case–it would be stupid to think anything else. And, if he doesn’t have the intent to harm the nation, or to flood the United States with new democrat voters, if this is an invasion that he has nothing to do with, if it is one that has been plotted by Mexico, or other Latin American countries, why would he open the border, refuse to enforce immigration laws, and not protect the United States, from that invasion, by calling in the United States military to totally protect our border?  That Obama stopped the enforcement of United States immigration laws was a deliberate and harmful act against the United States and its citizens.

The Democrat party, and business interests have long pushed for less protection of the border and more protection of the rights of the invaders.

For the Democrat-Progressives politicians, a huge, and sudden increase in Democrat voters, by one path or another, has long been a goal.  In 2013 there was a quiet move to introduce HR 249, a bill that would, supposedly, simply allow Puerto Rico to vote on its status in relation to the United States. But underneath that supposedly simple bill, was the goal of, quickly, making Puerto Rico the 51st state. Statehood would have been expedited. The results, would have likely given the Democrat party at least 3.7 million more voters. That bill failed.

The Democrats still want Puerto Rican voters, but they would like a much larger number of new voters, and amnesty would do it.  So, Mr. Obama and Democrat Progressives back the Senate’s amnesty, which will, rapidly, make up to 30 million illegal immigrants, mostly Mexican, into Americans, and Democrat voters. Then amnesty, through chain migration, would import a possible 70 million additional immigrants to compete for American jobs. By this push for amnesty, and his support of non-citizens rights,  over American citizen’s rights, and by disregarding America’s laws, Mr. Obama continues to flout (scorns) his oath to uphold the Constitution, in Article IV. Section 4.

Mr. Obama is redefining what it means to be an American president, and he is redefining what it means to be an American.

Mr. Obama is diminishing Americans’ rights, even denying their right to be protected from invasion by the millions who steal across our border. Mr. Obama ignores the fact that Americans are in danger of more than the loss of their jobs from illegal immigration. Every time that Mr. Obama doesn’t enforce immigration laws, he is refusing to stop the foreign invasion. Refusing to secure the border means that Mr. Obama refuses to protect citizens from becoming victims of the criminals among the invaders. Mr. Obama is disobeying Article IV. Section 4 . Article IV. Section 4. which states: The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government, and shall protect each of them against invasion; and on Application of the Legislature, or of the Executive (when the Legislature cannot be convened) against Domestic Violence.

Hundreds of American citizens have been injured and killed by illegal immigrants. Citizens have petitioned the government to secure the border. States have petitioned Mr. Obama to secure the border. Other than the absurd assurances from Janet Napolitano, when head of the Department of Homeland Security, “that the border has never been more secure”, nothing has been done. Mr. Obama refuses to enforce immigration laws, and refuses to protect American borders so that citizens can be safe, and secure in their own land. Surely Mr. Obama’s actions show that Mr. Obama is assisting, he is aiding and abetting (encouraging) those millions who are invading the United States.

What other name can be given to such actions–other than treason.

On the other hand, Mr. Obama is, illegally, taking control of citizens’ lives with every decision that his administration makes. Little by little, with every law, with every appointment he makes to the courts, and with every minute that he remains in the White House, Mr. Obama, and his administration are purposely, and deliberately destroying the nation and the liberty that Lincoln spoke of in the Gettysburg Address,- when he said, “Four Score and Seven years ago our fathers brought forth on this continent a new nation, conceived in liberty..”.

Mr. Obama and the Democrat-Progressives, the Socialists, are destroying citizens’ rights and the rule of law in the United States of America; they are deciding everything, they are legislating everything, and what they do not decree by regulations, they decree by Mr. Obama’s executive order . For over five years, and especially, in 2013, in Mr. Obama’s second term, they have been silencing anyone who objects. This is tyranny. This is tyranny by heavy-handed, government-officials-thugs who have no respect for The Constitution, or for the American people’s rights, unless those rights fit into their own Progressive agenda for America. This is tyranny by a form of Communism, and by those whose aims are for a Global Government, a government which is being quickly established, and on many fronts in America.

In Abraham Lincoln’s 1838 address before the Young Men’s lyceum he said : America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves. The greatest danger to America being destroyed from within, in 2013-2014 , is the Immigration Reform Bill. This bill, demanded by President Obama, by Democrats, by Unions, by Progressives , even by the United States Chamber of Commerce, by Republicans, and by millions of illegal Aliens, and activists, could be the final burden; the bridge too far, for America.

This amnesty for illegal immigrants is one of the Progressives and Communists means to establish the United States as another Socialist Nation. In discarding America’s laws, especially the country’s immigration laws, you also discard America’s sovereignty, respect for its borders, and the American citizens’ sense of a national identity. To destroy the Republic, you must first discard its laws, and enact new ones. To do that you must upset the old life, the old beliefs, and the citizens’ ethics and morals. You must destroy the old American Dreams. You must destroy the legal citizens’ rights, in order to establish the new rights for the new citizens you favor; those new citizens who will support your one-party-rule. You must find ways to take United States Taxpayer money and give it as benefits to illegal immigrants even if that means that you take money from American veterans to do it.  You, and your Progressive Party must take actions that purposely harm the citizens; citizens that are protected by The Constitution of the United States of America, The Constitution that this Progressive President, and the Democrat-Progressive Congress have taken oaths to uphold. But in the Progressive scheme of things those oaths don’t mean anything. They are just another lie, one of many from the party of The Big Lie. Because, in the end, if your goals are the same as George Soros’; you intend to open the United States borders as another step along the road to making America a country that has lost its national identity, and one of the many that is to be run by a global government.

These are the kind of efforts and actions that are at the top of the list of priorities of the Obama Administration, and the Democrat-Progressive led Senate. The biggest gain for them in this Amnesty for millions of illegal immigrants within the United States, and for the millions more who will be allowed to follow them to the United States, is power. Power is the Progressives’ ultimate desire. Their hope is that this amnesty will do much to accomplish their ultimate goal for a transformative change to America. This unprecedented, amnesty, in costs, and in the numbers of immigrants that flow to the United States, and who will then support Democrat politicians, would be the big prize to Progressive politicians and to the illegal immigrants. Their dream is to take away The America Dream, and to give it to the future generations of immigrants that are allowed, under the Senate’s Amnesty, to come to the United States. This Democrat-Progressive amnesty, if passed, will most likely be aided by the weak and diminished segment of the Republican House, which, with their votes for amnesty, will be led to political death by Speaker Boehner. If it is passed, amnesty  will change the United States quickly; it will change it drastically. It will, purposely, change the power structure, and the nation’s demographics forever. Changing the demographics of the country will disenfranchise current citizens; it will secure one- party- rule. One- party- rule, and the unlimited power to do as they like, without opposition, is what Mr. Obama, and Progressives across the nation crave; long before the 2012 election they had taken steps towards these goals.

But those steps could have been reversed if Mitt Romney had won the election.

So, it was a high-priority that when Mr. Obama won re-election, that he and the Department of Justice, and the Democrat Senate continue to work to dismantle the United States immigration laws, and to dismantle any laws that would prevent illegal immigrants–those millions of non-citizens, many of whom were Mexican citizens, from voting in United States elections.

Why would any American want to allow citizens’ of other nations to vote in U.S. elections? Because the power to choose; the power to decide and control what was best for the nation, must be taken out of the hands of Americans, and especially away from patriotic conservatives. Mr. Obama’s amnesty, and the millions upon-millions of imported citizens, people without a strong identity as Americans, would bring a new kind of voter. This new voter, as Ann Coulter wrote in, GOP Crafts Plan To Wreck The Country, Lose Voters, differ in their beliefs, and political opinions from Americans. Amnesty for millions would take away the old power of We the People of the Declaration, from the citizens’ whose ancestors’ life’s blood had been sacrificed in order that America, and Liberty would live, and it would put in place those whose hearts had long desired America’s prosperity, but who had little admiration for the United States, and little desire to live under the rule of law, and  the Constitution. The illegal immigrants’ views, and their relatives who will pour into the United States with chain-migration, favor Big- Government- a Socialist government, and they share the moral compass of Democrat-Progressives.

And so, Mr. Obama, and the Progressives stopped enforcing most immigration laws; they left the country’s borders nearly unprotected. This had to be done, this tearing away of America’s sovereignty, and its laws; the laws must be discarded in order to pass the Senate’s amnesty. The power of those actions, were added to existing laws, such as: the Federal Protections Against National Origin Discrimination, under the Department of Justice, which had been in place since the year 2000. That law already formed a huge ring of protection for those in the United States illegally. Past legislation, and the elimination of protective laws for citizens are a fast and furious, and an efficient way to accomplish the Progressives’ goals.  As Lincoln said, in the speech at the Lyceum, as he spoke of the evil genius who would come to power in America’s future,” Distinction will be his paramount object, and although he would as willingly, perhaps more so, acquire it by doing good as harm, yet, that opportunity being past, and nothing left to be done in the way of building up, he would set boldly to the task of pulling down.”

That, “task of pulling down” of the United States doesn’t make sense to most Americans. And allowing amnesty to help in the “task of pulling down” our country doesn’t make sense ,either.

But it makes sense to those with a Progressive agenda. It is part of the necessary tearing down of the nation. Some of the demands from big corporations for more labor, for foreign labor, for cheap labor, in an America where millions of citizens are unemployed is heartless, as well as senseless . Some of business’ push for more laborers seem to be for jobs that don’t exist. Some are jobs that went over-seas, long ago, with Nafta, or because of other global trade agreements. Or, these American jobs, and trades now, already, employ millions of illegal immigrants, rather than United States citizens. Some of the jobs that big corporations insist must be filled with cheap foreign labor were lost with the economic crash, and the following 2008 recession. Many of those jobs will never return. There is no common sense, or any business basis  in the Big Corporations’ push for amnesty. In the end it is the same old story. It is their demand for a never ending source of cheap labor. It is the Mr. Zuckerberg’s’ of the world desire for profit, that Mr. Obama and Progressives are willing to oblige with amnesty.

A January 13, 2014 headline in The Wall Street Journal is: Half of U.S. Counties Haven’t Recovered from the Recession. There have been hundreds of such articles since the 2008 recession. Americans have been struggling for years.  Common sense would tell us that a nation that is still in recession, in debt, and that cannot provide jobs to its own citizens is inviting catastrophe by instituting a costly amnesty that allows 70 million, or more, mostly impoverished strangers to quickly immigrate and become citizens of the United States. Common sense tells us that these minorities, and these newly minted citizens will be able to use Big Businesses’ appetite for cheap labor, and assistance from affirmative action to effectively take most jobs from the citizens, especially from the white citizens. Common sense would tell any citizen that our leaders have not thought this through, or planned, in any way, for the best possible outcome for the nation or for Americans’ future. Common sense says that we could predict the outcome if we carefully looked at the cities within the United States that had high numbers of poor illegal immigrants. And shouldn’t wise leaders study them to see what the outcomes are for these cities, before trying such an enormous, and hazardous experiment on the entire nation? Wouldn’t a president, or a Speaker of The House want and need to study these examples, and outcomes.  Shouldn’t good leaders spend a great deal of time, and effort, in planning and managing such a change, before adding such a burden to the nation? Shouldn’t more than politics, and the benefits to the politicians be taken into account? Shouldn’t the citizens know that they can trust the politicians judgment before they allow them to subject the country to such a far-reaching, and unprecedented Amnesty?

If Mr. Obama, and Speaker Boehner would use common sense, and look at the cities which have large illegal immigrant populations, it wouldn’t take much effort to see how the cities are faring. They need to look only as far as Los Angeles. Los Angeles is spending more money than it takes in from taxes. And one in ten of LA’s residents is an impoverished illegal immigrant. Los Angeles is failing. Common sense tells us that is what happens to a city with a large impoverished citizenry. And if it happens to the cities, it will likely happen to a nation. But neither Mr. Obama, the Progressive Party, or Mr. Boehner and the Republican party listen to either common sense arguments, or to Americans’ objections to amnesty.

And so, despite the wishes of American citizens, Mr. Obama, as he did with Obamacare, moves forward with amnesty, which is another plan that works against the best interests of Americans. Mr. Obama works for  comprehensive amnesty with the support, efforts, and the determination of millions to help him. That includes the fervent support of non-citizens, illegal immigrants who have no legal right to be in the United States, and no right to interfere with America’s internal affairs. But millions of them have been organized within the United States for decades, and are frantically seeking the Obama amnesty. Amnesty also has the  support of millions of minorities who vote, over-whelming, for minority politicians; and whose goal is for minorities to become the majority demographic, and for Progressives politics to dominate in the United States. Added to those forces, pushing for amnesty, is the power of the Liberal voters, and the idealism and  enthusiastic help from young people .

Young Americans, graduates of Progressive colleges are ignorant of their own country’s history, and their political opinions follow those of celebrities, and television comedians. Their education and Liberal bias blinds them. For years they haven’t seen that Mr. Obama’s policies have bad outcomes for the nation and, especially, for their own generation. These groups are united, and push America, as rapidly as they can, towards an amnesty that makes no sense to anyone with common sense. This amnesty is against the best interests of the entire nation, whether you are a minority or part of the majority. This Amnesty destroys the last best hope for our citizens and for the world’s citizens.

Because if America fails because of this amnesty, and is lost, or if it becomes just another of the twenty-two, mostly failed Latin American countries, or a majority Muslim country, it will no longer have the ideals, strength, or desire to fight for freedom, or ever again be a light for liberty in a dark and a tyrannical world.

These Progressives,  whether they are called, Democrats, Communists, Socialists, Elites, or Washington Insiders, are willing to offer unending sympathy, and empathy to all of the “little people”, the masses–those who are their low-information-voters ,in order to get their votes and then to gain power over them. They use the temptation of “free stuff”: birth control, abortions, food stamps, welfare, freedom from work, freedom from sexual identity or freedom from restraint, freedom from morality, or decency, freedom from responsibility, and freedom from religion–especially the Christian religion to gain their ends. Progressives give big union pensions, Obama phones, Obamacare, or exemptions from Obamacare. They give scholarships and grants, anything and everything to win votes and to win elections.

And, if they can ignore and bypass the tax-payers and citizens who love this country, the Progressives of both parties, along with Mr. Obama, will give millions of illegal aliens, the gift of a huge, expensive amnesty.

And now, Americans turn to the Republican Leaders in the House of Representatives: the people who have taken oaths to uphold the Constitution, and ask: what are your reasons for doing this.

America belongs to Americans; America belongs to We The People who, from the first, were the authority behind the Declaration of Independence. Neither the President nor the Leadership of any political party has the right to give away the country from We The People, because it doesn’t belong to the leaders. America belongs to The People. From the Declaration of Independence, through the Articles of Confederation, ending in The Constitution, in all of the United States founding documents; it was The People who were the sovereignty behind the country and its final establishment under the Constitution. We The People are the ones who established The United States, and we never relinquished our rights and authority to this country- which is our country– with the Constitution. We the People remain the Trustors–We are the Sovereignty of The United States.

We are the people of this United States, and we have a right to the protection of the Constitution. But

Mr. Obama refuses to give us this protection. Instead he demands that the House of Representatives pass amnesty. And this Amnesty makes no sense for America or Americans.

Amnesty is against Americans best interests, against their rights, and against the citizens in their own country. In order to gain amnesty, Progressives are actively working on behalf of, and for the best interests of foreign nationals, and against the best interests of Americans. Progressives, who are determined to institute amnesty are in essence, willing to disenfranchise Americans, by overwhelming their votes, and taking away their political power.

If the House of Representatives does not stop them, Progressives will take America from Americans and give it away. Progressives are rushing to give the political power of We The People, to millions of foreign nationals. That is treason.

This amnesty will be as if America had been defeated in a war, and because of that defeat the citizens are forced to give away their rights, and their ability to influence the actions of their government with their votes. All that Americans have built, and every advantage they and their families have worked for will be in jeopardy. Amnesty for millions of illegal immigrants means that Americans may lose what has been gained by lifetimes of  work, and struggle. Citizens lives and their futures are at risk with amnesty; because with amnesty citizens will confront Progressive-Democrats’ desire to redistribute U.S. citizens wealth to the new citizens, all in the cause of Social Justice. That which is of value to Americans, including their freedom, will be taken to be redistributed to the invaders of America. If Mr. Obama and Mr. Boehner win on amnesty, these Progressive politicians, who have never allowed America to be defended, who applauded Mexico’s president when he spoke, in the Congress, against Arizona’s immigration laws, who didn’t enforce immigration laws, who refused to  guard America’s borders, who didn’t defend The Peoples’ rights to their own country, will then declare that the invaders, are now the victors in this long, but never, officially, declared war. Amnesty simply hands over America to the invaders who are demanding it.

This fraud of amnesty for millions of illegal immigrants, is especially unfair to Americans because citizens have already suffered great losses; they have paid the costs of illegal immigration year after year. The costs of illegal immigration have bankrupted United States hospitals and cities. And while the nation was under an invasion by millions of citizens from other countries, United States citizens have been the victims of identity theft and other crimes committed by illegal immigrants. The total losses in injury and death, and the financial costs of this decades long invasion compare to wars that America has fought. The costs have been great, and have put America in financial peril. And millions of American jobs, and whole segments of the American economy, such as the building trades, have been taken over by the illegal immigrant population. Meanwhile, American taxpayers paid millions of their taxpayer dollars to pay for the medical costs, education, and welfare benefits for illegal immigrants and their children.

Illegal immigrants often claim that they do jobs Americans won’t do, but Americans did those jobs before the immigrants came, and in pockets of America where the illegal population isn’t as large, Americans still clean motel rooms, and office buildings, and they clean rest stops on internet highways. Send illegal immigrants home, and give Americans a chance and they will do the jobs that illegal immigrants have taken from them. Illegal immigrants claim that they benefit the United States because of their hard work, and because they support the economy with rental payments, and retail purchases. But the American economy has been weakened by them. It has been weakened because those billions of dollars earned by illegal immigrants, working at American jobs, never became a part of the United States economy. Those billions of dollars were sent back to families in the illegal immigrant’s home country. Those dollars were never spent in the United States, and so they never benefited the United States, as they would if an American had held that job.

And so, each year, the legal and the illegal immigrant population sends billions of American dollars, earned while working in American jobs, but never used to purchase goods and services in the United States, back to their families in their home countries. According to the Daily Mail on line, the amount for 2012 was an astonishing $120 Billion dollars. Think of what that money could have done if it had been earned by Americans employed in American jobs, and who spent that money by buying goods and services from American businesses. If that 120 Billion dollars had been spent in the United States in 2012, and the other billions, sent out of the country, in all of the preceding years, had, instead, been spent here, it might have quickly restored America’s prosperity after the 2008 crash.

Now, after years of paying the price for the millions of foreign nationals, who illegally reside here, Mr. Obama and Progressives say that American citizens owe illegal immigrants still more; Mr. Obama demands an amnesty that will give more advantages, and benefits to the millions who have deliberately broken American laws. This gift of amnesty will benefit illegal immigrants for many decades to come. But it does not benefit Americans, and it is American taxpayers who have to pay the costs for  instituting, and supporting the costs of amnesty for decades to come.

For citizens it is frustrating that no one, including politicians, will tell the truth about this invasion. Republican politicians seldom acknowledge, and Progressives won’t admit that the United States has been under an invasion by a hostile force of millions of foreign nationals, who purposely crossed our borders. And that they have purposely broken, a long list of United States immigration laws, in order to be here.

The illegal immigrants, never acknowledge wrong-doing. Or they gloss over the how, of how they got here. Or they make themselves heroes for the inconvenience and discomfort they have experienced to invade the United States. Or illegal immigrants, especially the ones who have been here for years,  immediately cast American citizens as the villains.

“We do the jobs Americans won’t do. Americans are lazy. I never see Americans cleaning buildings. Americans are racists, they hate us because we aren’t white. This land was Mexico’s in the 1840’s you are the invaders. We have a right to be here.”

But, according to United States laws they have no right to be here.

The Progressive narrative is one of the innocent, the kindly, the well- meaning immigrant. It is the brave story of the victim immigrant, who faces great odds, and struggles trying to earn a living in the United States. And always there is the Liberal, the Democrat-Progressive reminder, the old line: we are a nation of immigrants; a line that should now be changed to:  We The People of America are proud that we began as a nation of immigrants.

But now we, as lawful citizens,  add these statements and provisions to that statement: we are a sovereign nation, under the rule of law, and the only way that a foreign national can become a citizen is to follow the law to become a legal citizen. Illegal immigrants who have broken the law cannot, by law, become citizens through amnesty; they are to be deported. Children born to foreign nationals do not automatically become United States citizens. And those who become citizens under the rule of law can bring only their spouse and children, their immediate family to the United States. Those who want to become citizens must relinquish their citizenship to their former country. Birth-right citizenship, and chain migration are now, and forever, ended in the United States because the immigration of millions from foreign nations disenfranchises Americans, destroys national unity, and cohesiveness.

The “nation of immigrants” line, and the many stories of the poor disadvantaged illegal immigrant who just wants a better life, are impoverishing the United States with over 20million people who shouldn’t be here. The population explosion that will come with amnesty, and with chain migration is likely to bankrupt us.

The Progressive narratives are useful to them; they are used to instill guilt. And the narratives work on the illogical, the innocent, and the uninformed. But these statements are insulting to The We The People of America. Progressive narratives imply that any American who does not want to give this expensive amnesty, and, in effect to sign away their own political power, their rights and ownership to America, over to illegal immigrants, is a racist. Americans must ignore the Progressive narratives because there is no truth, or reason in them. As Diana West wrote in her March 27th post, A Nation’s Attempt To Survive Isn’t Racism.

This immigration invasion, legal and illegal is happening across the world. In writing about the Dutch party that opposes immigration that over-whelms the native population, West wrote of : “the one Dutch party that opposes the nation’s suicide.”

And that is what uncontrolled immigration is, whether legal or illegal: it is national suicide to let a country’s population be over-run, taken over, and replaced by a population of immigrants. The fact is that:  uncontrolled immigration ends in being  a new way to conquer territory, and to take power over the citizens.

The Progressive narratives certainly have emotion behind them: dishonest emotion. But the narratives have no truth, or common sense. Progressives want amnesty for their own benefit; they have no scruples about how they get it. And their sympathy is for the illegal immigrant; they have none left over for American citizens. Progressives have little sympathy, or interest in the United States, except as a tool that they can use to gain power. Progressives are on a pathway to power. The Progressive plan is to first, gain power in the United States, and then to gain power in the world. Progressives are globalists, and the United States borders, and the patriots’ love of country mean nothing to them. The country, the citizens, and the taxpayer’s money, are necessary to gain that power. They are to be used to further the Progressives agenda. Progressives will give anything, to anyone, in order to secure the number of voters and votes that they need to establish one-party rule in the United States. That one-party rule will be Progressive rule, and the government they will establish will be Socialists, or Communists.

History has shown that Socialist/Communist system always ends in the rule of the elites over citizens. The elites rule by intimidation, by fear, and repression. Whatever it takes; it is control of the people by the ruling class of Socialists/Communists. It always ends in the loss of freedom. It always ends in tyranny, it always ends with the elites in control. It always ends with powerless, subjected citizens who are at the elite’s mercy.

This goal has been the pattern that the Left, and now the Progressives have followed in most countries, and, intermittently, in the United States.  The Progressives, and their backers, such as the like-minded, Main Stream Media follow a narrative that enhances Progressive power. And over the last five years America has learned the hard way that this narrative is a lie.

In fact it is the Big Lie, described by Richard Pipes, in Communism: A History. The big lie that has been told and sold to millions  across the world, to smart people, and to ignorant people, in different times and eras. Pipes shows its beginning: and in the beginning it establishes an elite. The elites live in luxury and that requires that the peasantry live in misery. To have unlimited power means that elites cannot tolerate a We the People in their midst; they must establish a peasantry which the elites rule and control. And once these classes have been established Liberty and Freedom cannot be tolerated.

Before Mr. Obama, Americans were less cynical. But it was Bill Clinton who began the pre-Obama push towards Socialism. At the time it seemed like Socialism Lite because Mr. Clinton seemed too agreeable to have evil intentions towards us. Mr. Clinton had, like Obama, promised Health Care Reform, and a further push towards gay rights, but Clinton was cautious. In retrospect most would say that the Clinton’s were socialists, but evidently the march forward hadn’t progressed far enough for an Obama style take-over of the United States. The Clinton’s elitist- socialists’-globalists- beliefs were always present, and were summed up by Hillary Clinton’s phrase: It Takes a Village. True, Mrs. Clinton’s  health care plan was defeated, but evidently their assignment was to make progress. And they did. Step by step, almost unnoticed at first, another step was made in the Progressives’ quiet march Forward. The Clinton’s made progress, through judicial appointments, and with Nafta.  During his two terms in the Oval Office, the Clintons paved the way, and made Mr. Obama’s transformation of America faster, and easier.

Now Mr. Obama, the Main Stream Media, Progressives, Big Business–those cheap labor activists–and illegal immigrants, are making their most determined push towards the amnesty that will quickly establish socialism. This must be done by persuading Americans that the Senate’s Amnesty Bill is a good thing. The American Mainstream Media, which has strong ties to George Soros, has taken every opportunity to persuade Americans that they really want Comprehensive Immigration Reform. But Americans don’t want Immigration Reform.

Americans protest against amnesty, but the Progressive march goes on. No matter what, they march on, and always forward. Progressives’ continue to push because Amnesty is an important step that will lead to Progressives’ long- dreamed of Socialist State. Many of the pro-amnesty groups, working together, or separately, on many different policies, are not just striving to pass amnesty, they are helping to establish Socialism in the United States. They are actually establishing it by tearing apart immigration law. As Mr. Obama helps them discard, and ignore immigration law, and the rights of Americans, they are also attacking the rule of law, the Constitution, and America’s sovereignty. The illegal immigrant organizations and Mr. Obama want Americans to believe that everyone in the entire world has a right to live in the United States. They want Americans to believe that America is not theirs. And if Americans “didn’t build it”–if the United States isn’t a part of their birth right then Mr. Obama, and Progressive politicians of both parties have a right to give it away to the world.

The best tool for establishing Socialism/Communism is to destroy the citizens old values. To loosen their ties to, and belief in the rule of law , and to lessen their  love of country. Socialists must get rid of sovereignty; they must destroy the American character, and the desire for independence. They must eliminate the code of ethics and morals. They must disparage our old heroes; they must discourage courage, and the love of liberty. Progressives must fight against the ideal, and against American ideas; they must destroy unalienable rights, and the hold of patriotism on the United States.

The Progressives aim to lower the United States moral standards has been the work of many. It has been the work of Progressive politicians, the entertainment industry, of schools, atheists, the mainstream media, pornographers, and drug dealers. They have done a good job of preparing the way for a citizenry that is unwilling, and incapable of fighting for America. They have created citizens who are ignorant, jaded, and anti-American. Citizens who have lost their ambition. Citizens without independence, or pride of person. It follows that they have no pride in their country. They are a people without morals or faith. And, they are a people who see nothing worth fighting for.

The Progressive movement is moving forward; Mr. Obama and Progressives are taking control of every area of American life. One important aspect of control begins with early childhood education, with a curriculum, slanted towards teaching children that the government makes the decision about what rights citizens are allowed. The unalienable rights of the Declaration of Independence are not part of the ideology that Common Core will allow in American classrooms. The Obama Administration and the other elites, in the United States, like the elites in any Socialists country will not allow the idea of unalienable rights to be taught in American schools.

The groups that are pushing the United States towards Communism, and those which are for amnesty don’t all have the same outcome in mind. But each of these groups is looking for power. They are trying to make sure that the United States has open-borders, and they are united in that goal. What do we do?

Americans must do as Abraham Lincoln advised in his 1838 speech before the Lyceum, which was: Let every American, every lover of liberty, every well-wisher to his posterity, swear by the blood of the Revolution, never to violate, in the least particular , the laws of the country; and never to tolerate their violation by others. As the patriots of (1776)seventy-six did to the support of the Declaration of Independence, so to the support of the Constitution and the laws, let every American pledge his life, his property, and his sacred honor….Let reverence for the laws be breathed by every American mother…let it be taught in schools, in seminaries, and in colleges…”

That was the advice that Abraham Lincoln urged for the survival of America; that Americans be taught the truth about the Constitution, and that they be taught American  history. If Americans had been taught The Constitution, they would understand that The Constitution guarantees that each state will be protected from invasion, and from domestic violence. Citizens would understand that citizens and the nation have suffered from both because of the invasion of illegal immigrants. Citizens would understand that for decades the government has not granted that protection, promised by The Constitution, to the United States or to its citizens.

But Americans are not being taught the truth about American history; instead they are indoctrinated by Progressive propaganda, in schools, and by the entertainment industry, and the mainstream media.  Many Americans who voted for Mr. Obama were low-information-voters, and a Republic requires intelligent citizens. When an ignorant population votes out of their ignorance, and with little love of their country, the eventual outcome will be Communism, and tyranny. The Progressives have used many and any means to transform the United States: Obamacare, regulations, control of the population, and by control of our resources. They are doing it by taking the land, and claiming it on behalf of the government, and by immigration reform. To attain these goals the Federal government uses taxpayer dollars for the federal government to sue opponents.

Progressive-Socialists have a pattern, and they follow it. To get to Socialism they must kill patriotism; they must make us give up our old values, and traditions. They must dispense with the Rule of Law and with the Constitution. If Progressives succeed, the Unalienable Rights that were ours from before the Declaration of Independence will quickly disappear. Progressives must take away our Unalienable rights, and our allegiance to God, our creator. They must take away Christianity, our integrity, and our pride in what we have accomplished. They must make us dependent on government. They must take away personal charity and replace it with welfare.

Whatever stage they are at, in establishing Communism in America, The Big Lie is always where it begins. But after they have accomplished their goal: Communism; after the lies, the tricks, the deception, and no matter which of its many facades it adopts– it never works. Communism always fails, but only after heartache, pain, and the destruction of everything, and nearly everyone, that it touches.

In the past America has had some good, and even a few great presidents. We had presidents, and representatives who possessed integrity. Few were perfect, but we had enough honesty in government, at every level, or the country could not have defeated those who craved unlimited power. Without strength and integrity America couldn’t have survived so many crises. From the beginning we had the example of George Washington who, through every crisis, relied on Providence. He fought for independence, served as president, and then established the example for the presidents who followed, by relinquishing power, after his second term in office. With Washington, and so many of the founders, and those who came after, we had honorable people throughout the nation who provided honest governance. Those who governed, and those who were governed, believed that the United States had God’s protection.

Americans once had a tradition of trust towards their government.

Even now, Americans who know that immigration reform will mean the destruction of the United States, tend to believe that it is all just a mistake. That the politicians are mistaken, and confused about what amnesty will do to the United States. Lately White House spokesmen have taken to telling us that Mr. Obama was “unaware” of many startling facts, such as the disaster of the Obamacare rollout. Many kind Americans want to believe that this amnesty, that will make any foreign national who sets foot onto United States soil, a citizen, is one of Mr. Obama’s misunderstandings.

They choose to believe that it is Mr. Obama’s ignorance of  amnesty’s, bad outcomes, and not a sinister motive, that keeps him pushing it forward. But months after the passage of Obamacare Americans have learned that Mr. Obama, Progressive-Democrats across the country, and the Main Stream Media, all knowingly, and repeatedly lied to Americans about Obamacare. Those, often repeated lies, went on for years; it seems foolish to trust the liars again. Even more foolish to trust the untrustworthy with amnesty, a momentous bill that is likely to bring disastrous consequences to the country, and to the people .

But rational Americans feel that the Democrats, Mr. Obama, and the media, all who foisted the disaster that is Obamacare, onto U.S. citizens,  have no sense of honor, or right and wrong. Citizens see Mr. Obama, and Mr. Boehner, and many in Congress, more clearly now. And, it is clear that we cannot trust them; they have political goals that do not include the best interests of the country or of the people of the United States.

This Progressive pro-amnesty coalition  works together, but in their own domains. They use whatever tools they can, and they demonize,  attack, cheat, sue, change the rules, change the laws, or stop enforcing them, extort, and rig elections, or propagandize, in order win, and to silence the opposition. They will “tell the noble lie” again, and again, in order to gain control, whether of the health care system, or of financial resources, or of the people of the United States. The goal is their version of a better world; they may call it the new world order, but to a free people who want to retain their freedom, the goal is recognized as a march to serfdom in a Socialist/Communist country.

Those in Congress, and in the Obama Administration, have no remorse, and don’t acknowledge, or apologize for the dishonorable, and dishonest methods that they use to gain control. They feel that by legislating, buying, corrupting, silencing, controlling, and indoctrinating the population, they obtain their goals. In the end they own everything, and then they will redistribute the wealth according to their wisdom, and  that is their right as the ruling class. But America was never supposed to have a ruling class, and the people of America were never supposed to live the nightmare life that, previously, they only knew through works of fiction, such as: Orwell’s 1984

We the people had confidence in the legacy of freedom. We had confidence in The Declaration of Independence, and in The Constitution. These documents were brought into being by the authority, and sovereignty of the people. Because of our confidence we made assumptions that those who represented us would be trustworthy. We believed that they would recognize that the sovereignty of the country came from the people of the country. That our leaders would recognize that the most important part of the United States government was to be: We the people, and that the people of America were to be free. Our representatives were to represent the citizens’ best interests, and acquiesce to our wishes. This America, this United States was a Republic that belonged to We The People. Our representatives were never elected as our rulers; they were never to do dirty deals that would con or defraud the people. Deals such as Obamacare, or immigration reform.

And our leaders were to protect each state within the United States from invasion from foreign nationals, and foreign nations. They were to protect us from amnesty.

Practically, The Immigration Reform Bill is similar to Obamacare in that it has huge costs of implementation, and unforeseen outcomes. The Immigration Bill seems to dovetail with Obamacare, as if both bills were designed to work together.  With a bit of study it appears that these bills were meant to support each other, and to especially benefit the same population.

These bills, Obamacare, and Immigration Reform, demand so much of U.S. citizens, and put so many financial burdens, and regulations on the country that, taken alone, they could end forever America’s chance to rebuild after the 2008 economic crash. If they are both implemented they could cause financial disaster for the entire nation.

The Immigration bill, if passed, would weaken our foundation by adding the financial burden of at least 20 million amnestied citizens. These twenty-million, under chain migration, are likely bring up to 70 million additional new residents to the United States. The additional burden of these new citizens, would impact all of the country with trillions of dollars of additional spending for education, medical costs, and social welfare programs.

President Obama is determined to add millions of strangers to the citizen’s burdens; he says that Americans owe it to the illegal immigrants. But President Obama was hired to be the president of the United States. In Article II of the Constitution is his oath; he swore: I will faithfully execute the office of President of the United States, and to the best of my ability, preserve, protect and Defend the Constitution of the United States. In Section 3. It states: He shall take care that the laws be faithfully executed.

President Obama swore to uphold the Constitution, and in the Constitution there is no allowance for him to be the president of, or an advocate for making 43million foreign nationals into United States citizens. The President of the United States is supposed to look out for America’s best interests. The President of the United States is not to write laws, or to legislate; his job is to make sure that: the laws of the United States be faithfully executed. That includes the United States Immigration Laws. The Constitution does not say: such laws as the President chooses, or agrees with; it says the laws of the United States.

The Immigration Reform Bill is absolutely against citizens best interests because it destroys the laws that were in place to protect United States citizens.

Mr. Obama’s lack of respect for the Constitution and the Rule of law, particularly Immigration Law is reflected back to us by the level of contempt for our laws that are shown by illegal immigrants. Even Obama’s idealized “Dreamers” show a disregard for any rules. It should frighten citizens that an American president has such high esteem for a group of uninvited guests, many of whom have been using false IDs, and who have used deception in order to receive welfare benefits, receive grants and scholarships, and to take jobs that rightfully belonged to citizens. “The Dreamers” give little thought for the actual U.S. citizens, and have little gratitude for the costs that United States taxpayers have paid for the Dreamers’ education and social programs. The Dreamers are the children of citizens from other nations, who take it as a given that they deserve all of the blessings, and all of the social programs that America can provide them. The Dreamers are self-concerned. They have generous amounts of audacity: their own rights come first, and they see their rights as more legitimate than an American’s rights in their own country.

Mr. Obama’s  contempt for the rule of law is accepted, expected, and shared, by the Dreamers and by the majority of illegal immigrants. The contempt that these illegal immigrants have shown for our laws, our people, and our country is obvious by the millions of them who have resided, illegally, in The United States for decades. They do not respect the sovereignty of the United States. And they continually show contempt for United States laws. You don’t invade a country if you respect its laws, and its borders. If you value citizenship, then you don’t defy, undermine, and make a travesty of America’s laws. You cannot be considered the ideal candidate to be a law-abiding citizen if you, and the majority of your community of illegal immigrants, continually, use false identities, or steal citizens’ identities, and then, without guilt, or even a thought, you also steal their jobs.

Americans are offered the propaganda of emotional “narratives” by  illegal immigrants, by the mainstream media, by Mr. Obama, Mr. Boehner, and by Progressives, and Liberals across America. We hear tales of the poor, deserving immigrants; tales that go to the hearts of kind people. But these tales have a purpose. These narratives are written to inspire guilt, and to shame citizens into giving up all that it means to be an American. The citizens are to give everything, including their own future, jobs, political power, the right to a decent life for themselves and their families, and even to give away their American Dream- to Obama’s Dreamers. The Liberal Elites tell them that they should be charitable; they should push for amnesty for these millions upon millions of worthy people, who will gladly receive whatever Americans can be persuaded to give up to them. The elites try to persuade us: be generous. Foolishly generous.

We are told: Remember, that doesn’t belong to you; you didn’t really build it. You should share with others. So, give up everything that is your hard-fought heritage, to show your kindly feelings towards illegal immigrants. It seems that Americans, selflessly, giving  away their country, to people who have no right to it, but who will selfishly take it, as they have taken everything else,  is the one Christian duty that Progressives’ urge on Americans. Americans, letting go of everything that makes their lives worth living, and giving away two-hundred years of accomplishment to strangers, is  appreciated by the Left who will gain the illegal immigrants votes. Americans being excessively generous, and foolishly charitable, that is all that is required to gain Progressives’ approval.

Until the last few years, when they have seen what illegal immigration, diversity and multiculturalism have done to their country, Americans have shown great kindness, and acceptance towards  illegal immigrants. But, gradually citizens began to see that they had allowed America to be infiltrated by millions of strangers, who didn’t have the country’s best interests at heart. Millions who had countries of their own, to which they gave their allegiance, but who took Americans’ jobs, accepted public assistance, took advantage of our laws, and also demanded that America be transformed for them. Americans began to see that, along with a desire for the good life, that cunning and calculation went into the invasion of our land. Calculation on the part of  illegal immigrants, and Representatives in Congress who had instituted many programs that were constructed especially to benefit illegal immigrants. The American Representatives, who were supposed to be looking out for U.S. Citizens, and not foreign nationals, seemed to have become illegal immigrant advocates. Citizens began to understand that those in Congress, and foreign nationals used loopholes in laws, to use taxpayer money for illegal immigrants’ benefit. The disregard of immigration laws, and the corruption of a system that was supposed to benefit Americans, but was being played by foreign nationals in order to take the very best that America had to offer, angered citizens.

Soon there came a new Age of Reason, in the United States. We had allowed a dangerous Trojan Horse to enter our gates. Americans lost their trust for illegal immigrants, as they learned more about illegal immigration. They realized that illegal immigration demanded that the person who arrived in the United States without papers, had to engage in a long series of lies, and that they had to be willing to use false documents or that they had to steal an American’s identity in order to establish their lives here. Illegal immigration was based on lies, on cheating others, and by taking what belonged to others; it was corruption. Illegal immigration was a corruption of the rule of law, and a corruption of the legal immigration system, which was based on U.S. immigration laws, put in place for the benefit of the United States and its citizens.  Illegal immigration demanded a system to deal with the millions who came here against our laws . There were security people who dealt with illegal immigrants, there were hearings, and there were deportations, all paid by the American tax-payer. Who were the illegal immigrants? The media’s sad stories weren’t the whole story. Americans realized that few people, who involved themselves in illegal immigration came to the United States because they were running from danger.

They were not coming because they liked Americans, liked our system of government, or even admired the United States. They were coming here to get something from the country or from the people. It might be a job, free delivery for a baby who would be born an American, free medical care, free public education or free social welfare benefits. These people were coming to get something from us, and they were taking what was ours by lies, and by theft.  And so, when Americans watched, or read the main-stream-media’s sympathetic stories, about poor down-trodden illegal immigrants, they realized that those stories might not be quite true. Citizens began to see that, America, was being used, and that their hard earned tax-payer dollars were being used to take care of people, the citizens of other nations, who had come to steal what didn’t belong to them.

When they saw the loss of jobs, and the costs of illegal immigration, citizens began to see that they were victims of illegal immigration. They were paying for illegal immigration. And not just in money. They were paying by loss of power. U.S. elections were being won by the votes of illegal immigrants. Our representatives, on many levels of government were not involved in looking out after America’s best interests, or for what was best for citizens. The American Representatives were thinking about their own elections, and about becoming rich. Citizens realized, that on the whole, illegal immigration, and then amnesty, were elaborate cons, and it was the American citizen who was being played for a sucker. Illegal immigrants kept coming, and with birth right citizenship and chain migration, the numbers exploded, U.S. citizens wanted the flood of people to stop.

In 2007, Americans finally realized that if they didn’t stop the millions from coming that they were going to lose America. And it was some of the same senators in 2007 who pushed amnesty. Senator Charles Schumer, who has consistently voted to continue chain migration, Lindsey Graham, who once said at a LA Raza awards ceremony: “An American is an idea. No group owns being an American. Nobody owns this!” And who, therefore, was asserting that the entire world, all of those undocumented billions, are Americans and have the same rights to live in America, and they have the same rights to  everything in the United States as the citizens.

Americans feel empathy for people in trouble despite their resentment of illegal immigration. But everybody on earth has sad stories, times of great challenge, and hardships that they must survive; that is a part of life. Since 2009, a bad economy, and few jobs, Americans have their own stories of struggle and deprivation. And since Mr. Obama became president, he has designated American citizens, and workers on the losing side, when it comes to illegal immigrants, and amnesty. In 2013, during the “crisis” of the sequester, Mr. Obama was planning ahead for 2014, and his all-out battle to gain amnesty.  He spent taxpayer money to hire pro-amnesty, former activist attorneys; these are the people who will manage immigration litigation. American taxpayer money used to help illegal immigrants win against Americans.

The Liberal Elites narrative would have United States citizens sacrifice everything to give 20-30million, poor , Illegal immigrants, a better life. And of course, if Progressives could convince us of this foolhardy move–possibly a tiny fraction of illegal immigrants lives could be made better. But at a great price: Americans’ lives would be sacrificed. Americans fortunes would be redistributed. Then they would become another group of impoverished people–those formerly independent, Americans, would be poor. But despite their sacrifice the number of poor in the world would continue to grow, not much affected by the Americans’ imprudent sacrifices. The, newly, impoverished Americans, would no longer be able to do kindly acts of charity that could help some individuals improve their lot in life. Because that is the way that real improvement happens. We willingly help others, and then those individuals we helped, do what they can to help others.

We must not be persuaded by the Liberal Elites narrative to accept an amnesty that would impoverish the United States. We must use common sense. To give away our resources, and our wealth, and especially our country is absurd. Let us be truthful, let us be blunt. Ask yourselves, as Americans: would these same illegal immigrants, if the tables were turned, gladly welcome millions of  uninvited, and undocumented Americans, who wanted their jobs, and wanted their political power, into their own countries’ ? Would the same countries that encourage their citizens to flood into the United States, give Americans who flooded into their nations, their social welfare benefits, and allow Americans to gain a foothold in their nation, to protest their laws, to demand citizenship in their countries’ and allow Americans to take their jobs? The answer, and the truth is:  no, they would not.

Despite the sad narratives, and an admission that some of those who come here are good people and that they just want jobs, we must face all of the truth: Illegal Immigrants are invaders. And that they are a threat to Americans’ quality of life, to our safety, and to our future. This has been so in America’s past and is so in the present. An online article on originally printed in 2004, entitled: The U.S./Mexican Border has become a Sieve of Death  tells the grim story of the severe conditions, the crime, the corruption, and the death that result from the invasion. It also tells of the degradation of American citizens’ land by the millions of invaders who travel through each year. These invaders leave behind the garbage and the dirt of their journey; trash for Americans to clean-up.

To those who will not believe that there are plans behind this invasion of millions, and that the invasion is more than just poor people looking for work, a article dated 11/27/2013 by Brandon Darby, tells about an incident on November 24th, 2013. One-hundred Mexican nationals illegally crossed into the United States and attacked U.S. Border patrol Agents with rocks and bottles. The Border Patrol agent eventually stopped the invasion, and the crowd ran back into Mexico and Mexican law-enforcement-agents then allowed them to leave the scene without taking any action against them. One of the comments that followed on the discussion page, stated that as a student at a college in 1974, the writer had attended a Mecha meeting where a state senator spoke.  Mecha is not shy about stating that its goal is to reclaim the United States, they claim U.S. territory from Alaska to Chile.

The state Senator told the audience to have patience, that in time they would have enough people within the United States, then they would be given a signal, and they were to rise up and take back the United States in the name of  Mexico. The crowd erupted with cries of “Viva Mexico”. Mecha does not stand alone; there are many other groups that are organized within the United States, and whose’ s goals are to do away with immigration laws, and to have the majority political power in the United States.

In the article H. Millard, in the Sierra Times, cites a Zogby poll, which found that 58 percent of Mexicans in the Southwest believed that the U.S. rightfully belongs to Mexico, and that 57 percent of Mexicans believe they have the right to enter the U.S. without permission. He quotes Mario Obled, of Maldef, who said that California was going to be a Hispanic state. Maldef is one of many pro-Latino, pro-immigrant, and largely, anti-American organizations that operate within the United States; Maldef, and many other of these groups, are determined to return Texas, New Mexico and California to Mexico.

For  years Mexican Presidents’ have encouraged the United States to welcome millions more Mexicans to work and to settle in the United States. One of their reasons for interfering with America’s internal affairs are the billions of American dollars. The money earned by the immigrants who took American jobs, and then sent $120 Billion, of American dollars, each year, to their families in their home countries benefits those countries, but it drains billions of dollars from the United States economy. Mexico receives at least $23 billion dollars each year from legal and illegal Mexicans working in the United States.  Those billions of dollars, and those American jobs could have kept America’s economy prosperous, and Americans’ employed and their American families secure. Instead those jobs, and that money benefited foreign countries.

The other reason that Mexican officials interfere with American laws, and especially immigration law, is that the growing number of Mexican citizens in the United States gives Mexican politicians power, and political influence within the United States.

According to the Center for Immigration Studies, written in the Mexican Government’s brief, filed to  oppose Arizona’s S.B. 1070, it states: “Mexico refers to Mexican illegal aliens in the United States, as ‘its people’ and ‘its citizens’. And According to the Center for Immigration Studies: “President Fox of Mexico formed a Government Agency , The Institute for Mexicans’ Abroad; its spokesman Juan Hernandez said: We are betting  that the Mexican-American population in the United States will think “Mexico First” …I want the third generation, the seventh generation, I want them all to think Mexico First.”

But there are many others besides the Mexican president, who act as advocates, and on behalf of  the 20million Mexican-citizens, who are illegal immigrants in the United States. These advocates serve in the American Congress, and their job description says that they are to represent American citizens. They are paid with U.S. Tax-payers’ money. But in 2014, most of them are advocates for Mexican citizens, and are acting in the best interests of the illegal immigrants, those millions of foreign nationals, illegally in the United States.

And in 2010 Democrat-Progressives, and the Republican Progressives in Congress agreed with Mexico on its opposition to U.S. immigration law. On that day in May, the United States Congress, betrayed the Constitution. They stood up, in the House where U.S. citizens had elected them to serve, and applauded Mexican President Calderone as he attacked one of the United States, own states: Arizona. Arizona, was one of the states, which had long suffered from the invasion by Mexican citizens, and which was guaranteed protection from that invasion under Article IV. Section 4. of the Constitution. President Calderone came to the House to attack Arizona’s new law that was enacted when the Obama Administration neglected to protect Arizona’s border from invasion. Progressive-Democrats applauded Calderone, and gave him a standing ovation, when he spoke against S.B. 1070, which was meant to protect Arizona’s citizens, and which, strictly clamped, down on illegal immigrants within Arizona. In fact, many of the provisions of the Arizona law, such as carrying identifying documents, required of Mexicans, exactly what Mexican immigration laws require of foreign nationals when they are in Mexico.

May of 2010, in the House of Representatives, was the moment when the Democrat-Progressives, all of the Democrats, stood applauding the Mexican president. And then, Mr. Obama stood in agreement, against Arizona, and with President Calderone. In those moments, both Mr. Obama and the Congress, stood with foreign nationals and against a state in our union. Mr. Obama, and the Congress stood for amnesty, and against the American people, against the rule of law, and against the Constitution. And that is where they stand to this present day.

This support from the Progressive President, and the Democrat-Progressives makes the Mexican citizens, illegally, within the United States bold, and defiant about winning amnesty. Mr. Obama and the Congress had shown their disrespect for Arizona, and its law. That act, and so many others that support illegal immigrants, have reinforced the illegal immigrants disregard and scorn for United States immigration laws.

Many Mexicans came to the United States full of their own beliefs and traditions. And a common belief is that United States laws don’t matter. The rule of law is not a Mexican concept. The rule of law is an American concept. Mexicans remember the history of Mexico, and since the 1850’s they have been taught, and have told themselves that neither the treaties Mexico signed, nor the payments that Mexico received from the United States  for the sale of Mexican land are valid. To many Mexicans none of these historical agreements that were made with the United States matter. They revile, and scorn those agreements, and they continue to affirm that this, the United States, is their land.

There have been many important United States, and Mexico, historical events that Mexicans’ have either missed, or that they totally dismiss: the Mexican American war, which they lost, the treaties Mexico signed with the United States, the land that the United States bought from Mexico, over a hundred years ago, –all are dismissed, as illegal, irrelevant, or are discounted as non-binding by Mexicans.

The English settlements of America since 1607, the Revolutionary War, the Constitution, the great struggles that Americans endured to settle, and to build the United States, even the fact that in 2014 there are 315million Americans, many whose ancestors accomplished the building of America, none of that matters to the Mexican mind. They deny it all, and affirm that it all–all of the land, and all of the wealth and accomplishments of the United States, belong to them, and to Mexico. There is a dangerous, disconnect with reality within the minds of Mexicans. Their ability to ignore history, and to deny the validity of any agreement that their country ever made, in the past, doesn’t bode well for their ability to live up to the responsibilities of being an honest, a decent, and a law-abiding American citizen. This congenital, illogical, and unreasoning attitude, and the support of Mr. Obama and his Progressives, against American citizens, makes these Mexican citizens ever bolder and more aggressive. And this aggressive attitude against the United States goes far to explain why Latino-illegal-immigrants feel no guilt, or remorse about the laws they have broken, or the laws they will break in the future in order to cross United States borders without documents, or permission. Their attitude is that they are entitled. They are entitled to everything American: to American jobs, to American land, and to the American Dream. They are ready for Mr. Obama to help them redistribute our wealth. To their minds, it was never ours. Our money, and our resources have always been theirs to take. And they have taken them in some despicable ways.

This is the brazen attitude of thieves. For decades the United States has been invaded by thieves, and they have left our land barren, and ruined. America is stripped of resources, natural and financial, as if recurring swarms of locusts had attacked and laid it bare. These invaders have great animosity towards Americans and America. Unless they are stopped by citizens and politicians who actually care about the United States, unless power can be stripped from the power-hungry, and greedy Democrat-Progressive-Communists, from Mr. Obama, those of his administration, and Senators such as Schumer, Durbin, McCain, Menendez, McConnell, and Representatives such as Nancy Pelosi, Marco Rubio, and others, there is no way that America can survive and withstand such decimation from without and from within.

To Americans it is not rational that many of today’s Illegal immigrants still resent America’s victory in the 1840’s Mexican-American War. The Latino illegal immigrant’s trespass on American land, and the invasion of the United States by millions of them since the 1840’s has the quality of a Mexican, national, retaliation, against the United States. And because of the jobs they have taken, and the millions of babies they have birthed in the United States-those babies which were born here with a purpose–their anchor babies, and their rapidly increasing population within America; they have come to feel that they are destined to lay claim to ownership of the United States.

How can that be? Some Hispanics’ claim of citizenship/ownership, is based on the fact that some of them were here all of those years ago when the treaties were made, the Mexican land was sold to the United States, and the borders were redrawn. Some of them were here and became citizens. But the present 20-30 million are not of that number. The 20 million that Mr. Calderone, of Mexico, called “our citizens” invaded, against U.S. laws and against our wishes. They came to take our jobs, and our dreams, they took every social welfare benefit they could take,  and now they want our country.

And, even as the lawbreakers have made plans for their amnesty, and then for their take-over, their Reconquista, of the United States, they have, again, turned the tables. They have taken on the identity of victims. They say that they have been discriminated against. They have been mistreated.

Their civil-rights have been attacked.

But, how can they claim the civil rights of United States citizens when their allegiance is to Mexico, and when Mexico claims them, and has always claimed them as “its citizens”.

Surely the American government, can’t lawfully give an expensive, American tax-payer -paid  amnesty to Mexican citizens, just because they demand it.

This amnesty is actually a kind of treaty that gives up American money and Americans’ political power to Mexican citizens. Americans do not agree to this treaty that disenfranchises them, and that takes away their rights as Americans. This is our country; and despite the Mexican citizens convenient willingness to  discard the reality of past agreements and treaties, despite Mexican citizens’ assertions,– this United States does not belong to Mexico or Mexicans. It is time that Mexico and her citizens stopped their invasion. It is time that Mexico stopped relying on the billions that come from its citizens taking jobs, and sending the money earned from those American jobs back to Mexico. It is time for Mexico and its citizens to stop draining the wealth from America. It is time Mexicans stopped extorting amnesty from Americans. It is time for Mexicans to go home to Mexico.

It is time for Mexico to, finally, take care of  “its citizens”. It’s time for Americans to send those Mexicans home, where they belong. And Mexican people: it is time to stop demanding citizenship in this country, that you really don’t love, but want to make use of. It is Mexico which owes civil rights to “its citizens”; it is not the United States. American civil rights laws apply to Americans. The laws Americans want you, and Mr. Obama, to obey are U.S. immigration laws. For years, whenever in the United States, Mexicans’ have demanded, or protested American laws. They demanded those that give them advantages in the United States. And they protested any laws that would keep them out of the United States. But they are Mexicans and they have no right to decide American laws. And Mexicans, who demand so many changes in the United States’ laws, have a long history of scorning, ignoring and disobeying American laws.

Of course, amnesty will be the one exception; Mexicans gain so much from amnesty that if they receive it they will live by it. Unlike the former treaties, and the land sales from Mexico to the United States, which they deny and refuse to acknowledge. They will use Amnesty as their Constitution. It is one law they will make sure is obeyed. They will guard it for the next century, or however long the United States can manage to survive after amnesty. But otherwise, there is not a law that we can be sure that Mexicans or Latinos will hold to. Perhaps that is their similarity, and their connection to Mr. Obama, neither adhere to the rule of law. The Mexican people, and Mr. Obama have little respect for the rights of others; they are “Laws unto themselves”. They are lawless.

These attitudes are strange, and contradictory.

But, the fact remains: American citizens have no obligation to give special rights, and an expensive amnesty to Mexicans who have broken our laws, and stolen across our border to demand them. President Fox referred to the Mexicans, those illegal immigrants in the United States, in the Mexican, legal brief filed in opposition to S.B. 1070 in U.S. District Court, as “its citizens” “its people”. How can Mexico’s people demand Amnesty from America? Does that mean that Americans’ can invade, and then demand jobs, special laws, rights, and an expensive amnesty from Mexico?

And so, these aggrieved victims make demands against the offender, and of course, that offender is always America, and never their beloved “home country”. But the offender, The United States, is also the country, whose laws they have broken, whose jobs they have taken, and whose land they have invaded, and whose social programs it has raided for billions of dollars each year. And so who is the more aggrieved party?

It is human to find reasons to feel aggrieved. Many illegal immigrants, or their parents, have worked hard, or had difficult lives while living in the United States. And, anything that has aggrieved them: unfair wages, prejudice, or not having citizenship, have been recorded on their long list of grievances. Illegal immigrants have nursed their grievances into anger.

Never mind that if millions of Americans had invaded Mexico, and then did what Mexicans have done in the United States, that the American invaders, and the American job thieves, and the American law-breakers, would all be serving time in dark Mexican prisons. And there wouldn’t be any kind Mexican citizens, or virulent Mexican advocates, loud Mexican activists, supportive Mexican media, or  any Mexican president who would be on their side, or ever come to their rescue.

But Illegal immigrants, don’t consider that “What if” scenario. No, this is their payback time in the United States. Mexican citizens do not consider the billions that they have already taken from the United States. They ignore and quickly forget what they have taken in jobs, in medical care, education, and social programs. They consider all of that as their due. And that is past, now they are demanding real pay-back.

Whatever their beliefs, or grievances, Latinos, especially Mexicans, feel that Americans owe them a huge obligation. They feel that Americans owe them an amnesty that is solely advantageous to illegal immigrants; an amnesty bill  that was written by radicals, and by racists organizations, that have no good intentions towards the United States. They feel that it is perfectly fair that The Gang Of Eight’s “Immigration Reform” bill was written by groups, and organizations, such as LA Raza.  The Democrat Senate’s “Immigration Reform” bill suits them because it gives illegal immigrants a huge advantage over Americans. And it benefits them, and gives them advantages over Americans for decades to come. This amnesty is a bountiful piñata of benefits for illegal immigrants, but it is madness, and it is an outrage to American citizens.

To illegal immigrants, to their organizations, and advocates, this amnesty is worth fighting for. It is worth politicians lies, deceptive ads, and  millions of people demonstrating for what was never theirs to ask for: American Citizenship, without compliance to American laws.

They fight for citizenship, not because of any great affection for America, but rather as a step in gaining economic advantages, and the political power that they have longed for. The power that some of them want to use to take over the nation itself, and then to change it to their specifications.

The Immigration Bill, is Obamacare all over again, in that it will cheat the citizens; it will cause them misery, and it will create chaos. But amnesty is even worse than Obamacare for America, and for her citizens, because it is the Progressive-Communists’ last nail in America’s coffin.

How do we, the people of the United States, fight this, “take all” attitude? How do we push back against the determined, belligerent, illegal immigrants, the  Liberal media, and Liberal politicians, the Hispanic Caucus, and Republican politicians, who have been hired by lobbyists, and how do we fight back against the, lawless, president of the United States who plans to further dismantle whatever is left of Americans’ protection against the millions of illegal aliens who are flooding our border?

How do we fight back against all of those who urge this Amnesty, which is totally against our own, and our country’s best interests? And how do we fight all of those involved in stealing our elections and in stealing our money, and our power in the United States?

It seems impossible to fight such corruption. The corruption that has always existed, but has now exploded in American politics, and has gained power from the invasion of 20million illegal immigrants. That corruption is deadly; it destroys everything. It is what has ruined and impoverished so many Latin American nations. It is the corruption that many Latinos flee from, but then, inevitably, bring with them.

That corruption, that destroys Liberty is really the reason that Americans are fighting so hard against amnesty. We have seen its vice destroy Mexico, and so many Latin American countries. We have seen it destroy the cities where illegal immigrants settle in the United States. Worse than any disease, it destroys all possibilities, all promise, and every life. We fear it will destroy the principles that were the basis for America. We feel it wiping out the promise, and the courage that were in the Declaration of Independence, and the security gained, by We the People, with the Constitution. For Americans, this corruption that has led to the invasion of the United States, and has increased with the lies, the deals, the pay-offs, and the fanatical efforts to attain amnesty, rots and destroys everything that is right, and good. It seeks to destroy everything that we hold dear. This corruption is so pervasive that it takes away any hope that our rights, guaranteed under the Constitution, or our unalienable rights from The Declaration can survive.

And so, how do We,  the people of the United States, fight this? How do we even begin?

Of course, we must use our own common sense. But, first of all, we must follow Abraham Lincoln’s advice in his 1838, Address before the Young Men’s Lyceum of Illinois. In his speech, Lincoln who truly loved the United States, prophesied a time when America, our Republic, would be in danger from a tyrant. He warned of an evil genius using his lies, and his wiles to utterly change the country. This evil-genius would use some means to conquer the United States from within. Lincoln said that in order to win, to triumph over that tyrant, that the people would have to use “Reason, cold, calculating, unimpassioned reason..Reason must furnish all of the materials for our future support and defense. –Let those materials be molded into general intelligence, sound morality, and, in particular, a reverence for the Constitution and the laws… ”

And so, first, Americans must resist the Liberal narrative that constantly urges an over-abundant-kindness and charity for all Illegal immigrants. The Liberal narrative, voiced by politicians, and the media, urges citizens to discard their own rights, and to carry charity to ridiculous ends; to give up their own political power, their own future, and even their own country, because as the narrative goes, we the citizens are obligated to give all of this up, to wonderful, and worthy illegal immigrants, and to their sad-eyed children.

It is ironic to American citizens who have wanted to keep United States borders strong, and protected, and who have demanded that immigration laws be enforced, for the nation and the citizens’ safety, that those who have broken the immigration laws are portrayed by Liberal politicians, and the Liberal Media, as the victims. Those who have stolen across our borders, and then schemed to break other laws in order to obtain jobs, and benefits, and who have done this consistently, and for decades, are now demanding that their  self-proclaimed victim-hood be acknowledged. The law-breakers, and job-takers, who have defrauded, and conned Americans for Billions, are successfully, using this victim-hood narrative, that the opportunistic politicians, and the Liberal media have helped them to establish. This status, this victim-identity, has been readily adopted, and used by illegal immigrants; it is a useful tool to extort billions in benefits from American citizens. We must be rational, and see what is wrong with the illogic of illegal immigrant victim hood.

And with the extortion, and the fraud that is amnesty

Something is wrong with the picture of the illegal immigrants as victims. Because American citizens are the actual victims of illegal immigration. Illegal Immigration, and this illogical amnesty, are threats that could take everything that citizens have worked and struggled to build in their own country. Citizens have been wronged and harmed by illegal immigrants. American citizens have paid a huge cost on every hand. Americans are always the losers when it comes to the costs of illegal immigration. They are the taxpayers who have lost American jobs, or whose wages were lowered because cheaper labor was available. They are the ones who were forced to pay for the increased costs of education, medical care, and welfare benefits for these illegal immigrants.  But these costs, and the burden of supporting Illegal immigrants are not America’s burden. This burden should never have been placed on the backs of the American taxpayer. Illegal Immigrants have their own countries, and they were supposed to be kept out of the United States by the enforcement of our immigration laws; but our politicians would not enforce the laws. They would not protect us. And now, after decades of United States taxpayers paying billions for the support of Illegal immigrants, the illegal immigrants who have benefitted, are demanding even more. They want amnesty, and all of the advantages, and the expensive benefits that they will gain from it. They further demand to be allowed to bring millions more of their relatives to the United States.

This Amnesty adds even more burdens for Americans to carry. Amnesty requires that United States citizens pay for the costs of instituting the amnesty that the citizens oppose. These are huge costs that will be paid for years to come. This amnesty, and citizenship, and the right to vote, will gain for these new citizens, political advantages, and power over the current Americans. Most likely this political power, the majority power gained by the former illegal immigrants, will be eternal because “chain migration” allows them to bring their extended families to the United States. Then those new immigrants can bring their families. This immigration never stops. Liberal Elites ask the current citizens to be gracious, and helpful in accepting amnesty. The citizens are encouraged to welcome the influx of  the 70 million who will come, and who will then rule over us.

This same degree of charity towards American citizens is not urged onto the illegal immigrants. They would reject it if it was. They are willing to do anything to gain their amnesty prize, to win the billions of dollars, the political power, the jobs, and the welfare benefits, that amnesty awards them. Much less dear to their hearts, is the honor of American citizenship that is gained with this bill; because real love for America, and patriotic feelings, are not what drives amnesty. Still, the American Flag makes a great back-drop for illegal Aliens’ sad narrative. The flag photographs well, and works when used for propaganda. Hundreds of American flags will be used as part of the political tools to win amnesty. American flags will be everywhere as this onslaught for amnesty heats up again. The illegal immigrants and the activists who protest, will use our flag, or any ploy, and even their own children, as tools to win.

The latest 2013 weapons to win amnesty were the singing and crying children who have been separated from deported parents.

On December 5, 2013, activists took children to various Republican Representative’s offices for protests. They were sure that this barrage of songs, and children, aimed at Americans would be a strong, emotional, weapon that they could  use for their cause. They felt sure of winning because Americans have generous, charitable feelings, especially, at Christmas time. They counted on the Christmas protests, and the ignorance, and kindness of Americans. Illegal immigrants’ hopes were high because of their belief that the Speaker of The House, John Boehner, wouldn’t stand up for America against amnesty, or stand against Mr. Obama, and the Democrats. As usual, the amnesty activists were convinced they would win.

Citizens know that since the abandonment of the 2007 push for amnesty, the protests and demonstrations in the years since were just a breather, a pause before the demands for amnesty were renewed. Then after the release of the Senate’s newer, and much more generous 2013 Amnesty; John Boehner and a few Republicans in The House, were all that stood between illegal immigrants and the Democrat-Progressive amnesty. The best bill, ever written, for and by illegal immigrants. The illegal immigrants are dedicated to their agenda; they are determined to win their prize. American patriots have watched the House of Representatives, closely, and the patriots’ emotions have been, first optimistic, then unsure, and often disbelieving. American patriots were stunned when Speaker Boehner spoke of  the  “principles of  immigration reform“. Reports were on the internet that Republicans, from Speaker Boehner on down, were desperate for the millions of dollars that the Chamber of Commerce would donate to their campaigns, and that they were willing to keep amnesty alive. Obama would go silent, but Republicans would pass immigration reform. And then many of them would follow that betrayal of America with their retirement from public office.

Illegal immigrants believe that John Boehner won’t be able to stand against Mr. Obama, and his supporting Main Stream Media. Illegal immigrants believe that Americans are so afraid of being called racists that they won’t say no to amnesty; they believe that Americans will no longer fight for their country. Illegal immigrants, activists, and Mr. Obama are waiting for John Boehner to fold. And if he doesn’t fold they are certain that Mr. Obama and the Democrats will find another way, probably by executive order, to single-handedly inflict this anti-American-amnesty on an unwilling nation.

When you are able to resist the Liberal Elitist narrative, the propaganda that cries out for the citizen’s kindness, and for ever more generosity to illegal immigrants, when you see what is happening to America, you finally come to reason and to the simple, and brutal truth: Illegal immigrants want to take what isn’t theirs. These are not just innocents who want “better lives”. They are wildly ambitious. They covet what is ours. They have worked, they have deceived, and they have schemed to take what we have. And, they will take everything that we have–if we let them.

Illegal Immigrants and activists  are willing to do anything in order to achieve their goals; they will partner with any entity that will help them to undermine and defeat United States immigration laws. They are aggressively demanding amnesty, and citizenship. They have no concern for us. They do not care that amnesty, and chain migration, working with Obamacare within the United States medical care system, will weaken, or impoverish America, or Americans. We the people of the United States, and the consequences that come to us with amnesty,- are not their concern.

Illegal immigrants are not shy about their demands. They are determined to win citizenship for the millions within the United States, illegally, and for the many millions more that they plan on bringing here. The question is will the citizens of the United States be able to hold to the issues?

The truth is that this country belongs to its people. America belongs to the descendants of those who built it. America does not belong to everybody. It does not belong to those people who scorn our laws and who have invaded our country. It doesn’t belong to those who have invaded, and have taken our wealth, and it doesn’t belong to those who demand that we turn America over to them.

Those statements ring true within our hearts. They are stated in writing on law notes: People or Citizen Which one are you?

Because from the beginning it was the People, those whose will and intentions were declared in The Declaration of Independence who could bring the country into existence because they had the authority. It was the people–the Americans whose authority created the 1778, Articles of Confederation, and it was the People–the Americans, who as the “Trustors (the grantors)” ordained and established the Constitution. We the people are the authority, and the people did not relinquish their authority with the Constitution. “The enabling actions in the Preamble are significant because there is simply nothing in the use of those words to imply that the People relinquished any of their own power and authority. The People declared the law (ordain) without taking away from themselves the authority to declare law again in the future. The People established the Constitution without taking away from themselves the authority to establish anything else in the future.” In other words, the people gave birth to the Constitution without giving up any of their own power and authority.

And now it is The people, United States’ Citizens, who must affirm that it is the people of  the United States who are the wronged party in the matter of illegal immigration. The people of the United States must give no ground to those who demand the establishment of  amnesty, or the ceding of American citizenship, and rights, property and goods to the invaders, and the law-breakers, simply because they feel that they deserve it, and they demand it. This is political extortion. Amnesty is not a right. Amnesty is a fraud upon the American people by, illegal immigrants, and their representatives, by those who push, and demand amnesty within the American Congress, and by the American President, by The U.S. Chamber of Commerce, and by domestic organizations, and foreign powers who have worked to orchestrate it.

It is America that has been invaded; we have been harmed. American’s identities, their jobs, and tax-payer funded social welfare benefits, as well as elections, have all been stolen by the invaders who had no rights to them. The Progressive position is this: Americans must welcome millions of people, that are not our responsibility. Progressives, and the illegal immigrants demand that we make citizens of people from foreign nations. But these are the very people, that our laws, which Mr. Obama was supposed to enforce, but refused to enforce, were to prevent from being here. These are people that the citizens themselves, never intended to be here. But with Mr. Obama’s collusion, support and help, many millions, more of them are now here, and they are being assisted, and backed, and allowed to extort amnesty from Americans.

Progressives propose that citizens, accept these invaders, welcome them, give them our jobs, and share with them the benefits, that by right, and by law belong only to Americans. Amnesty goes beyond common sense. It goes beyond kindness, and charity. This amnesty is a Progressive con-job, and it is an outrage. Mr. Obama, as President of the United States, is working against Americans’ best interest, and is working, with all of the power of his office, and with tax-payer funds, to secure this amnesty, on the behalf of foreign nationals. This, fact, by itself, is shocking.

If United States workers, citizens by the millions, invaded any country in the world, Mr. Obama would stop that invasion. Mr. Obama, Progressives, and the helpful mainstream media would level the full-strength of their power to stop such an invasion. They would approve even if Mr. Obama used the full power of the American army against his own people.  But somehow, when America, and Americans are the victims of the invasion, neither Mr. Obama, Progressives, or the main-stream media have an interest in stopping the invaders from harming the citizens or the country.

If any more arguments are needed against amnesty then we should use this fact: we know through the experience of having granted seven previous amnesties that they never work; amnesty encourages more illegal aliens to break into the United States, and then years later millions more of them are calling for yet, another amnesty. Amnesty worsens the problem; it never makes things better. The only thing that ends the invasion is to protect our borders and to enforce our laws. And that is something that Mr. Obama and Progressives are refusing to do. And they should be removed from power because of their refusal to do their duty.

Amnesty has been an on-going fraud on the American public. We have been defrauded with the narrative of  illegal immigrant victimization, or the argument, that it is racists to refuse to grant amnesty. These are two of the lies used to manipulate Americans.

But these Progressive lies make no sense. It is the same as telling a woman whose purse has been snatched that since the thief is poor, and has had a bad life that he has a right to steal whatever belongs to her. The absurd lie tells her that it is the thief that deserves the sympathy-and not her. Even though she had done him no harm, she is the guilty party. Somehow she is to blame for the theft. The thief is actually the victim. And, Progressives say, the woman whose purse was snatched, must now forgive and embrace the thief, even though minutes before he yelled at her and threatened her. Minutes before  it seemed likely that he might even kill her to get her property. She must now do what is right; she must show an over-abundance of Christian charity. She must give the thief her purse. She should apologize. And to make things right, to show her belief in equality, and to be fair, she must also give him as many gifts as he would like. And these gifts must be the ones that the thief has specified in his demand for amnesty–the amnesty that is the forgiveness for his crimes.

This amnesty, or any amnesty, is a prize that illegal immigrants have no right to demand of politicians, or from citizens. But it will take Americans holding to reason, and an American public that is united to stop the greedy, the dishonest, but strong forces pushing for amnesty. The United States citizens will win only if the public stands up for the country. The public must stand for the rights of its own citizens, and demand that its future, rather than the illegal immigrants’ future, be defended and secured by securing their country’s’, the United States, borders.

We the people must be strong enough to demand deportations. We must stand against the propaganda that counts on our kind hearts being touched. We must understand that the pictures of sad-eyed illegal immigrants and their children that the mainstream media will inundate us with at every opportunity, are part of the propaganda. It is the Liberal way to win. They have taken this story of the illegal immigrant invasion of the United States, and turned it into a Civil Rights narrative; it is a false narrative.

It is Obama’s way:  it is using his narratives of the oppressed, to end the enforcement of American immigration laws, and using amnesty to end the rule of law in America. Obama uses stories about his favorites: the  people he designates as the oppressed, to better oppress the American people.

We must stand against that emotional blackmail, and the guilt-trips that illegal immigrants and activists will use. Because they will use every pathetic story they can find; they will use their own children, against us, and pit their stories against our love of our country. They will use the powerful narrative that citizens who want our immigration laws enforced are destroying lives, when what we are actually demanding is that non-citizens obey United States Law, and that United States politicians stop circumventing it. If we accept, and follow the Liberal narrative, if we allow this fraudulent amnesty, in order to prove what fine Christians we are, then we have been conned. We have sold out our country, and our ownership of it; we have sold out the soldiers who fought for it, and died that we might be free. And through our lack of common-sense we will have betrayed what the founders fought and died for, and we will have lost the privilege of being the citizens of the finest and most prosperous nation that the world has ever known.

If we allow this fraudulent amnesty, and pay the extortion demanded by the invaders of the United States, then the rule of law is ended in the United States. And adhering, and insisting that the rule of law, and especially immigration law be enforced, is all that can save the United States from the continued invasion of millions.

Citizens must stand up for their country, and demand that the U.S. border with Mexico be closed. Citizens must demand that the border be honestly, consistently, and securely patrolled and protected. We must not be defrauded again; we the people must, regularly, check that border and see whether it is being protected, and secured. We must never believe another Janet Napolitano’s absurd declarations that: the border has never been more secure. We must demand a fence as strong as that of Israel’s because no matter what our politicians say, if it works for Israel, a well-designed fence, and a well-patrolled border, will also work for the United States . If Mr. Obama, and the NSA can spy on Americans and the entire world, then the government, surely, has the ability to build a fence along most of the Southern border.

If the Obama Administration has any competency at all, or any desire to protect the United States from aggressive invaders, than it should show that now. But we must be rational: the Obama Administration has shown no desire to protect the border. Mr. Obama, and Progressives have shown no desire to protect either the citizens, or the United States. They have shown every desire to do just the opposite. And so, if Mr. Obama and his administration is so lawless, so anti-American, and so corrupt that it can’t be trusted to do this, the basic job of building a fence, of enforcing immigration laws,  and protecting our border, then what good is it? If it is no good to us or to the country; if it is, instead, intent on destroying us, then we must get rid of Mr. Obama and his administration before they get rid of us.

And, this fence must be built. It must be built by Americans. The Mexican government, and its people must stand down. They must be given no contracts, and none of their people must be allowed to work on the fence, or to have any authority over the American fence. They have shown, for decades, that they cannot be trusted. And they have inflicted enough damage on the United States. This must be a fence built by both union and non-union workers. It must be competent, smart work, that is on a tight schedule. It must be completed on time, and be a strong and an enduring work. A work that protects, and is protected, and is constantly patrolled. Because the American border with Mexico is a dangerous border, one that is constantly under attack by Mexico and its people. The United States’ border with Mexico has long been as dangerous as any border in the world.

The immigration laws must be enforced, and Americans must be protected from any further invasion. The Obama administration, or whichever administration replaces them,  is obligated to do this by Article IV. Section 4. of The Constitution of The United States. And if Congress, or Mr. Obama refuse the demands of the people, and refuse to enforce the laws, and continue in their usurpation of the sovereignty of We The People, and of the nation; they must be removed from power.

We the people have every right to, and must demand, that all forms of immigration cease for at least a decade, or longer. That will slow the political influence of strong, anti-American, illegal immigrant organizations, from undermining our laws and interfering with America’s internal affairs. A pause in immigration will stop politicians’ using it as a tool to gain, and to manipulate votes. Immigration must be stopped for a decade to remove it as an invading peoples’ tool to gain power, and to conquer us without fighting a war. Chain migration, because of the numbers of people admitted from unfriendly nations, threatens to disenfranchise the power and the votes of citizens of the United States; it must be stopped. Anchor babies must not automatically receive citizenship, because that is an incentive for illegal immigration. Immigration, legal, and illegal has weakened us, and divided us. The United States needs time to recover politically and economically from the onslaught of immigrants that America has allowed, and has supported at great costs, and for so many decades, to the detriment of American citizens’ pursuit of happiness.

Who in America is sure enough, strong enough, and determined enough, to fight Mr. Obama, the Gang of Eight, and the wavering, Republicans who are trembling at the size of the illegal immigrant voting bloc? Or Republicans that are trembling and wavering, and afraid to fight Obama because of some other insidious Progressive threat.

This immigrant population, is a political power that was built on an invasion that has lasted for decades. It grew out business’ cry for cheap labor. And, it grew from the deepest corruption, and deception. It is a block of voters that grew to critical mass because American politicians would not secure the Southern border. Now we have millions of strangers within our country, strangers with their own anti-American agenda, and who have stolen their power to decide United States elections. They are here; they refuse to leave, and they are threatening us, by their protests, and challenges to our laws. They demand that we reward them with amnesty. With chain migration we turn our country over to them. But Americans love America. Amnesty is an extortion that is being backed by the American President. It is against all reason; it is against the rule of law. The amnesty must not pass. The extortionists must be punished, and not rewarded with the gift of America.

We don’t know whether Mr. Obama and his Justice Department have changed the voter laws to the point that many millions of non-citizens are voting. We know that if this amnesty is passed they will soon do so. One thing is certain, if we don’t fight this, the biggest, and the most unjust to Americans, amnesty, that it will soon bring at least 70 million, and likely, many more immigrants to the United States; those millions will over-whelm the votes of Americans. Those millions will disenfranchise conservative Americans.  That means that illegal immigrants, who have consistently broken our laws, win. And Progressive-Democrats who have joined foreign nationals, against Americans also win. It means, these people, who have shown little respect for the rule of law, and the Constitution will be the controlling powers in America. And if a Great, and Powerful Providence, does not intervene on behalf of America, this covenant nation, then these illegal immigrants, and the many millions of people who will soon flood the United States will decide all future American elections.

They, and Progressive politicians will have America’s destiny, our unalienable rights, our lives, and our precious freedom in their hands. We will no longer be the nation that was conceived in Liberty; we will be lost.

And so, who will defend America? The Main Stream media ? The media has strong ties to George Soros, and so, hasn’t defended the nation’s best interests for years. The main-stream-media supports illegal immigrants’ rights, first, before the rights of Americans, and for years they have claimed, falsely, that the United States urgently needs immigration reform. And since the media strongly defends Mr. Obama, Progressive politicians, and all liberal, and leftists principles, citizens must count them out. The American mainstream media won’t stand against amnesty.

The most important question is: will America’s people defend her? Are the citizens so confused that they can no longer understand what they will lose with amnesty? Are they so indoctrinated by Liberal philosophy, and so caught up in their own lives, that they cannot see how serious the situation has become? Has the constant drum of the Liberal narrative muddled their thoughts? Can Americans no longer reason? Are they so desperate to be politically correct, and to stay away from controversy that they will allow aggressive law-breakers, outsiders who have broken United States laws for years, to take advantage of the entire nation. Are citizens unable to see the right? Are citizens’ no longer willing to take a stand against thieves who would steal what is ours? Because this nation is our home. And our nation will be taken from us. Amnesty ultimately will admit at least 70 million strangers who will head up the controlling, minority that has become the majority. It is now that we need to remember the quote by Leonard H. Robbins, “How a minority, reaching majority, seizing authority, hates a minority”.

It is We the people, who will be the hated minority.

The Illegal Immigration invasion is actually a war. It is not a war that always uses weapons, but it is absolutely a war for the owner-ship of our country. American citizen’s opponents are the illegal immigrants, struggling to take away our rights as Americans. It is true that much of this invasion began, as, is so often said, by poor people who just wanted to work. But it continued, it grew and it changed, and now we struggle against millions of people who have purposely, and continually infiltrated our borders.

And for many years, some of them have played the part of a poor, and humble people who wanted to work, and then would willingly return to their own countries. But it was either a lie from the beginning, or their goals changed from, simply working in America, to owning America. They are now a presence of millions; these millions are now aggressively demanding  that we make them into citizens, and that we give them all of the gifts contained in the Democrat Senate’s amnesty. These people are a threat to our safety, and many are openly menacing us. They use the fact that there are millions of them as a threat to get what they want. Our very nation is at stake; who is the most determined? Who will  win the prize of America ?

To many of today’s illegal immigrants, jobs, welfare benefits, and even the United States of America, all of that, and more, are just part of the package that they feel that they are entitled to. Some of the sense of entitlement comes from the fact that millions have been allowed to enter the United States, illegally, for decades, and to take American jobs. Our government allowed this abuse of U.S. laws and borders because American businesses have always demanded cheap labor. American businesses still demand cheap labor; they are determined to use amnesty to bring millions of immigrants to the United States, even though, Americans have long been desperate for jobs.

Citizens have fought against high numbers of legal immigrants because they knew that those numbers impacted the jobs, and the salaries that Americans needed for decent lives. Illegal immigration brought lower wages, more competition, and  the corruption of our laws by numbers of undocumented people who didn’t follow our rules. As their millions grew the potential for lawlessness and violence also increased.

It is true, as illegal immigrants say, that many of them worked very hard. But of course, so did Americans. And as activists claim, many of the illegal workers in the United States were treated badly by employers. Americans were also treated badly by employers. Now current illegal immigrants and their descendants, and the ever-increasing, millions, who still are voluntarily, and  continually crossing the United States borders, want to extort a payment for that hard work, and for any unfairness they experienced along the way. Americans in general, had nothing to do with any bad experiences that illegal immigrants suffered; if Americans could have prevented them from coming to the United States, Americans would have done so. Illegal immigrants weren’t captured, and kidnapped, sold, and brought to the United States against their will, as African slaves were. Illegal immigrants lied, fought, and bribed, and stole their way into the United States, without our knowledge and against our will.

Despite our laws, illegal immigrants came, they used dishonesty, and any method they could to enter our country, and they kept coming, against our will. And now the recompense for the difficulties that illegal immigrants experienced, and that their activists demand from us is too high. Their Price is Amnesty; their price is America.

If you are reasonable. If you value what you have, and can protect it, you don’t allow strangers to steal away the precious things that belong to you. You don’t allow strangers to take that which you, and your ancestors have worked for, and built for decades. You don’t allow anyone to take your home, and your future. You don’t allow politicians, in the name of social justice, or business leaders greedy for cheap labor, to give away to strangers that which was bought by the blood of Americans, and that which was built by their sweat, and gained by their suffering. You don’t give or sell away something that is  priceless, and can never be recaptured once it has been lost. You stand up for what is yours; you don’t allow America to be given, to be stolen, or sold away.

Illegal immigrants’ present demands for amnesty, for citizenship, and benefits, do not acknowledge, or take into account all that they have already taken, and have taken for decades, from the United States. Their demands for this amnesty are an additional extortion, and a drain on our wealth. Over the years, Illegal immigrants have been paid, or they have claimed and have taken away billions of dollars from America. Billions of dollars just in social programs, that we did not owe them. Social programs that were not, legally, theirs to take. Americans have paid for decades of immigration in loss of jobs, and from the loss of money that illegal immigrants earned from American jobs, but did not spend in our nation. Those were billions that were sent over-seas, or across the southern border. If those jobs had been held by Americans, and if the money was earned by Americans, it would have benefited citizens, and it would have enriched our economy. But those jobs were held by foreign nationals, and instead of benefiting us they benefited foreign nations and their citizens.

Illegal immigrants have little gratitude for what they have already taken. They demand more: they demand citizenship, and they demand all of the expensive benefits that will come with amnesty; If Americans were blunt-but-honest we would ask, “What gives you the right, what great favor have you done for America, and Americans that you deserve this special treatment, and these special payments? And the answers would come: we worked hard–we deserve it. We deserve justice. You are racists if you don’t make us citizens. Those are the answers, and they are always the same, and although they are  inadequate, the answers have gained illegal immigrants billions of dollars in benefits. But if you are a person with common sense, you know that such answers are unreasonable coming from a group of people that have already cost Americans much in joblessness, in crime, and countless billions of dollars taken from the American economy. These millions of illegal immigrants who have, without apology, taken so much, and who are determined to get their amnesty, their pounds of flesh, want to continue costing Americans more in the future.

Some of their  aggressive attitude of entitlement, to everything that is American, comes from beliefs that were instilled in illegals from many countries. Their attitude comes from years of United States foreign aid, rescue in times of disaster, and  the charitable giving they have received from Americans. It is reflected in the words of Mr. Obama’s illegal alien aunt who, until her death,  resided in the United States, and who took benefits from America for years, and who never paid into the system. She said, ‘you have the obligation to make me a citizen”. Mr. Obama, Progressives, illegal immigrants, and those activists, and advocates who represent them, fiercely repeat those words.

Mr. Obama’s Aunt’s attitude is the same as many who live in the United States illegally; it is the, “America owes the world”, attitude. What America has bravely, and kindly given to so many, and for decades, is now something that is expected of Americans, no matter what the cost is to them. That is why Illegal immigrants, feel no compunction about demanding all of the benefits included in this outrageous, amnesty. That is why people who live in other countries, feel they have a right to be Americans. It is demanded by illegal immigrants because they feel it is due them, simply because they are poor, or because they worked hard, they were slighted, or feel that they or their parents were mistreated in some way.

This attitude is strongest from Latin Americans. Latin American countries have a long-standing anti-American, “Yankee, go home”, attitude within their own borders. But once Latin Americans arrive in the United States of America, they forever after, refuse to go home, and many of them start organizations whose goal is to help them take over Americans’ home. This attitude, “of this is our home”; is especially true with Mexicans who have taken up illegal residence in the United States. They, along with Mr. Obama’s aunt, refuse to leave, and demand that we give them, and all of their relatives, citizenship, and the same, life-time- free, provision that Obama’s aunt demanded.

To them the fact that Americans fought for over two-hundred years to establish a country like no other in the world, or in the world’s history, is inconsequential. To many illegal immigrants, the effort and the accomplishment of  Americans, and their decades of work is disregarded. America is not valued except for the material goods that illegal immigrants plan to take from her. To illegal immigrants, America–everything that we have sacrificed for, and striven to build, -now belongs to them. They have fought a war of deception, invasion, and a war of deceit and of corruption of the rule of law. They have fought the war for amnesty by using their high birth rate as a weapon. They fight a war of numbers and votes. Illegal immigrants figure, and Mr. Obama and the Democrat–Progressives figure that it all belongs to them.

Americans beg to differ. America was founded and fought for by generations of citizens and heroes who sacrificed, built, suffered, fought and died for this country. America belongs to Americans.

For the last several decades the media has offered America scant praise. America’s history, its accomplishments, successes, and the benefits it has brought to the world are hardly mentioned. But the medias’ gloomy attitude about America, lifted when Barack Obama was elected president. The media was his biggest and most enthusiastic fan. It supported him it agreed with him; it extolled his smallest victory. And, it shared Mr. Obama’s lack of enthusiasm for the idea of American exceptionalism, unless that exceptional American, wasn’t, actually, an American. The illegal immigrant story is one of the media’s favorite narratives. The Media’s narrative is nearly always sympathetic. Their narrative of the worthy illegal immigrant, their struggles, their suffering, and the injustice they have suffered in the United States is a required part of the narrative.

That there might also be an American narrative, doesn’t occur to journalists. The media seldom writes those stories. But, surely, there is one worthy American who has suffered because of illegal immigration?  One story about an American who has been unemployed for years, and can’t find a job because Mexican illegal immigrants dominate the janitor trades, the roofing trades, all of the building trades, and most of the landscaping business. But American narratives don’t seem to  matter. What matters is the sad illegal immigrant story. And the law-breaking that goes hand in hand with being an illegal immigrant, is not  a part of the narrative. The law-breaking aspect of illegal immigration doesn’t trouble the media or get reported. Neither does the fact that millions of American families are suffering because millions of illegal immigrants have taken American jobs.

The media seldom reports on the consequences of illegal immigration to Americans. And the media doesn’t concentrate on the money, which is a big story. Billions, and billions of dollars that illegal immigrants have sent back to their home countries for decades. Money that never contributed to the United States  economy as it would have if Americans had held those American jobs. And not much has been written about the American citizens, whose identity was stolen. Little was written about millions of illegal aliens who took American jobs, and who also took  billions each year in American benefits. The stories about the millions of illegal immigrant who allowed the delivery of their children to be paid for by Americans, or those whose yearly healthcare, and whose children’s’ education was taxpayer paid. The media seldom tells the stories. But sometimes it is government aid, and American benefits, that subsidized activists’ lives, as they formed organizations to protest, and to undermine those United States tax-payers’ , immigration laws.

The push for illegal immigrant power, and the illegal immigrants’ activists organizations’ determination to fight Americans’ concern, and Conservatives’ determination to do something about the growing numbers of illegal immigrants and the spending on welfare, have been a struggle for decades, but the struggle gained momentum in the 1990’s, the Clinton years.

The Republican drive to limit illegal immigration’s encroachment on the nations’ demographics, was a battle that Bill Clinton’s  Citizenship USA, won by quickly naturalizing millions of illegal immigrants, just in time for the 1996 elections, and under charges of irregularities and fraud. And it was in the 1990’s that the illegal immigrant organizations grew more powerful, with help from Liberal politicians. Both illegal immigrant organizations, and Liberal politicians pushed to  secure American welfare benefits for this, always growing population. These illegal immigrant movements, growing powerful under Mr. Clinton, reflect, on a lesser scale what Progressive-Democrats, Obama, Schumer, and the Gang of Eight are trying to bring to fruition in 2014 with Amnesty. The immigration reform bill will secure the outcomes that Democrats, and pro-illegal immigrant organizations have been striving for since the 1990’s.

As of  2014  the GOP Amnesty would legalize 20million, illegal immigrants, who with the “chain migration” policy that began in 1965, will likely, swell the numbers of new immigrants to at least 70million.  This is an amnesty that pleases even La Raza, because it will, by its effects, disenfranchise millions of  natural born American citizens. And that is a prime goal of the Reconquista movement. These policy efforts through-out the Clinton years, and the likely outcomes of  Clinton’s policies are now seen in 2013-2014. The current push for amnesty is a repeat of the Clinton years, on steroids, and shows the Progressive intent to bring in an unending flow of cheap labor, and Progressive voters.

Progressives have no concern, they show no conscience, or empathy about how this continual, eternal wave of chain migration will affect, or  perhaps, destroy the nation, or the nation’s citizens.

The aims, and the destructive outcomes of illegal immigration, on the United States, is obvious even in Liberal, scholarly accounts of illegal immigration, such as: From Immigrants to Activists, by Alyce P. Miller, Ph.D. This work which shows how the illegal immigrant invasion, coupled with a Liberal Democrat political collusion rapidly increased both the immigrant population, and increased government spending, when compared to the current state of the United States economy, proves that everything that Republicans in the 1990’s  foresaw, and predicted, and fought to prevent, happened. The Liberal Democrat policies increased the continued invasion of the United States by millions of illegal immigrants. The invasion increased the billions of dollars of tax-payer-assistance that was given to them by Liberal politicians. The illegal immigrant invasion was not stopped because Democrats would not let it be stopped. Liberals assisted them in every way. The population continued to grow, and illegal immigrants took more power from Americans, and more money from the United States economy. And now, in 2013-2014 the United States is a much poorer nation; we have few jobs for our own citizens, and still, the Progressive-Democrats’ answer is the same as it was in better economic times: it is amnesty. But this time, Obama and Progressives’ amnesty has swelled into a SUPER amnesty that is unlike any program ever attempted in any country in the world.

And those billions of dollars that Americans lost, through job loss to illegal immigrants, and those Billions that enriched other countries’ and not the United States? Those billions are gone forever.  According to just from the year 2000 up to 2011, $53, billion dollars was sent out of the United States to seventeen Latin American Countries. In 2012 the United States sent out $123.3 Billion dollars through foreign workers. That’s money from American jobs, that Americans could have been employed in, and that’s billions of dollars that didn’t enter the American economy.

That money could have made life better for millions of Americans, but it was stolen from them. Or it was given away to citizens of other countries. Immigration redistributes wealth. And Illegal immigration is not a victimless crime; the victims are America, and her citizens.

But for years, America’s media has continually pled for the rights of the millions of illegal immigrants who have invaded the United States. Fox News Latino editor Geraldo Rivera has long been committed to their cause, and like most of the media he casts those who fight against amnesty, and for strictly enforced immigration laws, as hard-hearted- racists; the illegal immigrant is always the victim who is owed justice.

On November of 2013, Fox News Latino columnist, Mario Baeza, declared that after the government shutdown, it is now time to “enact immigration reform–this year.” After that statement, he immediately went on to demand that Mr. Obama take immediate action to preserve Latino Culture across America, by establishing numerous Latino Heritage sites.

Mr. Baeza considered amnesty as a matter of course, something that’s already decided. But, even before that much demanded, and protested for, amnesty, he stated that Mr. Obama should move forward on the matter of establishing those “Latino heritage sites”. Mr. Baeza thought that this should be done quickly so that after the amnesty Latinos will have places to celebrate “our culture” in the United States.  It goes without saying that, “Our Culture”, is Latino culture, and definitely not American culture. To Americans it seems that illegal immigrants demand everything from America.  But they are grateful for nothing that America has given them.

Mr. Baeza shrugs off the consequences of amnesty to the citizens of the United States, and he doesn’t discuss the possibility of problems or of any crisis from inviting 70 million strangers, to quickly come live in America. He thinks nothing of the enormous, financial, and political sacrifices that the United States and its citizens would have to make to make Mr. Obama’s amnesty happen. To his mind this is a small act that Americans are required to do for millions of illegal immigrants who have broken even the simple rules of hospitality, by coming to the United States without an invitation. Mr. Baeza has nothing to say about the list of laws these illegal immigrants have broken during their decades of stolen residency in the United States;  as with the illegal immigrants, the rights of Americans, to their own culture, their own jobs, their own benefits, and their own dreams, and even to their own country are never considered.

Assuming that the small matter of citizenship was dispensed with, Mr. Baeza turned to those other conditions, and the requirements that America must quickly satisfy. Now America must establish Latino Heritage sites. The costs of amnesty, of making illegal immigrants into citizens will be astronomical, but according to Mr. Baeza we must do that quickly and without complaint. But then onto their heritage sites. And, the additional billions of United States citizen’s dollars to pay for those Latino Heritage sites? Let’s not quibble.

If Americans could make liberals, Obama, Democratic leaders, and all of D.C. listen, or care, they would tell them: our jobs, and our lives are already precarious. For years you have burdened the taxpayers for the costs of benefits, including Medicaid, for millions of illegal aliens who reside in our country; it is wrong to over-burden us by making citizens of them and their millions of relatives that you plan to import under the guise of Immigration Reform.

Mr. Obama and Progressives, you have put Americans in peril of Mexico’s drug dealers, and Mexico’s criminals by your lack of respect, and non-enforcement of United States laws. You are allowing illegal immigrants to disregard our sovereignty. You are making America a lawless, and a dangerous country.

But they wouldn’t listen. Obama, Democrat and some Republican politician’s sympathy   and support is not for Americans; it is for the illegal immigrants, people who are not of this nation, people who have broken America’s immigration laws for decades.

But these Progressive politicians’ have goals, and agendas that are helped by illegal immigration. Immigrants’, and the Progressive agenda, are influenced by many sources, and some, though carefully disguised, are closely affiliated with the American Communists party. World Net Daily’s article about Trevor Loudon’s book, The Enemies Within: Communists, Socialists and Progressives in the U.S. Congress, exposed that link. The Loudon book traces the historical connections between the Communist party and the illegal immigrant movement, and how that connection has led to the push in Congress for a new, extensive, and a financially ruinous, amnesty for illegal immigrants.

These Democrat/Progressive politicians play down the who, and what of organizations that are backing this amnesty. Progressives seek to influence Americans in a sentimental way. They appeal for sympathy with the often repeated cliché of “America is a nation of immigrants”. They play on citizens’ sense of guilt for the down-trodden; and then plead for amnesty for foreign nationals. But foreign nationals give little thought to the consequences to U.S. citizens, of their law-breaking. There is no guilt about the American jobs that they take from citizens who needed them to support their own families. Illegal Immigrants have no guilt for the theft of billions of dollars in benefits that they claim for their immigrant families. Benefits that are meant for citizens, and that are paid for by hard-working United States taxpayers. None of the broken laws, the lies, the theft, the deaths of Americans, and the continual corruption that is the trail that illegal immigrants leave through-out their lives in the United States, none of this pricks their consciences. Illegal immigrants take their cue from the president from Democrats, and from Republican politicians, who support the immigration bill even though they must know it will have unforeseen, and grave consequences for the citizens.

The president has no shame about consequences to Americans. The president, after years in the Oval Office, has brought the United States to the point of failure. For Mr. Obama, for any president of the United States, to propose bringing in 70 million more competitors for American jobs is shameful. After over five years in office, neither Mr. Obama, nor Progressive politicians have jobs, answers, or sympathy to offer the 57.5 million Americans who are unemployed, or who have lost hope and left the job market. That 57.5 million un-employed Americans is a number that matches the number of immigrants, that Senator Jeff Sessions estimated would be admitted under Mr. Obama and the Senate’s Immigration Bill. And no matter how strongly, or how often Americans speak out against amnesty, or how often Speaker Boehner says he will not accept the Democrat Senate’s Amnesty, the push for Amnesty continues. Even after Mr. Obama’s Obamacare fiasco, he came back, and Democrats come back, once again to the push for Immigration Reform. Americans know that something strange and terrible is behind this powerful push to bring in these 70 million strangers.

And Mr. Obama, who has publicly worried over the environment, doesn’t worry about this sudden importation of millions of people. Has he never questioned what over-population will do to the environment?

This immigration reform along with Obamacare, will damage the United States even further.

After five years in office Mr. Obama, and his administration take no responsibility for the lack of jobs, and the faltering U.S. economy. According to The Daily Caller, as of November 11, 2013, the United States had a record high of 91,541,000 people who were not in the labor force. Instead, Mr. Obama and the Democrat politicians weep for the “Dreamers”, those not so young children, of illegal immigrants who were all, supposedly, brought here at five-years-of-age. Or they worry about illegal immigrants who have broken our laws, and are deported, leaving family members behind.

These Democrat-Progressives, these supposed representatives of the American people, give little thought, and few tears for the actual victims of illegal immigration: the American citizens. In contrast to Democrat, and  Republican politicians, whose thought is how immigration reform will benefit their agenda, is the commonsense of Senator Jeff Sessions who says: when we don’t have jobs for our own people why import more workers?

The media and the politicians don’t seem to care that Illegal immigration is not a victimless crime: the victims of the crime are Americans and they have paid the price for the invasion of our borders; it is Americans who have suffered for decades. The president and Democrat politicians have no help, or comfort to offer for Americans’ job losses to illegal immigrants, or any apologies to make for the trillions of dollars taxpayers will have to pay for amnesty in the decades to come. They are silent about the crimes that illegal immigrants have committed against citizens.

Citizen’s comments on social media, and blogs reflect their opinions about the Obama Administration’s means to pass amnestySurveys show that only five percent believe the promises that Obama, or Congress make about border security will be kept.

The foolishness, injustice, the deceit , lack of planning, and the  twisted logic that Mr. Obama and Democrats demonstrated with Obamacare , couldn’t be hidden from the public .  And then, without a glance back at the chaos they created in the United States with Obamacare ; Progressives, and Mr. Obama continued their rush to amnesty. Obamacare was forced, and rushed into law against the will of the people, and with little thought or planning. Citizens have paid billions for that. Now, Mr. Obama has delayed many of the provisions of the law, to avoid the political consequences. So, no one knows what the full consequences, of Obamacare, will be for Americans’ healthcare.

Amnesty has had little planning, and no research by the Federal government. There are no published studies that show what its impact will be on America or on Americans. Politicians, and the mainstream media tell us that it is a great idea, even though they have no basis for their beliefs.  Obama and his administration who demand EPA impact studies for every move an American business makes, want an huge number of illegal immigrants, strangers, 30 million resident, and an additional 70 million, to come to the United States under their Amnesty. But Mr. Obama and the EPA feel no need for studies, or impact statements for an action that will impact every citizen of the United States. And this amnesty, that will likely lead to shortages of water and food, and other natural resources, gets no opposition from environmentalists, or Liberal Americans.

But we can see the impact that the influx of  large numbers of guest workers has had on Singapore: reports that there have been riots by the immigrants, and that unhappy citizens are worried about uncontrolled population growth caused by this migration. Guest workers in Singapore might be sent home, but with Mr. Obama, and Mr. Boehner’s amnesty, Americans would face the fast importation of  at least 70 million strangers who would quickly become citizens; it would be final. And it would be fatal.  There would be no undoing of the consequences of amnesty. Despite the probable grim results and the awful finality of amnesty, Americans are supposed to trust our future to Mr. Obama, and to fate. But neither fate, nor Mr. Obama are kind, and it is very hard for citizens to trust either of them.  Mr. Obama and the Democrats, along with turn-coat-Republican politicians, hold secret meetings, and hide the truth of their betrayal from American citizens. The reports about the possibility of amnesty keep changing. But what is certain is that the Pro-amnesty movement continues to push forward with some form of the Immigration Reform Bill, despite the out-cry from citizens. And any American who retains his or her common sense knows that the reasons for this drumbeat for amnesty, that doesn’t benefit America, at all, is that our politicians, from the White House on down are becoming very rich, as they allow America to be drained of every resource, financial and natural.

The founders of America were people of good sense. They were not easily conned by con-men. What would they have said about this unreasoning rush by the President of the United States, by Senator Charles Schumer and his gang of Eight, along with most Democrat-Progressives in Congress, and now The Speaker of the House, John Boehner, towards, this, the-biggest-ever-amnesty of illegal immigrants? The founders might ask: Why are they rushing to quickly make millions of strangers, most of whom are committed law-breakers, into Americans? What wonders did these people do to benefit the country and to earn the riches that the Congress is paying them in this amnesty?

The truthful answer would be: they broke our laws, they ignored our borders and our sovereignty. They stole our identities’ to take our jobs. They used our hospitals and we had to pay their bills. They sent the money they earned here, from American jobs, back to their home country. So, even the American money that illegal immigrants earned did little to boost the American economy, or seldom helped any American. By their great numbers they lowered the wages we were paid and the number of jobs that were available. American citizens paid for the education, and the food stamps for their children. But on the other hand, they say that they worked hard, and that they were paid very little.

I think the founders would laugh. And they might say: it sounds like these down-trodden invaders made out like bandits. Now you, our kind, but very foolish descendants, you modern-day Americans, don’t let them cheat you further, make them leave your country. And please, unless you are idiots, you will not insult us by giving them another penny. Because any fool can see that this Amnesty is extortion.”

Yes, I think that if they could come forward in time, and join the argument about amnesty, the founders would look at past amnesties, and would quickly see the results, and the sad consequences of illegal immigration on this nation.

Then the founders would wonder what kind of fraud Mr. Obama and Progressives are pulling on the good citizens of the United States. The founders would be astonished at the taxpayer money that changes hands with amnesty. They would scoff  at the dishonesty. They would wonder at the great benefits that will be reaped by illegal immigrants, by the  “immigrant” organizations, that front for foreign nations, and suck advantages from, and money out of American Taxpayers, and if the whole truth were known, by the American politicians who have grown rich as they pushed amnesty at the expense of the very citizens they were supposed to represent.

The founders would be amazed that the Illegal Aliens have been allowed to disobey our laws, and take so much, financially, from the citizens. The founders would be disappointed that citizens have been bamboozled; and that illegal immigrants who have taken goods and services, from our nation for so many decades, will soon be able to rip the heart from it too. The founders would wonder that millions of people, who have broken laws and committed crimes, and that Americans have no legal obligation to, now have the unmitigated gall to claim victim-hood, and demand more, in the form of an Amnesty that the citizens will pay for in every way, and for the rest of their lives.

The Amnesty that offers so much assistance to those millions, that our leaders hope to make the new Americans, is to help them make the transition to citizen. The trillions that these millions of former illegal immigrants will receive over their lifetimes will be the illegal immigrants reward for dishonesty, corruption and lawlessness; and it will be an additional penalty that citizens, who have done nothing, must pay for them.

The Gang of Eights’ amnesty involves payments in billions, from the very beginning of the amnesty, and billions more for decades after; and that money is demanded from tax-paying U.S. Citizens. Heritage.Org estimates, in a 2013 article, that in the end, American taxpayers will have paid trillions when all of the costs of amnesty are known. There is no logical reason for this amnesty, and there is no logical reason to pay these invaders their demanded extortion. This reward is to be given to those citizens of other countries, who have broken U.S. laws, and have stolen so much, and in so many ways from United States citizens. And even while the taxpayers pay for amnesty they lose their own political power. The founders would wonder at the cynicism, and the corruption practiced on the United States by illegal immigrants. They would disparage the Democrat-Progressive politicians who have led the push for amnesty. I imagine that the founders would have some inspired and searing words for the Liberals among us who cry fairness, and justice for illegal immigrants, even as they give away America from her citizens, and from their children. The pamphleteers of the Revolution would not remain silent. Those Revolutionary War era rebels, those patriots and masters of words, who pushed Americans along on the road of Liberty, would have new words of warning about the dangers of amnesty for Americas’ modern legislatures, for  Americas’ courts, and for Congress, but their harshest words would be for the present person to hold the honorable title of:  President of the United States. For he is: The man who betrayed America. Mr. Obama, should go down in history. Because he is the man who betrayed the last best hope for mankind. He is the modern day Benedict Arnold, but so much worse than Benedict Arnold. A man without truth or honor, and who, if the truth can ever be told in America again, will someday be listed along with other of history’s Evil men, for the damage and destruction they have left behind them.

Before the Revolutionary War, Thomas Paine, the author of Common Sense, wrote this about England Ruling the American Colonies: “It is absurd for an island to rule a continent”. I can imagine Paine’s reasoning, and warnings about Obamacare, and Immigration Reform. If he could have looked through a magic window that showed him the dishonesty, of politicians, the deep corruption, and twisted ideologies that are taking control, and ruining America, he might have continued with: “And It is absurd for Communist politicians to call themselves Progressives and to rule over a free Republic.”

In the wit and wisdom of modern times, Ben Stein , or perhaps it was anonymous, speak a pithy truth to the illogic, and deceit of Obamacare with: “Fathom the hypocrisy of a government that requires every citizen to prove they are insured…but not everyone must prove they are a citizen. And now, any of those who refuse or are unable, to prove they are citizens will receive free insurance paid for by those who are forced to buy insurance because they are citizens.”

Americans need humor to help them through this, never-experienced, difficult era, a time of rule of the elites, and the rapid re-establishment of tyranny. It is like another time in America, those dangerous times before, and during the American Revolution, of which, Thomas Paine said: “These are the times that try men’s souls. The Summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of his country; but he that stands it now, deserves the love and thanks of man and women.”

Sometimes the citizens may manage a rueful laugh, but at heart Americans know that politicians, when elected, make a promise to execute the laws of the United States, and to uphold the Constitution. Immigration laws and the Constitution protect the United States and its citizens. But after all we have seen, and the lies we have been told, it is foolish to think that President Obama can, or will do his duty to Americans. It is, actually, foolish to believe that Mr. Obama will execute the laws, and uphold the Constitution. Citizens know that they can’t trust him. What if he gives orders that have no standing, or any basis with our laws. Surely, he is giving illegal orders, through his agencies every day. We certainly can’t trust what he might do when he is supporting, aiding, and abetting illegal immigrants as they break U.S. laws. Mr. Obama can’t and won’t uphold the Constitution when he has joined forces with illegal immigrants to help them break, or change our laws, and to shred our Constitution.

Americans aren’t the only ones who suffer because of Illegal Immigration. Illegal immigration causes problems throughout the world. Every country needs protection from those illegal immigrants who willfully break its laws, and then invade its borders without permission or documentation. Americans have been betrayed by those who were to enforce our laws, and the country has been over-run by invaders. Only deep political corruption, and millions of dollars changing hands could have caused this. Because America has clear directives in our Constitution, in Article IV. Section 4, that states the citizens, and states will be protected from invasion. No country on earth can survive open borders.

Mr. Obama refuses to acknowledge that simple truth.

Americans in Arizona pled with Mr. Obama to protect their state from invasion, to enforce the borders for the safety of their citizens, and to defend their state’s and America’s sovereignty. Americans across the nation pled with the president to defend our country from this decades long invasion. But President Obama turned a deaf ear to Americans, and instead he pleads for fairness for illegals in the United States. A great many of these illegal immigrants are Mexicans; and while Obama demands massive changes in the United States Immigration laws, and policies, changes that will result in great harm to citizens and great advantages for illegals, it never occurs to him that Americans deserve the same protection from United States immigration laws that Mexicans enjoy from the strict Immigration Laws of Mexico.

Many countries struggle with Illegal immigrants.  But none have the number problems that the United States does. Millions of foreign nationals have decided that they like what our country offers. For decades they have invaded our country by the millions, and now they are determined to take majority political power within the United States. Obama and the Democrats seem more than willing to help them. This latest push for Amnesty began years ago, and it will continue in years to come; it is driven by billions of dollars, some it from unknown sources. And some of it is taxpayers’ money: grants from the Federal Government that made its way to organizations that support amnesty. Money has also been given by progressive organizations and businesses throughout the country, to push immigration reform. The effort, and the dollars given by the Obama Administration, put Immigration Reform, which benefits foreign nationals’ best interests, above, what is good for the United States and its citizens. Immigration Reform will harm Americans; it is an act of treason by  government officials, and those in Congress, against the American people.

The politicians, and advocates, who are behind Immigration Reform often depict those who are in the United States, illegally, as innocents, and as victims. But sensible people realize that the illegals first act in the United States was to break our laws. Since that first act, many have spent years disregarding our laws: they have stolen citizens’ I.Ds., and used them to take American jobs and to make use of our social welfare programs. Lies, theft, and a disregard of the law are not signs of good character, whether an American president is engaged in such acts, or whether it is one of Mr. Obama’s Dreamers.  The Absence of the Rule of Law, in countries such as Mexico, means a disregard for our laws, and a higher crime rate in the United States when Mexican immigrants settle here. Disrespect for the law of a nation means lack of respect for the nation, and for the citizens’ of the nation. That disrespect, is a me first, in your face attitude which shows itself in many ways, even  in the graffiti that covers America. That graffiti is a picture of how much those, so eager to claim the rights of Americans, care about the property and the rights of actual citizens. Breaking United States laws, and treating United States citizens’ property, disrespectfully, in the present,  is an indication of how illegal immigrants will conduct themselves if they become citizens. Americans should be worried about this lack of respect for the rule of law because floods of immigrants, legal, and illegal affect our lives and our future by their behavior. The  Immigration Reform “facts” and figures, claim that thorough background checks have been made for  Mr. Obama’s “Dreamers”; but those claims are not truthful.

And America’s crime rate will go up because the background checks were minimal. The crime rate will go up because many illegal aliens, convicted of serious crimes, aliens the Obama Administration did not deport, will become American Citizens under the Dream Act. And they will be able to bring in their extended families, and then those families will bring in their extended families. If the Dreamers, that smaller group of illegal immigrants’, background checks are faulty, it is unlikely that the system will to do thorough checks on those millions more who will quickly come to the United States because of the Dream Act.

In the past, large numbers of immigrants came to an America that still had unsettled land. And that land, that property, was a way for settlers to build their lives. But time has passed, and things have changed; America is now a settled land, with a population of over 315 million. Now America is a developed country, one with a large population, and with businesses built by its citizens. That inexpensive land that could build families’ fortunes is gone or it is too expensive to buy or to develop. New immigrants to the United States, whether legal or illegal, build lives by taking American jobs, not by settling, and farming, American land.

At the time when fundraising started in 1882 to build the foundation for the Statue of Liberty, the population of the United States had just passed the 50 million mark. As part of the fundraising events to raise the money to place the statue, Emma Lazarus wrote The New Colossus, with the lines, “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free…” That passionate line has been the pro-immigration activists’ cry for continuing to welcome a huge number of immigrants to the United States. And, if the present day United States had fewer people, and still had huge areas of good, unsettled land, some of those tired, poor, and huddled masses who yearned to breathe free, might still build good lives in America. But it is not 1882, and America has changed, and those millions who want to come to America take America’s jobs away from Americans.

And since that time, when Lazarus wrote her poem, America has given a home to millions of immigrants, from many countries. But there comes a time when immigration, especially illegal immigration has too great a cost, and even legal immigration has few of the benefits it once had for the United States. Now, in this settled country, that has given so many billions of dollars to support illegal immigrants within our borders, and allowed so many to live and work here, while they sent those billions of American dollars back to their home countries, those lines of the Lazarus poem, are still being used to encourage Americans to forget our own best interests as a nation, and during one of the worst economic periods in our history, to take on, as our responsibility, more of the millions of the poor of other nations.

National Review Online reported on June 26, 2014, that: “net employment growth in the United States since 2000 has gone entirely to immigrants, legal and illegal.”  It is time to stop using an inspiring poem from 1882, when the country’s population was just 50 million, to drive America’s immigration policy, and effect our citizens future. It is time to face facts, and not allow a poem, used by pro-immigration activists, and politicians who want to gain voters, to destroy America’s present, and future.

The facts in 2014 are: this is a time of  joblessness, and when the country is deeply in debt, it is not a time that we should undertake any costly or risky venture. The enormous costs of “immigration reform”, which is amnesty, will put new strains on our financial resources. But President Obama, Rep. Luis Gutierrez, Senator Durbin, Senator Leahy, Senator Chuck Schumer, Senator John McCain, Senator Lindsey Graham, Senator Menendez,  and many others, urge citizens to welcome amnesty.

These leaders, are in essence, telling Americans to ignore reality, and to ignore their own common sense. Citizens are urged to be charitable and welcome millions of impoverished strangers.

But Americans can be thankful for some rare good sense, from an American politician who has stood with us. Senator Jeff Sessions who has spoken against Comprehensive Immigration Reform, and on behalf of workers and Americans. He is one of the few leaders who is honest; Senator Sessions is telling the truth about what the Democrat Senate, and the Republicans in the House are up to, and what they are willing to do with an amnesty that sells out the United States, and its citizens.

Senator Charles Schumer, and Mr. Obama keep urging United States citizens to act against their own best interests, and against the best interests of the United States. But patriotic Americans love the United States, and cannot understand the precepts for this amnesty that will flood our nation, and cause more joblessness, and civil unrest.

Those with common sense ask: what possible good could be gained for middle-class-or-poor-Americans? There is none. The loss of more jobs? The loss of their own power? That is certainly not good for Americans. Citizens’ common sense tells them that despite what Democrat-Progressive politicians are telling them that there is no advantage to the country or its citizens from this expensive amnesty that these Democrat-Progressives are demanding.

Americans have tremendous pride, and a sense of duty and owner-ship when it comes to their country. Citizens know that Mr. Obama, and the Gang of Eight, do not share, that they cannot share that love and loyalty to America if they can give, or sell the country away from its citizens. In their hearts citizens know that they are being lied to. They know this is a con job.

Illegal immigrants are working with these politicians to defraud and con Americans out of their country. Illegal immigrants are doing this with a cynical sense of entitlement. To Mexican foreign nationals, America is a way to accomplish their own goals. Illegal Aliens have nothing but their own best interests at heart. That Americans’ future, and the citizen’s unalienable rights to “Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” will be lost, is not of any concern to foreign nationals who benefit from amnesty. Amnesty is a deal that is too good to be true to them. To us Amnesty is a disaster.

Our Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, those intangibles, are not included in the illegal alien agenda.  What nobody will say is that the illegal immigrant population is made up, not just of people who want a better life, it is also made up  of those who are willing to take our better lives away from us so that they can have our American Dream. These illegal immigrants come to the United States with the intent of using us; their motivation is absolutely, self-serving.

They tell a very good story to accomplish their agendas. Illegal immigrants have shown that they are good at propaganda, and are experts at using emotional blackmail.

To further their agenda, they insist that American citizens prove that they are charitable, and hospitable. They demand that citizens approve amnesty, and then go on to welcome millions more immigrants even if that means disaster for the Americans. But welcoming millions of illegal immigrants, who can then turn around and bring in their extended families, makes no sense to Americans. Millions of new immigrants means the loss of American jobs, increased crime, loss of political power, and even more demands for  diversity, which is already destroying American culture. Illegal immigrant activists want Americans to show Christian charity by giving away all they hold dear, even their quality of life. Democrat politicians and illegal immigrants, demand that citizens prove that they are not racists. To their mind the way that Americans do that is by accepting amnesty that gives the United States the responsibility for 70 million more foreign nationals, and supplies Progressives’ the votes they need to rule America for generations.

These Progressives and foreign nationals, urge patriots, who love their homes, and who love America, to allow this nation that their forefathers died to preserve, to be taken from them.  Progressive’s urge Republicans, Conservatives, and patriots to help Democrat-progressives attain this amnesty for 20 million foreign nationals, who will soon become 70 million, or more, with chain migration. They want this for a good reason– they gain so much by amnesty. But even before these illegal immigrants ever become citizens, Democrats in Congress would gain another eight House seats. According to Neil Munro in a November 20, column in The Daily Caller.  Amnesty, and those lost House seats, will be just the beginning of the disenfranchisement of one half of America’s voters. This is why Democrats are now saying that they would rather achieve the passage of amnesty than win the 2014 election. That is because the 2014 elections are just a battle, a very important battle for America, but still just a battle. If Democrat-Progressives’ win amnesty, then they have America, and the votes, for years to come to rule America without opposition.

Americans must fight against amnesty to preserve the two-party system, that balance of power which supports the republic. It is madness not to fight illegal immigration, and the importation of those millions who are eager to help Mr. Obama fundamentally transform the United States, city by city, state to state, into a Socialist/Communist nation. These immigrants, legal or illegal  , have an agenda. They have personal and political ambitions. But they do not have our country’s best interest at heart.

Obama, illegal immigrants and Progressives have long used Emma Lazarus’ sentiments, the poem on the Statue of Liberty, to play on the guilt of kindly Americans. They are using the sentiments, and the poem as Progressives come to the citizens to urge, yet another amnesty. But circumstances have changed; the United States now has a population of 315 million, with an estimated growth of population of over 420 million by the year 2050. And that 2008 projected number of people does not include the probable 70 million, or more, who would come with Mr. Obama’s, and the Democrat-Progressive’s Immigration Reform.

In the Speech at the Lyceum, Lincoln spoke of a time in the future when America could be conquered from within. A time when the citizens might have forgotten all that it had taken to create America. A time, when the patriots of 1776, who were the pillars of liberty had long been forgotten. Lincoln urged: They were the pillars of the temple of liberty, and now, that they have crumbled away, that temple must fall, unless we, their descendants, supply their places with other pillars, hewn from the solid quarry of sober reason. Passion has helped us; but can do no more. It will in future be our enemy. Reason, cold, calculating, unimpassioned reason, must furnish all the materials for our future support and defense.

Americans must listen. They must hold onto Lincoln’s advice. We can’t stop to hear more of the “narratives” of  illegal immigrants that Progressives are so eager to tell us. Instead, we must hold to our laws and our Constitution as Lincoln advised. We must hold to “sober reason”; and we must reject this amnesty that we know would bring chaos. We must absolutely stand with immigration laws; we must stand for the rule of law. Because amnesty, and the many burdens that we take on with that, unplanned population of 70 million strangers, could lead to the down-fall of the United States.

America  is a settled land; a land with 315 million people, many of them the descendants of the people who fought for, founded, settled, and built the United States from the ground up, to make it what it is today. From before 1776, Americans had a devotion to, and reliance on the rule of law; they were independent and they loved liberty.  The American founders’ writings, and its citizens’ proud histories, are America’s story; we who are patriots, and lovers of this land have a reverence for their words, for those writings that are the basis for our republic, as well as our country’s history. Americans belong to, have a deep connection with and a long recorded history of land rights, as well as unalienable rights, and Constitutional rights. One hundred years before the Declaration of Independence Americans were giving intense thought to the meaning of laws, to property ownership, to forms of government, and to the rights of the people.

In 1764, the brilliant lawyer, James Otis, wrote this in his pamphlet, The Rights of the British Colonies, Asserted and Proved: “The same law of nature and of reason is equally obligatory on a democracy, an aristocracy, and a monarchy: Whenever the administrators, in any of those forms, deviate from truth, justice and equity, they verge towards tyranny, and are to be opposed; and if they prove incorrigible, they will be deposed by the people, if the people are not rendered too abject.” Otis would have been astonished to come forward through United States history, and after two-hundred years of blood sweat and tears, to find the Americans who were too afraid, or too abject; he would not expect, or respect citizens who were too low in hope and too low in spirit, over the state of their country, to fight for their rights, and to fight for the survival of the country. Otis would expect Americans to stand and fight against this tyranny of amnesty.

James Otis, The Declaration, The Revolutionary War, The Constitution: this proud history, the stories and sacrifices of so many, are a part of Americans ‘minds, their hearts, their being; our history is our country’s life’s blood.

Mr. Obama’s influx of a possible 70 million, would have a wider, and more deeply felt impact on the citizens of this settled country than did all of the immigrants of the past. Such a large migration of people would deeply impact our beliefs, our government, our traditions, and our culture. These traditional beliefs, and traditions have been under strong attack for years by Leftists, atheists and secular humanists . Can our traditions and culture survive the onslaught of  70 million people demanding power; and demanding our compliance with their political goals even if it means relinquishing ours? Will their love of their culture, and their devotion to their traditions, and religions destroy ours? Few countries could survive, or would welcome such an influx of immigrants, and because of the influence of immigrant activists, these millions will arrive, well prepared. These new citizen activists will not be shy; they will come demanding concessions: more affirmative action, more jobs, more diversity, multiculturism, and political correctness that silences the speech of the citizens they displace and disenfranchise. And, likely to follow their arrival, will come the demands, the demonstrations, and the protests that demand changes to the Constitution, and the end of the rule of law.

The United States has seen the negative changes that diversity and multiculturism can bring to a culture. We have seen the “land of the free” become the country of the forbidden. A land in which citizens are denied free speech, and where events at schools, colleges, and public meetings are carefully controlled, or cancelled because those who demand increasing “diversity” for themselves, or for their factions, can’t, and won’t allow it for Americans, in their own country.

Within the last few years, in the United States, diversity and multiculturism have changed their facades of kindliness; they are no longer simply requests for respect for others, they have become a strong political force within America; they now threaten American’s rights to hold to their beliefs, and to their own culture. Diversity and multiculturism can result in the displacement, and replacement of  American culture and traditions. Americans have been coerced to meet demands for diversity for decades because the nation has admitted at least 1 million legal immigrants, millions of illegal immigrants, and an unknown number of refugees that our State Department, and the United Nations have re-settled in the United States each year. But this amnesty is different, because the following flood of 70 million new immigrants could be accomplished in a relatively short period of time. Seventy million new people bring seventy million changes to America. It is extreme to import a huge population of 70 million people with different customs, who are from a different culture, and who speak a different language.

The method to bring about this amnesty, and to accomplish this influx of people is not carefully thought out or planned. Amnesty, like Obamacare, is being thrust on the nation, without thought, planning, or preparation. Democrat-Progressives, and Mr. Obama, have studied the Keystone Pipeline for over five years. They have constantly found new problems, and new objections to it. After their pondering of Keystone, it seems that it might occur to them that there, also, would be problems, and obstacles, and possibly even colossal damage to the United States, caused by importing 70 million strangers into the country. But while there have been unending studies about the problems, obstacles, or the colossal damage that Keystone might cause the United States, and the world, there are no studies about amnesty.

With change, there are always the unforeseen consequences .The problems and consequences of amnesty would be: constant conflicts, and never-ending strife. The unwanted, and enforced change of demographics, and such huge numbers of people, many of them criminals, are bound to send the nation into a riotous era of tremendous social upheaval.

It is not the president, or the elites of a country who would live with the consequences of amnesty. It is the citizens who bear the consequences. Pro-amnesty supporters are being deceitful about the amnesty bill’s full impact. And, no matter what declarations the mainstream media makes about citizens demanding “Immigration Reform”, this bill is amnesty, and it is being pushed forward against the will of the people.

And those people who come to the United States, because of amnesty, will be rushed through the process. They will have little knowledge of America’s founding documents, love of her traditions, or loyalty to her flag; Obama’s amnesty will be an assault on the strength of the country. It will be a cultural, political, and a financial assault, of millions of strangers on the citizens lives, and their ability, and their right to enjoy and to sustain their own Republic’s government, their own American traditions and their own culture. This will happen, especially if the Obama Administration institutes stronger demands for Americans to welcome and to conform to Obama’s sweeping vision: his desire to enforce the policy of diversity throughout the neighborhoods of America.

Not all immigrants adapt to life in the United States,  in fact many do not. Some like the Boston bombers never adjusted. As late as October 28, 2013, Fox News reported that a Chinese immigrant in New York City, Ming Don Chen, attacked relatives, a family of four, and killed the mother and young children. His motive: jealousy; the family had had more success in the United States than he had. Others, such as Muslims who demand that sharia law, rather than the Constitution of the United States, be the law of the land, would, if they could, entirely change our country beyond recognition. Diversity dictates, and multiculturism has taught the individual immigrant that he is not expected to adapt to the United States. Millions of immigrants now expect the United States, and its citizens to adapt to, and accommodate them. Immigrant advocacy groups demand that Americans make accommodations to the immigrant’s home culture, religion, and language, rather than expecting that immigrants must accept the rule of law, and the Constitution, and that an immigrant is expected to accept and to assimilate into America’s culture.

In 2004, the former Governor of Colorado, Democrat, Richard Lamm delivered a speech about immigrants, multiculturalism, and the impact on the United States, to the Federation for American Immigration Reform in Washington. The title of the speech was: I have a plan to destroy America; it was posted on Free Republic. If any of them care about the United States, then the least that Mr. Obama, Progressive-Democrats, the Chamber of Commerce, and the Republican Leaders in the House of Representatives could do is to read Governor Lamm’s speech.

Of course, that is not enough, because what these leaders are insisting on, this instant amnesty, without any studies, or planning whatsoever, this political win for one-party-rule, in a republic, would be madness for any nation. And, it is madness for the citizens of any nation. Anyone with common sense  knows that to import 70 million people, who speak a different language, and have differences in their political, religious, and cultural traditions, to a settled country, with citizens of a dissimilar culture is going to cause upheaval in the society. To do this with a political motive that disenfranchise many of those citizens, is a formula for the destruction of that country. But that is what Mr. Obama and Democrat Progressives are insisting must be done with Immigration Reform. Mr. Obama and Progressives, first urge, and then insist that we allow them to legislate chaos, just as they did with Obamacare. That we the people allow them to pass a bill that risks harm and destruction to the United States of America. And while we adopt this amnesty, we must pretend that the citizens of the country, who have suffered so much from illegal immigration will now benefit from a bill that has been written by pro-amnesty special interests.

Illegal immigration  has caused harm to Americans, and to their country. Immigration under the terms dictated by multiculturism causes resentment. Add to that resentment the illegal immigrants disregard for our laws, identity theft, and the billions of dollars required each year to pay for the increased cost of social programs, education, and medical services that taxpayers are required to pay for these uninvited guests. The increased crime rate, and the loss of American jobs to non-citizens also cost Americans, and not just financially. Increased crime and job loss destroy the quality of our lives. And there are other political pressures on American society that are caused by the organizations that illegal immigrants have formed within our country. Many Latino organizations such as LuLac  with 900 councils across the United States, are deeply involved, on behalf of the entire Latino community. They are involved with illegal immigrants, on issues, such as the Dream Act, that are of great importance to United States citizens. But LuLac, and hundreds of other Latino organizations, are also involved in other policy issues within the United States. This involvement, which is actually the interference of non-citizens into Americans’ affairs, threatens our Republic. This interference causes havoc in the politics, and in the daily lives of Americans. And those impacts have occurred before amnesty.

The amnesty of millions threatens citizens lives with joblessness and crime. Americans assumed that life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, stated in the Declaration of Independence as our unalienable rights, were our legacy. They were part of our birthright. That birthright was the assurance that  made us confident and proud. We were the land of the free, and the home of the brave.

From the beginning of Mr. Obama’s presidency, Democrat-Progressives rushed forward with radical, expensive changes, such as Obamacare; changes that Americans had never asked for. The Affordable Care Act was a tremendous change, that involved a takeover, by the government, of the private insurance sector. Obamacare involved some sly planning, and corrupt, political double-dealing to attain its goals. It took years of lies to Americans, from Mr. Obama, from Progressive Democrats, and the mainstream media to calm the public about what Obamacare would mean to their lives. If it stays in place, it will result in great shifts in power within the United States. The power of making choices, and decision making is being taken from the people by the government. Obamacare, alone, has the potential for unforeseen consequences ; outcomes that could result in the destabilization of the American economy. Citizens argued against Obamacare; they questioned the goals of the Obama Administration. Common sense said that what America needed after the 2008 melt-down and the following recession was for the country to rebuild on the foundation that remained. But instead of returning to basics, to careful planning, and to finding ways to return people to work; radical and rapid changes were made. Was Obamacare a way to secure more Progressive voters, voters who wanted the government to take care of them? Was Obamacare a way to increase their numbers and their support, and to help establish one party rule? Or was it that a divided, a less-prosperous America, a nation fallen low, was being turned into what it was never meant to be: a socialist country.

Obamacare was their style, their method of operation. Obama and the Progressives looked for a crisis, and then offered radical changes as solutions. By March of 2012 Americans believed that the president was transforming America. Then, from across the United States, politicians joined a new chorus for Immigration Reform. It was a renewal of the Progressive’s call for amnesty in 2006. But just as the 2006 amnesty gave many benefits to illegal immigrants, the new call for amnesty was for the biggest amnesty ever known. That was the Progressive remedy for what Mr. Obama, Luis Gutierrez, Latino Organizations, and advocates, dramatically described as an “immigration crisis”. Amnesty was the radical solution from the Progressive, Democrat Senate ; it was the Gang of Eight Bill, a way to, forever, fundamentally transform the United States of America, and quite possibly, to turn it into a third world nation.

But, like Obamacare, it is a change that the citizens, themselves, never wanted. Americans want their country to remain their country. The mainstream media consistently reports that Americans, “overwhelmingly” want “comprehensive immigration reform”. But on the internet, the articles about immigration reform that allow comments, consistently show that Americans do not want amnesty, or “immigration reform’. Whenever they feel free, as they do on the comments pages of the internet, or on Twitter, American speak out, vehemently, against amnesty.

What Americans want is the strict enforcement of immigration laws. Americans want the corruption in high office to end, because it is that corruption that keeps the flood of illegal immigrants coming. Many Americans are in favor of a real fence, one that will actually be built, and will work. A fence that will run along most of the border with Mexico. Most Americans want the government to actually use the e-verify system that is now in place to keep illegal aliens from taking America’s jobs. Americans want the president, and Congress to do their job, and keep their oaths, under the Constitution. And they want both the president, and every member of Congress to allow border security to do their jobs and to protect the United States. Immigration Reform is change that is desired by illegal aliens who shouldn’t get a vote in the matter, by Liberal journalists, by the Chamber of Commerce, and Progressives. Citizens recognize that Amnesty will hurt American workers even worse than the years of illegal immigration have. That is because it brings huge numbers of foreign nationals in, by chain migration, and those millions take away the political power of Americans.

Amnesty is a fundamental change to America. It is a change that Mr. Obama, and Representative Luis Gutierrez, also from the world of Chicago politics, and Progressive politicians across the nation, desire for their own enrichment, and for their political agenda. Progressive-Democrats, and Mr. Obama, are determined to have Amnesty, and the power they will gain from the votes of millions of former illegal aliens. Amnesty will bring the one-party rule they have  hungered for. Mr. Obama and Progressive politicians show little concern for the rights of United States citizens in their own country. They don’t worry about the consequences to citizens or the consequences to America. Progressive’s goals are for power and control, and if they are allowed to win on amnesty the future for the United States will be as it was in Orwell’s 1984 : “The past was dead, the future was unimaginable”. Progressives’ often make patriotic speeches, but their actions show how little they care for this nation. Progressive’s policies and actions reflect the words of Mr. Obama’s former minister, the Reverend Wright, who preached, “God Damn, America!”

Citizens don’t always grasp the grand agenda that pushes amnesty. But they do see the way that amnesty will transform their own lives and their country. They object to illegal immigrants demands for special treatment. And they object to illegal immigrants who defy immigration laws.

Illegal immigrants now demand special tuition rates in American colleges; they demand tuition rates that are lower than the rates that American students pay for out-of-state tuition. And, recently groups of “Dreamers”  illegal immigrants who say they were brought here as children, have begun publicizing the “plight” of those who were deported. They do this by deliberately flouting United States immigration law . Several months ago, two different groups of Dreamers entered Mexico, and then tried to return, without documents, to the United States. They flouted their undocumented status for the media. Some of them asked for asylum. These are radicalized activists who do not respect the rule of law. They show the same scorn for America’s borders as their parents did. And they are ready to stage a protest, to break any law, and even to betray Congressman Luis Gutierrez, their mentor; who has served America badly by first serving the illegal immigrants’ cause.

The demands of illegal immigrants are numerous; they are unending, and some of them are absurd. Their demands and actions tell us, that by breaking our law, they have shown us time and again, that they do not respect or expect to follow the law. But the media, and Progressive politicians label any objections, complaints, or criticism about the demands or the behavior of illegal immigrants as “Hate speech, or simply “racist”.

Illegal immigrants demand that they be referred to as “undocumented”, or “migrants” rather than “illegal immigrant” and they demand that the media, government agencies, and businesses, refer to them in that way. Pressure is put on American media not to report that the person accused of a crime is an illegal immigrant. Therefore Americans are forced to curb their speech; it is political correctness, nationwide.

Political correctness  is one reason that Americans disbelieve, and discredit what the media reports. The truth be told: the mainstream media seldom tells the truth about illegal immigration. Political correctness, the demands from activists groups, added to the  journalists’ political bias, makes it impossible to guess how much, and which, of the medias’ stories are true. If readers can’t expect the truth, and can’t rely on what they are reading, it isn’t worth reading. Freedom of speech, and freedom of the press are rights under the Constitution. The media’s slanted, biased or false reporting, means that citizens lose their right to hear and read the truth. That is a great loss because truth is reality. Neither the people who have broken our laws, and  invaded our country, nor their children, have the right to demand that the media lie for them. Citizens have the right to know the facts and the truth.

America would not have an illegal immigrant population, or an illegal immigrant problem,  if our government had protected our country better. If our laws had been enforced, if our borders had been secured, and if we had not allowed past amnesties, Mr. Obama could not so easily achieve the transformation of the United States with another demand for Amnesty. But political leaders did allow all of those mistakes. Now America has an unknown number, possibly twenty million, or more, illegal immigrants within our borders. And they complicate every aspect of life for citizens. For years other countries citizens have been allowed to interfere with our internal affairs. Over the years, America has allowed thousands of protests by foreign nationals who live in our country illegally, and whose aim is to change U.S. policy, and U.S. law to their own advantage.

Citizen’s should question the motives of the Democrat-Progressive politicians, and Republicans, at all levels of government, and through-out the United States, who are urging amnesty, even though they must know that it could be a catastrophe for the nation and for the citizens. These politician were elected by citizens to avert catastrophe, not to create it.

With Amnesty, as it was with Obamacare; Progressive-Democrats urge it, but they must know that it could be a disaster. This importation of millions might lead to shortages, riots, and upheaval.  But despite that knowledge these politicians put aside all obligation to the United States, and Americans.  Progressives or Republican, these leaders are ready to put America at risk if it will be good for their careers or for their party’s power. For Republicans in the House of Representatives it is a case of putting their own enrichment, the donations to their campaigns from a, pro-cheap labor Chamber of Commerce, above their duty to the people they represent. Because it helps their own agenda, Americans’ representatives in Congress, will give away the advantages, and the rewards that the Group of Eight’s Amnesty Bill gives to illegal Aliens. Citizen’s should examine the motives of our representatives, and we should wonder about the motives of millions of illegal immigrants. Because those who demand, and clamor to be given the rights and privileges of  citizens, and who have organized, worked, and fought, in order to change our laws, are the same people who have refused to live by our rules, and have never abided by our laws.

Millions of Illegal immigrants have put themselves above our immigration laws. From their very first step across the border, from the beginning of their invasion of our country, they disregard the very laws that protect, and maintain America’s safety and sovereignty. It is important to note this rejection of immigration laws, and of U.S. borders, because sovereignty and borders are what designate, and define a nation. A country cannot exist without borders, and it can’t exist without the will, or the power to enforce its immigration laws. It is not a stretch to deduce that illegal immigrants care little about the, preObama, rule of law in the United States, or the fundamental nature of America, because illegal immigrants, absolutely reject, and attack U.S. immigration laws. In fact, the United States, its laws, its people, their history, and their legacy seem to be of little interest or importance to those who come only to take, and to replace. A nation’s laws are the enemy when the intent is to fundamentally change, or to plunder a nation . If America, itself, was important to Illegal immigrants, and to Mr. Obama, they wouldn’t demand the changes that will leave no trace of the United States that the founders left us. The discarding of our laws, and this-unprecedented amnesty of millions, are changes that Mr. Obama and illegal immigrants insist on, because they benefit from them. But Mr. Obama’s non-enforcement of U.S. Immigration laws, and the illegal immigrants’ demand for amnesty are changes that harm the nation’s stability, and its very existence.

It is the fault of the Federal government, and of  government at every level across the United States, that illegal immigrants have been able to flout our immigration laws, and take up residence in our country. They have done this for years, but, formerly, many of them paid a price. The difference, now, is that Mr. Obama has taken away the penalties for breaking U.S. law.  Illegal immigrants have never shown much respect for U.S laws, or for our border, but sometimes they paid a price for breaking our laws. The situation is out of control now that Mr. Obama has signaled that he has no intention of holding them to account for breaking the law. They know that Mr. Obama will not hold any of them accountable. They are confident that they will be rewarded with amnesty. And they will fight for the amnesty that will give them minority-majority political power within the United States.

Mr. Obama’s actions have destroyed America’s borders. Amnesty ends the rule of law in the United States, because whoever sets foot on American soil will be able to become a citizen.

And the truth is: it invites more evil when you reward evil.

For decades Illegal immigrants in the United States have lied, used false documents, broken laws, and taken what belonged to U.S. citizens. They have done this without guilt about how their actions impacted Americans. Now, after invading, lying, cheating, and stealing what belonged to Americans, they have become so bold, and so sure of themselves, that they demand further rewards for their bad behavior. America’s President, the person who should be most protective of America, and whose job description states that he must enforce U.S. laws, has sided with the lawbreakers,-against the citizens. Mr. Obama is, firmly, on the side of the invaders. Progressive politicians, including the President of the United States, have helped illegal immigrants disregard, and break our laws. These politicians are working in league with foreign nationals, and against the United States and its citizens. And with amnesty, Progressives will help illegal immigrants to reach out, and to seize billions more of tax-payers’ money, that enriches the former illegal immigrants, even as they disenfranchise, and defraud United States citizens.

Only in America, at least, only in a politically corrupt America, could such a fraud be practiced on the citizens, by the president.

Name a non-Western country that would allow foreign nationals to enter their country, take up residence, and form organizations whose purpose was to influence the outcome of the country’s elections? How many Latin American countries, or Islamic countries, would allow 20 million Americans to demonstrate, protest, and use any means in order to change the country’s laws, and to demand major changes in that government’s policies? Illegal immigrants within the United States, especially Mexican citizens, and other Latin Americans, have been doing this within the United States for decades. And for decades, because of corrupted officials, and a Leftist media that was sympathetic to their cause, foreign nationals have been successful with their agendas. They have gained in political power within the United States.

But, Americans are kind. Despite the billions of dollars that have been siphoned off from our country to support, and to aid illegal immigrants, despite the crooked means illegal immigrants have used to take our jobs, and to take the benefits from American Tax-supported Social Welfare programs, we do not hate illegal immigrants. But we do not respect the character of the people who come here to exploit the United States. We cannot admire their lack of ethics.  But, we realize that God loves them.

And we have been patient with them, but finally, our patience is worn.

For years illegal immigrants in the United States have taken what did not belong to them. Now they are saying, as Mr. Obama does: It didn’t belong to you. It belonged to us, and now we want more, and you had better give it to us or we will tear your country apart to get it. That attitude doesn’t agree with Mr. Obama, and activists’ narratives of what marvelous citizens those ‘idealistic” illegal immigrants would be if only the “racists, mean-spirited” Americans would just allow them this amnesty (which, of course, they say we owe them).

Americans know that amnesty would kill the United States, in one way or another. Amnesty would lead to our destruction.

Americans hope that illegal immigrants will have happy lives. But they want illegal immigrants to have those happy lives in their own countries. Americans’ want the continued invasion of the United States, and the undermining of United States immigration laws to stop. We want those who want to be citizens of  the United States to respect and to obey our laws, to the letter, in order to become citizens.  We want the organizations that demand, protest, or are working to undermine the United States, out of the United States. We want the politicians, and the supporters of amnesty taken out of positions power.

We want these things because we know that America cannot be strong without the rule of law. We cannot be strong with citizens and politicians whose goals are to undermine, or to over-throw the rule of law, and who shred the Constitution, or attempt to re-write it every day of their lives.

We have seen the corruption of the rule of law that Mr. Obama, Mr. Holder, and others in the Obama Administration have brought to the Department of Homeland Security, to the Bureau of Land Management, the Department of Justice, to the White House, to the IRS, to the State Department, and to the Department of Defense. They have created a systemic corruption. The entire system lacks transparency. Theirs’ is a code of secrecy, a system of dishonesty, anti-American fervor,  and political and moral corruption that has spread, and now controls the entire Federal Government.

This pervasive, Leftist corruption, through-out the country, works hand in glove with advocates, with activists, with illegal immigrants, corrupt Progressive Politicians, at every level of government, with Globalist Corporations urging cheap labor, and with foreign nations. This corrupt and powerful alliance plans to foist all of the evils, the costs, and the dangers of amnesty upon the United States and its people.

We reject their corruption and their destruction of our laws and our American Republic.

We the People demand that foreign nationals abide by the rule of law, and go through the process of legal immigration even if it is difficult. The country has suffered an invasion decade, after decade. The invasion must be stopped. It is time that Mexican citizens, and all other illegal immigrants show respect for United States law.

Americans’ value America’s sovereignty and citizens understand when it is threatened. We know that the Mexican government would never allow American citizens to abuse Mexican institutions. Mexico would never allow Americans to make any demands on Mexico. And, Mexico wouldn’t allow Americans to protest anything within Mexico.  Any attempt would likely end as did a peaceful attempt to protest against a proposed airport outside of Mexico City.

In 2002 a dozen American college students with travel visas took part in this protest. That was as far as their protest got. They were classified as lawbreakers who had interfered in Mexico’s internal affairs,  and they were deported. But in the United States, millions of documented and undocumented Mexicans have been allowed to go to college, take jobs, protest, and form national organizations that openly work to change the United States immigration policies, and our immigration laws. Millions of Mexican citizens, and illegal immigrants from other countries, people without any right to be within our borders, have spent years here, organizing and directly working for policies that are detrimental to American citizens best interests. If that is not interference in the United States’ internal affairs, then what is.

These organizations within America are a real danger. Many of the members of these immigrant organizations do not want to assimilate. They have no wish to be a part of the United States as it was founded, but they do want everything that the United States offers. And they definitely want to be the strongest political power within the United States. They don’t accept America in the, supposedly, friendly spirit of multiculturism. They cross our borders, illegally, and then they demand citizenship, but they do not embrace, or accept American laws, culture, or traditions. Diversity of that sort can only cause resentment from Americans. These organizations have an agenda of radical change  planned for America. Some, like LA Raza claim a right to vast portions of American land. Some members of these organizations are illegal immigrants; activists working to take over entire states within the United States.

Mexicans and other illegals are not shy about their goals, Mexican American Legal Defense fund founder Mario Obledo once stated, “California is going to be a Hispanic state.” Anyone who doesn’t like it should leave. “Every constitutional office in California is going to be held by Hispanics in the next 20 years.” People who don’t like such demographic changes “should go back to Europe.” These activists are racists. They are anti-American. They are disruptive, and they are dangerous. They disturb the peace, they insert themselves into our concerns. These organizations complicate, and interfere with the governance of the United States, and they, purposely and for their own agendas, undermine America’s strength. Many of these organizations, are run by foreign nationals, with the intent to over-throw the United States. They should not be allowed to operate within a sovereign nation.

Illegal immigrants are growing more aggressive. Statements in an October 16th 2013 article on Fox News Latino about the frustration of immigration advocates says: ” ‘The frustration,’ say immigration advocates, is reaching a fever pitch. That is why, we have seen activist use chains and pipes to tie themselves to the tires of buses that carry (illegal) immigrants slated for deportation to court. We have seen them block traffic on Capitol Hill. We have seen them get arrested, and surround Tucson police when they targeted two (illegal?) immigrants during a traffic stop. We have seen them chain themselves and block the entrance of a federal detention center. More such actions, they vow, are coming.” “What some observers don’t get is that the push for immigration reform is not just a legislative campaign but a movement for change,” said Frank Sharry, who heads America’s Voice, a George Soros backed organization.

Actually, to use Mr. Sharry’s words “what some observers don’t get”, is that a war has been taking place within the United States for decades; it is waged by thousands of organizations manned by legal, and illegal immigrants. This war is waged in the media, it is waged through American Businesses, and through American Politicians. Over the years this war has sometimes threatened violence within our borders. This war for America, interferes, on a daily basis with the peace of the country and with United States’ internal affairs. And because their determination is so fierce, and the illegal immigrants agenda is so fanatical, this war never ends. Currently, illegal immigrants’  goal is the granting of an amnesty that will bring in huge numbers of illegal aliens and their extended families. People by the millions who will join forces with those already in the country to silence all opposition against immigration in the United States. And for many of them the goal for those numbers of new citizens, is to claim American territory on behalf of Mexico.  Each day the pressure and threats become more strident. On October 26, 2013, the Orlando carried the headline Immigration reform pitch gets aggressive. The article says that demonstrations in Florida “are heating up” even as Obama works to push amnesty.

Illegal immigrants often claim that rejecting amnesty, or that rejecting large numbers of minority immigrants is racist, but the truth seems to be that illegal immigrants across the world, are made up of minority races who now target , and make it a point to invade white majority nations such as the United States or even tiny Israel. That shows that what they desire is a certain racial, demographic, economic, or political outcome that they can reach only by invading the Jewish, Christian, prosperous, or the white majority, nations. It seems that it is not just “a better life” that they want; It is our better lives that they want. They don’t just want citizenship; they also seem to want to take the wealth, and the power away from a certain demographic, and that demographic is made up of Europeans, Jews, Americans, Caucasians and Christians. Surely that smacks of racism, anti-Semitism, and anti-Christian hate.

No American citizen should ignore, tolerate, or condone, and work with foreign nationals against the best interests of the United States, or in any way which deprives citizens of their unalienable rights of: life liberty and the pursuit of happiness. This is especially true for the President of the United States; because he took an oath to protect our Constitution. The purpose served by the oath, surely, was to: protect the Constitution, the safety of the country, and its citizens. To ignore, tolerate, condone, or work on behalf of foreign nationals against the best interests of the United States is the same as making war against the United States, and its citizens, from within the country, and from within the highest office of the nation.

Immigrant organizations, Illegal immigrants, and the government officials who work with them, anyone whose aim is to over-throw the Constitution, or to usurp American citizens’ power, and to place that power, votes, or land belonging to any of the United States, or land and property belonging to United States citizens, into the hands of foreign nationals, is plotting against America and Americans. Whether the agenda  of the illegal immigrants’ involves law-breaking, threats to law-enforcement, or threats to riot if this amnesty is not approved, they should be considered a power that is working to undermine the United States, and American citizens. These are threats covered in the Constitution that President Obama swore to uphold.  Article 4 Section 4 of the United States Constitution states: The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government, and shall protect each of them against Invasion; and on Application of the Legislature, or for the Executive (when the Legislature cannot be convened) against domestic Violence.

No American president should give aid and comfort to the enemy in any war, even when it is a war that has been, and is waged by the civilians, the citizens of foreign countries, in a purposeful assault on United States borders, and with the intent to break United States’ immigration laws, for the foreign nationals’ benefit. Aid and comfort is not due to those who have undertaken a decades-long-invasion against Americans and have worked to undermine the sovereignty of the United States. This war is a long-term, and a committed invasion of millions of civilians from other countries, but especially from Mexico. To repeat from the Constitution: The LAW of The Land : Article IV Section 4. The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government, and shall protect each of them against invasion; and on Application of the Legislature, or of the Executive (when the Legislature cannot be convened) against domestic Violence.

President Obama supposedly meant what he said in his oath of office. He must know the words because he repeated the oath, not just in public, but privately, and at several different times after he was inaugurated. But for the citizens’ benefit it might help if a justice, from the Supreme Court, a justice who is dedicated to the Constitution, and the rule of law, could remind Mr. Obama that the United States is not a Socialist, or a Muslim nation under Sharia Law, and it does not have a Communist form of government. Mr. Obama should be reminded that the Constitution promises the people; a Republican form of Government, and that is what he promised to uphold when he swore to uphold the Constitution. We the people want to remind Mr. Obama and Democrat-Progressive politicians, and the justices that they put on the Supreme Court, that in the United States of America, The Constitution is : The Law of The Land. We did not elect them to over-throw the United States, or the Constitution. And, we did not elect them to help those who are invaders, and law-breakers, to break our laws, or to usurp and disenfranchise United States Citizens.

Perhaps the Justice  of the Supreme Court could remind the president that for decades, and especially since 2009 many citizens, and many states in the union have complained of  an on purpose, and a  continued, invasion by millions of foreign nationals, many of whom are drug dealers and criminals. This invasion conducted by millions of foreign nationals, breaking into the United States, has had a minimal response from the federal government.

These lawbreakers attack border patrol agents, and American citizens. The invasion has never stopped, and the full-force of the United States Government has never opposed it. If the full-force of our military, and government officials interested in the survival of the United States, acted with clear, decided and determined force; they could stop the invasion, and the chaos that is caused within our borders by illegal immigrants.

Illegal immigration could be slowed if the full force of the federal government, and all agencies of the states government upheld the United States immigration laws. Not upholding the laws, helps illegal immigrants break our laws, and brings millions of new invaders, who make claims for benefits, voting rights, and citizenship upon our country, and who put Americans in danger. The Constitution promises that every state in the Union will be protected by the federal government from invasion. Mr. Obama should be reminded that the articles in the Constitution do not instruct those in the Congress, The Supreme Court, or in the Executive to support, join, or to aid this invasion of illegal immigrants. Congress, and the Executive are to put down the invasion, deport the invaders, and enforce our immigration laws. Amnesty is never a cure for an invasion; it leads to further invasions. And if this one isn’t finally put down, then there will soon be millions of invaders who are well armed, and with a plan to conquer us, coming across the American border from Mexico. Eventually they will attack a school, a community, a city, or a government entity, and, if they are armed, they will be harder to defeat. A firm hand with Mexico, using decided, strong diplomacy, and determined law-enforcement, and by promptly, and consistently, deporting illegal immigrants, and a determined upholding of America’s sovereignty are the ways to discourage, and to stop this invasion forever.

It helps illegal immigrants to dismantle American sovereignty when Latino advocates for immigration reform, such as, United States Congressmen  Luis Gutierrez, and the Hispanic Caucus in the United States Congress, spend years attempting to change US immigration laws on behalf of illegal immigrants. After the Senates’ infamous, Gang of Eight Amnesty was passed by the Senate, the Hispanic Caucus’ concern has been that the hastily added border security provisions to the Senate’s bill were too severe. Why would representatives of the United States have concerns that provisions  for border security were too severe? Representatives of the United States should demand the best possible security for the United States; because the United States is the country they are supposed to represent.

On February 4, 2014, on NationalReviewOnline, Thomas Sowell wrote: Immigration laws are the only laws that are discussed in terms of how to help the people who break them.

We the people must realize that we are dealing with a President and a Congress whose main objective is how to help the people who break our immigration laws. The president and the Congress have every intent of passing an amnesty that Americans don’t want.

We are the people of the Constitution, and the people for the rule of law; it is our responsibility, as citizens, to protect our nation.

We must stand against both the renegade leaders, and against the illegal immigrants whose aim is to take our nation from us. Amnesty means a lawless America, and, an America that is no longer Sovereign.

And we must fight when the president and the Congress state that their goal is to give those people, the law-breakers, the reward of an amnesty that forgives the law-breakers for breaking our laws. Remember, amnesty punishes the innocent: the Americans, the ones who have been invaded for decades. The Americans who have already paid too much, in jobs lost, in a broken economy, in their taxpayer money paying for billions of dollars, each year, for benefits for people who have no right to be in our nation. The innocent Americans are the ones who will pay trillions of dollars, for an amnesty that they are against, and an amnesty that works against their best interests.

We must fight an amnesty that also forgives the law-makers’, the president, the senate, and the special interests. These, the creators of amnesty, have colluded with foreign nationals, and foreign nations  against the United States, and the citizens of the United States. We must unite and stand against the president and the Congress that are standing for foreign nationals, and against the law, the citizens, and the country. We must stand against this amnesty. We must stand against any future amnesty. We must stand against the treason of the president, his administration, and all in Congress who stand behind amnesty, who stand with foreign nationals, and against the American people.

We must stand when those government officials’ aim, with that amnesty, is to take political power from Americans, and to give it, instead, to the former illegal immigrants. Americans must stand fast against amnesty, and against any immigration reform. We must stand against them because we know that we cannot trust our government where illegal immigration and amnesty are concerned. Our government is backing this expensive amnesty that harms the nation and its citizens. This amnesty is futile; it will not end illegal immigration, and it will not protect our borders.  We know that amnesty does not work because the United States gave seven amnesties, to illegal immigrants. Those amnesties helped illegal immigrants in many ways, but never helped Americans in any way. Those amnesties helped illegal immigrants increase their numbers and their political power, until they are a threat to Americans and to the security of the country.

No, the amnesties never helped Americans. Our laws were not enforced, and our borders weren’t secured. The illegal immigrants kept invading, and their numbers grew after each amnesty.

Our government hasn’t kept its promises about immigration enforcement, not for years, but until Mr. Obama, the only president in American history who has consistently, done the very things that could most harm the citizens and the country…no president has stopped immigration enforcement, thrown open the United States border, and welcomed hundreds of thousands of non-citizens, strangers, and invaders into the nation.

We, the American people, must demand protection from the invasion; we must demand the enforcement of immigration laws. And we must stand for our own rights as Americans. Because rewarding the lawbreakers, and allowing the invasion to continue, and allowing amnesty to be passed into law, means ceding our nation, our land, and our lives over to the millions who will become citizens. It means that we give up everything that we have to those who come here because of amnesty.

And, why on earth would we give everything we have, everything that we love to 70 million strangers that We, the People, have never invited to our land?

If we allow this amnesty to pass, the people who tricked their way into our country, and then deceived their way to amnesty, will have won their prize. They will take the prize of America because we let them. Illegal immigrants have taken billions from the United States, for decades. We allowed them and their Leftists advocates do that. Now illegal immigrants demand that we give amnesty, and our country, to them. Our politicians and businesses have colluded with the invaders to bring us to this point. We the people have not fought hard enough. We haven’t fought these foolish ideas, these lies, and these corrupt people. We have not been brave enough to stop them. For too many years we didn’t have the courage to run towards danger. We must find that courage now.

If we lose our country it is because we did not protect our country.

Lax borders, and minimal security serve the invaders and their aims. Lax borders, and lax security do not serve the United States or the citizens. Their concern that the border might become stronger shows that the Hispanic Caucus is not  concerned with Americans’ safety, or with the nation’s sovereignty. Within the United States Congress, The Hispanic Caucus’,  main concern with immigration laws, is, as Thomas Sowell wrote: how to help the people who break immigration laws. The Hispanic Caucus’ agenda for the Immigration Reform Bill is the same as that of La Raza : it is taking care of illegal invaders. It is everything for the race.  And that is, treason to their office, and to the Americans who pay them to represent, and to protect them. The Hispanic Caucus would serve America better if they changed their citizenship to the country where their allegiance and their interests lie, because they are already serving the interests of Mexico, and Latin America, but they are not serving the best interests of the United States.

The advocates, along with thousands of students, and illegal immigrants, who agitate, lead protests, and advocate to change the immigration laws of the United States, are interfering with America’s internal affairs. These numerous protests, some of which are near riots, are the ultimate interference with America’s internal affairs. The Representatives, the Senators, and the President of the United States who aid such disturbances, and those in government who join such disturbances, and condone interference with U.S. immigration laws, are betraying their oaths to uphold the Constitution. These leaders are attacking the rule of law, and the  sovereignty of the United States of America. They are giving aid and comfort to the millions who have invaded this sovereign nation. It is the duty of those who have been elected to serve the United States, and its people, to protect the nation and the people. When they choose to serve and protect the people of foreign nations who have invaded the United States, the leaders are in opposition to the United States and its people; they must choose whom they will serve. If these leaders decide that they serve other people and other countries, and not the United States, and its citizens, then they need to remove themselves, or be removed from office.

If this was a military invasion, this invasion by foreign nationals would be seen as a threat to much more than the economy. The truth is, this invasion by civilian, foreign nationals, has long been a serious threat to the security of the American people, and a threat to the United States.

The invasion must, finally, be recognized by the American public as a serious threat to our security, and as a threat to the rule of law, and the Republic. It must stopped.

Illegal immigration is complicated by Progressive Propaganda, Liberal judges, by an interfering Obama Administration, by Democrat politicians, and Globalists corporations that want to keep every illegal immigrant as either: Democrat voters, as their preferred American citizens, or, lastly, as cheap labor. Illegal immigration, and amnesty, whether by Congress or by Obama Decree, are supported by the loud, insistent, and constant, demands of belligerent, foreign nationals.

But, it is a matter of simple common sense: American citizens have first rights to employment within their own country, just as the protestors, have the rights to the jobs in their home countries. The government of the United States has no right to practice discrimination against its own citizens, in favor of an illegal immigrant population. First chance for American jobs must be given to citizens, and not to a group of foreign nationals that the government chooses to make citizens, over the rights and the protests of the citizens. There is nothing in the Constitution that allows the Government to do this over the will of We The people. This determined program to serve the purpose, and the best interests of foreign nationals, rather than serving the best interests, and the well-being of the citizens of the country, is unusual. It is abnormal behavior for a President and a Congress. It has never been done, in such an open a manner, in the United States. It has never been done by any government that is loyal to the country, and to the citizens that it governs.

The American citizens’ unalienable rights of:  life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, are not possible when the citizens are in physical danger because of non-enforcement of the laws that were meant to protect them and their property. Or when Americans face the threat of  their power being usurped, and of being disenfranchised by millions of foreign nationals.

Amnesty is not common sense.  The United States has lost, and given away American wealth, billions of dollars in services, and in welfare aid to millions of illegal immigrants. The United States will spend trillions more with this expensive amnesty that will drain our financial resources, and is against our best interests. The Liberal leftists, and Progressive politicians soothe us into a sense of false security. Leftists writers have spent years smoothing over, and sorting out the unpleasant facts about illegal immigration. But the illegal immigrants’ demands have now turned into extortion; there are threats of civil disobedience, and there are implied threats of violence to come, if their demands for amnesty are not met. This is lawlessness.

After so many years, and so many documented statistics, what is obvious, is that much of the illegal immigrant population has no intention of obeying United States laws. This is evidence that a proportion of the illegal immigration population does not respect the rule of law. And too many citizens have died because of that lack of respect for law. The open borders groups display their own interpretations of statistics. Those statistics would likely agree with Eric Holder’s, or Mr. Obama’s narratives. We have learned through experience that both the Obama Administration, and the illegal immigrant activists are more interested in the narratives of the poor, the honest, the law-abiding, illegal immigrant,  than in the truth. But there are more reliable records, than the Obama Administrations’ narratives, of the crimes of the illegal population.

Too many citizens have been injured or killed because of the inaction of both the President of the United States and the Congress. The lack of force taken against this invasion and the invaders, is dereliction of duty by the president, and Congress. The suffering of American citizens who have been injured and killed because of the thousands of crimes that illegal immigrants have committed, and the lack of enforcement of United States immigration laws, are crimes against the citizens of this country. The suffering of American victims should be on the conscience of the President and the  leaders’ in Congress. The blood of those dead Americans is on their hands.

History, our experience with previous amnesties, and our common sense, tell us that this Amnesty would mean disaster for Americans. It is important that citizens understand that their very lives, and their future are at stake.

And they must understand that Globalists: Mr. Obama, Progressives, Republicans, and illegal immigrants have radical plans to fundamentally transform everything that has made life good for United States citizens. This coalition will end American life as we have known and once lived it. American independence, freedom of speech, and having our votes count and actually, make a difference, will be gone. Being sure of secure jobs that meant good, enjoyable  lives, and our safety as a nation and a people, our tranquility and our peace of mind; –all of that would disappear. These good things, and our secure way of life, wouldn’t be possible in the America that is established after the Obama “transformation” that will come with amnesty.

Amnesty ends the America we once knew. And once it is gone, that America, cannot be reclaimed; it will be gone for all time. Such thoughts make us anxious. We must use that anxiety and take action to save those things that are rightfully ours before it is too late. We must do that now before the Globalist nightmare comes true.

Let our anxiety make us courageous

Perhaps the anxiety that is raised by reading the Senate record, may get more citizens interested in combating this complete transformation of the United States. That transformation that we have never wanted or asked for.  Read the Congressional Record for Friday June 7, 2013. And give it close attention because it’s not humdrum reading. This is the day on which the motion to move forward with the Senate’s Amnesty Bill took place. It is, a bit, like reading a mystery, a who done it. But in this case we already know who the victims are: they are the United States, and its citizens.

Most of the excerpts from the Congressional Record flow in the order in which Senator Sessions made them. Some are out of order because I added them as I did subsequent readings of his address to the Senate.

The Senate is called to order. The Chaplain offers a prayer, the Pledge of Allegiance is recited, and Senator Leahy recognizes the majority leader, Mr. Reid. Mr. Reid offers a few remarks.

And then, the assistant legislative clerk reads as follows: Motion to proceed to Calendar No. 80,S  744, a bill to provide for comprehensive immigration reform, and for other purposes.

This was the amnesty bill, which with a few cosmetic changes, The House of Representatives seems so desperate to accept, and to quickly work into a law that Mr. Obama will sign. This is a bill that if the Republican Leaders in the House of Representatives take it up, will allow for 20million illegal aliens who have been residing in the United States, illegally, some of them for decades, to become citizens. And it budgets billions of dollars in taxpayer money to assist those millions of illegal immigrants to become citizens. It then allows for chain migration, as the government’s new-made- citizens start to bring in their extended families. The numbers for this chain migration are likely to add up to 70million additional people. This Senate amnesty assigns generous benefits from social programs for illegal immigrants. The amnesty bill, with these billions of dollars to benefit the former illegal immigrants, and other money to be budgeted for a possible 70 million additional, and quickly- minted-citizens, is paid for, in full, by American tax-payers. If were in the Senate that day, we wouldn’t know most of those details because they are concealed within the bill; it takes an expert to understand the twists and the turns of the Gang of Eights’ Bill. It takes an expert to reveal the devious and dirty tricks that amnesty plays on American citizens.

Luckily, on this day there is an expert there in the Senate who understands the bill and the Senators; he understands the entire process. He knows how things are done, and how they are slipped into law against the best interests of the citizens. And he understands that there is no one in the Senate that day, except him, who will stand up for the rights of American citizens. He understands that when the bill was drafted the ones doing the deals and doing the writing of the bill were all special interests who were in favor of  continued illegal immigration. Those who drafted the Amnesty bill did not even consider the best interests of Americans. The rights of Americans were not important, not when compared to the rights of illegal immigrants. This expert knows that when the bill was drafted by pro-immigration special interests groups, that there were no special interests that acted as the representatives for citizens. No one opposed to amnesty was allowed to help write the bill.

This expert who knows how the bill was drafted knows that there were no serious efforts made in the bill to stop illegal immigration, and to secure the border. This amnesty would never do what Democrat Senators and the Gang of 8 declared it would do for United States security. The Amnesty bill being presented that day in the Senate kept the flow of illegal immigration going. The immigration reform bill would never enforce United States  immigration laws and it would never secure the border. And despite the Gang of Eight’s assurances to Americans, that was not the bill’s intent. It was not immigration reform, the bill was a generous amnesty to 20 million illegal immigrants.

The only man in the Senate who stands for the best interests of the United States and for Americans, on this day that amnesty moves forward, is a true American hero. It is Senator Jeff Sessions.

First Senator Sessions states the many benefits of legal immigration in America’s past. Then he says: We have had a good run with immigration in a lot of ways, but we need to ask ourselves at this point in time: Is it working within limits? Are the American people happy with what we are doing? Are we moving in the right direction?

We know our generous policies have resulted in a substantial flow of people into the country, and our challenge today is to create a lawful system of immigration that serves the national interests and admits those people into our country who are most likely to be successful, to prosper, and to flourish, therefore, most likely to be beneficial to America.

We have both the enormous illegal flow of people into the country as well as a legal flow that is not evaluated in a way that other advanced nations do when they execute their policies of immigration, for example, Canada. We should establish smart rules for admittance, rules that benefit America, rules that must be enforced, and must be lawful. We cannot reject a dutiful, good person to America and then turn around and allow someone else who came illegally to benefit from breaking our laws to the disadvantage of the good person who, when told no, had to accept that answer. It is just the way we are. So we must establish smart rules for admittance, rules that benefit America, and these rules have to be enforced–and that is not happening today…

And, Senator Jeff Sessions, who opposes the bill, on behalf of  the United States, and on behalf of American citizens, gives a long history about the bill. And about how and who wrote it.  He says: We did have a mark-up in the Judiciary Committee. We were allowed to offer amendments and had some debate there, but it was an odd thing. Repeatedly, members who were not even in the gang of 8 said: I like this amendment but I cannot vote for it because I understand it upsets the deal. We need to ask ourselves: Who made the deal? Whose deal is this? …Who was in this room? Who was in the deal-making process? So, I think that was a revealing time in the committee. They had agreed and stated openly there would be no substantial changes in the agreements the Gang of 8 made, and they would stick together and vote against any changes except for minor changes. There were a number of amendments accepted, a number of Republican amendments accepted. Many of those were second degree or altered by the majority in the committee, but none of those fundamentally altered the framework and the substance of this legislation.

Senator Sessions continued: So how did the legislation become as ineffective as it is? I contend-I think it is quite plain–it is because it was not written by independent Members of the Senate in a more open process but was written by special interests. …There were continual meetings over a period of quite a number of months that got this bill off on the wrong track in the beginning. Powerful groups met, excluding the interests of the American people, excluding the law enforcement community. Throughout the bill we can see the influence these groups had on the drafting of it. Some of the groups actually did the drafting. A lot of the language clearly came from the special interest groups engaged in those secret negotiations.  What is a special interest group? A special interest group is a group of people who have a commitment, and interest they want to advance, but they don’t pretend to share the national interest. So maybe it is a legitimate special interest, maybe it is not a legitimate special interest. So this is what happened: Big labor and Big business were active in drafting this legislation, with the entire deal obviously hanging on, it was reported, their negotiations.

These are a few of the groups that Senator Sessions lists as having drafted the Senate’s Bill: The Chamber of Commerce and the businesses it represents, The AFL-CIO represents workers in  industries like hospitality, and landscaping. Then Farm-worker unions, and growers associations. And, an Obama White House staff member attends each staff-level meeting to monitor progress and assist with technical aspects of writing the bill…

And then Senator Sessions reads from the Daily Caller: On February 5th, Obama held a White House meeting with a series of industry leaders, progressive advocates and ethnic lobbies, including LA Raza, to boost support for  his plan that would provide a conditional amnesty to 11 million illegal aliens, (which in the Speaker’s “House Principles” becomes 20 million illegal aliens) allow new immigrants to get residency for their relatives and elderly parents, and also establish rules for a “Future Flow” of skilled and unskilled workers.

The invitees included the CEO of Goldman-Sachs, Motorola, Marriott, and Deloitte. Senator Sessions says that “Also, we know participating in a lot of these discussions was the American Immigration Lawyers Association. This group obviously was involved in writing the bill, and I have to tell my colleagues that they will be the biggest winners of this legislation. Time and again, rules that were fairly clear, and probably should have been made clearer-are muddled, provisions were placed in that will  create litigation and encourage lawsuits, delays, and will increase costs…It means a trial. So the Immigration Lawyers Association was substantially involved in the meetings…The White House launched a charm offensive toward corporate America…hosting more than a dozen conference calls with top industry officials…along with a flurry of meetings at the White House. Participants on the recent calls include the heads of Goldman Sachs, the Business Roundtable…Even foreign countries had a say in drafting our law. The Hill, on February 7, reported: “Mexico’s new Ambassador to the U.S. Eduardo Medina-Mora, has had a number of meetings with the administration”  where the issue of immigration has come up since he took office last month, said a Mexican official familiar with the process. He is expected to meet with lawmakers shortly as legislation begins to take form. “Probably like no other country, we are a player in this particular issue,” the source said.

Senator Sessions goes on to say: Well, the law officers weren’t in the room, we know that. People who question economically the size and scope and nature of our immigration system weren’t in the room.

Then the Senator speaks of the deceptive way that the bill was written so there would be no law enforcement of the Amnesty Bill:

In other words, the sponsors of the bill were telling everyone they had triggers in the bill that would guarantee enforcement of laws in the future about immigration flow into America, and that if enforcement didn’t occur, the triggers would stop people from being legalized and end the process. That is not so. We have studied the language and we know the triggers are ineffectual and are not significant and won’t work. …Senator Sessions speaks of the “slush funds”…Again, with all of the slush funds in this bill, there are a number of them that go to private activist groups, community action groups. It is easy to see that special interests had a seat at the negotiation table…Senator Sessions reads from The National Review: A number of immigration-activist groups, such as the National Council of La Raza, would be eligible to receive millions in taxpayer funding to “advise” illegal immigrants applying for legal status under the bill. So money will go to these activist groups, such as La Raza. La Raza is responsible for advocating, not enforcing, our laws. So La Raza is in the meetings. La Raza is an open advocate for not enforcing laws involving illegal immigration. They are active participants in advocating for amnesty.  So they are going to get money out of the deal with some of the grant programs, while the law officers who have the ability to tell the committee, the Gang of 8, how to make the system work are shut out of the process. Were prosecutors involved in the process? No, they have not been. The National Immigration Forum, a pro-immigrant group has been involved in some of these discussions. …

Senator Sessions goes on to speak of how the negotiations went on, and quotes the Huffington Post saying that The Gang Of 8 was hanging together and voting together to defeat any amendments that would interfere with the deals that had been made. Then he says: And the point to make is, and what I think our colleagues need to understand and the American people need to understand:

In reality, the special interests–La Raza, the unions, the corporate world, the big agriculture  businesses, the food processors–they are the ones that made the agreement in this process, and the senators merely ratified it. , and they cannot agree to a change because they promised these special interest groups things.  So if La Raza would accept, point A that somebody wanted accepted, and the unions would accept point B, then they would both agree: I will do A if you will do B. Then the bill gets to the floor and somebody says: A is wrong and we should not put that in the bill.  Let’s change that. Oh no we cannot change that.  We have an agreement. The  agreement is with who? La Raza, the agri-businesses, the Chamber of Commerce, Microsoft, Zuckerberg…And the people who drafted this bill, the people who have advocated these special interests–we should not be surprised at their influence. Businesses groups, organizations have special interests. There is nothing inherently wrong with that.

What is wrong is that Members of Congress–Members of the Senate–need  to be representing the national interests, the people’s interests, the worker’s interests in America. That is what we need to be doing not representing the special interests. ..Who is protecting the national interests?   Did they have  any of the top-ranked economists in this country being asked what would be the right number of low-skilled workers to bring into America? Did they have any of top experts say how many advanced science degrees we can have? How many of our college graduates are unemployed? What is the right number? None of this was apparently discussed by our colleagues who allowed this process to go forward.

…I want to say that is what has happened here. And the point to make is what I think our colleagues need to understand the American people need to understand: in reality, the special interests–La Raza, the unions, the corporate world, the big agriculture businesses, the food processors–they are the ones that made the agreement in this process, and the Senators merely ratified it, and they cannot agree to a change because they promised these special interest groups things.

I would say, finally, with regard to the special interests, they have no interest-virtually none of them that were involved in the process–of guaranteeing in the future that we do not have more illegal immigration. That is the failure here. They do not have any interest in that, and therefore, there was no intensity of interest in that aspect of the legislation. …But nobody was investing any time or interest in the second phase of this. If you have a legality of millions of people who came here illegally what are we going to do to ensure it doesn’t happen in the future.

Senator Session says: I was a Federal prosecutor, I personally tried an immigration case myself. I bet nobody else here can say that. So I am aware you have to have certain legal processes and certain investments in investigative and enforcement mechanisms to make the system work in the future.

As we go forward with this debate, we are going to show–and it is going to be clear–that this has not been fixed, and in fact, the standards of current law with regard to what ought to be done–requirements in current Federal law–are being weakened some of them eviscerated by this bill. This bill is far weaker than the 2007 legislation.  I do not think there is any doubt about that. It will be clear when we get through it. It was rejected by the American people–the 2007 agreement–and it actually weakens current law in quite a number of significant areas–weakens current law–while we are being told: do not worry, this is the toughest bill ever.

Senator Sessions lists some of the experts who were opposed to the Senate’s Amnesty bill: The ICE union has voted no confidence in John Morton, their supervisor. What a dramatic event. I am not aware of that ever happening in my 14 years -plus as a Federal prosecutor–the actual employment union declaring that they have no confidence in their supervisor.  And what did they say? They said he spends all of his time advocating for amnesty and not enforcing the laws. he is directing us to not follow legal requirements we took an oath to follow.

Senator Sessions’ address to the Senate is clear, brave and remarkable.  He stood, calmly explaining the implications of Amnesty, exposing their failures, and their defrauding of Americans, and the United States, to those very Senators who had brought the betrayal of amnesty to the floor of the Senate. Senators who had lied to Americans about what amnesty did, listened to the truth about Amnesty, their bill, the bill that they had allowed to be written by special interests, none of whom had the best interests of Americans or America in their hearts.

Senator Sessions explained the bill and how it might destroy the country that these senators, the Gang of Eight, had taken an oath to serve. He gave the senators a detailed explanation of who had done what; the likely details of how, and by whom the bill was written. He showed how their amnesty bill stabbed American citizens in the back, and how it disenfranchised them. Senator Sessions gave them a point by point explanation of their Amnesty, and showed who stood to gain by it.

We The People of the United States owe Senator Jeff Sessions a great debt for telling us the truth; Amnesty if it is passed will forever, and irrevocably, change America to the point that we will never get it back. And that is frightening and sad. Senator Sessions let us see what the Gang of 8, Mr. Obama, Progressive-Democrats, the unions, big corporations, trial lawyers, Zuckerberg, The Chamber of  Commerce, La Raza, and many other illegal immigrant-pro-amnesty groups were willing to do to the citizens, and to the United States. Because of Senator Sessions, Americans at least know who the enemies are who are ready to sell us out.

We can’t be sure what the outcome of this battle, in the ongoing, brutal war for America will be. But long before amnesty, there has been an enormous impact on America from the people who have so determinedly invaded her.

The United States and its citizens have faced a never-ending list of demands from non-citizens. These demands have been escalating for many years. The Gang of Eight lied to Americans about how deeply the amnesty bill would impact Americans and America. But the truth about amnesty caused many to realize that, despite the media cheer leading,  and the Democrat-Progressive lies, that illegal immigrants have had a deeply destructive impact on the United States. There have been many encroachments on the United States borders, land, and benefits, and on its citizens rights as Americans.

One of the insults to citizens, is that millions of people who are not citizens of the U.S., and  who came here illegally, and against our wishes, are able to deny citizens’ rights to the American people.

They are here illegally, but they can control our elections by voter Id fraud, and they can control our governments’ policies to their advantage. Lately, Noncitizens were closely consulted and represented in the writing of the Immigration Reform Bill  , which financially benefits foreign nationals and their cause. How many United States citizens, and their organizations, which were opposed to amnesty, had any input in the writing of the Gang of Eights’ amnesty bill? Senator Sessions said that nobody from the opposition was consulted in writing amnesty. The amnesty bill is one which will cost tax payers trillions of dollars and for decades to come. But no one who opposed the bill was allowed to speak out, or to be involved in writing the bill. The only ones who helped write the Gang of Eights’ “Immigration Reform” bill were those who were for amnesty, and who received benefits from an amnesty bill being passed.

Illegal immigrants, and their advocates are aggressive; they make arbitrary demands of us. These are demands they couldn’t, and wouldn’t make in their home countries. Our politicians, whose representation, and loyalty was to be given to U.S. citizens, and solely to the best interests of the United States, support the illegal immigrants’ demands. When it comes to the law; illegals have input and are deciding what citizens can and can’t do. Illegals decide how United States citizens will live, what they can say, and what can be reported in their news. By doing this they are deciding America’s policies, and so her future. Non-citizens are the ones determining whether Americans can really have life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. But our Constitution makes no provision for this misplaced power. Foreign nationals cannot make these decisions for United States’ citizens; illegal immigrants are the citizens of other countries’ they have no right to have a vote in America’s internal affairs.

Mr. Obama, and the Democratic party’s amnesty will bring untold millions  of people from other nations into our United States. These are people who have no natural right to, or in, the United States. They are other nations’ citizens. Their lives and their futures are the responsibility of  other nations, and not ours.

But if the deceit, of amnesty is passed by Democrats, then these people, with whom the American people, have no responsibility, or relationship, will come here simply because Democrat-Progressives’ gave them amnesty, in 2014.

Those illegal immigrants and their many relatives who come with chain migration, will have received amnesty for no other reason than that the original 20-30 million, or more, illegal immigrants broke U.S. laws and invaded the United States, and instead of paying a price for their crimes, our president and our Congress rewarded them with tax-payer money.  If we allow those Democrat-Progressives’-these new voters, those untold millions to come here, then the citizens will have the responsibility for them. And that responsibility, and all of the trouble it will cause us, will last for eternity. These millions will use affirmative action, and every other advantage that amnesty gives them, in the future, against those who are the descendants of present-day- citizens. And their children will use it to compete against our children, and our grandchildren. How can it be right for Mr. Obama, and Democrat-Progressives to put millions of Americans’, and our children, and our children’s children, at an eternal, disadvantage for employment, within their own country? Amnesty makes no sense. It damages, beyond imagination, both the United States and its citizens.

For decades these illegal non-citizens have assumed the rights of citizens, and with Mr. Obama’s support and protection, they grow ever bolder in their demands. Currently, they demand that all deportations be stopped, that “immigration reform” ” which we know, is simply amnesty, be comprehensive, and that it be pushed through Congress. The illegal immigrant population see all of the benefits that will come to them and to their descendants with this expensive amnesty. And Americans can be certain that amnesty will result in a bill as full of regulations, hidden surprises, rising costs,  unforeseen outcomes, losses to citizens, and deception as Obamacare.

Obamacare was rushed, with half-truths, and outright lies; it was pushed through with billions of dollars’ worth of deals, and against the will of the citizens. Amnesty is something that Democrat-Progressives admit that they want even more than a victory in the 2014 election. That is because they achieve more with amnesty than they will with a victory in the 2014 election. Democrat-Progressives, and Mr. Obama want the victory of amnesty for a reason, and that is to be able to rule the nation unopposed. We have seen how corrupt, and how lawless they have become without amnesty, decent citizens can only imagine the state of the United States if Mr. Obama achieves his amnesty goal. We have much to fear. And we have every incentive to fight against amnesty’s anarchy, and for our freedom.

If illegal immigrants, Obama, and the Democrats in Congress accomplish this fraud, of amnesty, on the American people, there will be no going back. The president will have done what he said he wanted to do; he will have “fundamentally transformed the United States” of America, in every way, and for all time. His last goals were changing the demographics of the United States into a Minority/Majority and securing one-party Rule within our Republic. With amnesty, Mr. Obama may be able, and may be allowed to destroy the United States.

Mr. Obama, the current, president of the United States, will have done from within, what our beloved Lincoln, wisely predicted in 1838, long before his own presidency: that there would be a future evil genius who would  attempt to destroy America from within.

Americans must consider what is being done, and ask themselves some hard questions about the motives, the agendas, and the consequences of Obama’s and the illegal immigrants’ determined push for amnesty. Those hard questions should be pondered, for once, without the distraction of LA Raza, the immigration activists’, and the Media’s, chant of racism. That race-card claim: that Americans’ rejection of amnesty has to do with race, or civil rights, is nothing but a distraction. The Leftists, Race card game, is simply propaganda, dirty politics, and it has been used, consistently, in every kind of political argument, for over fifty years.

The Left, and Democrat-minorities, have won too many political “games” that had  high stakes for the citizens, by playing their race card. It is easy to see the scars of the Leftists’ wins. One look at the condition of the country shows that America has suffered decline from those lost battles. America has been weakened. If the Left wins the battle for amnesty, America will have lost the most important war it has ever fought: the war for its own survival.

We the people, must stop the race card game. We stop it by refusing to play. We must declare: Not this time. Because amnesty is too big of a give-away, and has too negative an impact on the United States to allow the pro-amnesty groups to use race, once again, against America. We the people have everything to lose. We the people have a right to ask questions, and we have a right to truthful answers to our questions because this is OUR country. We have a right to know who is behind each of the hundreds of immigrant organizations and businesses that are behind amnesty . We need to understand what their true agenda is. We have the right for full disclosure, because this, the biggest ever amnesty, will cost the United States trillions of dollars. It is also likely, that amnesty, will cause great financial, and social upheaval, as well as the rapid destruction of America’s natural resources, and its environment.

The president’s amnesty has the potential to put the entire country into a free-fall to failure. And so, the question of amnesty is too important a detail to leave to Mr. Obama, to the Progressive-Democrat Senate, to Progressive Republicans, or to cheap labor corporations. All of them will likely grow rich, or richer, by sacrificing the United States to the demands of 20-30 million, or more, illegal immigrants who, also, have everything to gain from amnesty. And we must remember that all of the pro-amnesty groups are , also, for the importation of 70 million more people, with chain migration. 70 million more new U.S. citizens, who are currently the loyal citizens’ of other countries. Those details, and those millions are what will influence the future peace, or the destruction of all peace, in America.

Americans must not leave Amnesty, and the ability to import those additional 70 million,  to the discretion, and in the hands of, illegal immigrants. Foreign nationals’ have too much to gain, and nothing to lose whenever they try to foist amnesty onto Americans’.

All of these entities have determined agendas for America. But their agendas accomplish goals that were never imagined by the Founders of America. The Founders are gone, but We the People remain to fight against the agenda of the Left, of Mr. Obama, the agenda of Democrat-Progressives, and against the ambitions of millions of citizens of foreign nations who have invaded our country, and who plan to conquer it from within, with amnesty.

I began this work in the spring of 2013, when another push for amnesty began. It started as a Citizen’s anti-amnesty-protest pamphlet.  It soon became a booklet, and now, in August of 2014, has grown into a book.

I re- wrote this section in February 2014. During those days,  the immigration news took a sudden turn, and the headlines, and the signals about what was being planned for the Immigration Bill changed. Something was happening, but it was difficult to determine just what. One headline said that Mr. Obama was pondering what objectives he could still reach in his second term, by use of executive orders. Another headline said Mr. Obama was pressuring top U.S. executives to get behind amnesty, and yet another said that nothing would be done on immigration reform in 2014. But at the heart of the matter, after all of the protests, and all of the words, nothing had changed for Americans and America. For a few moments we could breathe easy. We hadn’t been “Fundamentally Transformed”, yet, but we knew that was still the Obama Agenda. And, as they were decades ago, the illegal immigrant activists’ goals were still the same; they wanted the United States.

The illegal immigrant organizations, millions strong, have been well organized for many decades; they are seasoned activists. And at present, they seem closer to violence with every protest.

History proves that Amnesty solves nothing. No matter how many times an amnesty is given, the illegal immigrants continue their invasion, and their demands. This is the pattern: They invade, and they have millions of anchor babies; those anchor babies allow extended families to come to the United States and become citizens. As they increase in number, they demand more rights, more changes in laws, and finally, this larger demographic, of the formerly illegal, demand yet another amnesty. And it all began with illegal immigrants breaking our laws, and stealing across the U.S. border. It all began because our government officials refused to enforce immigration laws.

In 2014, they are demanding another amnesty, that they continue to call  “comprehensive immigration reform”. This will be used to bring in millions more immigrants. Their demands are furthered by Mr. Obama, Liberals, and Progressives, who are determined to establish one-party rule through their 70 million immigrant-Democrat voters, those votes that will be gained by chain migration. Big business is standing for amnesty; it wants to hire immigrant labor, cheap labor, instead of  hiring American citizens at a decent wage. The Global corporations’ goal is to be the wealthy elites who use,  and who rule over cheap labor.

But what if the United States is damaged, or destroyed in the process of establishing amnesty, and in establishing the elitists’ new “transformed” America?  No matter, it’s likely that the elites lives will be better than ever, and to them, to many politicians, and to Mr. Obama, that is all that matters.

The pro-amnesty forces are all in place, and they have some of the same goals: a continuous, and a never-ending- flow of millions of immigrants, from unknown countries, brought to America by Amnesty. Democrats concede that means cheap labor for the insatiable big corporations. But it is more, it is a combination of Obama, and Democrat-Progressive collusion with Global Corporations to give them an unlimited supply of labor. And it is the  pervading desire of Mr. Obama, and Progressive-Communists for control of all segments of the United States. Rather than having the supposed goals of Communism, of putting Labor in charge of society, it ends up establishing the norm in Socialist/Communists countries: the two classes: elites who govern, and the impoverished, controlled masses: the workers.

Whatever they are called, in the end, these controlled workers are the re-establishment of slavery. And this abomination, is sought by the former anti-slavery Progressive-Democrats, many of whom have spent much of their lives extolling Martin Luther King, and accusing white people of racism.

Or, if the imported population ends up being Muslim, rather than Latino, then the possibly is for the over-running of America, by the imported-through-amnesty, warriors of jihad. Any of these results seem possible in this, the Obama Nation. But the end result of the Progressives’ and Obama’s agenda is always the destruction of The United States of America.

When Mr. Obama’s poll numbers plummet, or when the poll numbers drop for those directly involved in crafting the amnesty bill, the politicians back off . The various pro-amnesty groups grow quiet. The illegal immigrants’ demands grow quieter, or stop. They may delay, for a day, or for a year. But they will continue to move FORWARD, under Mr. Obama’s leadership, or Hillary Clinton’s leadership. Or under GOP leadership. And they plan to use the same kind of claims: First, that amnesty is a civil rights issue. Or they will use emotional blackmail, the narratives of the poor suffering children whose parents were deported. And they will use fraud and dirty deals in Congress to get the votes they need. They plan to get this amnesty that is against America’s best interests, and they will use the same kind of tactics that they used to shove Obamacare down Americans’ throats.

Whatever the politicians do, Americans must not believe that amnesty is ever off their minds or erased from their list of  goals.  American must be vigilant; citizens must be ready to stand and to fight against this corruption, and for the country that we love. Because America is ours, and we must keep it that way.

This time, We the People, must stand strong against this deceitful, dishonest amnesty. We must stand against any immigration reform whatsoever, except to demand that all immigration laws be enforced, and that illegal immigrants be quickly returned to their own, home countries.  We must tell the Democrat-Progressives, and the advocates and activists, and the illegal immigrants, that this time, with this fraud of an amnesty, that they have gone too far. We must push back for our own sake, and for our country’s sake. We must educate our children, beyond the Lefts’ public schools’ anti-Americanism. We must teach our own children. We must teach them what we know of America, so that they will also love America. And, we must help our children to understand the nature of modern political corruption. This abnormal, group marriage of political leaders, illegal immigrants, and Globalist corporations. Our children must know what deceitful politicians have tried to do with immigration reform.

We must  let politicians of both parties know that we will never allow another amnesty. We must tell all of America the facts about what these forces have done in the past. We must tell citizens what the future will be for America if these groups ever succeed, and are able to bring about the fraud, and the giant con of “comprehensive immigration reform”, which is amnesty.

We must do this because ordinary Americans also have an agenda for America; it is a very simple one: What most Americans want is a stable, prosperous, and a safe country. We know that with honest, ethical politicians, and there must still be some, somewhere in the United States, that this is still possible.

Americans want a nation whose citizens remember and honor our proud history from Pre-Revolutionary times to the present. Americans want a country that is sovereign, a country with strong borders, and with consistently lower legal immigration numbers, and enforced laws that protect us from, what we have learned, are the real dangers of illegal immigration. We want a country that holds on to decency, and to traditional values. We want a country where patriotism, human kindness, and Christianity are alive and well. We want a country of citizens, and of leaders that hold fast to decent behavior, and to The Constitution as the law of the land. We do not want free speech zones. Because all of America is meant to be a free speech zone. We want any government official who calls for the abolition, or the re-wording, or re-writing of our laws, of any laws that do away with a United States’ citizen’s rights, to lose his job. Immediately. We want a country where Americans can continue to believe in, and receive justice for all. We want corruption punished. We want corrupt officials out of office. We want a press that is not a tool for Communism. We want an honest media. We want safe neighborhoods, where the brotherhood of mankind lives and thrives, and want to be able to sing: America–God shed his grace on thee . We want our freedom, and our Republic back. We do not want to lose our traditions, our religion, our language, our history, or our rights. We want the big-spending, liars, the scoundrels, tossed out of the White House, and out of Congress. We want the crooked deals that bypass the people to be stopped. We want Congress, and the president not to be exempted from any of the American laws they have written, or signed. We want the corruption in government, that is pervasive through-out the nation to be stopped. We want HR 347, the bill that restricts Americans’ right to free speech repealed. We want Obamacare repealed.  But before those wishes are achieved we want, and need to defeat, the current invasion of Central Americans into the United States. And we must defeat amnesty.

We must stop the trickery that Mr. Obama and Democrats are practicing with their invasion of Central Americans. Mr. Obama and the Democrats are practicing deception of the lowest kind. They are allowing hundreds of thousands to enter the United States, and then, conveniently, “losing track” of most of them. This is criminal, and Mr. Holder, and Mr. Obama, and the Obama Administration should be treated as criminals because they are breaking U.S. Laws. It is not only treason, it is, also, criminal activity, under 8 U.S. Code §1324. Mr. Obama should be tried for treason and for every illegal immigrant he has allowed into the United States, and transported, illegally, under that law. All involved in this huge conspiracy must be punished for their crimes against the citizens, and against the United States.

And, we must be prepared to fight the forces who would, through surprise, and political cunning, overcome us and put in place this, or any disastrous amnesty, now, or at any time in our future. We the people must care enough about our future to ask, and to find the answers to provocative questions, such as:  What countries’, and what special interests furnished the billions of dollars that have been used to push for this amnesty? Where did the money, and the aggressiveness, to force it through come from, and whose hands is this money going into? Are those in Congress, and in the Obama Administration, and in the White House, taking this money as payment to advance the interests of foreign nationals over American citizens?

Surely, this is treason?  But we don’t need to ask that question, because we know that it is.

News reports show that Mexican citizens are at the forefront of amnesty. They are among the most militant of those demanding amnesty. Is Mexico trying to gain greater power within the United States by the legalization of millions of Mexicans whose loyalty is mainly to Mexico? Are the millions of Mexicans who have, illegally, resided in the United States, just another kind of army, a Trojan horse? Was their purpose to first infiltrate our nation? Did they work to gain support from American politicians, and then by their sheer numbers and with the political power they were allowed to usurp, plan to move on to greater power, and in time, to conquer the United States from within?

Considering the peril that Americans find themselves in, which is the danger that they will soon lose their country, such questions are reasonable. Such questions must be asked.

We know that if the Mexican government had, for years, entertained ambitions  for American territory, it would know that any military attack against the United States would be absurd, and would be defeated in a day. Open aggression exposes an enemy.

How much easier, for Mexico to accomplish its agenda in the United States by beginning decades ago, and  by sending, not an army, but its millions of poor people; its pregnant women, and its children who would enter the United States at the “age of five” and in the future could claim the United States as “the only home they had ever known” .

Those endless millions, of Mexicans, seemingly, just people fleeing poverty, but relentless, and coming year after year, were growing and gaining in wealth and power, not in their own country, where the Mexican elites didn’t want them, but in our country, where many Americans’ could foresee the outcome of the constant influx of foreign nationals.  But these Mexicans didn’t care whether they were wanted or not, because they were growing in American wealth and power.

And Mexico knew that they were useful. Those, sad-eyed millions wouldn’t be seen as a foe.  American compassion, and the desire for cheap labor, and American political corruption would let many of the invaders cross our border and take up residence. And eventually, with the help of Democrat-Liberals, and a purposeful, high birth rate of anchor babies, and with the useful aid of chain-migration, they would bring in their extended families, and make them into American citizens. Then, they too could also bring in their families. Soon there would be millions more of them, within our borders, and still behind an innocent facade; just “people wanting a better life”. But, nevertheless, they broke our laws, and they stole our American wealth. And, it all began with foreign citizens, illegally within the United States, who were taking our jobs, and were sending billions of our American dollars, earned from American jobs, home to Mexico, while also receiving billions in taxpayer paid benefits for their families. And then as more of their children were born as United States citizens, their power grew. They sought political offices in cities, counties, in states, and in the Federal government. And when they had political power they used it to change laws, and to further help their relatives, and to help their country-men, those poor down-trodden illegal immigrants.

And then, still anchored by their relatives, those ever-increasing, millions of anchor babies,  they came out from behind their humble masks; they began demanding, and then taking power, and continued the waging of a different kind of war. And it was a bitter, and a savage war for political, and economic power, waged mostly by people who, at first, did just want better lives.

A people, who, with the help of the misguided, and the kind American people, the churches, and the politicians at every level of government, had been helped to attain  much better lives”. They attained better jobs, scholarships, grants, college educations, all of their goals, much of it with “charitable” help from the Catholic Church, which had, in the name of “social justice” helped the invasion, for decades, by establishing sanctuary churches, and cities. And then had further helped these “migrants” use American, laws, and welfare programs in order to first survive and then to thrive. But there were also many Protestant churches, or just nice Americans who helped, the poor down-trodden illegal immigrants, as they continued the invasion of millions. And the invasion, and the taking advantage of America, by these foreign nationals, by these militant, illegal immigrants, was done with constant pleas for compassion, for “people who just wanted better lives”.

It was a practical and an easy kind of war for a country such as Mexico to win; it is always easier to conquer from within. It simply takes years of deceit, and patience. What could be easier than for millions of Mexicans to cross the border, to work, send billions of dollars home, and then bring in their numerous relatives. And to have their children born as United States citizens; because that is one of the easiest methods to become a citizen. Meanwhile millions of Mexicans’ claim benefits from America. And soon, many Latino citizens have learned how to use the magic words, from the Black civil rights era, “fairness, justice, equality, and civil rights,” and presto: they claim they are, actually, not illegal immigrants, breaking U.S. laws, that they are really part of another fight for civil rights. They do that because civil rights battles usually end in victory.

Americans don’t always stop to think: these people weren’t forced to come here. Americans didn’t buy them. Americans had no plans to make them slaves. These people, these illegal immigrants, originally, forced their way into the country in order to work. Since then, they have continually broken our laws, and conned our system in order to do this.

But as part of their agenda, to stay, to gain citizenship, and to gain other advantages within the United States, they fight for, and protest for lenient laws within the United States. They tell Americans that they, the illegal immigrants, do this because United States laws aren’t fair, and that they shouldn’t have to obey them. They should be allowed to stay, and they shouldn’t be obliged to follow United States laws.  They tell us that our laws take away their civil rights.

And now, after years of invasion, after years of deceiving us, and years of growing in numbers, and working to undo the rule of law, there are millions of them. These millions of people, from other countries, now have the help, and the collusion of American politicians. They are often allowed to vote. They continue to demand more changes to United States immigration laws. In fact they demand the end of those laws. They fight to end any enforcement or deportations. And then they demand a gift. They demand, the amnesty that they helped to write, a liberal amnesty that has another advantage, because once it is signed into law it will soon give the former illegal immigrants power over the citizens.

Because amnesty will soon act to disenfranchise Americans. The sheer numbers of those amnestied, and the new millions brought in with chain migration, are numbers that take the political power away from law-abiding United States citizens, who have done nothing wrong, and give political power to people who have broken United States laws for decades.

Illegal immigrants, all of their citizen relatives, their advocates and activists now demand citizenship, for un-told-millions of people. Who can tell how many? Because, after-all, these are the much touted, poor illegal immigrants, who according to the ever compassionate Progressives’, are: living in the shadows. But these illegal immigrants, who already have so many rights, and advantages, fought for, and given to them, and passed into law, by Progressives, now these “downtrodden people” who just wanted better lives, cast an enormous shadow within the United States borders.

And with their great numbers, they will have power, that soon, far, surpasses the power of the present Americans. They only need the money. The just need the benefits. And they need the power that is given within that amnesty. They need the bill that they wrote, and that they now demand, with veiled threats of possible violence, that the House of Representatives pass. With amnesty, Mexicans, and other illegal immigrants, will take the political power, and the wealth, that by birth, and by right, belong to Americans.

Liberals and Progressives, the President of the United States, the Gang of Eight, and the Liberal main-stream media, all who support this amnesty, and who scoff at any chance that ” the poor illegal immigrants, who invaded America, as “an act of love”, might undermine U.S. immigration laws . They scoff at the very idea that illegal immigrants might conspire for power, or to over-power the United States, within the United States. But there has been a conspiracy for illegal immigrants to invade the United States. For years Congress and presidents have refused to strictly enforce our laws, and corporations have demanded more cheap labor. And they have worked together to keep the invaders coming. And, those illegal immigrants soon had organizations, advocates and activists whose main objective was the increase in power for the illegal immigrants, and that power had to come from somewhere. It came from United States citizens losing their power. The citizens lost power when illegal immigrant organizations, such as LA Raza, opposed United States laws, and advocated on behalf of the many millions who were in the United States, illegally. Details about the activities of La Raza can be read on Discover The Networks.

In essence, that is a description of what has actually happened in the United States up to 2013. To deny that America has been invaded is to ignore the millions of illegal immigrants who now reside within our borders; Article 4, section 4 of the Constitution states: The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government, and shall protect each of them against invasion; and on Application of the Legislature, or of the Executive (when the legislature cannot be convened) against domestic Violence. Within the last several years, and up to the present time, states along the southern border have been under invasion; despite President Obama’s assurances, and Janet Napolitano’s foolish, vehement, and false assurances, that: the border has never been safer; this invasion continues, and is documented by law enforcement, by citizens, and by the governors of the states.

The Immigration Reform Bill from the United States Senate is written to benefit illegal immigrants and American businesses. The bill’s terms, and conditions, are those demanded by foreign nationals; it is written by La Raza, other advocacy groups, and by cheap-labor business groups. And, like Obamacare, no one has read it. Most Senators, who assure us that “immigration reform” is good for the United States, could not quote a paragraph from the amnesty bill; they don’t know what is in it, and seem not to care. Most American citizens don’t know what is in the bill, either. The citizens whose unalienable right is the pursuit of happiness, were not consulted by their senators, or even considered by them in the writing of the bill. America’s well-being, or survival wasn’t considered either.

Americans’ have questions for President Obama and to the Senators, and to leaders in the House who support versions of the Gang of Eight’s Infamous Immigration Bill. To Senators : Schumer, Durbin, Menendez, Bennet, Flake, Rubio, McCain, and Graham, and to the House Leaders. Do you not see that any amnesty bill is madness to the citizens of this country?

Where else in the world could this amnesty happen? Can you tell us any country in the entire world that would offer 20 million Americans who had taken up residence, illegally, anything comparable to the benefits that the Senates’ bill offers to illegal immigrants in the United States?

The Senates’ bill is an enormous gift bag of very generous benefits to illegal immigrants who have done nothing for the majority of Americans except to break our laws, take our jobs, and collect taxpayer paid benefits. Americans should be blunt, and ask: Mr. President, Senators’ Mr. Speaker, do you suppose you can keep on, forever, refusing to enforce the country’s laws? Do you think you can keep on supporting the citizens of other nations, against the rights of Americans? How long are Americans going to put up with your deception?

Some of the gifts: the taxpayer paid benefits that Mr. Obama and the Senate are giving to illegal immigrants with the immigration bill: are, according to,  ” carefully concealed from American Taxpayers”. Illegal immigrants, once granted amnesty, are immediately provided: ” access to cash welfare benefits through refundable earned income tax credits, and related child tax credits.”  “The cost to taxpayers would be around 10 billion each year”. “Heritage estimates that amnesty would continue to cost taxpayers 50 Billion a year for the next 10 to 13 years. Heritage says: It gets worse, the bill conceals costs to taxpayers by delaying full access to welfare benefits to these millions for the first decade. After that delay, those granted amnesty would be eligible for over 80 welfare programs and Obamacare. The costs to taxpayers is:  106 billion a year. Amnesty recipients would always receive three dollars in benefits for every one dollar in taxes that they pay….most likely back taxes that illegal immigrants owed would be waived (As Senator Charles Schumer did in his bait and switch move in the 1986 amnesty)…amnesty recipients would have access to Medicare and Social Security Benefits.”

The 1000 page bill is full of benefits to illegal immigrants, and tax increases for citizens. It is deceitful and must be seen, and read before its full deception, increase in government control, the huge increase in costs, and the insult to Americans, can be fully understood and appreciated. Each citizen should read the Heritage report: Americans should ask Mr. Obama and Democratic leaders, where in the world could Americans receive such a gift, such largess from a country that they had invaded? Where could Americans receive such a gift after breaking that country’s laws for decades? Where could American criminals, with little vetting, be allowed the gift of citizenship and welfare benefits? Tell us, President Obama, and Speaker Boehner what other country in the world, would give invading Americans what you are giving to these illegal immigrants?  And tell us what in the United States Constitution gives you the right to use billions and billions of citizen’s tax-paid funds to benefit illegal immigrants, and to put their lives and their best interests above those of the United States, or of U.S. citizens? Answer us, in plain English, and without further lies, before you take one more step to sell us out, and to defraud us with your deceptive “immigration reform” bill, which is, actually, amnesty.

No one — Mr. Obama, Democrats, or Republicans — can know what the unforeseen consequences of this unprecedented, in size, Amnesty, might be to the citizens of the United States. And if they did know they wouldn’t tell us, the citizens, who would be most impacted by it. But you can get the big picture, the truth, and not the narrative that unethical politicians hope that you will believe, or the fairy tales, that American media tells the uninformed. has articles with facts and statistics. There you can learn about the current impact of millions of illegal immigrants and how they are affecting the United States. The present situation is already a nightmare. From those facts your imagination will give you the sad probability of what awaits Americans, and America with an amnesty for 20 million, that with birth- right citizenship, and chain- migration, explodes America into an over-populated, and uncontrollable nightmare nation. Mr. Obama’s amnesty, quickly, turns the United States into a crime-ridden, and an impoverished, third- world- nation.

And we can guess that the result of quickly admitting millions more immigrants likely means more resentment between cultures and races, and that is bound to lead to much worse strife and unrest.

There is already dangerous racial hatred in the U.S.; the knock-out game, which has been under-reported by the liberal media, and under-investigated by police, and has so far, not been prosecuted by the Department of Justice, is a hate crime. These crimes, which have occurred through-out the country are violent, unprovoked, attacks by blacks against whites. The attackers look for strangers, innocent victims, and attack them without reason or warning; the object of the game is to knock-out the victims. The attacks, the “game” begins with a gang walking by a victim. One of  the gang punches the victim, once, as hard as they can; then they run, and sometimes they record the attack. They laugh about what they have done, and sometimes they post their videos of the attack. They leave behind critically injured, and sometimes, dead victims. The attackers show no remorse about what they have done. The “game” has various patterns, most recently  several black males, approach strangers. They attack. And they stay to beat-up the victims. The Department of Justice has shown little interest in the black on white crimes; the only real interest they have shown is for the one disparate knock-out game attack; in that case, the attacker was white, and the victim was black.

Another example of the anger between races in the United States, is the Trayvon Martin case. From the President of the United States, through-out congress, the media, and across America, people chose up sides. There were demonstrations, destruction of property,  violence, and threats of riots.

The millions that come with amnesty, and the millions more that keep coming afterwards will certainly add to racial tension.

And their numbers will no longer be an addition to the much vaunted, by Liberals, “diversity” of America. Those millions of other cultures and different races, will overwhelm America.

And those millions of foreign nationals will have little knowledge, or any connection with American traditions, or to our history. They will, likely, be even more abrasive, and antagonistic to America and Americans than are the current illegal immigrant activists, and Mr. Obama’s “Dreamers”.

Americans aren’t foolish enough to ignore the enormous practical problems, such as racial conflict, and the over-population that will come with chain migration. Anyone with common sense knows that such problems are bound to afflict the nation with unmanageable strife, if this amnesty is passed.

Only Mr. Obama, and those politicians who, likely, are being paid to push amnesty can believe that it is an easy transformation to attempt.

An amnesty of 20 million, that quickly becomes 70 million people, is terribly dangerous, even to a nation at the height of its power, and its prosperity. Amnesty for so many millions of  people is enormously complicated. And so, many other objections should be made.

One of the most unsavory aspects to Amnesty connects it to America’s history of slavery. Because those businesses, and the politicians in America in 2013, and 2014 that, together, are pushing for amnesty in the hope of millions more cheap laborers are no different than the slave owners, and the state governments’ in the American South during the era of slavery. Today’s businesses, and the plantation owners shared the same goal: the cheapest kind of labor, and the biggest possible profits for themselves.

And this cheap labor will be never-ending, because, in the end, after  amnesty, and the initial legalization, the former illegal immigrants will bring their relatives to the United States. These cheap laborers will come in wave after wave of “chain migration“. U.S. immigration law allows them to bring in their extended families. And then when those new immigrants arrive and become citizens, they can do the same thing. Chain migration is what explodes the U.S. population, makes the costs of amnesty so high, and ends the good paying jobs for Americans.

Chain-migration, the endless waves of people from other nations; the cheap labor that keeps getting cheaper with every new immigrant. What Obama, the Gang of Eight, and American businesses are pressing for is the importing of 70million or more non-citizens who will provide dirt cheap labor costs. Wave after wave, millions upon millions of poor people, who will replace more expensive American workers in American companies, just as they have with illegal immigration. Amnesty, is the magnet, and Mr. Obama is purposely welcoming, is purposely throwing the gates open for cheap labor. When those cheap laborers replace American workers, the chance for an America in which most citizens have comfortable lives will have come to an end.

American businesses  and the United States Chamber of Commerce, have always wanted cheap labor. In an article on, by Frosty Wooldridge, titled, Financial Food Chain, Wooldridge, writes about large corporations: “These men in power will do anything to make more money at your expense.”

Progressive’s and Mr. Obama’s preference for the domination of large corporations, has caused a crisis in the medium, and in the small business communities. The pressure for  passing Amnesty has intensified from big corporations, and from the Chamber of Commerce, and is now relentless. The Global businesses, like the Southern slave owners in the United States, have no regard for what is best for the United States or for Americans. What is best for the nation is not part of their equation.

And smaller American businesses are pressed hard by the taxes, regulations and laws instituted by Mr. Obama, and the Democrat-Progressives, as well as by the competition from  global high tech corporations.

Those big corporations  have long dreamed of the cheap labor costs of China’s millions of near slave laborers. And so Progressives, and Mr. Obama, under the false cover of “Social Justice“, and the claim that the United States Immigration system is broken, use “Immigration Reform”, which is amnesty–and un-protected borders, and un-enforced immigration laws, to aid those businesses with the “Migration and Importation of such Persons”– because Amnesty is Americas’ president’s answer to those crying for cheap labor.

President Obama, Democrats, and the Main- Stream, Obama- Friendly, Media, couch Immigration Reform in the language of Civil Rights, and of justice, but that is a lie. The claim that Amnesty is the remedy for injustices suffered by illegal immigrants is incorrect. The real victims of illegal immigration, in America, are Americans who have suffered identity theft, job loss, and who have been forced to pay for the high costs of welfare benefits for illegal immigrants for decades.  Amnesty is another Progressive lie. Amnesty, and the misery that it brings on Americans’ will, in time be recognized as the biggest lie, from the party of “The Big Lie”.

As Mr. Obama and Progressives sell Amnesty to the United States, they are repeating that part of American history that they have claimed to despise.

They are doing what The Constitution allowed in Article I, Section 9. It reads: The Migration and Importation of such Persons as any of the states now existing shall think proper to admit, shall not be prohibited by the Congress prior to the Year one thousand eight hundred and eight, but a Tax or duty may be imposed on such Importation, not exceeding ten dollars for each person. There are some, even those studying law, who will try to convince Americans that this referred to Congress being unable to enforce any immigration laws. That is an awkward, but convenient lie.

The “Migration and Importation of such Persons” was the Constitution’s delicate term for the slave trade. The Constitution would never have been accepted, and ratified by the South unless there was a way for slaves to be imported, and for slavery to continue after the Constitution was ratified.

And this time, if the Global businesses get their way, and Mr. Obama, Progressives, and the business pleasing GOP, get their way, and they institute this new kind of slave labor class, they will take the United States back to pre-civil war conditions.

With amnesty, and the replacement of  Americans, by the imported “cheap labor” Obama-Nation-Citizens, Mr. Obama and Progressives will undo all that Lincoln, and all that the hundreds of thousands of American soldiers tried to change, when they fought and died in America’s bloody Civil War. That war  was fought to end slavery. The results of the Civil War will be nullified by Mr. Obama’s amnesty.

And the tax for, and the “Migration and Importation of such Persons”, this new kind of Globalist slavery, will continue. But this time, the tax for it is figured, and it is included in the costs of amnesty. And those costs, those taxes, will be paid for by the present American citizens, who are designated, who have been tapped, by the writers of the amnesty bill, to pay the costs of instituting the amnesty that imports the citizens’ replacements, those future 70 million citizens.

With amnesty, businesses and Mr. Obama will have made America a nation of the very rich and the very poor, the old citizens, and the newest citizens. And, all except the rich elites, will be destined to be wage slaves: the new American workers.

Globalist Corporations have a fanatical determination, and that oldest of human faults : greed, that drive them to acquire cheap laborers. And the Obama Administrations’ determined, and purposeful agenda for amnesty, which begins this importation of “cheap labor” is the fraud, which conjoins with the Globalists agenda. Together, their goals resemble that of the slave trade which brought approximately 12 million slaves to the new world. From that number, possibly, 450,000 slaves arrived in North America. And from that group of slaves, sent for centuries, Southern slaves were born. For decades Americans, especially African Americans have deplored the practice of slavery which ended in April of 1865 in the United States.

Even in 2014, words such as “slavery” and “Confederacy” are still used as emotional triggers by Progressives , against their opponents. The truth of the awfulness of slavery, woven by the race card into a message that silences opponents, is used to attain the Progressives’ policy goals and political agenda. But this is awkward when Progressives also support Obama’s “Immigration Reform”, because those millions of laborers proposed to be imported  in Obama’s amnesty, that possible 70 million or more people that businesses want to bring in to work for very low wages, are actually just another form of slave labor.  Compared to the 70 million laborers that Obama is eager to bring in, those original 450,000 African slaves, brought here so long ago, seem smaller in comparison. Obama’s new class of slavery, and those huge numbers, of 70million or more, have the power to make America’s first, terrible, and dishonorable, involvement with slavery, seem less evil in comparison.

But Mr. Obama emphasizes “fairness” for illegal immigrants when he speaks of “Immigration Reform”. He leaves out inconvenient truths such as  the benefits to the businesses that are pushing for amnesty in order to get cheap labor. Mr. Obama doesn’t discuss the fact that American citizens, and American workers, are the, absolute, losers with amnesty, which he calls the “Immigration Reform Bill”. Obama and Democrat leaders have couched their urging for this vast amnesty on several points, first: a “broken immigration system” that urgently must be fixed, and they claim that the illegal immigrants’ capricious, arbitrary, and voracious, demands on the U.S. are part of a new civil rights movement. And, the Left makes the irrational claim that Americans somehow owe the same people, the millions of illegal immigrants, who have serially broken our laws, and have taken both our jobs and benefits, that Americans also owe them the additional perk of “fairness”. Mr. Obama, and the supporters of amnesty have arranged for Americans to pay billions more, for the next several decades, under the terms of amnesty, the same bill, which the invaders, and their advocates helped to write. The Progressives’ plea for “fairness to illegal immigrants”, is seldom, totally, explained, but the Leftist, the Obama Administration, the Hispanic Caucus, and the illegal immigrants’ advocates, and activists, agree that one of the means to obtain this “fairness” is to grant amnesty.

Now we know “fairness”, translates into the billions of dollars that the former illegal immigrants get with their prize of amnesty. And so, Democrats strongly urge us forward to this ” immigration reform”, this amnesty, but they don’t always mention that, amnesty, also includes a possible “importation” of 70 million people.

These 70 million additional people, are the extensive, extended families of the amnestied illegal immigrants. And these are people, who so far, have never been in the United States. But Progressives see them as victims of racism. This is because citizens object to such an enormous number of imported foreign nationals, and complain they are bound to take our jobs, and that they will disenfranchise the authentic citizens of the United States. This gives Progressives another opportunity to play the race card and claim that Americans are racists and are discriminating against these new Democrat voters on the basis of their color. When you think through Liberal and Progressives’ conflicting claims they don’t make much sense. And that is why they flood us with so many Progressive “narratives”, those sad (and frequently made-up)stories, that appeal to our feelings rather than to our reason.

But commonsense tells Americans that these foreign nationals that President Obama is so intent, and so determined to bring into the U.S. and make into his, and the Congress’ new citizens, are owed any “fairness, a chance for a better life,  and their civil rights” from their home countries, but not from the United States.

Mr. Obama has urged Americans, with a catch in his voice, to welcome the “Dreamers”.

Those are the millions of illegal immigrants, up to the age of thirty, who demand their own amnesty, and say that it is owed them on the basis that: “they were brought to the United States by their parents and know no other home but the United States”. But will the claims and documentation of the Dreamers ever be verified? We should remember that the Democrats were not fussy about documentation from illegal immigrants with the failed, 2006-2007 amnesty bill; they cheated to add more to the amnesty list, whenever they could. And the Obama Administration and the Department of Homeland Security, are not particular about documentation for Obama’s “Dreamers” either, all may apply, and all will probably be accepted.

And they won’t be fussy about those illegal immigrants who are suddenly over-running the United States border with claims for asylum. Little research or effort is made to make sure that these illegal immigrants’ claims are factual. Asylum is a farce, and amnesty is a fraud upon the American people. The Progressives and Mr. Obama have an ample supply of some very touching narratives instead of actual documentation.

Americans intended for our borders to be secure, and for our country to be safe.  Citizens wanted secure borders, and they wanted the country and its citizens protected, cohesive and at peace. It was simple: The borders were to protect the country from invasion. From the beginning, we instituted laws that carefully regulated immigration; they were laws that protected Americans’ jobs and their safety. United States immigration laws are more generous than those of most of the world; they are especially lenient when compared to the strict immigration laws of Mexico.

The United States immigration laws that Mr. Obama has discarded, or made unenforceable, in order to keep the border open, and to keep the cheap labor market running, and the Progressive-Democrat voters coming, were written in good faith, and signed into law for the benefit of America, and American citizens.

It seems as if Mr. Obama and the Progressives intend for every immigrant who desires to come to the United States to come, and then they will make them citizens one way or another. This is very bad news for Americans who want a decent life, because as Senator Sessions said in his address to the Senate: We have more applicants  for admission into America than we can possibly accept. I was(Senator Sessions) in, I believe, Peru, with Senator Specter a number of years ago, and a poll was called to our attention from Nicaragua that said 60 percent of the people in Nicaragua said they would come to America if they could–60 percent. Then the Ambassador in Peru told us they had a poll around there that said 70 percent. Well, everybody cannot come to America.  We are not able to assimilate or absorb that. We all know that. We all agree with that. So therefore you set rules and processes that we can be proud of, that are fair and objective, and that people who want to come meet those standards and they wait their turn and they come lawfully. We have had from this administration and prior administrations–President Bush also–too little interest in seeing that the law is enforced.

Mr. Obama blames America for the discontent of the illegal immigrants within our borders; he cites “unfairness”. He says America is too good to be so unfair, and by this implies that Americans are responsible for the illegal immigrants difficulties and that we should join him and make it right by cheering for amnesty. Even better, that we should also welcome 70 million additional citizens with amnesties’ chain migration. But most Americans had nothing to do with the “Dreamers”, or with the other millions who have been here for decades. We did not ask them to come here. We did not kidnap them and force them to come to the United States. These illegal immigrants came to be here by deceitfully breaking our laws. They hid, and some of them worked in our country for decades. They quickly had children, and those children, those prized Anchor Babies, allowed their parents, and other relatives to also become citizens. And so, by using invasion, lies, and false documents, by using the citizenship of their children, born on our soil, the invaders grew in numbers, and then, they took political power.

Many of them became advocates, activists and radicals. They marched. They used appeals to Christian charity, and appeals to the generosity of  Americans to change our laws to their advantage. They appealed to the old theme of the United States as a nation of immigrants. And they used many of the same words, pleas and techniques, the propaganda, that Liberals, Obama and the Progressive party use in order to gain their ends.

They used acts of civil disobedience. They expertly used our media, our politicians, our laws and our courts to  draw attention to their “plight”. When it worked they moved forward; when it didn’t they grew restive, and more aggressive. They used whatever worked to attain their goals. After decades, they continue to demand “their rights” from America and Americans. But, for many of them, America is not their country. America belongs to Americans. Americans want illegal immigrants’, the citizens’ of foreign nations, to demand “their rights” from the right country, which means, their own country, not our country.

Illegal immigrants often demand sympathy for “their plight”. But the situation that illegal immigrants find themselves in was brought about by them. They willfully, and repeatedly, ignored America’s borders, and they repeatedly disobeyed our laws.  Illegal immigrants blame America and Americans for their problems, but those problems began when they made the choice to break our laws and to invade our country. Their problems continue because many Illegal immigrants lack respect for the law. They accept U.S. law only when it benefits them as affirmative action does.  But when a law isn’t to their advantage, such as an immigration law, they deny that illegal immigrants must obey it.

Seemingly this mindset runs so deep that they cannot grasp the concept that rules or laws that are inconvenient, or that they don’t like, still apply to them. President Obama shares that attitude when it comes to enforcing American laws. He picks and he chooses, which ones he likes, and which ones will help him to accomplish his agenda. With his attitude, and his behavior, Mr. Obama backs up illegal immigrants’ lawless behavior. He has stopped ICE  agents from enforcing our laws, while his administration releases false deportation numbers to lull the public into a false sense of security.

Mr. Obama embraces the idea that illegal immigrants must have the rights of citizens in the United States. Vice-President Biden has declared that illegal immigrants are “already citizens”. But to Mr. Obama, the Democrats, and to illegal immigrants, it seems that though they have the rights of citizens, that they don’t also have the responsibility of citizens’. Progressives think that illegal immigrants, “who are already citizens”  should not have to share the responsibility of citizens, by obeying the law. Obeying the law is too much to ask, of them. To require that illegal immigrants obey immigration laws is a mean, and a heartless imposition.

The idea that illegal immigrants should obey American immigration laws has caused a constant out-cry by their activists, and advocates. So, what they are demanding is that we let them do whatever they want to do. They have an American’s rights, but none of  an American’s responsibilities. The retain the freedom to break our laws. Or the other choice that they give us is that we change any laws that they don’t like, and that we change them for their benefit.

This Progressive philosophy is made plain with amnesty. Activists, Advocates, and illegal immigrants were able to write the “immigration reform” law for their own benefit. With amnesty, Mr. Obama, Democrat-Progressives, and illegal immigrants by the millions, demand that the United States make millions of people, who are citizens of other countries, and who have broken our laws, the exceptions to our laws. So, since Mr. Obama, and illegal immigrants don’t like America’s immigration laws, it follows that Americans must stop enforcing them, or that they must abolish the laws. The end result of such thinking is easy to see: it is lawlessness.

Because, if there are millions who have the option of not obeying laws-soon there will be no one left who obeys laws. If  there are millions, who are not punished for breaking laws, but rather are rewarded for breaking them, then that means that soon, everyone will break the law to get the reward. That exposes a great conflict in cultures among us. Americans stand for the rule of law and the Constitution, and against Mr. Obama, the Democratic party, and the illegal population who are breaking our laws. The conflict is basic: America was founded on the concept that we are a nation of laws and not of men. That is a principle that has guided the United States. It is important to us that we don’t discard our rules and our laws. We feel that we have a duty to stand for the rule of law, and not be corrupted, either by money or any reward to abandon it. And we must not abandon the rule of law for every, soft-hearted, creative narrative that comes along either.

Americans believe that there is a penalty to be paid for breaking the law. If there is no penalty, or if many are excepted from the law, or from the laws’ penalties, then there can be no law that will ever stand. On the other-hand, if laws are purposely written to be unjust, and are used to control, and to coerce the population, and to selectively punish and to destroy political opponents, then the law is a farce that destroys freedom, rather than protecting it, and, in that case, the law has become the tool of a tyrant.

Concerning immigration law, Americans have lived in a twilight zone for many years.

On one hand they had some protection from the illegal immigrant invasion from Mexico. Some of the invaders were stopped. Some of them were arrested and deported. That bit of protection gave citizens an illusion of safety that those who lived along the border knew was a false sense of security. But with Mr. Obama as president, and the chief destroyer of our laws, and our border enforcement, we have lost all sense of personal or national security. There is no safety for Americans, or for the United States, from the destruction caused by the invasion of millions of Mexicans, and the danger from other foreign nationals who are also flooding our border in order to become a part of Mr. Obama’s amnesty.

Citizens have always had to rely on the federal government to enforce America’s immigration laws, and the government did a bad job of it for decades. It was as if the federal government was purposely keeping the border open for illegal workers. The government could have closed the border decades ago. The government could have spent years building a strong, and an effective border fence across the nation. The federal government could have had an efficient, strong law-enforcement-agency, one that actually worked to protect the country, if it had been determined to do so. But always, businesses were pushing for cheaper labor. And that labor came across our porous border with the help of lax enforcement and forgiving judicial procedures. And it came with the help, the slyness, and the agendas of the hundreds of Latino Immigration organizations, many supported by the federal government with U.S. tax-payer-paid dollars. The illegal immigrants came, and were helped by both the Latino organizations and the arts of the thousands of immigration lawyers.

In the end American immigration laws, and their enforcement, protected the illegal aliens safety, and their rights more than they did the safety, and the rights of the United States citizen.

That situation was happening long before Mr. Obama became president. We can speculate that fortunes were made by American politicians playing the illegal immigration game with Mexico, with greedy corporations, and with illegal immigrants. They are all still playing that corrupt game, but the stakes are higher for Americans, and for the country, than they have ever been before.

That immigration corruption grew, and it spread across the country, likely from the top down, by those who were kept in power because they would agree to keep the cheap labor flow coming. And it flowed into the U.S. until there were at least 20 million, and probably many more millions who had come to work, or to have their babies, or to sign up for social programs. They came, and decided that they were going to stay. They ignored the laws. They broke the laws, and they took the jobs and benefits that America offered. They took Americans’ jobs, and they conned the system.

Mr. Obama speaks of the great benefits of “immigration” to the nation. He doesn’t discuss the negative aspects of illegal immigration. He never gets around to what illegal immigration does to the United States and its citizens. For instance, he never says that according to Census Bureau projections that the U.S population will have grown to 333, million by 2020.  I’m not sure that aspect: illegal immigration from the American citizen’s point of view has ever, occurred to him. Does Mr. Obama know that breaking United States immigration laws is not a victim-less crime? Does he even care? But there are victims. They are the United States citizens who are cheated in hundreds of ways, and not just by the loss of U.S. jobs to illegal immigrants. Illegal immigration drains away public funds, taxpayer paid funds, that were to be used for the benefit of our own citizens, it overloads our schools, our hospitals, and it takes away the citizens’ political power. Illegal immigration is a constant drain on U.S. financial resources. Illegal immigration is the force that just keeps draining the strength out of America.

Illegal immigrants come quietly, at first, but soon audacity sets in, and their requests, soon turn into demands. Illegal immigration keeps on taking, and it keeps on draining away our strength and our resources, especially the financial ones, until many U. S. cities are near bankruptcy because of it.

But the years have passed, and millions came, and they decided that no matter what the laws were they were going to stay; they were going to take jobs, and take power. And they were going to act as, and be treated as citizens. Overall,  U.S. politicians, and state and federal agencies have helped them to do this. For his first term this system continued under Mr. Obama. Mr. Obama even continued deportations, but under the cover of the deportations, things were changing. And suddenly, Mr. Obama, changed tactics.

Mr. Obama’s obvious change on immigration began when the Justice Department went to court to stop states’ enforcement of immigration laws, and threatened action against any state that tried to secure their own state’s border from the continued illegal immigrant invasion. And then, over a period of time, one by one, the rules for ICE law-enforcement were changed. The rules were changed and weakened until they were useless to protect us.

The cheap labor that American businesses desired continued to flow. Law enforcement officials hands were tied by the Department of Homeland Security.

And then, Obama, and his justice department went after the integrity of U.S. elections, attacking voter I.D. laws throughout the country, to make sure that anyone, no matter what their nationality, could vote and decide U.S. elections. So, what is the meaning of an election if everyone could vote whether they are a citizen of the country or not? It meant that American citizens’ votes counted less, that their wishes and their choices didn’t matter. It seemed obvious that elections were being fixed and that they were being stolen.  American sovereignty was under an all-out attack. Americans were being disenfranchised by the changing demographic. And this was a demographic that Mr. Obama, Democrats, and Janet Napolitano were purposely changing, and as fast as they could.

Then came another of the Obama administration’s attacks on the sovereignty of America. The Obama Administration, in partnership with the government of Mexico, encouraged the citizens of Mexico to sign up for food stamps; no proof of citizen status was needed . It was bizarre, it was unlawful, and it was openly stealing United States’ taxpayer funds for the benefit of the citizens of Mexico.

On one of the House of Representatives’ web sites: , which is the web site for the committee on over sight and government reform, there is a phrase at the top of the web site that says: Blow the Whistle on Fraud and Abuse.

Every American should be sending Representative Issa, a listing of facts about the costs to the United States for illegal immigration in 2014. We must “blow the whistle on the Fraud and Abuse” that the Obama Administration is practicing with illegal immigration, and in order to pass amnesty. These facts should not come from Liberals, or the pro-amnesty forces. They and the Main Stream Media re-tell facts as “narratives”, and as lies that cover-up the truth, which is, astonishing, and devastating. The true facts about Obama’s flood of new illegal immigrants, and their cost to the United States, as they sneak through our unprotected borders, hurrying in order to be part of  that expensive amnesty, should be reported. Americans’ need to send millions of charges to Rep. Issa. We need to “Blow the Whistle on the Fraud and Abuse” and the billions, in costs that Obama, and his administration are shifting onto the backs of the United States taxpayers. We must demand that Mr. Obama, Mr. Holder, and the entire Obama Administration answer for those billions of American dollars that they are spending,  as they allow, and as they assist those millions of illegal immigrants, to flood, No, to invade, the United States of America.

Obama has shown contempt for United States laws, especially those related to illegal immigration. One by one he has discarded U.S. regulations related to illegal immigrants, and he has ignored the immigration laws, just as the illegal immigrants have.  Presently, Obama strongly discourages law enforcement from enforcing any of our immigration laws, and that is costing the country millions.

To anyone who follows the news it seems that Mr. Obama feels more empathy, and has more in common with foreign nationals than he does with Americans. By pushing “immigration reform” it is obvious that he has more sympathy for illegal immigrants, who are lawbreakers, than he does for millions of , hardworking, and law-abiding, American citizens. Mr. Obama knows many fine phrases that express patriotism, and he uses them well in his speeches, but he doesn’t really understand, or share the feelings that are evoked by those patriotic words. For example, he enthusiastically embraces the Dream Act, but he doesn’t see that all of that American taxpayer paid treasure, those billions that Americans have paid, and that Mr. Obama wants to spend to implement the Dream Act for the children of foreign nationals, will deny the means to attain the American Dream to Americans. Because of Mr. Obama’s policies The Department of Homeland Security has currently approved 80 percent of the applicants for the Dream Act. And a Washington Free Beacon article states that “The U.S. Citizenship and immigration Services said they have granted legal status to 474,000 of the illegal aliens who have applied.” The Dream Act gives the citizens of foreign nationals the right to compete against Americans in an economy that creates very few jobs. The Dream Act gives away American kids’ dreams to other nation’s children. The Dream Act is not fair to American kids. It encourages illegal immigration, and so it is not supportive of United States laws or of America’s sovereignty .

Mr. Obama would probably take it as a given that Mexicans’ had first rights to Mexico’s jobs, and that Mexican children had first rights to Mexican benefits. But Mr. Obama simply does not grasp the natural assumption that American citizens’ should have first, and exclusive rights, to America and to the American Dream.

Mr. Obama urges the passage of the Gang of Eights Immigration Bill, the amnesty, that would lead to millions more illegal immigrants coming to the United States. But, if this bill passed it would end in the United States being in a state of perpetual amnesty. If the migrant put their foot on U.S. soil they could become a citizen. Amnesty would end the rule of law, it would end United States sovereignty.  It would flood the United States with a never ending tide of immigrants, until there was no longer a country that could be defined as America. Despite our hard work , and the struggle to become an economic success; the United States would become just another Latin American country. The sheer numbers that would come, guarantee that America would soon be nothing more than a chaotic, over-populated, and an impoverished third world nation.

All countries need borders. America needs safe borders. But with little opposition from any in Congress, Obama, Janet Napolitano, and Eric Holder have, willfully, and purposely, dismantled the slim safety net, that modicum of safety that Americans had with the enforcement of our immigration laws. The laws and their enforcement was all that protected citizens from the corruption, the danger of criminal activity, and the drug cartels, that control Mexico. In 2014, the United States’ border is largely unprotected and it is being over-ran by illegal immigrants, by criminals, and by the cartels. By their support for amnesty and cheap labor, American Businesses, and many in the American Congress, have supported Obama in policies that undermine the safety, the sovereignty, and the future of the United States and its citizens.

The costs of illegal immigrants, and of amnesty, to Americans, mean nothing to the large corporations. To  Global business owners, amnesty is all about cheap labor, just as slavery in the United States was about free labor. Cheap labor means millions of  laborers, desperately seeking jobs, and that drives down wages. The modern cheap labor movement holds views that were once common with the slavery movement.

Plantation owners were elitists; they wanted to be rich; they wanted power; they wanted to be the American aristocracy. Today’s Elitists in business, or in politics want to live the lives of aristocrats; they relish the fact that they can have the best of everything. They want the huge profits that lead to the privileged life. Cheap labor means more profit, just as free-slave- labor did for slave owners. Neither business executives, Congress, nor the president address that aspect of “cheap labor”. Their amnesty policies show they are not concerned about the future of the citizens of the United States. To these elitists, Americans will be nothing more than the lower class, the people that the elitist dominate, and rule.

The cheap labor corporations, Mr. Obama, and Progressives have no grasp of the great idea, that hope for Liberty, that formed the United States. They don’t share the concepts, or the ideals that inspired many of the founders of the United States. And they have little thought for those, ordinary Americans, who have worked and fought for this nation. They even lack respect for the workers whose jobs will go to the replacement citizens that they will bring in with amnesty. They disregard, and hold in contempt the taxpayers, who are now funding this nation, and who will pay for Mr. Obama’s amnesty.  To Mr. Obama, and his cronies, amnesty is all that matters, because profit is everything.

It is ironic, that for all of the Democratic talk of fairness, for illegal immigrants, and the soaring words that Obama uses to sell Americans on Amnesty, that the Immigration Reform Bill is absolutely unfair to one large group, and that is the U.S. citizen. And if the illegal immigrants, the advocates and the activists get their way, and their amnesty, and if the millions of new workers that Obama wants to bring here, come, in the end it will be unfair to them as well.

Before, and after he was elected, President Obama has closely associated himself with Abraham Lincoln’s life, and character. But in 2013 he stepped back from that association. Mr. Obama took another path away from Lincoln; he skipped the centennial of The Gettysburg address. Perhaps he saw the contrast between their lives and their missions. While Mr. Obama is intent, nearly obsessed, with bringing as many as 70 million people to America to make them into a new laboring class: that new American Wage slave, Lincoln’s great mission, for which so many suffered and died, was: to free the slaves.

It could be difficult to honor The Gettysburg Address, and to honor the men who died that others might be free, while your mind, and your agenda, is set on amnesty.

According to, President Obama is a descendant of John Punch, who was America’s first slave. It is strange, but if the amnesty bill passes, and if his goal is to make America into a country of lower-class cheap laborers, it will be Mr. Obama, the descendant of John Punch, who will turn United States citizens into slaves once more.

We can count on one thing, these new citizens will not be like the citizens they replace; they will be the under-paid underclass. And sometime soon, they will be in the same situation they have fled. They will become the silent masses who work for the elites in a country that is no longer America. The fight against the rulers and the ruled that began even before 1776 will be over, and it will be lost. The people of The Declaration of Independence  and of The Constitution will fight for right no more.

And, with “Immigration Reform”, the current Americans, those people who possess unalienable rights, acknowledged in the Declaration of Independence, will lose those rights, and they will lose their country. All of this will be accomplished by America’s first black president. The man who is supposedly, the descendant of that first slave in America. Mr. Obama, the man Americans trusted with their fate, with their well-being, their freedom, and with the fate of their country in the 2008 election, will be the black president who destroys America’s legacy of freedom.

It is ironic that, Mr. Obama, who has spoken emotionally about slavery in the United States now works so hard to secure cheap labor for global corporations. The man who said about slavery: we have to remain vigilant when it comes to the defense of human rights, will be the President of the United States who ends those rights, and who re-establishes a type of slavery. The race of these cheap laborers will be different than the African slaves who once labored on Southern plantations, but the end result will be a class of people with few choices. Mr. Obama in 2013-2014  calls it amnesty, but it is likely that President Lincoln, who first signed the Emancipation Proclamation on January 1, 1863 to free the first American slaves, would recognize Mr. Obama’s amnesty as something very different. Mr. Obama is working hard to establish a permanent class of low-paid laborers, in the land where thousands of Americans once fought a bloody Civil War to free that other class of slaves.

By whatever name it is called, the effect of this amnesty, and this new class of citizens, will be that after over 200 years of liberty, and one-hundred years after the abolition of slavery, a new kind of slavery will, again, take root in America. Mr. Obama’s pledge to “fundamentally transform the United States” will be realized.

This amnesty dishonors all who fought and died to uphold the ideals of The Declaration of Independence. It dishonors, the founders, and all those who died in the Revolutionary War, and in the Civil War. Amnesty, this move to “transform”, America, is a threat to America. This push for cheap labor, and the re-establishment of a laboring- class in America, to be ruled by the elitist class, dishonors those, in our past, who fought for the proposition that all men are created equal.

Garry Will’s 1992 study of Lincoln and the Gettysburg Address, Lincoln at Gettysburg, explores the connection between the Gettysburg Address and The Declaration of Independence.  Will’s believed that Lincoln was  devoted to the Declaration, and to the belief that: all men, including slaves, were created equal in their unalienable rights, of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Lincoln believed that these rights must be protected by the government. Will’s writes that at the time that Lincoln wrote the Gettysburg Address that Lincoln was convinced that: while at one time people had excused slavery, that they had since come to defend it. And he believed that some even praised it. Lincoln was afraid, as others were, that the forces in favor of slavery had grown stronger, and if those forces weren’t stopped slavery might regain its power, and possibly, spread across the nation.

If the United States was going to survive as a nation, Lincoln knew that slavery must not spread, that it must end. And that is why he had to win the war against the South, and why he had to free the slaves. And Americans who understand the full implications of uncontrolled immigration, and the unfair burdens that fall on the United States and its citizens with illegal immigration, and even worse with amnesty, know that amnesty must not become law.

Like Lincoln, Americans realize that they are fighting a war for their ownership of this nation. They are fighting against Mr. Obama, the Progressives and Republicans in Congress, Global-Corporations, and against foreign nationals and their nations of origin, who like Mr. Soros believe that every nation has a right to have a vote in the American Congress, and that amnesty will give them the votes. Americans must fight the war against amnesty until it is defeated. And citizens will have to change their representatives often, and re-fight the amnesty battle time and again, if they want to keep this nation, because none of the entities that want amnesty will ever give up.

What can help citizens to take on this fight?  First, a look at the one-sided, deliberate, non-representation of Americans, and America, in the writing of the amnesty bill, known to Progressives as, “immigration reform”. More inspiration comes when you know the huge financial costs that citizens will bear (taxes), to pay for amnesty. Those facts give a glimpse at the unscrupulous way the bill was drafted. But there are so many facts Americans must know about the amnesty bill, facts that will allow them to see what their future will be after amnesty. To foresee the loss of future U.S. jobs to those millions of former illegal immigrants, helps us to understand how it will impact the future of Americans and their children. To imagine the impact on the cities, and the countryside, of the huge numbers of people who come with amnesty, is to realize how quickly those numbers will grow, and to dread the crowding that will come. Then to imagine the culture shock of millions more people, from other cultures, quickly imported into the United States, is to see a national rage: a kind of country-wide-road-rage. It is to see, our America, now an over- crowded country, full of new citizens who have come without any intention of embracing the United States, but rather with the intention of changing the United States. And that inescapable rage from those millions of strangers in a strange land won’t end. And the rage, from the Americans who are marginalized, and powerless will end in hopelessness. And still, in a minority-majority America there will still be charges of racism, towards the original citizens. And there will be increased crime and violence. Those will be, the “unforeseen outcomes” of amnesty, that somehow, our politicians refused to see. And those outcomes will be the end result of  Mr. Obama’s “Hope and Change”. That is what amnesty will do to America, when its full impact is unleased on the nation and the people. To understand the full impact, and costs, of this amnesty to the nation, is to realize that it would take divine intervention for any country, but especially the United States, to survive after Mr. Obama, and our Congress’ treasonous amnesty.

During this low point in the U.S. economy in 2013, with fewer jobs created, even legal immigration is a burden on the Americans who are desperate for jobs. In the past the federal government has allowed the number of legal immigrants in the United States to climb to the one million mark each year. And as the federal government allowed that high rate of legal immigrants, it has failed the country and its citizens by failing to enforce immigration laws to keep out millions more of illegal immigrants. The federal government has failed to effectively patrol our border, and keep out those who broke our laws to come to the United States. Once here those illegal immigrants hid within the country and used anchor babies: birthright citizenship, and chain migration as tools to claim citizenship, for themselves, and for their extended families. High rates of legal immigration, including U.N. re-settlement of refugees, and the corrupt asylum system increases the United States population.  Obama’s continued changes as to which illegal immigrants he will allow to be deported, and unsecured borders, are the tools that continue to swell the numbers of foreign nationals, and their families within our borders. And all of these people from foreign nations compete with Americans for fewer American jobs, and for the American Dream.

The Federal government has allowed the United Nations to settle high numbers of refugees in the United States. Many of these refugees were from poor undeveloped countries, and require continuing education, government assistance, and counseling just to survive, let alone assimilate into the culture. Even after that expensive initial assistance, they are often a costly burden to the local communities where they live.

The federal government has much to answer for, on many points, to Americans, about the failure of the federal government to uphold a strong immigration policy that protects the United States, and for the Federal government’s epic failure to enforce U.S. immigration laws. And Americans must make our representatives’ answer to us for their votes on immigration. They must be made answerable by making them insecure. Congress must know, and the President must know that there is a price to pay. We must not allow people to stay in Congress, or in any seat of power for very long. Because when those in Congress, and in the Executive have, through corruption, secured too much power, the citizens’ lose theirs.

There are too many failures to address, but some should be mentioned.  For one, the federal government hasn’t closely scrutinized claims for asylum, and in the case of Mexican asylum seekers, a 2013 story on reports that some have been coached as to the “key phrases” to use when seeking asylum. We the People, have, also, allowed Mr. Obama, and Republican politicians to make special cases for amnesty- citizenship for Mr. Obama’s “Dreamers”. The Dream Act comes in many packages, and Congress, both Democrat-Progressives, and the Old-time GOP are working hard to find a scheme that will allow them to legalize the Dreamers.

While Americans are sympathetic to young people, American parents know that their own children are facing a difficult economic future. Americans should wonder why their children’s’ dreams should be halted, delayed, deferred, or given away in favor of the dreams of children from other countries. The Dreamers, are the children of foreign nationals, whose only claim to citizenship, to lowered-tuition rates, to the chance to compete for United States’ jobs, and to make their parents, and their extended families citizens, through chain migration, is that it wasn’t their choice to come to the United States; they were brought here as children.

And Obama’s new angle with legalizing the Dreamers widens the ever-widening means to claim United States citizenship. Obama is telling the United States, that now it is not just being born in the United States that makes you, and your family citizens, with birthright citizenship; it is also coming to the United States as a young child. And so, Mr. Obama, and any Republicans in Congress who want to help him, are allowed to add another classification, and many more millions of foreign nationals, as new citizens, to swell the United States population. You break the law and come to the United States with your family of young children, then bingo, they will be citizens, and with chain migration so will you, the law-breaker, because your citizen children can bring their extended families to the United States as citizens. And that further complicates the United States immigration laws. Mudding the waters, complicating the issues, and lengthening the legal procedures, and the time that illegal immigrants are able to remain in the United States assists them in producing that key ingredient for becoming citizens: anchor babies.

If your political agenda is to change the demographics of the United States with refugees, asylum, high quotas from minority nations for legal immigration, and by allowing, and supporting the illegal immigration of millions of foreign nationals, amnesty puts that desired change in demographics on steroids. Amnesty will give you your desired and inevitable minority-majority-rule rapidly; and, it disenfranchises all of those inconvenient, and disagreeable, Conservatives, and the white people who probably oppose your Socialist-Communist agenda for the United States. Amnesty, and the millions who object to American history, and tradition, will, rapidly, demand changes to, or the elimination of:  the Pledge of Allegiance to the United States, The Declaration of Independence, The Constitution, the rule of law, and the old Republican form of government.

In America in 2014, informed Americans, know that they will lose their political power, and that they will lose their country with Amnesty. Citizens know that amnesty must be stopped; it must not be passed or America will quickly suffer from the numbers of people that come with the forced, and rapid immigration from Latin American countries, under chain-migration. And they know that the likely outcome for those former citizens, along with the millions who will quickly become citizens is : crowded cities, unemployment, crime, racial strife, over-population, over-burdened social programs, and the eventual bankruptcy of the nation. America will fall into unrest and riots; it will fail, and fall because of  the 70 million additional people, brought in with Obama’s amnesty. The needs, and the demands made by millions of imported strangers, the open borders that will allow anyone who sets foot on U.S. soil to automatically become a citizen, and the end of the rule of law in the United States will place too great a demand on the Obama Nation, that is: the Obama-Democrat weakened America.

Amnesty is Mr. Obama, and Progressives’ other worst idea, Obamacare being their first. Amnesty is their newest, and the most terrible tool to accomplish “the fundamental transformation of The United States”.

Americans were lied to , and trapped, by: the political dirty deals, by sneaky procedures in the Senate, and the votes of corrupt Democrats, into the nightmare of Obamacare. Obamacare is an expensive trap, one from which we must escape. It is a curse, on American freedom and on our prosperity. It will give us the worst, and the cheapest kind of healthcare but at the highest cost.

In the beginning many Republican politicians spoke out against Obamacare, and many declared that it could, and would be repealed. Were they lying about repeal from the beginning?  Was their every statement about repeal just good theatre for the innocents, for those who still believed that the Republicans were actually fighting against Obamacare? Were they that deceitful, and were the citizens that  gullible? Was all of the talk about Obamacare repeal just smoke and mirrors?

Had the Republicans been in with Mr. Obama, and with Democrat-Progressives? Were Republicans for the Obamacare deal from the first?

Because, suddenly in 2014, in an article on,  John Boehner said that Obamacare can’t be repealed. The come back to that remark is: of course it can’t be repealed if you won’t make the effort. If you won’t fight like an obsessed Progressive, and make war on Obamacare then it will hang around our necks like an albatross. No, Mr. Boehner, if you continue on your course of doing nothing to protect the U.S. and the citizens, then Obamacare will never be repealed, and it will cause the American people misery for the next fifty years.

Americans must never give up the fight to repeal Obamacare. But at the moment we must realize that if Mr. Boehner and Republicans in Congress won’t oppose Mr. Obama, if they won’t make every effort to repeal a program as destructive to our lives as Obamacare is, then they are unlikely to oppose Mr. Obama on Amnesty either-once it has passed.

And so we must not let Amnesty pass, not in any form. Not by Congress, and not by Presidential decree. No Amnesty. No Amnesty-ever.

But no matter what Republicans say now, amnesty will pass,- unless We The People are relentless. The greed for power, for money, for cheap labor, the desire to seize American land, and an underlying animosity towards all that is America, are working desperately to pass amnesty. These forces will win unless we refuse to let up on them. Americans must fight for themselves, and for America, because we have no one else to rely on, in the fight against amnesty. We must never, ever give up.  We must remember that in the same article that Mr. Boehner said that Obamacare could not be repealed, that he also mocked the Republicans in Congress who weren’t willing to work to pass amnesty. That tells citizens, that Mr. Boehner, and many other Republicans are willing for Americans to live their entire lives oppressed by both Obamacare and Amnesty.

America has fallen on hard times when it comes to those in political power. They, both Republicans and Democrats, have made ethics, honor, truth, the Constitution, and belief in God, things of the past–for themselves. And they will discard all of those things for the United States, as well, unless we fight for our country’s honor, and its future. There are still some in government who are standing for the country, and we must pray for their strength and protection. It is difficult to stand, and it is difficult for those with courage to run towards danger.

Americans must not be deceived, or trapped, again, by another freedom-destroying bill. We must keep a better eye on Congress, and on the President of the United States. We must not trust them again. We must stay informed, daily, with non-progressive news sources, in order to do that. We must watch Congress because we are now living in the mess, those millions of invaders, who threaten us, within our own borders, that presidents, Congress and special interests have made for us. If we are not going to be trapped by Amnesty, then we must stop it before Democrat-Progressives, and the Republican leaders in Congress, finally turn the corner on deception, on further betrayal of America, and on lawlessness. Before they stoop to betrayal, and join with Obama to pass amnesty. Or they, silently, agree to allow him to pass it on his own. Which is what the Democrat led Senate would like to do.

Amnesty must be stopped now. Because if Congress no longer cares about Obamacare, because it has been passed, then it will not care about amnesty if it is passed.

Americans citizens must not be deceived again, and we must not lose again. We must not let Mr. Obama, and Congress, bankrupt the nation, to give illegal immigrants the many bountiful gifts that are hidden within the expensive amnesty bill. We must not let Congress pass this bill that is racist. Amnesty is racists because it was written by anti-American, anti-Conservative, anti-white special interests, and so, it is, grossly,  unfair to Americans. We must not let the House pass it, because then they will force us to pay for it. Amnesty must be stopped. It must not be passed or Progressive-Democrats will have the votes of millions of formerly, illegal immigrants. Those millions of votes that will be gained by amnesty, give Progressives one-party-rule. One-party-rule gives Mr. Obama, Progressives’, and millions of foreign nationals, total control over our lives. It gives them the power to rule our nation for the next century.

Americans are told that there can be no escape from the terrible law, Obamacare, that Progressives and Mr. Obama have passed. But that is wrong. And Mr. Boehner was wrong for saying that it cannot be repealed. It may be more convenient, and more enriching for our politicians to do nothing. But it is unacceptable, and it is corrupt. Obamacare should be, can be, and will be undone, if we are willing to fight to undo it.

But amnesty, once passed, allows 20-30 million illegal immigrants to become citizens, and that begins a process that will drain all freedom, and the financial, and moral strength out of America. First, because chain-migration will bring 70 million, additional, foreign nationals to the United States, and that can never be undone.

Mr. Obama, and Democrat-Progressives in Congress, and across America, flatter themselves with a belief in their own brilliance. To the people they have proved, only, that they are corrupt and deceitful.  By their words, by their arrogance, and by their actions, they have declared themselves the elites. But they have impossible and conflicting goals, and they have policies that create chaos. And we know that when Progressives fail, they fail big. And then they lie about their failure, and cover it up with stories about “awful videos”. Sometimes they just blame others. That has been Mr. Obama’s pattern since he first became president, and began blaming George Bush. Progressive Democrats fail big time, then they lie to cover -up the failure. And then, they tell everyone to move on from the failure, blame others for the failure, and immediately build another “born to fail” program, to fix the original failure. Then, their new program sucks more money from tax-payers, wallets, and in its turn, usually fails.

One thing we know for sure, that Progressives are making the country, and its people poor, financially, and poorer in the quality of their lives, with oppressive regulations and with Obamacare. But Amnesty is their fatal finale, and it will plunge the United States into a new world experience, that is: the third- world-experience, or the Globalists’ One World Order experience, from which there will be no escape for any of us.

Rahm Emanuel, mayor of Chicago, and friend of Obama, recently opened over 23,000 city jobs. And those with first choice for those jobs are Obama’s Dreamers. The Obama Dreamers, feel entitled to amnesty, and to America. They are fanatical about their own dreams, and eager to steal the American Dream. These are the young citizens of Mexico, that Mr. Obama has created a special amnesty for. People who are illegally in the United States, but who claim that they were brought here, when they were younger, by their Mexican parents. This, opening of thousands of  jobs, for their taking, is the signal from Emanuel, that shows Mexican Citizens, that they will have first choice for American jobs, from this time forward. The Free showed American’s comments about the Chicago jobs, that are being given away to Mexican citizens. Their comments reflect that, with amnesty, American jobs will be impossible to find and to keep because Americans will be competing against, an additional, 70 million Latin Americans.

Under the heavy foot, and foolish policies, of Democrat-Communists, and Mr. Obama, America seems headed towards a dark, and hopeless future.

And that is strange, because Mr. Obama, first ran, on the motto of “hope and change”. The promises that his speeches brought to mind were ones of recovery, and of a stronger, more prosperous, and a brighter America. An America that would recover from the economic melt-down. An America that would send its shining light, full of hope from the “City on the Hill, once more. Perhaps that was why the reality of Mr. Obama’s presidency is so depressing to Americans. They have found that he didn’t mean that hope for them. Mr. Obama’s promises were lies. And with amnesty he has stolen away Americans’ last hope for jobs. He has taken away the American Dream. He is intent and determined to take this stolen property, and to re-distribute it to illegal immigrants. And now, citizens know that the changes Mr. Obama promised, and made had everything to do with what was good for him, and for the elites, and nothing to do with what was good for Americans or for America. And, still, Mr. Obama’s changes keep coming. Those changes are the rapid transformation of America. Few of the laws, regulations and executive orders are defeated, or repealed, because few in Congress fight for the country, or even speak up for the citizens.

Obamacare, and the amnesty pushed by Mr. Obama, by a strong business lobby, by Democrat politicians, by Liberals and Progressives, and by a media which sells Mr. Obama’s policies to the public, but never holds him or Progressives accountable, have left Americans feeling hopeless, and helpless.

Those feelings of helplessness, and powerlessness are increased by the contemptuous attitudes that Progressives and Mr. Obama show for the country and for most ordinary Americans. Since 2009 Mr. Obama, and Progressives have continually discounted American Exceptionalism. Many Americans are struggling under the burdens of a poor economy, joblessness, and that pervasive hopelessness, caused by years of Mr. Obama’s policies. They don’t need sarcasm as well. To tell an entire people, that, “you didn’t build that” shows contempt.

Exceptionalism was that old  sense of pride, and the belief in the goodness, and decency of America. Exceptionalism was the sense of optimism, and a feeling that anything, and likely, something wonderful could happen in this great country. Those feelings: pride, belief in the goodness, and decency of America, that sense of optimism, all have diminished, without encouragement from government leaders, who cared about, and believed in America as much as the people did. That Exceptionalism, which was confidence in themselves, and in God, and a belief that America would always be “That Shining City on a Hill“, that country of destiny, that Ronald Reagan spoke of, is what Progressives, and Mr. Obama have undermined.

If Progressives have their way, someday that belief in American Exceptionalism will be forgotten. But we must not let them have their way. We must do as Lincoln urged in his 1838 address at the Lyceum, “Let every American, every lover of liberty, every well-wisher to his posterity, swear by the blood of the Revolution, never to violate in the least particular, the laws of the country; and never to tolerate their violation by others. As the patriots of seventy-six did to the support of the Declaration of Independence, so to the support of the Constitution and the Laws, let every American pledge his life, his property, and his sacred honor; –let every man remember that to violate the law, is to trample on the blood of his father, and to tear the character of his own, and his children’s liberty.” Lincoln went on to remind Americans to teach their children our country’s history, and to make that teaching a constant in their lives. They must hear stories of courage, of Liberty, of the building of our Republic. Our posterity must hear stories of  American Exceptionalism. Stories that they learned at home, at school, in the churches, in the courts, and the colleges. And Lincoln believed that the result of that teaching, and the loyalty to country that it would engender, would be: “While ever a state of feeling, such as this, shall universally, or even, very generally prevail throughout the nation, vain will be every effort, and fruitless every attempt, to subvert our national freedom.”

We haven’t done a good job of telling those stories. The forces for Liberalism, for multiculturism, for diversity, and the Progressives’ determination to censor, fight harder,  against those American stories ever being told to American children, than they would ever fight against children going to a Miley Cyrus concert. They don’t want those stories told in our , tax-payer- supported public schools and State colleges. Our true and exceptional history has been distorted, and deleted, its monuments are pushed out of the public square, and its books from the public library. American Exceptionalism, the history of our fore-fathers, and our founding fathers, has been displaced with highly edited, and abbreviated versions that tell a paragraph of so but seldom the complete story. Few of today’s children know the story of heroes like Paul Revere , and Patrick Henry, but citizen story-tellers are still devoted to telling the stories, and determined that new generations will be able to hear them.

The media and Progressives scoff at the idea that America is exceptional, or ever was exceptional. But we will never stop telling the story of America. And as long as brave people are still telling the stories. The stories will never die. And so years from now, some brave soul will make sure that American children, hear, or read Governor John Winthrop’s 1630 sermon. And no matter what is happening in America in that day, the children who read the story will see kindness and hear John Winthrop’s exhortations to be generous to others. We must trust that those children of America’s  future, that we won’t live to see,  will catch a glimpse of what the Puritans were like, instead of believing the short sketch, in their school history books. That they won’t see the Puritans as close-minded, and strict. But that they will read his simple words, and that they will understand that Governor Winthrop preached the principles he hoped the Pilgrims would gain strength from, strength they would need to win this new world. And we must hope that those young Americans do not live in an over-crowded, Communist America, ruled over by a despot. We hope whatever world that world is, that somehow, they will not accept a re-written account of America, one in which the founders have become villains, or are not even mentioned. We will hope that if freedom has been lost, and history re-written, that they will search out and rediscover the truth.

Without our hope, our history, and our heroes, this dark era  in American history is a time of uncertainty. If it continues there will be a falling back of American endeavor and accomplishment. And, if it lasts it will impact the rest of the world, because America was never meant to be a place of decadence, or of darkness; it was to be a place of hope, and a light of freedom for the world. America was always meant to be the Shining City on a Hill, full of goodness, and with ready generosity to many. For many years, and even now when secular governance, and unfair laws and regulations constrain them, principled  Christians, hold to the spirit of God’s love. They hold onto expectations of God’s continued faithfulness to America, because America was founded on covenants with him. And with that faith, Americans strive to spread mercy across the nation, and the world.

But amnesty is bound to bring a new and a darker era. Because it will be an age in which a once free, and independent people, become part of a vast population of (eventually) impoverished laborers. In a not too distant future, these laborers rights will not be protected by The Constitution, and they won’t trace their freedom back to The Declaration of Independence. In their countries of origin the original illegal immigrants didn’t  live under the rule of law, and seldom respected the rule of law in the United States, and so perhaps they children won’t mourn the loss of  America. Because in the Brave New World that the current illegal immigrants are striving to build with amnesty, they will never have unalienable rights, or a Bill of Rights. Mr. Obama, his Department of Justice, and the Democrat-Progressives are circumventing, re-writing, discarding, and desecrating those founding documents that are America’s Foundation.

These Obama-made-citizens  may never realize that they are Americans in name only. We can be sure that they will have even less influence than present citizens do with their Socialist-Communist president and The Progressive Congress that the new-comers are to support. They will never have unalienable rights; those rights, and many others will soon be taken away from everyone by the state. They will have little control over their own destiny. There is a name for that state of being: it is slavery.

If the United States is to remain our country, we must continue to ask blunt, hard, practical questions about the reasons, and the  forces that are pushing for amnesty, and we must consider the  consequences of amnesty.

We must ask questions. One of  the most important: Who will these 70 Million strangers be? What countries will they come from? Will those 70 Million come from the mid-east? Will they be part of the millions of Islamists who want to conquer and destroy the United States? Will they be the unknown: the hooded jihadists? Will they come to America by the millions, and once inside the country, take control by acts of terror?

Besides the friction caused by millions more people added to the population with racial, and cultural differences, what will life be like with 70 million, nearly instant, new citizens?

Will there be sudden shortages of food and of natural resources such as water? Will the droughts in California, and Texas, the states with high numbers of illegal aliens, spread across the United States? Will these new millions increase the consumption of water to the point that drought becomes a part of our lives. Think of the added impact of at least, 70 million additional people drinking the eight glasses of water that Michelle Obama recommends, for each of us, each day. Imagine 70 million, additional people, the heavy burden that Obama has forced on the nation, showering, doing dishes, washing clothes, bathing children, and flushing toilets, let alone the water that it will take to grow food for them. What will happen to the natural resources, and the environment that Mr. Obama and Democrat-Progressives have always  been so obsessed about, and have regulated so assiduously?

Won’t 70 million more people in the United States destroy the country’s environment much quicker than the Keystone Pipeline? That’s the pipeline that Obama, the EPA, and Environmentalists oppose so vehemently and have studied for over four years. The pipeline will stay in one place, but those 70 million, or more additional people, will reside in every state, and will have an environmental impact on most of the United States. That 70 million will leave quite a large, and a wandering, carbon footprint across America. Yet Mr. Obama plans to import them without any studies, or any plans about the impact, or about how that impact will be mitigated.

And this despite the fact that John Holdren, a senior advisor, on science, to the Obama Administration, wrote, in 1973, about the US population: “210 million now is too many, and 280 million in 2040 is likely to be much too many”. The population of the United States is, in 2014, 315 million. To that we can add the 200,000, estimated (total number is unknown)  Central Americans, that have come in with Obama’s planned invasion of the United States, and the millions he will add with any amnesty. To that we must estimate the millions that those millions will add to the United States population because of their high birth- rate, and the millions that those who are amnestied will bring into the United States with chain migration. Those numbers take us far above John Holdren’s number of too many people for the United States to sustain. And Obama’s agenda, and his invasion, and amnesties will cause a sudden increase of the population, and not one that takes place over decades. Imagine that, and imagine all of the chaos that will bring to America. Obama, as an elite, will not have to deal with any of the pain, the crowding, and the misery that ordinary Americans will face. Obama, and his family, and the other Globalists’ elites, who with their meddling have destroyed our country and our lives, will be living high, as they always done. Obama will be separated, and, coolly, and luxuriously, detached from the costs, and misery he has inflicted on America, and Americans. And Obama’s and the Democrats’, long sought amnesty, the cause of our misery, is one that will never be undone.

So far there have been no studies, whatsoever, from the Obama Administration, about what effect those millions will have on the nation. But Democrat-Progressives, and Mr. Obama, have issued continual deadlines for the passage of Amnesty. Those deadlines are just weeks ahead. Weeks before the amnesty bill (for several million, but which will add many more) makes 20-30 million illegal immigrants, already residing, illegally, in the United States into its new citizens. And then, soon after, those amnestied, former illegal immigrants, will begin the process of bringing in their extended families.  Any person with common sense knows that those millions, upon millions, will quickly begin an enormous, and a never-ending, and an eternal, financial drain on the United States. Those millions, wave upon wave, of them will quickly, burden every level of the United States government and society. Americas cities, transportation, medical care, schools, and financial and natural resources will feel the burden of those millions. How can the Congress allow the Obama Administration, the federal  government, to impose such a radical, extreme, Communist, social experiment, such a “transformative change” on America.

Common sense tells us that the impact on the food stamp program, alone, which, Breit  has reported has remained at the rate of 45 Million, each month, for three years, will, necessarily, explode with the numbers that Mr. Obama has allowed in with his invasion of illegal immigrants from Central America, and with any kind of amnesty that he decrees.

How can the Congress, inflict amnesty on Americans without several, serious studies, by different, and trustworthy, non-Progressive, institutions to show the impact and the consequences of amnesty. The citizens must demand that Mr. Obama, and the Congress stop moving forward on amnesty. Citizens must demand that the federal government  take the time to do serious impact studies about Amnesty, because the entire United States will bear the impact of amnesty. The least the federal government can do is to devote as much time on studies, and planning for amnesty as it has on the Keystone Pipeline.

And what will happen to United States’ citizens if the President and the Progressives’ amnesty is instituted and brings with it even more chaos than Obamacare has brought to the country since it first became law, and  since its roll-out.  If the Obama Administration has cost Americans so much money, and so much confusion by taking over the Health Care System for 315 million citizens, think how much must be changed, and the work that must be done, and what an upheaval  to our lives there will be, to add those 70 million additional people to the country.

Will taxes in the United States rise ever higher, and secretly, as they have in France in order to support Frances’ benefits under Socialism? Surely, taxes will have to be raised to cover the benefits for Obama’s amnesty for millions.

Will this mass migration of millions of people be too much for the United States financial stability? Did the President or any Democrat leaders even listen to what the Greek Prime Minister said, so many months ago, during their joint press statement? After Obama’s pronouncements, Prime Minister Samaras said this about Greece, “I believe that the problems have to do with illegal immigration, internal turbulence in various countries, and even, unfortunately, the problem of terrorism.” The Prime Minister said, in effect, that illegal immigration had helped bring down the Greek economy. How do we know, Democrat Senators, Mr. Obama, La Raza, and other special interests, pushing us towards this precipice, that the costs of illegal immigration, or even worse, your huge amnesty, with its staggering numbers of people will not bring down our country? To sensible Americans, any move towards amnesty is absurd. It is against reason, that American leaders are still telling Americans that amnesty would be a wonderful idea– without giving us any proof. We lose trust in their judgment when they recommend the “Immigration Reform Bill” with such enthusiasm, after their disastrous Obamacare take-over. They have a lot of nerve, because we know that the price for amnesty could be in the trillions. And why on earth,  would any government with common sense add the burden of amnesty when the United States is already deeply in debt, and millions of citizens are out of work?

This president is irresponsible. And he feels no loyalty, or any obligation to the country, or to U.S. citizens. His concern, is for illegal immigrants, and the citizens of foreign nations. But some of the leaders in Congress, who have a sense of responsibility to us, must confront Obama’s lack of responsibility to the United States, and his commitment to amnesty, and to the Globalist Elitist Agenda. The implications, and consequences of amnesty should be thought out, weighed and balanced as to the effect they will have on U.S. citizens, and on the country. This should happen before anybody, the President, the Congress, or any person at any level of government, local, state, or federal, is allowed to force through this immigration bill, or any immigration bill, in the same way that Obama forced Obamacare on the nation.  Because the fate of the nation hangs in balance with amnesty.

Just looking at the problems that the Democrat-Progressives’, and Obama’s amnesty would cause Americans, who have already had enough trouble from Mr. Obama’s transformative changes, tells common-sense citizens that we must not allow this to happen to our nation. Why would any government urge such an amnesty on their citizens? Unless they hated their citizens. Neither the Obama administration, nor the illegal population that resides in the U.S., despite our immigration laws, has any right to force the United States into a precarious and volatile future against the will of the citizens.

We are the, We The People, of the Constitution. These leaders are employed to serve us.  They were elected by us. Citizens deserve to be consulted, listened to, and reckoned with, and never ignored.  It is time for the President and Progressive-Democrats, and the United States Congress, to stop treating U.S. citizens as slaves with no rights. It is time that Mr. Obama, and his Progressive Democrats stop putting people who have invaded our country first; we, the people, are the people who own America; our forefathers fought and died for this country. Our ancestors founded and built America. We, their descendants, their posterity, are the reason the American system of government was created. And We, the citizens living in 2014, have also helped to build America. Together, over those long-hard years, those pilgrims, those patriots, those founders, those brave soldiers, that Godly people of good character and hard-work, and America’s present, hard-working citizens, were the reason that America was successful. America was our gift from those who came before us; it is our birthright–and, it is our legacy, the gift we must leave to our posterity. To let it be stolen by an unethical president, or a corrupt Congress, or by the greedy, from foreign nations, is a shame.

Our country, our United States, is the primary, and the most important gift, the great legacy that we the present citizens have to leave to our posterity. And this is the legacy that illegal immigrants, Mexico, Obama, and the, (supposedly) U.S. Representatives from the Hispanic Caucus, such as Luis Gutierrez, and Democrats, and Rino Republicans in Congress, would dare to try to rip from the American heart and soul by their acts of treason .

America is ours, and no others.  James Madison said in The Federalist No.46: “The federal and State governments are in fact but different agents and trustees of the people, constituted with different powers, and designed for different purposes”.

This country cannot be taken away from Americans by either the federal or state governments who Madison said, are in fact, agents and trustees of the people. These agents and trustees of the American people cannot give the United States away to foreign nationals, whether those foreign nationals are presently living in foreign countries, or even if they have left those countries, and have taken up residence, against U.S. immigration laws, in the United States. The president of the United States, or the Congress, the citizens’ “agents and trustees” cannot make, unknown millions, possibly 20-30 million citizens of foreign nations, but who are illegally living in the United States, into United States citizens. They cannot do this when their numbers, multiplied by chain migration, would disenfranchise the votes, and the voice of the present citizens of the United States.

James Madison said: “The Ultimate authority resides in the people alone..” And Abraham Lincoln said: “We the people are the rightful masters of both Congress and the courts, not to overthrow the Constitution, but to overthrow men who pervert the Constitution.” What is more a perversion of the Constitution than giving away the country from its citizens, to the law-breakers, and the citizens of foreign nations. What is more a perversion of the Constitution than the disenfranchising of the American people, who are the: We the People of The Constitution, the very people who instituted the Constitution. The government, that in this current time of 2014 wants to disenfranchise the citizens, in whom Madison, the Father of the Constitution, said: “the ultimate authority resides in the people alone.”

The American people cannot allow this amnesty, this perversion of the Constitution, and this usurpation of our identity, our country, our power, and our rights, either by the president, the Congress, or  by foreign nationals.

Americans welcome immigrants through lawful, and through carefully controlled immigration. Good immigration must be low in numbers, and  immigration that benefits both the United States citizens, and the United States, and not just those who are so greedy, and low in ethics, so lawless, that they are willing to invade, and loot the country. Those lucky enough to be invited: the honest, the hardworking, the law-abiding, the diligent, and the decent, are welcome to come in small numbers. They are welcome to come, legally, and to come without cheating or corruption . It is because of the cheating and the corruption, the lawlessness, that has continued for years, and on both sides of the border, that immigration has become a curse to the citizens, and to the country, rather than a blessing. Corruption is playing out before our eyes, as across the United States, former politicians working as lobbyists, are pushing this lawless amnesty, that Americans’ had no part, whatsoever, in writing. Amnesty is no small matter. Amnesty decides the fate of the nation because it will make at least 20 million, or more, illegal immigrants, who forced their way into the country, into citizens. And then those millions will bring millions more until there is no open space left. Amnesty and chain migration means: huge numbers of people, and crowding. It means no private farms, no privately owned land, little open space, no privacy, no rule of law, no prosperity, no future, and no country, left for the citizens.

We cannot allow those lobbyists, whose greed directs them, to push through this amnesty, and to harm the United States with this lawless, usurpation of the peoples’ power.

If with this amnesty, or through his many transformative changes, the current Democrat-Progressive- president is allowed to destroy the United States, then Mr. Obama, whether, Progressive-Democrat, or Communist, and the first black president, will have taken the honor of becoming the president of the United States, the opportunity of a life-time to do good, and will have done evil instead. He will have destroyed one of the wonders of the world. Because as Daniel Webster said: “Hold on, my friends, to the Constitution and to the Republic for which it stands. Miracles do not cluster, and what has happened once in 6000 years, may not happen again. Hold on to the Constitution, for if the American Constitution should fail, there will be anarchy throughout the world.”

Mass amnesty is against the founding principles, Michelle Malkin, wrote on June 24, 2013. And she listed the “principles that should guide the federal government’s immigration, and border security…”  Her list includes: The Preamble to the U.S. Constitution, Article IV, Section 4. of the Constitution, The presidential oath of office, in accordance with Article II, Section I. of the U.S. Constitution, and then her list goes on for four pages. Mr. Obama, and his supporters, shred the Constitution, and destroy the Rule of Law, daily. They do this with no regret. They must be stopped.

We The People must resolve that we will not let America fail. Despite the Democrat-Progressive agenda, Despite Mr. Obama’s agenda, and despite the failure of the Republican leaders in the House of Representatives to do their duty, and to fight those policies and agendas that will destroy the country, We The People, must fight as the Patriots of 76 fought for freedom. We must fight for the United States survival and its restoration. There has been only one United States of America in the world.  And as Daniel Webster warned, if it is destroyed, it’s unlikely there will ever be another America.

Those are not sentimental words, or overly dramatic words; they are the truth.

Americans are an imperfect people. But within us has burned, and still flickers, the fire of liberty.

The poor, and the lost of the world have always looked to the dream of freedom: the freedom of America. They followed the laws, and they waited, and hoped, and some of them came, and became Americans. They weren’t just people “in search of jobs”, “or simply “in search of a better life”, or in search of a government that would give them free health care, welfare, and food stamps. They weren’t people in search of a government that would lift them up, and put them in the place, that by right, and by inheritance, belonged to the country’s  citizens , as Rahm Emanuel, did in Chicago when he opened up 23,000 city jobs, to “Dreamers”, those adult children of illegal immigrants that claim they were brought here as children .

John Quincy Adams, when he was Secretary of State in 1819, wrote to a man who wanted to emigrate to the United States: ” it was explicitly stated to you, and your report has taken just notice of the statement, that the government of the United States has never adopted any measure to encourage or invite emigrants from any part of Europe. It has never held out any incitements to  induce the subjects of any other sovereign to abandon their own country, to become inhabitants of this.” Barack Obama could not say that. He has “induced” millions “to abandon their own country” and encouraged them to become “inhabitants of this”–to Americans’ dismay, and maybe to our ruin.

In past generations, many immigrants had the same fire of liberty, and love of America, as most Americans did. They wanted to be a part of the spirit of America. The best of them were ambitious, but willing to work for their gain. They wanted safe lives, under the rule of law, and that came from an America that was not corrupted, and that was peaceful, and beautiful.

They were the ones who came to America because the country’s freedom, rights and ideals, meant everything to them. Those who came for the ideals of America became Americans, in heart and soul. They loved the USA. Their loyalty was to America, and to no other country. And together, the new, and the old citizens, were, with exceptions, a courageous and a united people. We saved the world several times over. At home, or abroad, we were generous and gave whenever there was a crisis. The world would be a poorer, and a sadder place if there had been no America, and if there were no Americans. And yes, despite those who will deny it, or while singing the praises of diversity, say many derogatory things about the country they refuse to leave; it was English Colonists, and those of English descent, who first founded that America, and then, along with others, built that America into what it is today.

What will happen to a troubled world if this influx of  70 million foreign nationals, that come, first with amnesty, and then explodes with chain-migration, is allowed to over-whelm the United States, and its citizens?

What if those millions who flood into the United States, with chain migration, are an enormous law-enforcement nightmare, and exert such a drain on the economy that they plunge the country, which is deeply in debt, into chaos, and quickly cause America to fail, and to fall?

An impoverished America can help no one, not even itself. If  the United States is destroyed by Mr. Obama and the Democrat-Progressives there is no place for 315 million Americans to run. It is certain that Americans will never find another America, and so, it would be very foolish of them to let this one be taken away from them. It took 200 years of blood-sweat-and tears to build the America that Mr. Obama, and Progressives apologize for, find fault with, and don’t value, but still demand to settle foreign nationals by the million, here . It is the America that cannot be replaced, that Mr. Obama’s exceptionally bad judgment, or the Progressive Globalist agenda,  seems so determined to destroy.

Americans lose everything if we allow any “immigration reform” ever to be signed into law under this lawless president.

Mr. Obama, Progressives, and advocates demand “immigration reform”, but this “immigration reform bill” is amnesty. It is not an immigration reform that will benefit either the citizens or the United States.

Senator Sessions told us the groups that were involved in writing the Senates’ bill, and none of those groups were even slightly interested in protecting the United States, or the U.S. citizens. They were interested in their own agendas, and in using the United States, and its taxpayer dollars to accomplish those agendas. They were interested in putting into the bill what would be most beneficial to the illegal immigrants residing in the United States, who are, actually, citizens of other countries.

Those who wrote the bill, and made the deals between themselves, were interested in putting in items that would benefit unions, and other special interests. Americans were not represented in the writing of Amnesty, millions of us do not consent to it, millions of us will be affected by it, millions of us will be disenfranchised because of it, but, we are the are the only ones, designated by President Obama, and LA Raza, and Democrats, who are to pay for it. That brings to mind a famous phrase from before the Revolutionary War: no taxation without representation.

We the People, cannot allow this “immigration reform” to take place in an era in which even the Republican leaders in the House are un-concerned about the fate of the country or the citizens. They ignore the citizens. Both Democrat-Progressives, and Republicans in the House keep repeating key-phrases: the immigration system is broken, negotiations are going well, and we can get this done. Sometimes they give us deadlines that they want amnesty done by.

But you see, Mr. Boehner, and  representatives in the House of Representatives, and to those in the Senate: We the People don’t want this done.

We do not want amnesty

And, we didn’t want Obamacare, but the senate did it, anyway, over our protests. We The People of the United States, your employers, the people you are supposed to represent, are refusing amnesty. But you say that you are determined to do it, anyway.  The questions we have for you are: tell us who, what particular people, you are doing this amnesty for. And then, tell us: who, or what entity is paying the price, and what is the price they pay, to get this amnesty that citizens never asked for, and don’t want, and which happens to be terrible for the country– passed? Tell us what is your price, and who is paying it.

This attitude from the House of Representatives of:  “we don’t care what you want, we are doing amnesty”, should warn citizens that we can’t trust Mr. Obama, or  the Progressive controlled, lawless Senate, or a House of Representatives’ that has heard our reasons, our pleas, and our strongest objections, and yet says they are going ahead with amnesty. The president, the leaders of the Senate, and the House of Representatives haven’t stood up for the best interests of America or Americans, and that is their job. They are not doing their jobs under the Constitution.

The government has left Americans to stand alone, while they do the bidding of citizens from foreign nations. But we must stop them, because if America falls into chaos Americans fall with it. And if Americans, and America falls, much of the world falls too.

It is time to stand up, and to stand for the Constitution, and to say: There is no one, under the Constitution: not the president of the United States, or the Congress, who has any right, or the right, to give away American citizens’ power , and to disenfranchise them within their own country. And that is what amnesty does.

Neither does the president have the power to give away American land. Because this extreme, and sudden amnesty gives votes, and therefore the right to make decisions concerning our land, and the future of that land, away to millions of unknown people, whose intentions are also unknown to us. This sudden and extreme amnesty gives that power, that belongs only to American citizens, over to 20-30 million former illegal immigrants. 20-30 million, at first, and later to millions more. That is millions of foreign nationals, strangers, rushed through the formalities of citizenship, as Mr. Obama has rushed through the formalities for his Dreamers.

According to a Poll, up to 70 percent of illegal immigrants are illegal immigrants from Mexico.  And 70 percent of Mexicans say they believe that Mexicans within the U.S. should remain loyal to Mexico. So, if they become citizens of the United States, it follows that many of these millions will retain loyalty to Mexico. But by their numbers, as citizens of the United States, they will be able to determine the laws, and the policies that Americans are forced to live by. And, if their loyalty is to Mexico, they will want to increase Mexico’s power, and influence in the United States. They may want Mexico to be “The Power”  over the United States. America, can’t  live when there is divided Loyalty in the hearts of Americans. Americans must be committed to America.  And who would they be loyal to if there was a future conflict between Mexico and the United States?  According to the poll, seventy percent of Mexicans, said that they should be loyal to Mexico. Common sense, and many signs of that continued loyalty, such as the Mexican flags that protestors carry in parades, and protests in the United States, tell us that sentiment of first loyalty to Mexico, holds true to those within the United States. After amnesty, and chain migration, that mean sixty, or seventy million people that we gave amnesty to, would still be loyal to Mexico. To make citizens of 70 million or more people who are more loyal to Mexico than to the United States is foolish, and it is dangerous.

Amnesty allows those millions who are amnestied, to bring in many more millions. This is a sudden influx of millions of the former citizens of other countries, brought to the United States, under an amnesty which was written by pro-amnesty groups, but not by Americans. Citizens had no part in the writing of the bill. But if  this amnesty, that millions of Americans object to, is passed, then these  Americans,  who had nothing to do with the amnesty bill, and its terms, will be required to pay for the amnesty of those millions of “new” Americans. And it is the new, “The Amnesty Americans”, because of their great numbers, who now get to decide America’s future, and its fate.

The Founding documents don’t give away the citizens’ right to make decisions in their own country. The founding documents don’t disenfranchise United States citizens. The citizens’ votes, act as the decisions for new policies for the country. But bringing in a population of millions of foreign nationals, without a connection to the country, to its values, traditions, its rule of law, and its Constitution, will get an entirely different result for American elections. The United States elections can be fixed, simply, by changing the demographics of the country.

And there is no power, stated in the Constitution, to suddenly make a law that quickly brings in 70million people, who by their very presence appropriate our land; land which belongs to the country, and to its citizens.

Amnesty is such an act. Amnesty changes the direction of the country by bringing in, by flooding the nation, with many millions of foreign citizens. These people, will have different goals for the United States then do American citizens. And those millions, who will immediately need to be settled, will cause the land belonging to the United States, to be taken away from the control of the American people. The government will claim a need for the land. Those millions will have to be settled, and the government will demand the power (new laws), and the space (land) they need in order to do that. It will end in  putting more land into the hands of the government. There is no power in the office of president, or any power for the Congress to, suddenly, hand the citizens’ power to the land, and over the land of the United States, over, either to the Federal government, or over to “mass migrated” countless-millions of people, who were recently, from other nations.

Show the citizens where the power comes from for the sudden admission, of 70 million people, who are the citizens of  other countries. Such sweeping powers, which take away the present citizens’ power, by importing millions of other nations’ people, to take the present citizens place, was never meant, for the President of the United States, or for the Congress.

The power to continue in office as president, or in the Senate, or the House of Representatives, or in any other official office of the federal government, one for which the official took an oath to protect the Constitution, that position, that office, cannot be maintained, once you have stopped protecting the Constitution, and its people. If you are the president, or a member of Congress and are no longer defending the country from the invasion of millions of foreign nationals, and are now, instead, on the side of the foreign nationals and against of the citizens, you are no longer acting under the Constitution. If as the president or a representative, you are no longer defending the rights, under the law, of the United States’ citizens, but instead, have chosen to take on the conflicting, different, and the opposing, interests of citizens from other countries, rather than those of your own country, how then, do you continue to retain, and claim the power of your office? You have actually given up the right to your office when you stopped representing American citizens.

The Constitution does not give the power of office of President of  the United States, or senator, or Congressman, to those who pick and choose the issues for which they will  serve the best interests of the United States or its citizens. They don’t get to choose to serve other people and other nations, while still taking a salary, and the benefits that go with U.S. government service.

Surely the different divisions of  government have no power left, once they have stop serving, and representing the American people. Their duties under the Constitution, as described under The Federalist No. 46 The Influence of the State and Federal Governments Compared, are described by the writer of The Federalist 46, and the Father of the Constitution, James Madison, in this way: The federal and State governments are in fact but different agents and trustees of the people, constituted with different powers, and designed for different purposes. Government officials are described as the agents, and the representatives of the people. But they are not representing the people with amnesty; they are refusing to represent the best interests of the people. They have decided to represent the best interest of another people. Our representatives power to write, and the president’s power to sign U.S. laws that bind citizens, must end when there has come a time that they are no longer representing the citizens of the United States. The Congress, and the president, are no longer obeying the Constitution, but rather have chosen to represent the interests of foreign nations, and other nation’s citizens, over and above the interests of the United States, and against Americans.

The American people were the “source of authority, behind The Declaration of Independence, The Articles of Confederation, and the United States Constitution; these are the documents which brought the United States into existence. These documents stand as a witness that it is We The People who are the authority behind the docments, and behind the offices, and behind the authority of our governments’ leaders.

We the people have never given our authority, our place in the United States as the population, and citizens, or our place, as the people in authority over our government -away to any entity. We, the People, have never agreed to give our power away to others: to the president, or to the Congress, by allowing them to institute an amnesty that disenfranchises Americans. We the People, of the Constitution, forbid the Congress, or the president, our agents and representatives, to institute amnesty which assaults the nation with the unknown impact of 20 million or more people from foreign nations, who then may bring in an additional 70 million, or more, foreign nationals. We forbid amnesty because it disenfranchises We the People. Amnesty does what the Constitution never allowed: Amnesty would allow Mr. Obama, and the Congress to establish a new American population. We forbid them to do this illegal act, which is an assault against the authority and the power of the American people. Amnesty is an act that is against the best interests, and against the will of the American people. We forbid the Congress or the President to institute any amnesty by trickery, or by deceit, or by any other act for which they do not have the authority, or power under the Constitution. We the People forbid that amnesty be instituted by deceptive practices within any arm of the United States government.

If the president or Congress  institute any form of amnesty, they will have committed treason against the people and the country by doing so. By our rights under the Declaration of Independence, the people have the right to abolish our government when it is no longer governing by consent of the people, but has become “a government destructive of rights ” And the people have the right to establish, to re-institute a new government.

This situation, of who owns a country, between a country’s leaders and its people, has never come up before, except for those people under a tyrant who could seize their land and redistribute it to his favorites, or by a conquered, disenfranchised people who were sent away into captivity by their conquerors. Or in Republics like the Peoples’ Republic of China, which is Communist.

With illegal immigration, America has been invaded by unknown millions of foreign nationals. The greatest number of invaders are citizens of Mexico. The Constitution guarantees the states and the people of the United States, protection from invasion. But the federal government, headed by Mr. Obama, refuses to stop that invasion. He refuses to enforce United States immigration laws. He refuses to protect United States borders. He has used tax-paid funds to assist foreign nationals inside the United States borders. He has used billions of dollars, of tax-paid funds to help him as he campaigns to push forward the best interests of those who are illegally in the United States. Those invaders, the citizens of Mexico, and other foreign nations have taken United States jobs, and benefits from United States social welfare programs, which are also paid for by citizens tax-dollars. These jobs and benefits, should by right belong to Americans. By allowing the invasion of millions, and by supporting those who have invaded, Mr. Obama has cost the nation billions of dollars, and has cost American citizens years of loss, and unemployment. The Free Republic offers: A Principle of The Traditional American Philosophy. The article states: tyranny through taxation is one of the most dangerous and oppressive aspects of Government-over-Man and must be guarded against and opposed accordingly, for the protection of Man’s God-given, unalienable rights.” Under one of the examples of what is not authorized by taxation is: “taxation may not be used by the Federal government as a means of bringing about indirectly, and subtly any governmental change, or any social or other type of reform, or to achieve indirectly in effect Federal control of anything or anybody, or to accomplish any other result whatever, which people have not authorized by the Constitution to be accomplished directly and openly.”  And that is exactly what has happened to the United States under Mr. Obama, and the Progressives. They have used taxation under Obamacare, and will use it under amnesty to bring about Federal control of everything and of everybody. And whether by law or by regulation they are fundamentally transforming the nation. Neither Obamacare nor amnesty: the, on purpose, changing of the demographics of the nation, are authorized by the Constitution.

We the descendants of  The Declaration of Independence have a long history that shows our connection and our owner-ship of our country, our relationship to our representation, and our authority in our country’s government.

In The Federalist No.46, James Madison, the Father of The Constitution, wrote of the Anti-Federalists as: “The adversaries of the Constitution”, and then he discussed  whether the State, or the Federal government would have more support from the people. “The federal and State governments are in fact but different agents and trustees of the people, constituted with different powers, and designed for different purposes. The adversaries of the Constitution seem to have lost sight of the people altogether in their reasoning’s on this subject; and to have viewed these different establishments, not only as mutual rivals and enemies, but as uncontrolled by any common superior in their efforts to usurp the authorities of each other. These gentlemen must here be reminded of their error. They must be told that the ultimate authority, wherever the derivative may be found , resides in the people alone.” And many years later, Lincoln, in the Lincoln-Douglas debates said: The people of these United States are the rightful masters of both congresses and courts, not to overthrow the Constitution, but to overthrow the men who pervert the Constitution.”

The people of the United States were not to be ruled they were to be served. But they were ruled, when against their will, Obamacare was forced on them by dirty deals made by Mr. Obama and the Democrat controlled Senate. The people, and their best interests were not meant to be over-ridden, and over-thrown by their representatives. The people were to be represented by the  “agents and trustees of the people”. The government was created to protect the peoples’ unalienable rights. The government was not created to enrich the representatives, through their chicanery, and misuse of the peoples’ trust, or the peoples’ property (taxes). The people were not to be lied to, deceived, or disregarded, and held in contempt by the government. The people were not made to serve the government as a kind of indentured, over-taxed- servant class.

The people created the  government, and controlled the government, through its founding documents, and the Constitution, for it to serve them, and not to swindle them by enacting Obamacare, and amnesty, or any other law or policy that is not in our, or the country’s best interest.

None of our founding documents gives away the peoples’ owner ship of the United States. None of those documents signs over We the Peoples’ control of the land, or of the country, or our place within the governance of the government, for any reason, or under the law.

We do not give up our land so that the Federal Government, which is attempting to institute an extreme amnesty for millions, can settle those millions of foreign nationals there. If the reason that the government has spent so much, tax-payer- money buying United States land, is to claim ownership of the country, so to give away American land to other nations, or to settle those millions of persons to be imported under amnesty, there, then We the People, the tax-payers, must insist that they can’t use our money to buy any more of our  land.

Our leaders, from the president on down do not own our country; it is not theirs by any right under the Constitution or by any agreement. They cannot seize it, or its natural resources, or the peoples’ land or resources. The right to property, and against taxation without representation, are long established rights of Englishmen that were ours since the beginning of the history of English settlement in the United States. The United States fought the War for Independence, in part, because of infringement of those rights. The United States, under the Constitution was created to protect citizens’ rights, including the right to property.

We realize that the aim of Communism is to own all of the land, the resources, and the farms and the factories that manufacture products. It is the aim of Communism to control labor, and the rights of the people. But the United States is a Republic, under the Constitution, the aims of Communists, and governance by Communists, have no place here.

We the People own the country;  we established the country through the founding documents, but, in establishing those documents, we never gave away our authority and our power. In LawNotes it states: “The enabling actions in the Preamble (to the Constitution) are significant because there is simply nothing in the use of those words to imply that The People relinquished any of their own power and authority. The People declared the law (ordain) without taking away from themselves the authority to declare law again in the future. The People established The Constitution without taking away from themselves the authority to establish anything else in the future.”  “In other words, the people gave birth to the Constitution without giving up any of their own power and authority.”  And so no leader in the past, and no leader in the present or the future can sell off our country. They cannot sell it, or give parts of it away to anyone. They cannot award citizenship to millions of citizens of other countries in order to over-power the rights, and the votes of Americans.

Mr. Obama, Democrat or Republican Progressives cannot use the deception involved in this amnesty bill, or any immigration bill, to sell or give the United States away to the millions of foreign nationals who are demanding amnesty. Because that is what was done. Mr. Obama and his administration, and Democrat-Progressives government officials in cities, and states, allowed millions more to invade, settle, and then encouraged, and aided illegal immigrants, step by step, in their drive for amnesty.

Mr. Obama gave strong government assistance using billions in tax-payer dollars to aid foreign nationals in their drive for amnesty. By allowing illegal immigrant organizations to be part of the negotiations on amnesty, and allowing their representatives to write the bill, the Obama Administration allowed them to make claims for financial benefits, for themselves, and these claims must be paid by Americans’ within amnesty.

With amnesty, Mr. Obama, and the Democrat Senate, allowed foreign nationals to write the bill that would let them make claims on Americans for benefits. Those benefits paid through amnesty come from tax-payer-funds. Which means that citizens’ money, which comes from their resources and property will have been redistributed to foreign nationals, with the help of the American president, and Congress.

Those benefits, those billions of tax-payer dollars that Americans must give to foreign nationals, under the terms of the amnesty agreement, are the citizens’ resources. In essence, amnesty forces Americans to give up their property to the invaders. Amnesty seizes citizens’ resources and property (taxation), and then it redistributes Americans’ money and property for the use of the illegal immigrants who have been allowed to invade. Amnesty will give more of our money, and property to the 70 million, or more, foreign nationals that will be brought in under the terms of amnesty. For years, the current illegal immigrants, these foreign nationals, have been allowed to break our laws and cross our borders in an illegal invasion that the Congress and the executive have never stopped, despite years of  petitions from the States, and the pleas of citizens’, for action and for relief from invasion. Defense of the states, against outside invasion was guaranteed in Article IV. Section 4 of the Constitution. Mr. Obama and Democrats have not responded in any effective way, to stop that invasion, instead they have assisted illegal immigrants in that invasion. They, the president and the Congress, will then use the terms of amnesty (which was written by pro-illegal immigration organizations) to redistribute citizens’ property to the invaders. With amnesty, the Congress of the United States will have aided the president of the United States in using the peoples’ property, which they relinquish with the taxes that they are forced to pay, and use that money to pay the high costs of benefits demanded by the amnesty that foreign nationals, and other special interests were allowed to write, for their own benefit. It is a perfect circle of  fraud, and corruption. And it is sly, Communist redistribution, and deception, but it is accomplished by the United States Congress, and by the President of the United States, working with foreign nationals, and with organizations, such as LA Raza, which have plans to take over states, within the United States, and claim them for Mexico. .

It is difficult to leave the subject of the injustice that the federal government perpetrates, against the American people with amnesty. But it is not just our form of government that identifies us as Americans, it is the land itself, which is the peoples’ home. America is our proud history. America is our future, and it is too valuable, and it is too treasured, to allow the federal government to take away, and to give it away to another people.

Despite the illegal immigrants protests, their propaganda, and their desire to take the American citizens’ power away by their persistent invasion, and with their demands, their numbers, and the amnesty bill that they were allowed to write, the fact is: We the People, have no obligation, financial, or otherwise, to these millions of citizens from Mexico, and other foreign nations, who have forced their way into our country. We must not allow our government to benefit them by seizing our financial resources to pay for the amnesty bill. We the people have no obligation to provide these foreign nationals the gift of amnesty. Amnesty will add greater burdens to citizens, and  to our posterity. Amnesty will infringe on citizens’ rights, and their unalienable right, under the Declaration of Independence, to pursue happiness (some say to hold goods and property). It is not Mr. Obama’s or the Progressive-Democrat-Senate’s, or the weak- leadership-in The House of Representatives’ right, or within their power under the Constitution, to give or to sell away either, citizenship, or our resources, and our political power within our own country. It is not Mr. Obama, or the Democrat-Communist Senate’s power to deny United States citizens our unalienable rights.

The truth is: amnesty sells or gives away America, from its citizens’ control, over-to citizens’ of other countries who will then control the votes, and the decisions in our Congress. This is what George Soros thought should happen when he said other countries should have a vote in our Congress.

In part, the false narrative, the publicly stated rationale for this, amnesty- give-away, is a twisted, and ludicrous Progressive logic.

This Progressive thought, first implies, or declares that Americans are somehow at fault because millions of people from foreign countries have, illegally, invaded the United States, against the will of its citizens, and that some of the illegal immigrants were treated unfairly. Then Progressives’ declare that these people from other nations are victims, and so they are due: fairness. They declare that Americans owe these invaders (fairness or equality which is, in part, amnesty)  amnesty. According to John McCain, Senator Schumer, Jeb Bush, and a host of other pro-amnesty politicians, amnesty is a reward for whatever harm Americans are supposed to have caused their invaders.

Citizens tend to see amnesty as quite a reward, first, it forgives the law-breakers’ invasion of the country, and any other law-breaking they may have done during the decades within our borders. So, if amnesty is granted, there is no price to be paid for invading, or illegally taking U.S. jobs, or for the invaders use of United States benefits from government programs. Then amnesty rewards the invaders, and millions more of their extended families’, with the gift of citizenship. According to many sources, including Heritage.Org, it also rewards them with generous, taxpayer paid, financial benefits; benefits that last for decades, under the terms of amnesty. Amnesty gives the law-breakers many advantages over the American citizens’. And one of the greatest advantages is that, in the case of the Gang of Eight’s amnesty, because of their great numbers, it makes the illegal immigrants, many of whom are presently Mexican citizens, the majority-rulers, over the citizens, of the nation that they have, illegally, invaded.

The financial benefits under amnesty, are, actually, just another form of plunder or pillage. It gives those who receive amnesty the rewards that a victor would receive from winning a war. This plunder, and these benefits, are one reason that illegal immigrants’ protests are so passionate. Despite the excellent, and insincere, propaganda, from the hundreds of illegal immigrant organizations calling for amnesty, it’s not about a deep love of Liberty, or the desire to be an American, because most Mexicans who will receive amnesty, and citizenship, will always remain loyal to Mexico. The passionate desire for amnesty, is their desire to own America, and the love of money and power. It is greed.

Amnesty would bring in an unending flow of new-made citizens and workers. The citizens of Mexico have been at the fore-front of the amnesty push for years; LA Raza, and other pro-amnesty Latino organizations helped write, and will enrich themselves with the amnesty bill. And if they win amnesty, that never-ending cheap labor workforce, that flow of minority-worker-citizens, will soon over-whelm the present Americans in every way.

Amnesty is the purposeful changing of the demographics of the United States. Amnesty is being used as a form of eugenics. With amnesty, Democrat-Progressives, are purposely, changing the demographics of the nation  in order to change who has jobs and economic security, who will hold political power, and who will decide United States’ elections.

Especially since the beginning of Mr. Obama’s second term, he and Eric Holder, the Attorney General, have shown a strong inclination for implementing race-based policies.  Amnesty, this, purposeful, over-whelming of the American population, by making 20-30 million illegal immigrants citizens, is being done by design by Mr. Obama and Progressives, and it is racist at its base. They are deceptively, and purposely changing the demographics of the United States by the huge number of minority illegal immigrants they are assisting in circumventing the United States immigration laws. The Obama Administration is using billions of  dollars of U.S. Taxpayer money to help illegal immigrant invaders, resident in the United States, with special tax paid programs, such as those available for Casa De Maryland that are affiliated with AmeriCorps.  And Mr. Obama and Mr. Holder are doing all that they can to aid the invasion of the United States by their refusal to enforce United States’ immigration laws, and by not protecting the border. They are working to usurp, or to give the American citizens’ power, over to illegal immigrants; one example is their attack on voter ID, as proof of citizenship for elections. Voter Fraud is easy, and decides elections in Democrats favor, without voter I.D. Democrat-Progressives are using all of these measures to purposely change the ethnic population, and the political power structure within the United States.

This change in demographics is a determined agenda; that can be seen by just a glimpse at the Federal funding programs for pro-amnesty, Latino organizations, many of which are funded by tax-payer funds. Multiply the scope of Casa De Maryland, and follow the Federal government’s generous pay-outs, of U.S. citizens’ tax-payer money, across the country and into the hundreds of powerful pro-amnesty-illegal- immigrant organizations. That means that Americans’ tax dollars are being used against Americans, and to help illegal immigrants to gain, and to take power in the United States. This devious practice of funding illegal immigrant organizations is, as if,  the U.S. government was arming, America’s enemies with the best armaments, while disbanding America’s armed forces, and then adding insult to injury by seizing the citizens’ only means of defense: their privately owned guns. The American government under Mr. Obama, is choosing the side of Mexican citizens, and Central Americans, and is working against U.S. citizens. Mr. Obama is helping foreign nationals, usurp the power of We The People of the Constitution. This federal funding of illegal immigrant organizations, many of which have stated that their goal is to seize the southwestern United States, in the name of Mexico, is undermining Americans’ power in the United States. This is being done by Mr. Obama, and many in the United States Congress who are assisting Mexican, and other pro-immigration groups in their efforts for amnesty, and by the president, Progressives, and those in Congress, who are  aiding and abetting the illegal immigrants’ undermining of U.S. Immigration laws and aiding their invasion of the United States.

This funding, which comes from the money that the IRS collects from U.S. taxpayers, has been provided to Hispanic organizations for years, by the federal government. This money is used in many programs that help illegal immigrants enroll their children in schools, receive medical care, special grants, and social welfare benefits, again, all provided by the American taxpayer. This government assistance allows illegal immigrants to stay in the United States, and supports them as they find employment. Twenty-to 30 million illegal immigrants have taken advantage of these programs, provided by Hispanic organizations, and funded by the federal government.  These illegal immigrants have had the assistance of the Latino organizations, funded by the Federal government, that helped them to access dozens of government programs, even as they broke American laws. Meanwhile the very citizens who were paying for the illegal immigrants re-location costs, likely paid  for any special educational programs the illegal immigrants might need in order to compete in the American job market. American tax-payers were forced to pay the costs, from the moment an illegal immigrant crossed our borders, or over-stayed their visa. And citizens paid even higher costs as illegal immigrants’ lowered wages for  U.S. jobs, and took over U.S. jobs, and often, as in the building trades, illegal immigrants’, totally replaced American workers, and took over entire sections of the United States economy. The Federal government has used our tax-payer money to help, and support, illegal immigrants “find better lives” while they took our jobs and left us unemployed.

Many Americans have been shocked at the laws that Mr. Obama has been allowed to break, and has helped others to break–and without consequences. By breaking, and non-enforcement of laws he has usurped the power of all branches of the government, including the power held by the people. It is not until Article II. Section.1. that the Constitution addresses the duties and the power of the United States President. In Article II.  Section 3, the Constitution states: he shall take Care that the Laws be faithfully executed. Mr. Obama has not done this, instead he has circumvented, and broken immigration laws, or he has instituted new agency policies that made the laws unenforceable.

On May 16,2014, in an article on,  Caroline May, presents Alabama Republican, Senator Jeff Sessions’ updated timeline, his catalog of the “Obama administration’s moves ‘to dismantle immigration enforcement.'” Sessions’ catalog began in 2009, and ends with May 12, 2014, when it became known from ICE internal documents, that the agency had released over 36,000 criminal aliens within the United States. These 36,000 aliens were convicted of major crimes. Senator Sessions’ catalog of Obama’s moves to dismantle immigration enforcement takes up 14 pages when printed from the web site. Caroline May quotes, North Carolina Rep. Walter Jones (Rep): “By refusing to enforce our country’s immigration laws, the Obama administration is compromising the safety of law-abiding American citizens.”

As of May 14, 2014 8 USC 1324 Title 8 -Aliens and Nationality, addresses: Bringing in and harboring certain aliens. It addresses alien smuggling, and states: 8 1324 Bringing in and harboring certain aliens: 9a) Criminal penalties (1)(A) Any person who -(i)Knowing that a person is an alien, brings to or attempts to bring to the United States in any manner whatsoever such person at a place other than a designated port of entry or place other than as designated by the Commissioner, regardless of whether such alien has received prior official authorization to come to, enter, or reside in the united States and regardless of any future official action which may be taken with respect to such alien; (ii)knowing or in reckless disregard of the fact that an alien has come to, entered, or remains in the United States in violation of law, transports, or moves or attempts to transport or move such alien within the United States by means of transportation or otherwise, in furtherance of such violation of law; (iii) knowing or in reckless disregard of the fact that an alien has come to , entered or remains in the United States in violation of law conceals, harbors or shields from detection, or attempts to conceal, harbor, or shield from detection, such alien in any  place, including any building or any means of transportation; (iv) encourages or induces an alien to come to, enter, or reside in the United States, knowing or in reckless disregard of the fact that such coming to, entry, or residence is or will be in violation of  law; or (v)(I) engages in any conspiracy to commit any of the preceding acts, or (II)aids or abets the commission any of the preceding acts, Shall be punished as provided in subparagraph (B). (B) A person who violates subparagraph (A) shall, for each alien in respect to whom such a violation occurs-(i)in the case of a violation of subparagraph (A)(i) or (v)(I) or in the case of a violation of subparagraph (A)(ii),(iii), or (Iv) in which the offense was done for the purpose of commercial advantage or private financial gain, be fined under title 18, imprisoned not more than 10 years, or both; (iii) in the case of a violation of subparagraph (A)(i), (ii), (iii), (iv), or (v) resulting in the death of any person be punished by death or imprisoned for any term of years or for life, fined under title 18, or both.  Surely, Mr. Obama is as guilty as any person, under most of the provisions of this law, and should be punished, and fined according to entire 200,000 Central Americans that he has aided, and supported, and transported, around the United States, during their invasion.

The push for amnesty is at fever point in May of 2014, because the pro-amnesty forces want their goal accomplished quickly. They want the amnesty bill passed before U.S. citizens understand the entire scope of amnesty, and its consequences. And so, United States citizens must quickly learn what amnesty involves, what the risks are for them, and the country’s future, and exactly what amnesty costs the country financially in the present, and in years to come. That is the reason for the urgency you hear in the voices of Mr. Obama, Senator Schumer, Eric Cantor, and the “U.S. Representatives in the Hispanic Caucus”, when they speak of “the broken immigration system”. All of them are hypocrites. They know exactly the pitfalls of amnesty for the United States, and for its citizens. They know the financial costs, and that millions upon millions of Americans will lose their political power because their votes and influence will be over-whelmed by the power of the millions from different nations that are brought in with amnesty. And those pushing for amnesty know of the  cultural threats to Americans.  They know that America cannot remain America, that it is destined to become just another Latin American country under amnesty. These consequences, and the foreseeable outcomes are much the same as they were when Samuel P. Huntington wrote The Hispanic Challenge to America. Huntington, who was chairman of the Harvard Academy for International and Area Studies, wrote in: The Hispanic Challenge to America: “America was created by 17th and 18th century settlers who were overwhelmingly white, British and Protestant. Their values, institutions, and culture provided the foundation for and shaped the development of the United States in the following centuries. They initially defined America in terms of race, ethnicity, culture and religion.” Sentences later he asked: ” Would the United States be the country that it has been and that it largely remains today if it had been settled in the 17th and 18th centuries not by British Protestants but by French, Spanish or Portuguese Catholics? The answer is clearly no. It would not be the United States; it would be Quebec, Mexico or Brazil.” And that is what America will become: Mexico or Brazil, if citizens allow amnesty to be passed in 2014, or in any time in America’s future.

But the Left, the Progressive-Democrats, the Obama Republicans, The Chamber of Commerce, illegal immigrants, LA Raza, Mr. Obama, and the country of Mexico cries are all for amnesty. Never mind that amnesty would make America unrecognizable to the founders of America. The Pro-Amnesty forces’ cries grow louder, and they insist that there is a crisis, some emergency that “Immigration Reform” or rather, that Amnesty will fix.

But despite their theatrics, government officials know that what is broken in the U.S. immigration system is: that the numbers for Legal immigration are too high, that representatives play games with funding of enforcement in order to keep the illegal immigrant workers coming, and that Mr. Obama refuses to enforce any of our immigration laws, or to protect our borders. And, that he has broken the law, and not complied with the law, and circumvented Congress. That through his many acts of sabotage to U.S. Immigration law and to enforcement he has caused harm to the nation, and allowed criminals to commit crimes and has caused the death of U.S. citizens. In one act, alone, Mr. Obama has done grievous, criminal harm; he has attacked the nation, and its people, by ordering 36,000 dangerous, illegal, immigrant, criminals released into the United States. This is lawlessness. The president and all of those in government who have circumvented immigration laws, connived against the law, those who have undermined the law, and have made plans to usurp the law, or have broken the law under the provisions of 8 USC 1324 Aliens and Nationality, should be prosecuted.  Looking at Senator Sessions’ catalog of Obama administration immigration, non-enforcement, which prints out to fourteen pages,  those who have circumvented, undermined, and broken immigration laws, also includes many of the illegal immigrants, the members of the U.S. Congress, immigrant organizations, and the Globalists Corporations that want cheap labor. Each group is working against the Republic. They are all, in their separate ways, working for the over-throw of the United States, and the usurpation of American citizens’ power.

If amnesty doesn’t pass, supposedly, Mr. Obama plans on Democrat-Progressives winning the 2014 election by demonizing Republicans for not passing it. But the demonizing should be coming from Republicans, and American citizens, against Mr. Obama and Democrat-Progressives who have been responsible for endangering the United States and its citizens. Their irresponsible, unlawful, criminal, and evil acts, regarding amnesty, and the non-enforcement of immigration laws have hurt so many Americans, that Democrats should be ashamed to show their faces. But they are not.

The truth remains; the immigration system is not broken. It has been purposely disabled by the president and his administration. The immigration system would be fixed if the laws were diligently enforced. The immigration system would be fixed if we drastically cut the numbers of legal immigrants, of every sort, that we allowed into the United States from this time forward. But, instead, Mr. Obama, Mr. Holder, the Hispanic Caucus, and many others have done all they could to disable the immigration system’s laws, that system of laws, that was to protect the country and its citizens. And pro-amnesty organizations, the American main-stream-media, and the Left have helped them do it .

Using  tax-payer-funds to protect illegal immigrants, and funding them as they take up residence within U.S. borders is fraud against the tax-payer by the Government. And using tax-paid funds in order to betray Americans, by helping illegal immigrants gain an expensive amnesty, and to gain majority political power over Americans is disgraceful. It is corruption. It is criminal. The push for Amnesty shows the degrading power of  corrupt American politicians, and the corruption of illegal immigration, to the United States rule of law. And if America is to survive, both the corrupt American politicians, and the corruption of illegal immigration,  must be defeated along with amnesty.

To Progressive-Democrats, and to the Republicans who are more than willing to help Obama and Democrats to, sell out the country and the citizens, amnesty must be accomplished, in order for them to gain, and to hold perpetual power. And they are determined that amnesty will be accomplished despite its costs to citizens and to the republic. And no matter the consequences, Progressive- Democrats know that they won’t suffer, because if they can pass amnesty they are no longer answerable to America. They will have the one-party-rule they set out to get. And, they will rule over US for all time.

But the most frightening thing is that: amnesty can never, ever be undone. To make the illegal immigrants, the 20-or 30 million citizens’ of foreign nations’  into citizens of the United States can’t be undone. And, the 70 million, the extended families that will also become citizens, those strangers, that come with chain-migration, and their different beliefs, their culture, and their anti-Americanism can never be undone.

You cannot undo the creation of the world, unless you destroy it. And Mr. Obama, who is more than willing to  subvert the rule of law, and all of those who are willing to institute Amnesty to remake America in their desired image, or in the image of a totally different people, will destroy it. America was formed from the virtues, and beliefs of those who founded it, and by  those who built America . And it will live on, and thrive under those beliefs and virtues, and under those people.

And in, First Principles Series, its summation of the Declaration of Independence, which created the American Peoples’ world, states: For the first time a nation constituted itself on what it has in common with all other people throughout geographic place and history and thus gave hope and inspiration to the whole world. The Declaration created America and with it a “new order of the ages” (novus ordo seclorum) in the history of human self-government.”  How much more beautiful is that “new order of the ages” that started with The Declaration of Independence than the Globalist’s Elitist’s New World Order, the world that George Soros, Mr. Obama, Hillary Clinton, and the Democrat-Progressive-Communists want to push, and to change us into.

Amnesty will be Mr. Obama, the Democrat-Communists, and the Congress of the United States destruction of the nation. The world that was to be, “the Shining City on The Hill”, that The Declaration of Independence and the Constitution created, will be no more. And those who were charged with protecting the United States, and the Constitution, will have worked with Illegal immigrants, Mexico, and special interests such as, La Raza, to “change” the United States, and their change will destroy it. If they complete their mission, they will have destroyed the Republic created by the founders, and by We the People of the Constitution.  But it is not just the world of the founders, and the people that will be lost. They will have destroyed the United States that was to give hope, help and inspiration to the world.

For Americans, it will be as if God’s creation of the world, was destroyed by evil. America does not equal God’s creation. Still, there will be tragedy and great loss. And saying that America is a bit like God’s creation is not blasphemy, because, any reading of an honest, non-biased, history of the English colonists’ settlement of the United States, is full of God. He is everywhere, connected to those colonists, those founders, to the land, and he is part of that history. He was the colonists’ strength, and courage, and creative inspiration. The covenants’ made by the colonists, their leaders, and American Presidents’ with God, on behalf of  the nation, dedicated, and bound us to him, and to this land.

Amnesty, once done, will  destroy quickly. It will destroy the United States borders. It will cause racial strife, it will over-whelm the United States economy. It will disenfranchise Americans, and especially, Mr. Obama’s opponents, the Conservatives. Democrats don’t’ suffer, not a “smidgen” , as long as it is passed.  But if amnesty passes Americans will pay the billions for amnesty. Citizens will pay every dime. But the real cost of amnesty is so much greater. In the end, America, as the “Shinning City Upon The Hill”, will not exist.

Mr. Obama and Democrat-Progressives’ say that Amnesty is about “fairness” to the illegal population residing in the United States. Of course, “Fairness” is not what amnesty is about. But, if it was, what “fairness” do U.S. citizens owe to those who have invaded their country, and have cost them jobs? What do Americans owe invaders who have cost them billions of dollars, spent for the invaders education, and medical care. What do Americans owe invaders who have cost them political power within their own country? What do Americans owe invaders who tell them that they are not allowed to wave the American flag, the flag of their own nation, in America?

Amnesty is not about “fairness” for citizens; because amnesty is unfair to them. Amnesty does nothing for citizens, except make them pay a very high cost. Amnesty does not even make the United States safe from future invasions, because it does not enforce immigration laws, and it does not secure the border. It was not designed to do either. It keeps the border open; it makes sure that the invasion will continue-forever. Amnesty will not make the economy of the United States better; it burdens the economy by importing 70 million more people. It burdens America and its citizens with the responsibility for many millions of citizens of foreign nations. It takes millions of future jobs away from Americans, and it takes away their future.

What amnesty does is create a minority-majority in the United States who will decide the future of the United States by joining with the one-party-rule of the Democrat-Progressives. This minority-majority is the purpose of amnesty. The push for Amnesty is race-based.

By setting up a minority-majority population, amnesty decides who the rulers will be: so Democrat-Progressives practice eugenics with amnesty. The importation of a population, that has a high-birth-rate, and has little inclination towards governance by a Republic, is likely to result in a permanent tyrannical democracy, and the continuance of Mr. Obama’s style of socialism. This “immigration and Usurpation” will not strengthen the Republic. Amnesty will result in rule by an over-whelming minority-majority, over the former Americans. This use of eugenics has been going on since 1965, although at that time, one party rule, might not have been part of the plan. But it was government policies that raised the numbers of minorities, and it was because of government policies that the illegal immigrant population soared, and exploded, within the United States. For years, those policies allowed the build-up of the Mexican and Latino population, and that raised the pressure for amnesty in 2007, and has raised it again, but more aggressively, in 2013 and 2014.

English Colonists settled the United States, and formed this country’s values and its creed. If Mexicans had settled the United States, and instituted its founding documents, the United States would not have been born with the Declaration of Independence. There would have been no Patrick Henry, or Thomas Paine. There would have been no Thomas Jefferson, or George Washington. There would have been no James Madison. And no Republic that began with the United States Constitution. If the United States had been founded by Mexican colonists, along the east coast, its entire history, its founders, and its Constitution, if it had one, would bear no resemblance to those of this United States, because a different people, with a different history, a different language, and with different beliefs, would have founded it.

That is why this amnesty, the political, and purposeful, attempt to change the destiny of this historic, and settled nation is so, criminally, wrong. And if  20 million or more Americans were crying for amnesty for themselves and for their millions of American relatives, in the streets of Mexico City, the entire world would condemn, and attack them.

This process to, purposely, change the demographics of the United States is the turning of the idea of eugenics on its-head. Because those who oppose eugenics oppose it as discrimination against minorities. But wherever it is practiced, and whoever practices it, and which people it is practiced on, and for whatever reasons it is practiced: purposely changing a population, and who is in power in that population, is a form of eugenics. Eugenics, in the case of present Americans is discrimination against those of English descent, and to a lesser degree it is discrimination against those of European descent. Mr. Obama’s purposeful, non-enforcement and Manipulation of  U.S. immigration laws, to allow as many illegal immigrants into the United States as possible, increases the pressure for Amnesty. Amnesty allows Mr. Obama and Democrat-Progressives to continue to practice their form of eugenics, in order to permanently change the demographics, and to use their resulting, minority-majority population to gain complete control over the United States.  Amnesty will import 70 million who are minorities, these minorities will be Progressive-Socialists voters, which will allow Mr. Obama and his Socialists to take political control over his opponents.

With amnesty, Progressives, both Democrat and Republican members of Congress, want to rid themselves of the voice of dissent that comes from strong American citizens, who act as checks, and even as the opponents of the government. Congress sees control, and opposition coming at them, just as the founders planned from: Conservatives, and white voters, but also from all who have a love of Liberty, love of America, and a strong regard for their freedom and for their flag. The people who love and want to preserve America, are the opponents of the present governing class. Those elitists want to be re-elected, and so they want to be in control of a docile working class, not an independent nation of nosy, controlling, and critical citizens who feel free to take to task the president and the Congress.

An online article, posted in 2007, on, was written by Mexican political scientist, Freda Arias-King, who was involved in Vicente Fox’s run for election as President of Mexico. He also visited the United States and spoke with many representatives and Congressmen about immigration. Freda Arias-King, entitled his article, Immigration and Usurpation-Real Reason why your Senator wants this Immigration Reform. What were the reasons for wanting immigration reform for both Democrat and Republican representatives? There were many. The Democrats wanted the votes, and the dependence of Mexicans who were accustomed to being loyal to, and dependent on those who furnished government programs. And the Republicans? They wanted a more docile population too. And they wanted to weaken the restraints put on them by the founding fathers, under the Constitution. They saw their political careers as unfairly controlled by difficult American voters. A population that was secure in it rights; was demanding of its representatives, and was always a threat to their re-election. The Republicans didn’t like this. They advised Freda Arias-King about what to do, and other legislators to contact to pass the 2007 amnesty. Some in Congress discussed the ways they had, personally, defeated anti-immigration measures by not funding, tabling provisions, or deleting certain measures. They had passed an anti-immigration bill, but had defeated its effectiveness. Of course the representatives’ actions worked against the best interests of Americans: they had increased illegal immigration, and they had increased the number of un-employed Americans, and added many illegal immigrants as financial burdens to cities, counties, and onto the backs of the American tax-payer. But that didn’t bother these representatives, these agents of the people, who were straining under that constraining Constitution. The author ended in believing that, over-all the Republicans’ aim in 2007, was the same as Mr. Obama’s is now: to change the demographics of the United States by changing the population of the United States with amnesty.

But Mr. Obama has no legal power to purposely change the demographics of the United States, and to give the advantage of power and the possibility of wealth to foreign nationals. He has no power to change the demographics, simply because those foreign nationals, are willing to give away their votes to get amnesty, or because the foreign nationals demand amnesty, or extort amnesty. Mr. Obama’s authority and power, under the Constitution, to change the United States demographics, in order to increase his political power doesn’t exist. The president cannot  give away citizenship to millions of foreign nationals in order to get one party rule for himself. He cannot over-whelm the votes of citizens with the votes-of -his-new- made-citizens.

Mr. Obama cannot decree that. And if he could, this new and illegitimate people that he established, and declared to be Americans would be Mr. Obama’s counterfeit Americans. These new citizens would  assure that the President could rule the United States. But real Americans cannot be counterfeited, imported, or ruled.

Mr. Obama, the Progressive Senate, and the weak GOP leadership in the House of Representatives, have no right to use amnesty in order to gain political power. They have no right to institute an amnesty, that gives preferential treatment, or that puts the welfare, and well-being of foreign nationals, and their families, (who have no right to be in the United States), over the welfare and best interests of American citizens.

American citizens must demand that any move towards amnesty or immigration reform, be ended. Amnesty must not be passed, because the intent and the outcomes of amnesty, are racist. The president, and Progressives’, are intentionally changing the racial make-up of the United States into a minority-majority. Amnesty is a political agenda to change the demographics of the United States. And amnesty is a political move to gain the votes and power to rule the United States. Amnesty’s aim is to disenfranchise We the People, of the United States, and to put into power, an entirely different people. Amnesty is a plan, by Mr. Obama, Democrat-Progressives, Communists, and by foreign nationals, many of them Mexican citizens, to over-throw the United States, and usurp the power of its people, and to take  control of the country.

Citizens must demand the end of this “immigration reform”, which is amnesty, because it was deceptively written, by pro-illegal immigrant special interests. All of these special interests are enriched, financially, and their power in the United States will be increased with amnesty. But citizens will not do well. Amnesty will bring millions of strangers to America. Those strangers, and their allies, the Democrat-Socialists, or Communists, will bleed the power, and the prosperity, from America. The unalienable rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness will be at an end.  Obama, and Democrats will use amnesty to “fundamentally transform” the former United States into the Democrat Dystopia, which will no longer be an imaginary world, but a real world. It will be a dark, nightmare world, in which citizens have no chance for happiness.

The Senate’s amnesty was written without the citizens’ consent, because there was nobody there to represent them. Americans’ rights, and their best interests, were not protected, or even considered, in the writing of this bill. There was nobody, during the drafting of the bill, or while the deals were being made for amnesty, who represented either the citizens’, or the United States’ best interests. This “immigration reform” is not immigration reform; because it does nothing to stop illegal immigration. This deceptive, “immigration reform” is an amnesty, which provides many benefits for illegal immigrants. But there are no law enforcement provisions that will stop millions more illegal immigrants from flooding into the United States forever. And these are the additional millions who come after the first chain migration, and long after Mr. Obama’s initial amnesty.

Amnesty is a huge gift of special financial benefits to illegal immigrants, and to their organizations, such as La Raza. This Amnesty does not reform anything. This amnesty was never about reform. It was about rewarding illegal immigrants and special interests, and about influencing them to vote for Democrats. It was about bringing many more immigrants to the United States. It was never about stopping them from coming. This amnesty has no provisions that guarantee that immigration laws would, ever again, be enforced in the United States. This amnesty never puts a stop to the millions of illegal immigrants invading the United States; it allows the invasion to continue and to accelerate. The Senate’s amnesty is a fraud and a con on Americans.

Amnesty is a financial fraud, perpetrated on all Americans by the Democrat party. Mr. Obama and Progressives’ are trying to put in place a law that will enrich illegal immigrants, and special interests while it defrauds, and disinherits, We The People, from their rightful inheritance and their rights as citizens of the United States. Amnesty costs citizens trillions of dollars, and disenfranchises them as they pay for it.

Amnesty is political opportunism. Amnesty is deceit, and corruption that citizens could never imagine before this time in history. Our politicians’ ambitions, their grasping for money, and for un-opposed power has reached a kind of frenzy, of corruption. Illegal immigrants’ greed, and sense of entitlement, and the desire to take-over the United States has reached its highest level at this moment. One-party-rule, ending the constraints of the Constitution, and therefore, ending our Republic, is what is desired. Mr. Obama and the Democrat Progressives’: the  Communists, see the fruition of their long push for total control of the United States within their grasp. In an article written by Tony Lee, April,9 2014, on, Nancy Pelosi’s quoted as saying, “I’d rather pass amnesty than be Speaker again” (of the House of Representatives).”  If Democrats can just pass amnesty, and change the country’s demographics, their, long-sought goal, of unopposed rule, has been reached, and whatever the results of the 2014 election, that outcome won’t matter very much.

With any amnesty, but likely one imposed by Mr. Obama, Obama, the Socialists and Communists are poised to take away power from the citizens and give it to non-citizens. And many of these people are citizens of other countries’ that have very little love or loyalty to the United States. For LA Raza this is a triumph and the end of a long sought goal. For years LA Raza worked to usurp the power of citizens, and to change, and replace, the population of the United States with Latin Americans. LA Raza worked with the Gang of Eight, and wrote a bill that will never enforce United States borders, a bill that is absolutely to the advantage of illegal immigrants, but that disenfranchises, and puts at a disadvantage, Americans, within their own country.

A 2009, Zogby poll, commissioned by the Center for Immigration Studies, which was discussed on the “comments page” of the online, Free Republic, asked Mexicans, where the loyalty of Mexicans living within the U.S. should lie: with Mexico or with the United States?  Seventy percent said that the loyalty should be to Mexico. And they said that should be the case even if those within the United States became citizens of the United States. Numerous individuals and groups are pushing for the privileges of citizenship for a population of millions who marched with Mexican flags. They changed to the American flag once they saw that the Mexican flag didn’t help their political goals. Mexicans are a people whose home country, has continually interfered with USA immigration law, and U.S. internal affairs, and its political leadership claims Mexicans’ as citizens, and claims their loyalty, no matter where their citizenship lies.

That Mexicans say that illegal immigrants can never be loyal to the United States, isn’t crucial to the survival of the United States, unless millions of them become citizens of the United States. But Mexican loyalty to Mexico shows a “nativist” and strong national inclination. American “nativists” are people that Mexicans within the United States vehemently, protest against, as “racists”. But Mexican, “nativists”, still loyal to Mexico, is an issue that is seldom addressed. It is like the impact of millions of people from another country, on our country’s finances, jobs, environment–on every single part of America. Americans are not supposed to worry about that impact, and they shouldn’t worry about granting amnesty and citizenship to millions of people who have no loyalty to the United States. Latinos would accuse citizens of racism for worrying about the unforeseen consequences of that displaced loyalty. And, Mr. Obama and Democrats assure us everything will be just fine– just wait and see, but first, agree to amnesty.

But if the Obama Administration, the Democrat-Progressives, and Republican Representatives in the House care at all about the United States survival they should stop the fatal, quick time march to amnesty and do some, remedial, history homework. A good place to start might be with the Vicente Fox’s Five Year Plan For Mexican Development. That plan spoke of a “Greater Mexico that would include all Mexicans, within, and without, Mexican Borders”. The Fox Plan said that immigration to the U.S. was a human right. Evidently that “human right” of all Mexicans to immigrate to U.S. was something Americans had no right to object to. That, and other details can be found in a prophetic 2003 article, Mexico’s Northern Strategy, by Howard Sutherland, published in The American Conservative. The Reconquista Movement should not just have their attention, it should be classified as a terrorists movement, and it should require a strong response, and a level of deportations that would, actually, and finally, make Mr. Obama the “Deportation President”.

The Obama Administration, with its goal of amnesty, considers American citizens last. But it is not, only, the Federal government that disregards the best interests of the citizens.

The Catholic Church, and other churches in the U.S., urge amnesty on the United States, its citizens, and their church members. They don’t consider the likely outcome of such a change in demographics for the country. They don’t worry about the burdens that amnesty will place on an already over-burdened nation. And they don’t worry about things as unholy as the rule of law. They don’t worry that they are helping people who are breaking the law. They don’t seem to question the aims of the people that they help. They don’t worry that they are assisting hundreds, or possibly thousands, some of them criminals,  to invade the United States. They don’t worry about the character of the people to whom they give sanctuary. They do not worry that some of them believe in Reconquista. The churches give aid to people who come to the United States illegally. The churches help people who break the laws of the United States. Laws put in place to protect the citizens from the danger of illegal immigrants. The churches call it charity to help lawbreakers. But they can never know the consequences the Churches’ actions may have for their parishioners, who are citizens. They don’t confront the fact that illegal immigration can have consequences, and may bring disaster to the United States.

When we watch pro-amnesty marches in America, we see the Mexican flag, sometimes carried alone, and sometimes alongside the American flag. This is surely, a clue, that amnesty would make millions of Mexicans, whose loyalty seems likely to remain with Mexico, into United States citizens. And that shows that they will remain loyal to their flag, their culture and their language. Whether they plan for their flag to fly alongside the Stars and Stripes, or above the Stars and Stripes, or without the Stars and Stripes is, so far, an unknown. But whatever their plan, this does not show a people who are here because of their love for the United States.

Since there will be 20-30 million or more with amnesty, and likely, 70 million more Mexicans who will come with the first wave of chain-migration, that means that those millions, with strong political ties to Mexico, will have the votes to overwhelm Americans in deciding everything in America’s future. Americans aren’t fighting amnesty as they should. Why? One reason is that powerful factions: schools, colleges, the media, activists, and Democrat-Progressive politicians, have indoctrinated the public over the years, and have made political correctness a part of American life, and culture. Young Americans have been trained to think as Leftists’ think, and to speak as they speak. And Leftist thought cannot bear to hear other view-points; it will not listen to or respect, non-Leftist-thought. Leftists’ won’t allow others to say what they believe. Their first reaction to those who disagree with Leftist ideology is to silence them. They will try to prevent those they disagree with from speaking out. Or if they do speak, Leftists will shout them down. Or they will attack their opponent’s speech as “racist”, or with any words that will silence them.

And so, there are many citizens who believe in freedom of speech, and who treasure it, but they are afraid of to speak out. They are afraid of being accused of hate speech. And those fears silence them. Which is exactly what the Liberal Left, and Democrat-Socialists want to accomplish; they want to silence and to control the opposition. Especially on subjects such as race, multiculturism, immigration, and amnesty.

A column by John Hayward, dated April 30, 2014, on, reports that Democrat, Senator Markey, is proposing a bill that would affect the internet, TV, and radio. Its purpose is to: “stop encouraging hate crimes”. But the bill may be against the First amendment. Democrats have persistently attacked the 1st amendment, and actively work to silence alternative media that does not support Progressive policies. They want to do away with that troublesome First Amendment that allows citizen’s the right to speak their truth. But if they can’t demonize them into silence there are other ways to silence the people.

Minorities, the media, and government officials, have, continually, made charges of racism that have escalated, and grown more vehement.  An article, on National Review Online, dated June, 26,2012, by Ian Tuttle, entitled, Is ‘illegal Immigrant’ a Racial Slur, states that: “Charles Garcia, the CEO of Garcia Trujillo, a strategy firm that works with Hispanic-owned companies, does not like the term, ‘illegal immigrant’. He prefers ‘economic refugee’.” The article goes on to say that the Media Matters for America website has counted the number of times that Fox News used terms such as: illegal aliens, illegals, and aliens, in one news report. And, that’s just a small part of the Progressive effort to control Americans’ speech. Much of the effort comes from pro-illegal-immigrant organizations, and their advocates and activists. And those groups have the support of the Obama Administration.

Taken altogether, it is an effort to silence those who oppose illegal immigration, and amnesty. The 7/6/2012 article written by Charles Garcia, in the Huffington Post, quotes the New York Times, and Lawrence Downes who said: “illegal” is often “a code word for racial and ethnic hatred“. And that is how the Liberal press, suppresses the First Amendment in the United States. Make any American who would use the words “illegal immigrant”, which is a truthful, and accurate term, make them, instead, believe that to say “illegal”  is “racial and ethnic hatred”. It is manipulation, and it is playing the Race Card. It is demonizing those who hold different views. It is a method similar to Saul Alinsky’s that is often used by Liberals, ethnic groups, and pro-amnesty organizations, whenever the question of amnesty comes-up. It is a Communist trick. It gives those who convince the American public that certain words are hateful, and cannot be used– power. It gives the power to control what Americans can say, over to non-citizens, to Pro-Amnesty organizations, and to their supporters. It is one of the ways they silence their opponents.

Today in America, anyone who speaks out against amnesty can count on being demonized as a “hater” or a “racist”. That is a distraction. It keeps Americans from fighting for the right to be the citizens of their own country. But we must speak out, and fight back, because the effects of amnesty on America, and the policies it will generate, will result, and will continue to result, for years to come, in unequal treatment for American citizens. They will be unequal–in their own country.

Uncontrolled,  illegal immigration, and Latinos’ determination to hold to their own culture and to their language will totally change the United States. Millions with a  desire to impose their culture, and to replace, American culture, and the English language, even as they demand amnesty, means that amnesty will over-whelm Conservatives, and white Americans. And that means the destruction of this country’s culture. America will not be America with up to 30million illegal, mostly Mexican, immigrants claiming amnesty. With chain migration, and with the traditional high Latino birthrate, America will quickly become Latin America.

All who still sympathize with the touted, “poor, humble, illegal immigrants; who just want better lives” will find the reality in amnesty. They will soon learn that they have been conquered by millions of aggressive, racist, radical activists. These activists will have the same sense of entitlement, and the same inability to grasp the concept of the rule of law, that they show in their personas as illegal immigrants. Illegal immigrants show their contempt for our laws, for us, and for our country, when they cross our border illegally, and take our jobs, take welfare benefits, and then demand amnesty from the country that they have invaded. These citizens, made by amnesty, will have the same self-absorbed sense of entitlement of Mr. Obama’s Dreamers. The Dreamers, the mostly adult, children of, Mexican illegal immigrants, demand citizenship for themselves, and for their families. But they want more. They demand: the ability to travel to other countries, driver’s licenses, low-tuition rates, no more immigration enforcement, access to health care, equal protection under the law, and, also, “growth and diversity of their movement for change”; according to an article, dated: December 19, 2012, on CNN.Com, By Ruben Navarrette .

The never-ending demands from the Dreamers, are similar to the demands of any radical organization. Give in to one demand, and they put forth another. Perhaps not all at once, but persistently, and forever, until there is nothing left to take. Mexican, and other illegal immigrants, believe that they have a right to everything that is ours, because, to their minds, it is not ours, it is theirs.

These people, who once, “just wanted better lives”  will not make life easy for us. They feel that America has never been ours. They feel aggrieved. These aggrieved angry people, who are not our responsibility, and never have been, will end all pursuit of happiness for Americans. Our lives will become a fight to hold on to any of our unalienable rights because we will be forced into confrontations with millions who have decided that we owe them, and they will not stop taking until they get it all. But, they will never “get it”, because they are Radicals, and no matter what you give to Radicals, they, like blackmailers, always demand more. That is what a Radical is, and what they do. Discover the Networks lists the techniques, and the “Rules for Radicals”. And, what those rules, and those radicals mean for us, is the end of any peace in America. Any Amnesty, means an America, perpetually in chaos.

Americans must recognize that Reconquista is an actual movement. Strange as it seems to many Americans, it is a strong, Radical, and an organized movement that aims to reconquer all the U.S. land that Mexicans believe they, wrongfully lost, when they lost the Mexican American War. Reconquista even wants to reconquer the land that the United States bought from Mexico. LA Raza is the political front for the movement that has been in place in the United States for decades. They have been fighting for amnesty after amnesty, and for more rights for Latinos, and illegal immigrants, within the United States. LA Raza has strong connections with Mexico. It has connections to thousands of Latino politicians, and millions of Latino citizens who support its aims. Some of those politicians are in the United States Congress. They call themselves the Hispanic Caucus and they are connected, and work with LA Raza. There are twenty-seven of them, and they stood behind the Gang of Eight’s amnesty plan, which was written with the help of LA Raza. The Hispanic Caucus and LA Raza stood for Hispanics rights under amnesty. But no one who stood for America’s best interests, or for Americans’ rights, was allowed to help write Amnesty. And if Mr. Obama grants an executive Amnesty, Americans will have no say in the matter. Not one American will be able to stand up for his rights, or for what’s best for the country. Mr. Obama will decree the conditions of  his Amnesty and we know from experience that is not to our advantage. Mr. Obama is closely connected to LA Raza. Cecilla Munoz works for him in the White House, and Munoz formerly worked for LA Raza.

We have seen Mr. Obamas actions on behalf of Mexicans, and Central Americans. We have seen his support for all who invade the United States. We have seen his removal of all protection of immigration laws for America. We have watched Mr. Obama throw our border open to the world. We have watched him make the US defenseless to hundreds of thousands who have invaded from Central America, from Mexico, and from unknown countries. We have watched as Mr. Obama sided with non-citizens against Americans . The terms of an Obama executive Amnesty, will be like the terms for a war that Americans have lost. But if America loses, it is because Mr. Obama helped the invaders, and fought against us. Obama fought for the other side. Any terms that Mr. Obama decrees in an executive amnesty, are the terms of the enemy. And an enemy will not protect us, our rights, or our country. An Obama amnesty means that America, and Americans, will be a conquered nation.

There is nothing good, or even acceptable about any amnesty for America or Americans.

We cannot hold on to the United States with the Gang of Eight Amnesty, or with an Obama amnesty. Any amnesty at this point in time is a matter of the enemy winning. Americans cannot win with amnesty. The Senates’ Amnesty is as bad as any Mr. Obama will propose. Senator Chuck Schumer accused the Tea Party of racism for opposing the Gang of Eight amnesty bill. But Senator Schumer is wrong about who deserves to be accused of racism. Because the strongest charge of racism should be leveled at the amnesty bill, and at those who wrote it, those who support it, and those who want the “fundamental transformation of the United States”. Racism comes from those who want to use amnesty to bring about the transformation.

Senator Schumer, and the Gang of Eight in the Senate, brought pro-immigration, special interests groups together to write the Senate’s “Immigration Reform Bill”. Senator Schumer and the Gang of Eight, left out anyone, that is: they left out Americans’ dedicated, and able, to represent the best interests of citizens, or of the United States. But the Senators’ included   LA Raza . And what is La Raza? That can best be understood by reading a comprehensive analysis at Constitution because, during the current, and intense push for amnesty many Progressive sites, and many of the La Raza sites have been “edited” to exclude their true goals and aims for the United States with amnesty .

Other sites give clues about La Raza, its background, and agenda in the United States. A report quoted Republican Congressman Charlie Norwood of Georgia’s ninth district, as saying that La Raza was a: “radical…pro-illegal immigration lobbying organization that supports racist groups.”

In a July, 2008 article on National Review .com, Michelle Malkin wrote: “The unvarnished truth is that the group is a radical ethnic nationalist outfit that abuses your tax dollars and milks PC politics to undermine our sovereignty.” She quoted, the late, Congressman Norwood as saying about La Raza : a radical racist group…one of the most anti-American groups in the country, which has permeated U.S. campuses since the 1960s, and continues its push to carve a racist nation out of the American West.”  Michelle Malkin wrote this about La Raza, “the group is a radical ethnic nationalist outfit that abuses your tax dollars and milks PC politics to undermine our sovereignty.” So, the Democrat Senators allowed  La Raza, to write the “Immigration Reform Bill” for the United States. This is the bill that the mainstream media supports. It is the bill that the president of the United States is eager to sign into law, and it is the bill that Chuck Schumer said was: stalled by Tea Party racism.

This “Immigration Reform” is an Amnesty, which La Raza helped to write, and which helps accomplish the goals of La Raza, and MECHA. MECHA, is a La Raza satellite group of  militant student organizations whose aim is to take back the American Southwest. MECHA’s strategy to do that, is to over-run America’s border states with illegal immigrants. Those illegal immigrants, would by their high numbers, and high birth rate, soon out number American citizens. MECHA’s work was to bring the American Southwest to a time when the Mexican and Hispanic population was so great, and their representation in the state governments’ so powerful that they would secede from the United States, and claim United States’ land, and several states, such as California, for Mexico.

So why did the United States government give La Raza millions of dollars each year when MECHA, a La Raza, satellite group, was intent on stealing American land, and property, and  over-throwing the government?

And, why would eight United States’ Senators allow La Raza, which is “anti-American” to write the “immigration reform bill” that would so gravely affect the country, and Americans? Why would the president of the United States send a representative to sit in on the negotiations, for an “Immigration Reform Bill”, which La Raza, ” a radical racist group” and “one of the most anti-American groups in the country” was allowed to write, unless he completely agreed with that “anti-American group” and that “radical racist group “and agreed with what that amnesty did to Americans.

And, why would the president of the United States employ Cecilia Munoz, who was La Raza’s senior vice president, as Director of Intergovernmental affairs, for his administration.

After Munoz was hired, by the Obama Administration, the Federal government doubled the tax-payer-funds it awarded to La Raza, which is: “a radical ethnic nationalist outfit that abuses your tax dollars…”  Why is it , that La Raza, which through one of its satellite groups, MECHA, undermines, and wants to over-throw the United States sovereignty..” is allowed to get near, let alone, write an “immigration reform bill” at all?  Because “immigration reform” should be a serious business, too serious to close the American citizens out of the deliberations, and much too serious to allow: “anti-American, radical ethnic nationalist outfits that abuse tax dollars, and want to undermine U.S. sovereignty”, ever to be allowed into those deliberations. Why would Democrat-Progressive Senators, and President Obama, who took an oath to uphold the Constitution of the United States, allow an organization that aims to over-throw the United States, to actually have a part in writing the bill? “Immigration Reform” should have everything to do with writing immigration laws, that will be enforced for the benefit of protecting citizens, and laws dedicated to protecting the United States borders and its sovereignty. Common sense tells us that we don’t want or need La Raza involved in writing any United States laws, let alone immigration  bills for the U.S., because La Raza is an organization that has worked to undermine the United States. Citizens must stop the United States president, and our Congress, and groups such as the “Hispanic Caucus” within the United States Congress, from their cooperation, support, and  intent of usurping American Citizens with amnesty.

And so, the “immigration reform” written by “anti-American“, and “pro-immigration” La Raza, does nothing to secure the borders. Instead, La Raza’s amnesty bill,  allows 20 million, or more, illegal immigrants to become citizens, which, with chain migration, will lead to an over-populated and over-burdened United States. Surely, such a result would not surprise millions of Americans. That is what the obvious result will be if La Raza, and other anti-American organizations, and other special interests, who have little interest in the survival of the United States, are allowed to write an “immigration reform” bill for the United States.

But, obviously, the United States Senators, and President Obama are pleased with the “immigration reform” bill that La Raza wrote for them, because they are doing everything in their power to pass it through the House of Representatives. And so, it seems that the United States Senators, that Gang of Eight, of whom Senator Schumer was one, and President Obama, Nancy Pelosi, and Harry Reid, all of whom have called for the bill’s passage, must have some common interests, and some strong, common goals with LA Raza, and with those other special interests.

If La Raza, and MECHA had plans for undermining the sovereignty of the United States, by flooding the United States with illegal immigrants, and over-powering the United States by sheer numbers,  then their plans worked very well, or there wouldn’t be 20-30 million illegal immigrants in the United States.   But then, came the Democrat-Progressives, and Mr. Obama with their aim to “fundamentally transform” the United States, into a Globalist New World order. And Mr. Obama’s plan for “immigration reform”, worked well with La Raza’s’ and MECHA’s goals. Hundreds of millions, of American taxpayer dollars, was placed into the hands of LA Raza by President Obama’s Promise Zone Program. This will help LA Raza, and illegal immigrants to use American money to increase their well-being, their growth, their numbers, and their power. It is another way for Obama to support the invasion of illegal immigrants, by supporting the organizations that support them.

The amnesty, that “reform” that La Raza helped to write, is for an amnesty for 20 million or more illegal immigrants, who will then bring in their extended families as new citizens. That amnesty bill that La Raza helped to write, very neatly, and legally, exchanges one population demographic: American citizens, for another, population demographic: mostly, Mexican citizens, and Central Americans.

Together, La Raza, Mr. Obama and the Democrat-Progressives, united to achieve at least one common political agenda with amnesty. It is the Socialist, or Communist agenda. And both sides achieve their goals, because they have the same purpose: the changing of one demographic, by importing another ethnic group to replace the original population. The plan to manipulate a populations’ qualities, and to bring out the qualities that the government requires, and favors, is : eugenics. This change can be done by breeding or by exchanging one population group for another. Wholesale Population exchange, to get the qualities you prefer in the people, is certainly quicker, and in many ways easier, than to get the qualities you want by breeding for them. The aims of eugenics are served either way; the government and elites end up with the population, and the cheap labor that they want. The Progressive goals, evident by the U.S. Governments’ funding of Pro-Immigration organizations such as La Raza, whose agenda is  supported by cheap labor advocates, and laws that allow birth right citizenship, and chain migration, have worked towards the goals of changing the demographics of the United States. That can be shown by the Immigration Projections, by Fred Elbel, dated April 28, 2014.

Knowing all of this, one conclusion that can be drawn about the protests by illegal immigrants, against Mr. Obama’s “deportations” is that they are staged. They must be pure theatre. Because the funding, and the obliging, co-operation and co-ordination between the White House and La Raza, on the Immigration Reform Bill has been well-timed, and nearly perfect. And by awarding millions of tax-payer paid dollars to fund La Raza, the Government is, actually, helping to fund the illegal immigrant protests– against itself.

But for those who don’t understand the dynamics of amnesty, and are influenced by the illegal immigrants’ propaganda, those protests are necessary because they may reel in more sympathizers who will then support amnesty. The protests are also needed to keep up the pressure on The House of Representatives, and to intimidate more politicians and citizens. What these protests show is the pernicious, power of these millions, and the danger of this Trojan Horse, these millions of illegal immigrants, that our government has allowed in, and who now, threaten us within our own borders.

Mr. Obama hired Cecilla Munoz, who was, formerly, La Raza’s Senior Vice-President, in 2008 to be: The Director of Intergovernmental Affairs. According to an article, written by Meredith Jessup, on June 18th, 2011, on The , soon after Ms. Munoz, joined the Obama Administration, the federal funds that went to La Raza’s community organizations went from $4 million to $11million, and then other taxpayer millions were added by The Department of Labor.

And since La Raza was able to help write the Amnesty bill,  it wrote in, federal- tax-payer paid funds to be paid to La Raza. These funds, will be awarded to La Raza to assist illegal immigrants in becoming U.S. citizens’, the funds start at $150 million., reported that these “slush funds” that begin at $150 million, may be supplemented with additional tax-payer paid dollars for years to come. The amnesty bill that enriches La Raza, and drains the federal government of tax-payer dollars, was a bill that the tax-payers had no part in writing. Amnesty brings in the millions of people from Mexico that La Raza has worked for years to bring in. Amnesty, and La Raza will have helped Mr. Obama and Democrat-Progressives to totally change the demographics of the United States– for all time. And what is that but anti-Americanism, and racism?

But despite La Raza’s anti-Americanism, and racism, they were allowed to help write the Gang of Eight’s amnesty bill. That means that the Gang of Eight Senators were complicit, and approved of La Raza’s view-point. They approved of the amnesty bill that La Raza helped write, and which awards $150 million to La Raza. The $150 Million comes with a vague directive that allows La Raza to use tax-payers money to help the former illegal immigrants apply for citizenship. The Senators’ were not at all worried about La Raza’s long history of anti-Americanism or that it is closely bound to MECHA which plans to seize power in several southwestern states, on behalf of Mexico.  And since Mr. Obama is enthusiastic about the bill, it must mean that Mr. Obama, accepts, and approves of La Raza’s  anti-Americanism and racism, towards whites. That anti-Americanism, and racism ends with eugenics. And racism, and eugenics, are purposely being used to change the demographics of the United States. Racism and eugenics, are being practiced against Conservatives, and white Americans by their African-American -president, who is so enthusiastic about this amnesty.

This African-American president has been moving heaven and earth, and he has deceived, changed immigration laws and policies, to bring in more illegal immigrants. Senator Jeff Sessions has cataloged fourteen pages of Mr. Obama’s moves to dismantle immigration enforcement in the United States. Obama has done all that he can to increase the numbers of Mexicans within the United States.

This amnesty will come to being by the practice of eugenics: the purposeful changing of  the United States demographics. It is supported, and it is being carried out by the Obama Administration, by his Justice Department, and by many in Congress. It is discrimination of the very worst sort being practiced by African- American, and Hispanic-American government leaders. These leaders spend a great deal of their time speaking and writing about  minorities’ struggle towards equality in the United States. They speak and write of those who have spent years in courts, years boycotting, and protesting in order to receive equal treatment. They speak about the good fight for their own rights, as citizens. But now, these leaders, and many of the minorities who struggled for equality, are working with Mr. Obama to pass this amnesty which awards illegal immigrants’ preferential treatment over American citizens. And amnesty makes the United States a minority-majority nation. Those who struggled for equality and won it, are now ready to help Mr. Obama take away their fellow-Americans’ civil rights. American minorities support of amnesty disenfranchises Conservative and white Americans. It seems that, Mr. Obama, and many minorities understood the evils of racism, until they had the power to practice it. Leonard h. Robbins said: “How a minority, reaching majority, seizing authority, hates a minority.”

The amnesty eugenics practiced by Mr. Obama’s  administration, the Senate, and by the Progressives in “special interests organizations” that had a hand in writing this amnesty bill, had a political purpose, and a goal in mind. It was done to undermine, and to replace American citizens’ power. It was done to put in power another population. A population of minorities imported to purposely change the demographics of the United States. The result is that the present Americans, and Conservative Americans, are disenfranchised by amnesty.

Mr. Obama’s past opinions, the administration’s actions, and Progressives’ racist attacks on Conservatives give credence to the view that this amnesty was not just to benefit minority races; it was to hurt Conservative Americans, to take away their rights under the Constitution, and to disenfranchise them. This push for amnesty, often results in attacks by Progressives, and minorities on Conservatives, accusing them of  “racism'” if they dare to oppose amnesty. But those attacks that divide people, and call names, also show bias, unfairness, and animosity towards Conservatives and white Americans. Those who use charges of “racism” to attack Conservatives who oppose amnesty, or to attack those who support voter ID, often have pasts that indicate they may be the ones who harbor racial hatred.

Those who are most fanatical in pursuit of Amnesty for millions of Latin Americans, (who are citizens of foreign nations), are using amnesty as  eugenics . This push for amnesty is a form of eugenics and it is racist. It is aimed at transforming America, by over-whelming, the country’s Conservative and white demographics. As surely as the IRS aimed their discriminatory practices, at Conservatives in order to silence them, and limit their voices, the result of amnesty is to take away the power of certain citizens’: the whites and the Conservatives, that the Progressives dislike, and disapprove of; it is a way for Mr. Obama, and Progressive Communists to first silence, and then to remove their opponents.

This prejudice, and the animosity towards Conservatives, and white citizens, was also shown, in part, by those people that Mr. Obama associated with, and by the people that he hired to be part of his administration. And, his feelings were often reflected by his actions, almost from the beginning of the Obama administration. His background and viewpoints were known, before Mr. Obama was elected, but the main stream media would not report on them, and so Americans voted for the smiling, calm man they saw on their TV. screen, the man the main-stream-media was so enthusiastic for.

Discover the Networks lists incidents, and associations from Mr. Obama’s past: He supported Professor Derrick Bell, who was known for being anti-white. Obama urged students to listen to Professor Bells words which were, “the truth”. Obama spent twenty-years attending Jeremiah Wright’s Trinity United Church. Reverend Wright officiated at the Obamas’ wedding and baptized their children. The American Spectator  reported that Reverend Wright’s sermons  often attacked “white men” and the United States for racism. Wright followed the teachings of Malcom X and Louis Farrakhan and he was Mr. Obama’s long-time minister.

If the situation was reversed, and those were close associations, and friends who supported “white supremacy”, and that were reported from a white president’s past, he would be forced to resign. And, the outcry of “racism”, the protests, and the riots would force the resignation within hours of the reports.

Mr. Obama seldom had to explain his associations with those who preached hate towards whites. But he should have had to explain how it was possible to associate with, and to be friends with, so many people who constantly called white people, devils, or worse, if he didn’t share their beliefs. If the situation was reversed, and Mr. Obama was not of mixed race, if he were white, he would have been explaining his “white supremacist” friends, and associates, every day of his presidency.

If policies, such as the IRS’ punishing, and discriminatory, actions against Conservatives were, instead, being enacted against Liberal organizations, by a Conservative president, there would be charges of persecution. And if “The Immigration Reform Bill”  was a bill  put together by White Supremacists, a bill that would, purposely, give amnesty to millions of,  illegal immigrant, and white Europeans, and then allow them to bring in 70 million more people, who would take the jobs, and who would disenfranchise African-Americans, there would be outrage. There would be protests, and demands that such a prejudiced president must resign or be impeached.

And that is what should happen to Mr. Obama’s racist, eugenics moves against whites and Conservatives, that comes into power with amnesty. It is a hateful, and disgusting act of racial hatred by the president, Mexicans’ and all Latin Americans against American citizens.

There should be outrage when a president enacts policies, such as amnesty, that are specifically aimed at citizens, that are not of his race. Mr. Obama, by hundreds of different policies and actions, especially by repeatedly breaking American immigration law, in order to support the illegal immigrants’ invasion,  has shown that he would like, and intends to replace white Americans with another population of people.

In the case of amnesty, the people that Mr. Obama is serving, and giving preferential treatment to, are not Americans, most are Mexican citizens’, and so, they are illegal immigrants in the United States. On 5,9,2014 -ALIPAC, Americans for Legal Immigration, ran a column, Preference in Jobs, Internships, by Rick Wells, that reported that Mr. Obama’s former Chief of Staff, now Mayor of Chicago, Rahm Emanuel, is giving preferential treatment in hiring to the adult children of illegal immigrants. Rahm Emanuel has known the president for many years. He worked as Chief of Staff in the White House for two years. His actions are in response to Mr. Obama’s wishes and intentions. Rahm Emanuel gave us a preview of what is in store for the United States. He knows what Mr. Obama’s intentions are for the United States, and for American workers after amnesty.

These are the people (Mexicans, the race (Latino), and the nation (Mexico) that Mr. Obama, who is supposed to be president over all of the United States, favors over the citizens of  the United States.

As far as we know, Mr. Obama wasn’t hired by Mexico to enact these policies and programs. But his actions for amnesty, show a president who acts with prejudice towards the citizens of the country he governs, and in favor of  citizens from other nations. Mr. Obama was hired to work in our best interests, not Mexico’s. Mr. Obama is not doing the job that Americans hired him to do. He is not serving the United States and its citizens; he is serving Mexico, and its citizens. With amnesty Mr. Obama has shown prejudice against Americans, and against the white citizens who oppose it. And this prejudice is not just wrong, it goes against his job description under the Constitution. By allowing “immigration reform”, actually amnesty, to be written by La Raza, an organization that is Anti-American, and anti-white, and which wrote a bill which is in the best interests of illegal immigrants, especially Mexicans, and not in Americans’ best interests; Mr. Obama gave assistance, and preferential treatment to Mexicans. Mr. Obama treated Americans unfairly, and unequally, in their own country. The United States is a nation founded on the Declaration of Independence, which says that all men are created equal. And that Declaration was written with the authority of the American people.

The Declaration of Independence states: We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness.–That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed,–that whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new government… The founders, in the Declaration of Independence, were speaking of the purpose of government, and it stated that the purpose was to protect the citizen’s rights to Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of happiness–this the over-all purpose of government was stated years before the Constitution was written. The Constitution’s Preamble is often used as an excuse to promote the common good, over, and above, protecting the citizens unalienable rights, and therefore is an excuse to decide what rights the citizens will have. That was not what the founders intended. The Constitution’s preamble gave reasons for supporting the Constitution; the preamble was not meant to support Socialist ideas.

The Declaration states that protecting the citizens unalienable rights is the purpose of government. The government is supposed to provide safety so that citizens can pursue happiness; it  has been neglecting its purpose, and its responsibility. And allowing foreign nationals to write U.S. Immigration Law, a law that has the potential to bring 70 million, or more, strangers into the country, a law that requires that U.S. citizens pay the taxes to fund the additional costs incurred in helping those people become citizens, brings little justice, or happiness to Americans. This is a law that guarantees unhappiness. Amnesty’s irony, and the great insult of Amnesty, is that American citizens would have to pay the unknown billions it will take to pay for the implementation of the Immigration Reform Bill. It is mockery of Americans to require them to pay the taxes that will be used to displace, and to replace them with millions of citizens with no right to, or regard for our nation. This is, perhaps, the revenge Obama was thinking of when he urged his supporters, before the 2012 election to: vote for revenge.

For years, Democrat-Progressives have made those who held The Party’s political power, into their mythological heroes. To the party faithful, their leaders were godlike, figures. Members of The Party have followed their leaders in awe; worshipfully, and for as long as they held power. Mr. Obama was the latest of the Progressives, larger than life, leaders. They endowed him with all the virtues, talents, and with great wisdom. Obama would save the nation because he had such brilliance, such insight. He gave such inspiring speeches. Obama’s era was announced as a new era of transparency. Obama would create jobs, stop global warming, save the whales, and save the planet.

Many other Americans were not besotted with Mr. Obama. They did not worship at the Shrine, and would not wear his symbol.

They said: look at the injustice, look at the wild expensive plans; this doesn’t make sense. The country is in debt; we can’t afford this. And after every expensive failure, they said: look at the grievous waste of vast amounts of American wealth. But to the greedy, or those enthralled with their new idol, and their belief that HE had the power to solve any problem,- there was no way to get through to them.

It was that way for the Democrat Congress with Obamacare; they voted for it all, pages and pages of regulations, and sly, deceptive rules that would hurt the American people, and give Mr. Obama, and the Democrat-Progressives more power. Obama may be the one Americans are most angry at about their insurance being cancelled, but it was his Democrat Congress that voted, unanimously, for the law that is causing such chaos, such costs, and such disaster for Americans. Amnesty, which is also against the will of the American people, and will, likely, deal America a death blow, has awakened citizens. They  are realizing that The Peoples House, the House of Representatives, under John Boehner, may pass this amnesty. Mr. Boehner was moved to tears when he took his oath of office, and when he spoke of the great heights that he has reached. But he will go down in history for one accomplishment: by signing amnesty, he is also signing over of the United States to a Communist form of government; and he is disenfranchising millions of  citizens he has sworn to protect and serve. He has destroyed the political power of Americans who have given their best to their nation, in favor of foreign nationals who have no right to be in the United States. If the House of Representatives has fallen so low in ethics, that it will not represent the people and stop this treason, this corruption, and this fraud upon the citizens, then Mr. Boehner joins Mr. Obama, and the democrats in the circle of traitors, the Benedict Arnolds’, who have betrayed the United States of America.

Some on the side of amnesty, are those besotted with Mr. Obama’s philosophy of Social Justice, who hold America accountable for any injustice anywhere. They also seem willing to punish America’s citizens with regulations and policies. And that is part of what is happening with Immigration Reform; Mr. Obama and his Democrat-Progressives are rushing towards their vision of a New World Government, ruled by them, and their elitists laws of Social Justice; they don’t listen or have concern about what the consequences are. They are not worried about the misery in store for ordinary Americans. With amnesty, elitists  have compassion for foreign nationals, but they have none for innocent Americans . There is too much that Progressives stand to gain with Amnesty. You cannot reach them with ideals of patriotism because they have none. You cannot even reach them with reason.

“In January 2009, when President Barack Obama took office, there were  80,507,000 Americans no longer in the labor force. And the number of Americans no longer in the labor force has increased by 10,102,200 during Obama’s presidency.” That statement was on  on October 22, 2013. That was the state of the labor market in the United States as Obama, Illegal Immigrants, and American businesses began another push for the most expensive Amnesty, and the amnesty given to the largest number of foreign nationals, that has ever been granted.  The most practical criticism of the Immigration Bill, is that, Amnesty, makes no sense, at all,  for a jobless America and to unemployed Americans.

The urge is to explain the foolishness of Amnesty to the Obama administration in the simplest of terms:

What advice would a common-sense financial advisor give to a man, who like millions in the United States, was unemployed, and unable to find a job in the country’s poor job-market. If the man was also deeply in debt, and the father of four children who needed his care and support for many years to come, would that financial advisor tell him to go adopt twenty more children from an impoverished nation? Would the advisor urge this because the children were needy, and wanted “better lives”  and it was the  “fair” the “right thing to do”? If the financial advisor wanted the man to keep his health, his family, and any remaining wealth; if that financial adviser had any compassion at all, would he give such devastating, life destroying,  advice? But that is the kind of advice that Mr. Obama, his administration, many in Congress, and Democrats, and even the Catholic Church are giving Americans when they continue the push for amnesty. They want America to choose this time to adopt, first 20-30 million illegal immigrants who reside in the United States, and then to let those millions of adoptees, bring in  70 million more “children”  who will over-burden our out of work, debt-ridden nation.

But, explanations, discussions, arguments, or common sense cannot reach Mr. Obama, or the Progressives, because reason cannot prevail against their ideology, and their agenda for the United States. The United States does not come first with them, their ideology, and their agenda comes first. And that is America’s greatest peril.

In a country already trillions of dollars in debt, the citizens  have much to fear and much to lose with the Senate’s Immigration Reform Bill, or from an Obama decreed, amnesty.  The citizens’ own financial future, their children’s education, and all of the possibilities that frame a child’s future, and the United States’ citizens’ political power, are all, sacrificed by an Obama amnesty.

Amnesty is a personal threat to every American citizen. Citizens stand to lose, not just prosperity, but any chance for a stable financial future, or for their children’s future. Amnesty ends the possibility of  improving their lives; instead, their tax payer money, improves the lives of other nations’ citizens. With Amnesty, and the admission of millions of strangers to compete for few jobs, jobs that by rights belong to Americans, the hope for success for the individual, or for the American family quickly, and forever, fades away.

The ability to work for, and to grasp the American Dream depends on America’s strength and power. The game can’t be rigged, each day of a person’s life in the way that amnesty will rig it for Americans. Citizens must have something that remains constant; the laws must be fair, justice must be likely, and not just a possibility. Citizens must have the political power to shape their own destiny; there must be possibilities for building a life, and a business. People must have their dignity, and a chance for personal triumph, or there can be no pursuit of happiness.

The sovereignty of the U.S. is part of the citizen’s security, and without secure borders, and immigration laws that are strictly enforced, there can be no safety, and no pursuit of happiness. These are things that affect the entire nation; they cannot be given or sold to foreign nationals, even as an American’s unalienable rights cannot be sold or transferred.

The founders were not a perfect people, but they had honorable intentions, and were inspired, to attempt a government like no other on the face of the earth. It was the government that Lincoln would later speak of, as: of the people, for the people, and by the people. The founders, and Mr. Lincoln knew that human nature was flawed. It was difficult for the founders to foresee the summer of 2013 when a future president, or Congress could, and would, in essence try to give, or to sell the country away from the citizens. They could not see that a political party, in order to establish one party rule, and to maintain their power, would allow millions of foreign nationals to invade, and then to overwhelm, and disenfranchise the citizens, with their votes. Yet the founders provided in every way that they could, in the wording of our founding documents, ways to prevent such treason by a future president,  and by the United States Senate, against the American people.

In the great argument over the ratification of the Constitution, Patrick Henry, hero of the Revolution, argued vehemently against the Constitution. The man, who in 1775 had said: Is life so dear, or peace so sweet as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery? Forbid it, Almighty God. I know not what course others may take, but as for me. Give me Liberty or give me death.”  But years later Patrick Henry worried that citizens would lose their rights under the Constitution; he worried that a minority could prevent changes to the government, especially if they were interested in oppressing the majority. He said: Will the oppressor let go the oppressed? Was there ever an instance? Can the annals of mankind exhibit one single example where rulers overcharged with power, willingly let go the oppressed, though solicited and requested most earnestly. “According to Wikipedia, Patrick Henry, who argued against the Constitution on many points, also worried about the presidency becoming a monarchy.

It is a challenge to keep track of the many forces, and the many organizations that are now working together, or apart, and for their own reasons, to bring about Immigration Reform in the United States.  The Communist party is one of the strongest forces at work, and it has long been deeply involved in  illegal immigrant organizations as a way for the party to gain power. George Soros , Elitist, and Globalists, funds numerous illegal immigrant groups, all of them, seeking power through amnesty. President Obama and Democrats see the chance for one-party-rule that will keep political power in Progressives hands for, unknown, generations. Illegal Immigrants see the chance to become the majority population and to gain political power, and, with affirmative action,  to obtain the best American jobs. Businesses, and organizations such as the United States Chamber of Commerce want the years of financial gains from cheap labor. The business interests also argue that the addition of millions of strangers to the United States population will lead to greater  financial prosperity , and not just for the corporations, but for the entire nation. But have India’s billion people, those billions of cheap laborers, been the force that made, India a rich nation? Does India have millions of comfortable, and prosperous citizens? Is the quality of life good for ordinary citizens?  Is the quality of life, with billions of people, good for anybody? And would it be an advantage to India to quickly allow 70 million, poverty stricken people, from different cultures, to emigrate? Would such an immigration of millions make India richer, or improve the lives, and the happiness of India’s citizens?

Progressives, Mr. Obama, and the American mainstream media know that it does not help their push for amnesty to make such comparisons, or to ask those questions. The best interests of the country and the rights and the happiness of American citizens are not part of  their concern. And if America resists, and survives the Progressives’ push for the madness that is amnesty, it will happen because Americans refuse to give in, or to give up their country.

Citizens must protect themselves by asking practical questions, first: why any president, or any leader would choose to inflict such disasters as Obamacare on the United States.  And why would Mr. Obama choose this difficult time in our history to push for the admittance of millions more, foreign nationals, into the United States? Almost any reasonable adult, who didn’t have a political agenda in play, would agree that  it is an unnecessary burden for a country so deeply in debt.  Since 2009 the citizens of the United States have faced unprecedented high unemployment; few jobs are being created. Millions of citizens are unemployed, but instead of solving the problem of unemployment, this president wants to add millions of foreign nationals to the United States population, and these millions will use affirmative action to go to the head of the line for U.S. Jobs; they, and their many descendants, will do this for decades to come.

In the past, a too generous America, has allowed seven amnesties. But always, a few years later, after millions more have invaded our country, there are new demands for “fairness”, and a clamoring for yet another, and a bigger amnesty. Now Obama, Democrats, Businesses, Latino advocacy groups, Republicans, and millions of foreign nationals are conspiring, colluding, and  insisting, in the name of a “broken immigration system” a crisis, and in the name of fairness,  that the Congress pass the biggest ever Immigration Bill. None of these groups ever mention fairness for Americans, and that is because this bill is, absolutely, unfair to citizens.

It can’t be said too often: this “immigration reform” bill doesn’t benefit American citizens in any way. Instead it hurts them, and in the worst of ways, with: the loss of their political power, and the loss of their nation.  Immigration Reform benefits big businesses with cheap labor. It benefits the millions of illegal immigrants who broke U.S. laws to cross our borders, take our jobs and take up residency in our country. The advocates for Immigration Reform demand the gift of U.S. citizenship for those who have broken our laws from their first step into the United States. These groups, who wouldn’t be here if they had any respect for borders, or for U.S. laws, demand that U.S. citizens pay with their tax dollars the trillions in costs required for making citizens of the millions of people who have dwelt here for decades. These, illegal immigrants, are people who have already cost the taxpayers billions of dollars in taxpayer funds. These are funds that were given to illegal immigrants, in benefits, each year, and for many decades past. How can Obama speak of  giving “fairness” to illegal immigrants when he knows how much Americans pay for that “fairness”? And how can citizens owe opportunists, who have invaded our country, and have so slyly used the United States, anything? How can Mr. Obama, who as, President of the United States, has put the country so deeply in debt, help citizens of other countries, take so much, and then help them take even more with amnesty? It is unconscionable.

Despite the Mainstream Media’s insistence that American Citizens want “comprehensive immigration reform” polls do not support those statements. New polls show that most citizens are against this amnesty of a possible 20-30 million who grow to 70 million with chain migration. Citizens know that the President will use their taxes to pay the costs for establishing his brand new Americans: these foreign nationals, who become Mr. Obama’s new, his forever, Democratic voters. It is these millions of former illegal immigrants, who are the replacement citizens who will disenfranchise current Americans. The former illegal immigrants, and their millions of relatives are the replacement voters who will vote Democrat by the millions. These millions will end our republic as they usher in one-party rule in America.

Obama and Democrat-Progressive leaders don’t admit that these former illegal immigrants, who have often received benefits that they were ineligible for, will, with this overly generous amnesty, and the generations of benefits that amnesty gives to them, will also add a huge burden to taxpayers.  Mr. Obama and the Progressives don’t admit that costs for welfare, which have been $3Trillion for the last five years will soon skyrocket. The politicians remain silent, but they move to add those burdens to the shoulders of citizens.

But there is no sense in allowing millions more to come into the U.S., and for taxpayers to be forced to take on the burden of establishing those millions as citizens, when the country doesn’t have enough jobs for its own citizens. The question that our government should be asked, repeatedly, until they answer us is: shouldn’t the citizens come first before people from other countries? Shouldn’t we rebuild the country for the citizens; making sure that they have employment, and a chance of a good life before we invite others into our country? Shouldn’t the country be out of debt before adopting more needy citizens? With Mr. Obama and the Progressives-Democrats in charge of the United States, it is as if a man who couldn’t find work, and who knew that his children would soon lose their home, sought out twenty strangers, all of them poor, sick, homeless children, and urged them to come and to take the last food from his own children’s’ table. If that is charity, it is a cruel, and a stupid charity; the sort of charity that is given by elites. Because we have seen that elites prefer to give charity to strangers, and not to their fellow citizens. And to provide, not from their own pockets, but instead to give charity using the taxpayers money.

Citizens know that they will be disenfranchised by the strangers. The strangers, by their great numbers, will take away the citizens’ rightful political power. The Obama administration desires amnesty for its millions of  new Progressive voters, but amnesty does much more to America than giving millions of votes to Democrats. Amnesty, purposely, and quickly changes America’s demographics. And that is something that Mr. Obama wants as much as he wants one-party rule.

Minorities in America would loudly protest if this was an amnesty for 20-to 30 million white people, who with chain migration would bring in 70 million additional, new white citizens. There would be inner-city- riots at the news of a mass importation of  70 million white voters who would impact the minorities political power. Likely, they would call it both “racist, and ethnic cleansing”. And they would be right. Seventy million people of another race, and culture, imported, and purposely allowed to overwhelm the current citizens votes, while less violent than the use of machetes, can be used as effectively as a machete, when used as a form of ethnic cleansing. Amnesty may not kill the target citizens-outright, but it makes them, vulnerable, especially if they are unarmed, and unable to defend themselves. With amnesty they become politically helpless. And that will make them economically, and physically helpless. This manipulation of demographics makes white Americans and Conservative Americans the victims of amnesty. They are the victims of Mr. Obama’s only successful war, – a war against Americans. Obama’s war against Americans is an ethnic war: a racist war. Amnesty is a war of hate against America and Americans, waged by Mr. Obama, Progressive-and Communists’ in Congress, it is likely aided by Mexico, and by those special interests so determined to secure amnesty.

There are other reasons besides the Obama ordered decrease in border security, and the refusal of the Obama Administration to enforce current immigration laws, for the U.S. to decline this huge undertaking. First, Immigration Reform  is not something that must be done, and we must not do it simply to oblige illegal immigrants who have taken, and still demand so much from this nation, or those pro-immigration reform groups, such as La Raza, who wrote the “Immigration Reform” bill, and who will also profit from it. This expensive amnesty bill rewards many people: politicians, LA Raza, and citizens of many countries, especially Mexico, but Americans are not rewarded. They are punished, and their world is destroyed by amnesty.

And so, especially at this time of United States economic decline , we shouldn’t do anything about immigration reform. Mr. Obama has spoken of phony scandals; Immigration Reform is a phony crisis. America needs jobs, that’s the country’s crisis. And that crisis, which is a crisis that needs attention, and competence in order to be solved, won’t be solved by amnesty, or by importing 70 million more people that are not America’s responsibility. Those people who sneaked into our country by the millions, and the millions more Obama’s amnesty will allow to come here are mostly Mexico’s responsibility, but it’s not a responsibility that the Mexican government accepts, or even acknowledges. Mexico’s policy towards America has been self-serving, always urging the United States to give more assistance to Mexicans, and even urging the United States to make the dangerous border between our two countries, safer for illegal immigrants to cross. America is to be merciful and help all of the lawbreakers. In Houston a Mexican University charges Mexicans for a course on how to become an American citizen. As it has for decades Mexico is always anxious to shift the responsibility for its poor on to the over-burdened backs of the American taxpayer, even if Americas’ own needy: the old, and the poor, have to suffer because of the burden.

America is trillions of dollars in debt thanks to Mr. Obama, and Obamacare. But few in government seem to care. They are busy spending borrowed billions from China. The debt, and the millions of American citizens who are out of work are this country’s biggest problems. It is those millions of jobless Americans, people who have lost everything, that should have the attention, and the concern of an American president, and the Congress of the United States. It should be obvious that American  politicians are first responsible to and for American citizens. American politicians’ focus, and their concern, should not be on people from other nations, or even on those millions from other nations who have taken up residence within the United States.

Those people, those millions of illegal immigrants, that should have been deported to their own countries, came to the United States without an invitation from the citizens, and by breaking our laws. They should not be here, and they have no right to demand the benefits and the rights of citizens. It is obvious, from the few times the mainstream media reports the facts, that many of these millions of illegals are militants, and that they pose a threat to the safety of American citizens, to the rule of law, and to the peace of America. These militant groups extort and blackmail the United States to agree to an amnesty that U.S. citizens do not want. Thirty million Illegal Immigrants have become Mr. Obama’s weapon, a violent mob that he can use against us to destroy us.

According to an article in the Daily Caller, on October 28th, 2013, The ICE Union has charged that Congress should investigate The Department of Homeland Security before making any effort at Immigration Reform because of “abuses that have eroded public safety.”  The politicians who support the illegal militants within the United States, and support the actions, and the abuses against United States Immigration Law by the President of The United States, and by DHS, are enemies to the safety and the sovereignty of the United States. Immigration Reform is one of the tools they are using to execute their anti-American political agenda. And Americans, who recently learned of the many ways that Mr. Obama had undermined enforcement of immigration laws should see that deception as a warning of what will come if they allow amnesty to be passed.

There are  important reasons to demand a delay in Obama’s “hope and change” with amnesty. The terms of amnesty, guarantee that the United States will fall, financially, and, likely, through social upheaval, and unrest. If America is to survive Mr. Obama’s presidency, We the People, must put at least a twenty-year hold on any of those  new citizens he wants to install in the United States.

Before Progressives, or GOP leaders, ever again, turn their eyes towards adding new citizens to the country, the Obama Administration, and Progressives, of both parties, need to demonstrate that they can perform their first responsibilities to the American citizens. They are the people that government officials in cities, counties, states, and the federal government were hired, and are paid to serve. Their duty lies here. Their responsibilities are to the American people, and not to all of the citizens of the world. Should they want to serve all of the people of the world then they should join the Peace Corp, or look for a job with a Globalist agenda. And, until Mr. Obama and the Democrat-Progressives have the country on the road to financial stability, until they can provide enough jobs for Americans, and are able and willing to enforce immigration laws, they can’t be considered competent or trustworthy. They have had since 2009 to improve the economy. It is now 2014, and they haven’t gotten the country even close to pre-2008 status. They have spent trillions of dollars; but millions of citizens are still unemployed, and the economy is shaky. But even more important for America’s survival is an end to Mr. Obama, and his administrations’ lawlessness. Tyranny destroys freedom, rule of law, and true peace in a society. Mr. Obama spreads chaos, and his policies lead to poverty.

Obamacare, which was pushed through Congress against the wishes of millions of citizens, is at the present moment still dysfunctional. The implementation shows incompetence throughout the Obama administration. The staggering cost of Obamacare is hitting every segment of the United States, even in education. It has cost billions of dollars already, and it is a terrible program; it doesn’t work. It has purposely caused millions of innocent people to lose their health insurance so that they have no choice except to join Obamacare.  Obamacare takes away citizens’ power of choice.

When the Obamacare website opened, it was inoperable. And even before its roll-out, Obamacare had already caused anger and chaos. That continued during, and after its passage. And the website which cost billions to develop, may cost taxpayers billions more to repair and to make functional. And this is just the beginning. Whatever the lies, the fraud, the real intent may be for Mr. Obama’s Obamacare, it is crucial that Americans remember that the history of Socialized medicine is always one of bad medical care. It is a system that gives minimal care, and rationed care. In the end, socialized medicine, which is Obamacare’s’ real goal, is always a corrupted system. It fails to give good healthcare. That shows up in places like Venezuela, where people wait for years, and suffer and die, because they do not receive the treatments that they need.

Up to, and even after, the Obamacare roll-out, many of the costs of Obamacare were carefully hidden. Forbes said that the  reason that the Obamacare website moved so slowly was to make sure people were securely signed in before they could search the site. And the reason for that is that the Obama Administration did not want the people to know the truth. They didn’t want the people to see the high costs of the plans when they first entered the site. This website, and the history of Obamacare shows what the standard operating procedure for the Obama Administration is: Secrecy, deceit, lies. And then come the big, and very unpleasant surprises, like the insurance cancellations for millions. That process: secrecy, deceit, lies, and then the big surprises, are the same pattern that Mr. Obama, Progressives, and their associates are following to secure amnesty for 20-30 million illegal immigrants. Americans  should remember that with any change in policy, or with any new Obama program, it is the citizens who always suffer the unforeseen consequences that come with Mr. Obama’s transformation of America. That is the case, whether it is a transformation by Obamacare, or transformation by amnesty. And since we know that it is We the People who are the ones who suffer it doesn’t leave us any room for trust in the Obama administration.

With Obamacare, We the people know that the Obama administration’s claim to transparency is untrue. His administration is more guarded than Nixon’s. It is an administration cloaked in secrecy, as if their true  agenda for America is so dangerous to the Republic that the citizens mustn’t be allowed to glimpse it. Nothing is open or above board;  the simplest action, or statement from the president or anyone in the administration cannot be relied on.

Another disquieting aspect is the  administration‘s meanness . This meanness that happens time after time, can exist only by approval from the top. It is wise to remember what Mr. Obama told  Latinos: “We’re gonna punish our enemies and we’re gonna reward our friends who stand with us on issues that are important to us” this vengeful meanness is used for ruling the United States, instead of governing it. It is ruling by fear and intimidation. It is rule by the way of Castro, or by king.  It is the tyranny of a decadent Democracy, not a free Republic. With Mr. Obama, America is experiencing tyranny over a Republic, where the citizen’s rights were to be protected by The Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and by the separation of powers.

Mr. Obama and Democrat-Progressive frequently speak of “our Democracy”, but it is not a Democracy. It is a Republic guaranteed by the Constitution, the same Constitution that said of the responsibilities of the president:  “he shall take care that the laws be faithfully executed”  and under Article IV. Section 4. “The United States shall guarantee to every state in this Union a Republican form of government, and shall protect each of  them against invasion.” But Mr. Obama and his administration have done nothing to protect the Republic’s sovereignty, and everything to endanger it. Since the beginning of Obama’s presidency, there has been a concerted effort to undermine the United States’ immigration laws, the laws that defend our border, and protect American sovereignty. On May 16th, 2014, on Senator Sessions cataloged  Mr. Obama’s successful efforts at dismantling immigration enforcement. Those efforts began in 2009 after an ICE raid detained 28 illegal immigrants, and pro-amnesty groups criticized the Obama Administration for the arrests. In that case, Janet Napolitano, Director of Homeland Security, didn’t enforce the law, instead, she investigated the ICE Agents.

Senator Sessions lists 14 pages of Obama’s successful efforts at dismantling immigration enforcement. In every instance these actions reduce Americans’ right to pursue happiness, and affects their safety and security. In every instance these actions favor the illegal immigrants ability to stay in the United States, or helps more of them invade the United States. These actions include: instituting The Dream Act, and releasing 36,000 criminal immigrants within the United States. With the Dream Act and the attack on the nation’s safety with the release of criminals, Mr. Obama has shown that he is determined to undermine the rule of law. He chooses which laws to enforce, and he makes the laws that he wants, without the help of Congress. He usurps Congress to write his own laws, and they allow him to do it. Mr. Obama is lawless, and  the citizens can no longer trust him with governing this republic.

And so finally, after years of giving him the benefit of the doubt, and years of hearing justifications for his actions by the Obama support group, otherwise known as the main-stream-media, it is time to believe our own eyes, and to accept what we have heard with our own ears, instead of  trusting the comforting translations from the media. It is time to research, and to read. It is time to think for ourselves, to understand, and to trust what our own minds have perceived.

And it is long past time to do what should have been done years ago: tell the truth: The Democrat-Progressives, and the Obama administration are both unwilling, and unable to perform their duties to the citizens of this republic. We hear Mr. Obama and Democrats speak of the United States as a Democracy. They do not do that by accident, Democracies often fall into tyranny.  According to the May 16th article on that lists Mr. Obama’s successful efforts to dismantle immigration enforcement, on September 2011, he said: “We live in a democracy. You have to pass bills through the legislature and then I can sign it.” Several months later Mr. Obama instituted the Dream Act, and he did it by himself. He didn’t bother to wait for  a law from Congress.

There is nothing that we can approve of in Mr. Obama’s presidency. He has caused us pain, and seems to have plans to cause us more.

Despite the billions the Obama administration  wasted on the Stimulus, and  “Green energy’ schemes with their Corporate cronies, the economy hasn’t improved. The economy has gotten worse because 92 million citizens are still unemployed. According to, as of August, 25th, 2014, Food Stamp enrollments have hit 45 million a month for three years. And many more jobs will be lost because of Obamacare and the regulations, and the presidential decrees that are issued each day from the Obama Administration. The Democrat- Progressives’ ideology, that is injected into all of its policies, is causing the citizens to suffer, and this nation to fail.

This downward spiral of the nation, and other circumstances, including the IRS, and the Benghazi scandals that have surfaced, are evidence that the Obama Administration can’t be trusted. It has proven, again and again, on every hand, and in every crisis, for over five years that it can’t do the job that needs to be done. It has proven that it is unable, or unwilling to restore the economy, or to create jobs for Americans.

And everything that he touches that is traditionally American, anything that has to do with the Republic he is to govern, Mr. Obama ruins, or eliminates, or he transforms it beyond recognition. Mr. Obama doesn’t even believe that Americans have the right to the American Dream. For months now, Mr. Obama has used every means possible to give away the American Dream,- to his “Dreamers”, who are foreign nationals. Mr. Obama can’t grasp what it means to be an American patriot; Mr. Obama thinks that the idea of America should be apologized for, or condescended to–that it is a quaint, and an unsophisticated, an anti-Globalist, and an anti-elitist concept. He cannot understand that it means something to be an American. The American Dream began in America, and that is why it is called the American Dream– because it is made by and for Americans. The American Dream is ours, as is America, and neither can be given away.

Mr. Obama and Progressives’ Secular Humanism is transformed into Socialism and Communism, and those beliefs naturally war against anything that would protect a Republic, especially, one founded on the belief in unalienable rights, the rights given to men from God. Mr. Obama and Progressives attack any form of education that supports a belief in God, and a republican form of government that is based on unalienable- God-given rights.

In his Speech at the Lyceum, Lincoln warned us that if the United States was to survive that future evil-genius with ambitions to transform, or even to destroy the republic, that future Americans must be educated to believe in freedom. They must learn, know, and support the founding documents: The Declaration of Independence and The Constitution. In order for citizens to carry on, and protect our Republican form of government they must know our history.  But the Obama Administration is unwilling  to preserve, and to protect America as a functioning, and as a free Republic. This is shown in many of Mr. Obama’s and Progressives’ education policies, and the Common Core method of education in our public schools is one example. The Obama Administration wants to indoctrinate our children by the use of  ” The Common Core Curriculum“, which according to an article on slips Leftist political messages into school assignments. Two of the statements in an English assignment were: The wants of an individual are less important than the well-being of the nation. And, the commands of government officials must be obeyed by all.” Those are statements that a nation founded on The Declaration of Independence can’t accept. They are messages that Thomas Jefferson would not accept. These Socialist Communist ideas are ones that Liberty cannot abide. And liberty is something that Socialism or Communism will never abide.

And, that is the point, and it is a dangerous point. The Obama Administration, and Democrat-Progressives so dislike all that America is and has been, and could be again, that they want to either destroy it, or to transform it into something else: a socialist or Communist country. Their intention is not to protect and defend the Republic. Their intent is to transform, and to replace the Republic. Their intentions towards the nation, and its citizens are not benevolent, and their intentions can’t be trusted.

We must accept the truth: Mr. Obama and Progressives, as Socialists or Communists can’t support or protect the United States. This is why. A republic, could not remain a republic, or remain the United States under The Constitution, if it were ruled by a King who believed in the divine right of Kings.

And the United States cannot remain a Republic under a Communist leadership. Communists cannot, and will not govern a Republic and leave it intact. Communists must uproot every foundation that supports the Republic. They must replace the foundations: the educational system, the Christian religion, and the culture, first with Liberalism, next with Socialism, and, finally, with Communism. Americans do not want to believe that. It is more comfortable to listen to the Progressive-Democrats fine words, and to trust Mr. Obama’s occasional patriotic words.

But turn down the sound, and look at their actions. Mr. Obama, his policies, and his reactions to political opposition, or to events that threaten the nation. None of Mr. Obama’s policies, or reactions to threats are ever to the peoples’ or to the country’s advantage. Why would that be if Mr. Obama had the country, or Americans’ best interests at heart?

That is why there is no real economic recovery, except in the imaginative reporting of Mr. Obama’s admiring Main-Stream-Media. Mr. Obama is not freeing small businesses to grow, he is making every advancement harder. And with the thousands of regulations that come with Obamacare he is wrapping the tentacles of total government control around the entire nation.

That is why Mr. Obama and Democrat-Progressives are unable, or willing to defend the country or its citizens. And, they are willing to turn their power against Americans. Current reports are that the Obama Administration is asking United States military officers if they are willing to disarm Americans. That is just a small step from asking them to fire on fellow Americans.

Mr. Obama and Democrat-Progressives are even unwilling to preserve American sovereignty by protecting our borders. They are unable or unwilling to recognize and preserve citizens unalienable rights under the Declaration of Independence. They are unable and unwilling to abide by the rule of law, and to maintain the integrity of  the rule of law for Americans under the Constitution of the United States. They cannot do these things because of the teachings of  their Socialist/Communist ideology . Americans, and America are their enemies. Every action they take is meant to harm their enemies.

And so the Obama administration and Congressional Democrats have, inevitably, led America down a road that could lead to its destruction. The Obama Administration is likely to be that destruction. They have failed the United States and the American people. Daily they frighten the citizens with more radical changes, and  regulations that prevent an economic recovery. The feeling in much of the country is that America is no longer safe in Mr. Obama and in Democratic-Progressives’ hands. And with the Progressives’ and The Chamber of Commerce push for amnesty and the deals being made in Congress, it looks as if Americans cannot trust the Republicans to save the Republic. In 2007, it was the Republicans who stood with the citizens to stop amnesty. And in this renewed battle the Republicans were to be the last defense in this, Mr. Obama’s continuing battle for  amnesty.

But now that protection for the people and the Republic looks shaky. Republicans in the House of Representatives are following the big money donations. They are abandoning the nation and the people and supporting amnesty.   At first, amnesty, was Mr. Obama’s, Liberals, and Democrat-Progressives’ war against the American people, their war for the ownership of the United States. But now, We the People, of the Constitution wait to see who we can trust to stand with us.

Since this is a period when many citizens distrust the competence, the justice, judgment, the honesty, and the political integrity of our current leaders; it is not the time to allow the Obama Administration to make more, and more profound changes. Immigration Reform is a change that will impact every American. The millions who come with amnesty can’t be sent back. Amnesty can never be undone. It will impact America’s wealth, and it could plunge us into poverty. Giving 20-30 million, foreign nationals, amnesty, and then bringing in 70million of their relatives with chain migration is going to increase the crime rate. We know this by a look at the crime rate for illegal immigrants already within the United States. Amnesty, and the millions of people it brings will destroy the quality of life and the cohesiveness of the nation for the next 100 years. Why would we trust a Progressive-Socialist leadership that is opposed even to the survival of our republic to make this change? We know that they are purposely doing Amnesty in order gain votes and to have one party rule. They need unopposed rule, to carry out their agenda.

Americans cannot trust Mr. Obama or Progressives with amnesty; Democrats and Progressives always hurry Americans away from the truth that is in the past. But the citizens need to take warning from the past. President Obama has a history of lies and broken promises he has broken trust with the American people more than once. Mr. Obama promised the American people, thirty-six times that: If you like your insurance plan you can keep it. But that wasn’t true. Millions of people who liked their Insurance plans have lost them. We have video records of the lies. The Democrat Congress, and the Obama supporting main-stream-media echoed Mr. Obama’s lies. They supported his lies with their lies.

There have been many other instances: there are videos of Obama and Hillary Clinton when they deliberately lied to the American Public, and to the families’ of the murdered Americans, about what happened in Benghazi on 9/11. Why would we trust the future of the nation to people who can lie on such an occasion?

We have no reason to trust the Obama Administration on Amnesty. Obama has stopped enforcement of America’s immigration laws. By doing that he has helped illegal immigrants con the country, and make use of United States tax-payer funds.

After  Mr. Obama’s continual lies about Obamacare, which is something he insists we buy, and is a government program that affects whether we live or die, we would have to be fools not to oppose this amnesty. The more we know about Obamacare, the more we see it as something that is costly, and harmful. If Mr. Obama and Progressives cared about the nation they would not try to force the citizens to swallow an additional poison pill, that will cost them, and harm them. That “poison pill” is amnesty and it will kill the nation.

Common sense tells us we have no reason to trust the Obama Administration and Democrat-Progressives on amnesty, on border enforcement, deportation, or enforcing immigration laws. By now, we know that it doesn’t matter how sincerely Mr. Obama spoke before the 2008 election, because since then, things have changed, and his actions have not matched his words. Mr. Obama, his administration, and Progressive-Democrats across the nation, had a hidden agenda. And that agenda is apparent when we turn down the sound on the videos, and stop listening to what they say, and instead, examine what they have done, and continue to do to the nation. It is their hidden agendas that are dangerous. It is their actions, often, unexpectedly, sprung on the nation, that endanger us.  Americans didn’t see many of these actions coming. The Dream Act, the release of illegal criminals, or the planned invasion that flooded the U.S. with hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants from Central America took us by surprise. Don’t listen to Obama. His actions speak louder than words.

A piece of folk wisdom says: Pay no attention to what a person says, pay attention to what he does.  When you ignore Mr. Obama’s speeches, and study his actions, what is revealed is a man whose agenda is the re-writing of the Constitution, and a man intent on enlarging his power by controlling the peoples’ freedoms. You see a man who is dedicated to purposely, and quickly changing the demographics of the nation, an action that will disenfranchise conservative and white voters. It is an agenda that seems to include the failure, and putting an end, to the once greatest nation on earth. It would be madness to allow him to bring about an “Immigration Reform”, which is actually an amnesty, and which will change America forever.  Amnesty, with its huge costs, its deliberate change in United States demographics is not only unfair, it is racist. To allow any president to do such extensive, and irreparable harm to the citizens’ goes against all reason, at any time, but especially at this critical time for our country.

In Abraham Lincoln’s speech at the lyceum, he addressed the subject of holding onto our Republic in years to come.  Lincoln was worried, even in 1838,  not many years after 1776, and The Declaration of Independence, that the citizens were forgetting what they had fought for.  The speech at the Lyceum was to urge that Americans teach their children about the founding of the United States, and that they fight to keep the values and the history of the Revolution alive. Ministers must preach that history, Americans must read that history, it must be a part of our education, from youth on, and throughout our lives. That truth, that history of the Revolution, would instill the pride, and the courage that the people would need to protect our country, whatever they faced in the future.

Lincoln’s prophetic words ring down the years, and threaten to come to pass in, 2014, America.

Lincoln predicted the appearance of a future leader of the United States: this leader would want to try a new path, and not the path of The Declaration of Independence, or of The Constitution; this new leader, possibly would have the soul, and the mind of an “…Alexander, a Caesar, or a Napoleon”, Lincoln said of this “genius”, and of the man’s ambitions: It denies that it is glory enough to serve under any chief. It scorns to tread in the footsteps of any predecessor, however illustrious.  It thirsts and burns for distinction; and if possible it will have it, whether at the expense of emancipating slaves, or enslaving freemen.  Is it unreasonable then to expect, that some man possessed of the loftiest genius, coupled with ambition sufficient to push it to its utmost stretch, will at some time, spring up among us? And when such a one does, it will require the people to be united with each other, attached to the government and laws, and generally intelligent, to successfully frustrate his designs.

Distinction will be his paramount object, and although he would as willingly, perhaps more so, acquire it by doing good as harm; yet, that opportunity being past, and nothing left to be done in the way of building up, he would set boldly to the task of pulling down.

Here then, is a probable case, highly dangerous, and such a one could not have well existed heretofore.”

Lincoln foresaw what might happen to the United States. Lincoln described a type of man who might become that dangerous, future leader, of the United States, that leader who “disdains a beaten path. It seeks regions hitherto unexplored.” a man who desired change for our Republic: “a Napoleon”…an Alexander the Great..” Such men had talent, and attracted great support, but they were narcissists, and they were tyrants.

Over the first few years, through his speeches, and from the support, and the narratives of a powerful media, Mr. Obama carefully maintained, a friendly, non-threatening public image, and so he was allowed the trust, and too much power, that allowed him to make transformative and destructive changes to the United States.

In America, reality and political truth were suppressed before Obama’s presidency. This was especially true when there was a Democrat administration. With the media, the bias, was sometimes done, subtlety, by frowning worried faces, when “reporting” on Republicans’ and by approving, smiling, faces, when journalists reported on Democrats. Over the years as Liberalism became Progressivism, the bias against Conservatives grew. But after 2008, this situation, of controlled news, and “narratives” instead of truth, continued, and escalated at an alarming rate until the American Press had become admirers, and Obama supporters. They were “Obama’s Propaganda Press” .

But in the alternative media, there has been a push-back to the Obama image, and against those changes he is determined to make to the nation. Of course, some of that push back is biased against Obama. And some of the patriots are upset and angry at nearly every action Mr. Obama has taken.

But Mr. Obama’s actions must be described in the same words that Leftists use, so often, for Republicans: extreme and radical. Because Mr. Obama’s actions have been extreme, and they have been radical. Those words are the simple truth.

On Twitter, on blogs, and radio, there has been criticism of the president that is seldom allowed on American television networks, or in newspapers. Perhaps, it is that criticism that has saved America. Because criticism was to have been part of the Republic, and the protection of the peoples’ rights. That criticism of the president and the government, was to be the media’s job, and a way to guarantee the protection of the First Amendment. Clinton Rossiter, author of The First American Revolution , wrote: “Freedom of the press–the uncontrolled and uncensored exchange in print of ideas, information, arguments, and accusations–is in many ways the essential political liberty.”

In that alternative media, that has had to take up the responsibilities that the American Media has abdicated, along with the criticism of Mr. Obama, there have been analysis of the president’s actions, and his personality. And there has emerged a portrait of the president as a narcissist. That description of Mr. Obama as a narcissist is confirmed by  National Review Online’s quote from Valerie Jarrett, who said, in praise of Barack Obama, “I think Barack knew that he had God-given talents that were extraordinary..” Jarrett’s praise continued, and covered Obama’s perceptiveness, his ability to read people, and included the observation that he was so intelligent that he wasn’t challenged intellectually; the gushing ran on for an entire paragraph. Jarrett’s quotes line up with one of the characteristics of narcissists: A narcissist needs praise and admiration from admirers, and that praise raises their high opinion of themselves. It makes them feel superior; in time they think that they can’t be defeated. Many of these “geniuses” have the characteristics of tyrants. The actions of a narcissist, carried to the extreme, as the Obama administration has been allowed to do, has put the country at risk. We are not safe. We have no border enforcement, and our military has been dangerously weakened. So, we must listen to the best guesses of what the near future might bring, and we must return to good counsel from the past, and to re-read the prophetic warning in Abraham Lincoln’s 1838 Lyceum Address.

In his speech, Lincoln said that the future narcissistic, and tyrannical leader of the U.S. would be a danger to this nation. And that the citizens of the future wouldn’t be able to rely on their personal memories of the struggle of the Revolution to strengthen them to combat such a leader. We wouldn’t know what our ancestors had sacrificed to ensure the birth, and the growth of the nation. Perhaps we wouldn’t even reverence their sacrifices. After the memories, and the strength of those founders were gone, what could Americans rely on to defeat the power and the evil of this superman?  What would help us to defeat those who shared, and supported his ideas, his lust for power, and his determination to totally change our republic, our freedoms, and our future?

Lincoln spoke of the founders, and of those, like Washington, who had fought for America’s liberty: “They were the pillars of the temple of liberty; and now, that they have crumbled away, that temple must fall, unless we, their descendants, supply their places with other pillars, hewn from the solid quarry of sober reason. Passion has helped us; but can do so no more. It will in future be our enemy.

“Reason, cold, calculating, unimpassioned reason, must furnish all the materials for our future support and defense. –Let those materials be molded into general intelligence, sound morality, and in particular, a reverence for the Constitution, and laws: and, that we improved to the last; that we remained free to the last; that we revered HIS (Washington’s) name to the last; that, during his long sleep, we permitted no hostile foot to pass over or desecrate his resting place; shall be that which to learn the last trump shall awaken our WASHINGTON.

Upon these let the proud fabric of freedom rest, as the rock of its basis; and as truly as has been said of the only greater institution, “the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.”

Lincoln’s words of warning that predicted such a time as we are now living in, also pointed to our founding documents, as well as the love of God, of  country, and freedom, as the pillars we must rely on to protect our republic. That is difficult in a world in which Liberals, and Progressives discount, and often push to discard those very documents. Nevertheless, Americans must hold on to Lincoln’s advice, and strive to save our country by understanding, and relying on: our founding documents, our love of God, our love of country and of freedom. We must hold to these, Lincoln’s pillars, despite Liberal, Progressive-Democrat opposition. We must hold to them despite the interference of non-citizens. We must fight for, the unbiased teaching, of American history, including the patriotic part. We the citizens must insist that these facts and traditions are passed on to our children. We must stop the re-interpretation , and re-writing, of our founding documents; we must fight Progressive restraints placed on expressions of love for God and for our country. We must rely on what has remained of those teachings to sustain and to protect us, and fight to maintain our right to teach our children about our country, and about our unalienable rights.

We have little else to save us, but what we do have holds great power. It is the intangible Power that was with the soldiers of 1776. That Power regularly changes the world; it changed the world over two-hundred-years ago, and it is ready to do so again. But to Lincoln’s “materials” of: general intelligence, sound morality, and in particular, a reverence for the Constitution, and laws,-we must add courage, and perseverance. We must have the courage to speak the truth, to act, and to save our world. And we must have, an unswerving faith, and perseverance that means that we will never give up the fight for the survival of our Republic and our freedom.

So who is it that will uphold our culture? Who will defend our great accomplishments? Who will tell the story of our beginning as a nation?

Who will defend our Republic from Progressive corruption, and from the big lie of Communism? Who will defend America from this invasion of foreign nationals, invading from many countries, but especially from Mexico. How do we stop Latin America from emptying itself out–into the United States of America? Who will defend America from Mr. Obama, and others who want our borders open, and want to admit all comers. How do we protect ourselves from the politicians who want to give those who have invaded, and have taken so much from the nation, the huge gift of a tax-payer-paid amnesty? Who will tell the world that amnesty is a lie; it does nothing to stop the flood of illegal immigrants into the United States. Who will tell the truth? That Amnesty is a means to simply give Democrat-Progressives the millions of votes and the new supporters that allow them one-party-rule in the United States. Who will say: Amnesty gives Progressives unlimited, unstoppable power.

We ask: Who is left to tell the truth? Who will declare that one-party-rule means the end of the Constitution and the end of the Republic? Who will say that the Democrat-Progressives, some Republican politicians, and Mr. Obama, and his administration, as well as illegal immigrants, and their mighty army of supporters and advocates want this amnesty to purposely change the racial demographics in the United States? That this recent push for amnesty, and the subsequent chain migration that will follow it, is actually a new kind of eugenics. It is, not yet the eugenics practiced as the Nazis’ practiced it against the Jews. But amnesty makes millions of American citizens into non-citizens, because it disenfranchises Conservative, and white citizens as the Nazis’ disenfranchised Jews. Obama’s new eugenics will replace Conservative and older white Americans’ votes and power with a ready-made-imported- by amnesty, minority. And Progressives’ plan is for this minority to become the majority political power in the United States.

Americans cannot rely on the press, to protect our country, because  the media are Obama supporters. The media admires him; they share, and support his beliefs and his policies. In the beginning of Mr. Obama’s presidency the Liberal media, always supportive of civil rights, was supportive, and protective, of America’s first black president. For the first four years of the Obama presidency, the press doted on the Obamas. It was a love-fest, and little objective reporting was done. This has continued even as Mr. Obama has continued the transformation of America. The media’s support continues because the main-stream- media are not just kind-hearted-Liberals, they are determined, and dedicated Progressives. They believe what Mr. Obama believes about Global Warming, and are predominately in favor of Obama’s style of Socialism. There were reports that the Obama Administration had viciously attacked, and threatened, news outlets that offered criticism of the White House. But very few of them offered any criticism.

And so few threats were needed because the press co-operated. They have been Mr. Obama’s most admiring, and appreciative audience. On the evening of the State of the Union speech for 2014, the media was still Mr. Obama’s best audience, and his most enthusiastic supporters. The media blames the fact that the public no longer listens to, or believes Mr. Obama to the “publics’ pessimism”; it’s the publics’ fault, not Mr. Obama’s. But the public has reason to be pessimistic because the country is in a shambles. And Mr. Obama and Progressives have worked really hard to put it there. For over five years they have spent trillions of dollars doing all of the things that citizens’ told them not to do. But, the media can’t understand it; they like everything that Mr. Obama has done. And they wonder: why is everyone  so unhappy?

Day in and day out, and for years, no matter how startling the news coming from the Obama White House, the mainstream media has put on a happy smile, and shown only the best side of the Obama’s and of the Obama administration’s policies. The most liberal, the New York Times, consistently put Obama’s actions in the best possible light.

The main stream media have not exposed Obama’s lies to the American people; which means that they have lied with him to the American people, because when journalists remain silent about a lie it means that they have supported, and covered-up a falsehood. reports on November 15, 2013, on an article from the Washington Examiner. Byron York writes that many knew that when Mr. Obama said, “If you like your insurance you can keep it”, about Obamacare, that the press and many others knew that was a lie.

“All during the debate, Democratic officeholders, aides, policy wonks, advocates, and sympathetic journalists, all knew coverage cancellations would be coming as part of Obamacare. Of course the President knew, too. When Obama made the, keep your insurance coverage promise; over and over, those Washington insiders accepted the untruth as a necessary part of the process, something that Democrats had to do to pass their bill.”

In other words, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, all of the Democrat party, The Supreme Court,  and most of America’s Mainstream media were ready to lie to the American people. The Media would stay silent, or cover-up, and lie, to help Mr. Obama put in place an enormous entitlement program: Obamacare, full of flaws, and deceptions, and weighted down with thousands of regulations, high costs, and taxes. The Progressive media, which would never allow a conservative administration, or conservative writers, to put together such a travesty of lies for any program, had helped Mr. Obama sell a program that most of the people did not want, and to put Obamacare onto the backs of taxpayers. The media was willing to “tell the narrative” the emotional story, in place of the facts and the truth. In the case of Obamacare the medias’ deceitful reporting helped to defraud and burden the American public in order for Obama to succeed with the implementation of the program.

These entities stayed silent, or actively lied to support Mr. Obama with Obamacare. They would allow Mr. Obama to cancel the peoples’ health insurance, against their wishes; insurance that the citizens had furnished with their  own dollars. They would allow Mr. Obama and his administration to destroy the insurance industry as Americans had known it, and to re-package our entire healthcare system; they would help Mr. Obama take-over 1/6 of America’s economy.  They would allow Mr. Obama this new, enormous, and dangerous power over the people. They would allow Mr. Obama to make a law that all Americans must obey, simply because they were citizens. They would allow Obamacare, a program Americans must participate in, and which they must rely on for  their healthcare, to be over-seen by the IRS.

Conservative Americans, which in the recent IRS scandal had been discriminated against, on the basis of their politics, were, forever, to be dependent on the powerful IRS in order to receive health care. These entities would allow Mr. Obama to take the money that was earned by charging Americans more for their insurance coverage, and then to re-distribute that money. The lies of so many, in government and in the main-stream-media, were a means of defrauding Americans, so that their money could be given away to other Americans, or to foreign nationals. All those lies to take away the citizens property, their money, and give it to those who had not earned it.

When Mr. Obama was pushing Obamacare,  Democrats in Congress and across the land, were so fanatical in their support of  Mr. Obama, and in support of Obamacare, that first step to Socialized Medicine in the United States, and America’s biggest step to a Communist style government, that they:  the media, and the Democrats, would maintain silence, and they would lie, to help Mr. Obama gain control of American healthcare and gain tremendous control over the American people.

From the beginning of his campaign for president the mainstream media never questioned Mr. Obama; they have barely made polite inquires. For over five years they have let abuse after abuse, lie after lie stand. That was unconscionable because The Constitution established freedom of speech so that the press of the nation could speak the truth about power. The media was to report the news, not carefully edit the news so that it flattered the president, or report their own political ideology instead of the facts.

The main-stream-medias’ job was to protect the nation by questioning policies, and by challenging the Obama administration’s actions, and authority, but they have not, and will not question  or challenge him. They seldom question anything, unless the administration bars the press from too many White House events. The media will not protect the country, or the citizenry from Obama’s radical transformation of this Republic, by reporting the consequences that transformation has had, and will have for the people and the country. They will not investigate the administration’s series of lies, or its scandals.

Neither the media nor the Obama Administration honestly state the high costs and the peril that Americans face with the Immigration Bill. They do not even admit that the bill is Amnesty, or that the likely outcome is that: first 20-30 million illegal immigrants will be given the reward of amnesty. And that they will bring in an additional 70 million, or more. And that these new citizens will, quickly, be added to the United States’ population with chain migration. They report on a possible Obama Decreed Amnesty as if his actions, concerning immigration law, and amnesty have been lawful, and that his decreed amnesty is bound to be right and honorable, and according to the rule of law.  The media doesn’t inquire, or report, and so the public has little idea of the consequences of Obama’s policies on amnesty, or on Obamacare, not even the consequences of the Trillions of dollars of debt that the Obama Administration continues to pile up. Instead, the media attacks the Americans who question those policies.

The media protects the Obama Administration. Those who protest the amnesty of millions of illegal strangers into the United States, are silenced by the main-stream-media which calls them haters and racists. Many Conservative bloggers believe that American Journalism and American television reporting have become the propaganda arm of the Democrat-Progressives.  They believe that the press gives favorable coverage even for un-acknowledged Communist politicians in the United States.

There was a downturn in the president’s poll numbers which followed the catastrophic roll-out of Obamacare, Democrats ran from Mr. Obama, and many ran from amnesty. Some journalists said that the failures with Obamacare made Mr. Obama a lame duck, and that he and the Progressives wouldn’t be able to push their policies forward, and especially the policy that pushed for amnesty. But that line of reporting didn’t last; it will never last, because the Progressives, and their media supporters, see that amnesty is as great a tool as Obamacare to make the United States into an -Obama-Globalists state. Much of the media agrees with Mr. Obama’s Globalists views. They would have supported the agenda in the past, and with any Democrat-Progressive leader they thought could bring the nightmare to pass, but the times weren’t right. There were too many hard workers, too many Christians, and too many patriots ready to fight. But they kept moving forward. Democrat-Progressives offered us Howard Dean, Bill Clinton, Al Gore, John Kerry, Hillary Clinton and finally Mr. Obama as their candidate, all packaged in different ways. The Clinton’s had their day, and moved the Progressive agenda forward. But with Mr. Obama, Democrat-Progressives, and their powerful Socialist-Globalists-Partners touched gold.

To ordinary Americans in 2007, Mr. Obama seemed a friendly, and mannerly man. To Progressives, the most important thing was Mr. Obama’s race, and that he had the support of 96 percent of blacks, and 67 percent of Latinos.  And somewhere, probably, a Progressive was smiling. And thinking. And the thought was that Mr. Obama would be an untouchable president. He was untouchable because he was the first black president. As the first black president he would have the complete support of minorities. He could do what he would, and no one would be able to stop him. If anyone did, the thought of  minorities, rioting, and tearing apart the cities within the United States, would keep Mr. Obama in power. And that fear would keep the opposition silent once Mr. Obama’s real agenda for America was revealed.

And so they stand: the minorities, who will support Mr. Obama, no matter what he does, and the media,  willing to destroy their careers, if they have to, for Barack Obama. Minorities who have lived with their feelings of being aggrieved, every day of their lives, until the feelings are who they are. They cannot and won’t ever move beyond them. It is the only legacy they have been left, and they cling to that bitter legacy, and will leave it to their descendants for all time. They will support Mr. Obama because of his race. And the media, so devoted to their cause, their ideology, that they are willing to sacrifice their  own careers, and  profession for Mr. Obama.  Together they stand, and neither care very much about the United States. America seems to be the hostage of ideological madmen, who would as soon tear it apart as not,  in order to gain their social and political ends. They are people so indoctrinated by their beliefs that they have lost the ability to change their minds; to think new thoughts. We cannot let them destroy us. Because if they get what they want, and they help Obama destroy the U.S. with amnesty, even they will regret it. Mr. Obama won’t care. He will feel like a hero, and he will be rewarded for his dirty work. But the ideologues who follow him will be faced with the loss of the world they fought against, but it was a world that protected them, and nourished them. And they will be lost, as much as we who love America.

At heart America’s left-leaning journalists want Mr. Obama’s  disastrous Socialists policies, because that is what the Left, and leftist journalists, ardently believe in. Americans must protect themselves and their country from a propaganda press that has a great resemblance to the media in Communist countries such as China. Americans must face the fact that instead of telling the citizens the truth about the government, American journalists, and those in the mainstream media, are in essence, what the press in China is: an organ, a department of the government. The main-stream-media, for the most part, cannot be considered as a separate entity from the Obama administration. As Rush Limbaugh says: the press has chosen sides. The media saves the truth for those who oppose The Left, the Progressives, and the Communists’. The press does not reward the whistle blowers, and truth tellers. It attacks Republicans, and defends Democrats. Until we  accept that as truth, we can’t oppose their propaganda, and we cannot recognize, and understand the influences that operate behind the scenes.

But there has been a price to be paid. Because of their unwillingness to tell the truth, most television networks have lost viewers, and many newspapers in the United States have lost readers. They have also  lost trust and credibility with Americans.

Mr. Obama has received praise and support from the media. The press was silent as he lied, thirty-six times about Obamacare. After so much praise, and support, it isn’t strange that Mr. Obama takes the media for granted. Perhaps it’s not enough for him to make the media as irrelevant as Congress by doing his own press coverage, and then releasing that coverage to the media. Perhaps Mr. Obama has concluded that he doesn’t enjoy the alliance, even of a managed press, and that the best media is a totally cowed, silenced, and an invisible one.  And so , on February 20, 2014 when a  article by Ben Shapiro reported that the FCC would send its employees into media workplaces to observe, and to ask questions about the media’s” news” philosophy, it seemed to be another, and a frightening step towards total control of the press. A day later it was reported that this idea had been “temporarily” suspended. The word “temporarily” is key. Because whatever Progressives “temporarily suspend” they usually return to.

This move to “inside the media surveillance” by a government agency, evidently began as “suggestions” from universities with schools of journalism, that had close ties to George Soros. According to an article on Mr. Soros gave over 52 million dollars to media organizations for nearly a decade. What happens when the wealthy, and powerful pay for political influence in the media? If you print what you are told to print, truth is corrupted and that weakens the First Amendment. Story supervision, and interrogations in the newsroom, will end journalism in the United States, as surely as it has ended it in any communist country.

Since Obama became president the media seemed set on committing mass suicide. From its spontaneous cheerleading for Mr. Obama, its failures of truth, and its adherence to Progressive ideology, along with the payments from Mr. Soros, the mainstream media has discredited itself. And, sadly, it doesn’t seem bothered that it has become irrelevant. The medias’ silence on important stories, and its policy of softening the truth, or simply not printing the truth if it concerns Progressive policies, or the truth about Mr. Obama, are the end of their standards and their reliability. So they can’t be relied on to protect the 1st amendment. The press is only relevant if it tells the truth. Progressives have pulled down America with lies, and with the Big Lie of Communism. And the leftists’,  of the mainstream Media have partnered with them to do it.

The Obama Administration, and their Democrat supporters are wrong in their pursuit of Amnesty for the millions who have told lies, who have invaded America, and who have repeatedly broken our laws to do it. Amnesty is wrong because it rewards people who broke a whole series of  U.S. Laws to come to America. It is a reward to serial lawbreakers who have contempt for our country, and the rule of law.   America was built on the Rule of Law, and the Rule of Law is based on the truth. America is based on the virtues of the English Colonists who came to America seeking truth, and who wanted to establish their lives based on the rule of law.

This Republic can’t survive the loss of freedom of speech. And there can be no freedom of speech unless there is a media that cares about the 1st amendment. And a media that has the courage to tell the truth. America needs a media that has a strong voice and uses it to object to government abuses.

Still, Mr. Obama and Progressives continue their attack on the First Amendment. But do they need to?  Didn’t H.R.347 strike a death blow to the First Amendment?  America slept through the passage, and Mr. Obama’s signing of H.R. 347, on March 9, 2012. H.R. 347 attacks all First Amendment rights of Freedom of Speech, by including Freedom of Assembly, and Freedom to Petition. It was called the “Federal Restricted Buildings and Grounds Improvement act of 2011. The bill sounds innocent, as if it covers building maintenance, but it outlaws all protests near any government official, or person protected by the Secret Service. It curtails demonstrations, and it silences the protests of United States citizens. It was passed in the United States Senate by unanimous consent, and passed in the House of Representatives by a 399 to 3 vote. And that may be one of the most frightening things that have happened during this scary presidency.

Obviously, Freedom of speech is annoying to both the Congress and Mr. Obama. Even without an opposing voice from the media, ordinary Americans speak too frankly about many subjects, including amnesty.

The media won’t, but citizens voice their opposition to Mr. Obama giving away the sovereignty of their country. They even call it treason.

But how can it be called anything other than treason when Democrat, Progressive, and Communists politicians are ready to sell America to countless millions of strangers, in exchange for  the stranger’s votes? How can it be anything other than treason when big corporations, doing business in the United States, and who are selling their products to citizens, campaign to import millions of cheap laborers as a replacement workforce, while refusing to hire millions of unemployed American workers?

Even before 2009 , America, freedom and the Constitution, have been under attack from the Progressive movement. But whether it is an attack by legislation, as in the previously mentioned, and shameful H.R. 347 . A bill which eliminates, First Amendment protected, public protests. And which Republican Rep. Justin Amash describes as the “First Amendment Rights Eradication Act”. Or whether  it’s Mr. Obama going around Congress, and over the best interests of the people, to get his way, or  whether it’s Mr. Obama’s agenda to attain his amnesty goals; we the people, must continue to fight for our nation.

We must fight against amnesty on every hand. And we must win.

And then We the people, must insist on the absolute, uncompromising, securing of our borders. We must insist that the border with Mexico be defended against incursions from the Mexican military as well as by invasion by millions of illegal immigrants. We must insist on uncorrupted, immigration laws that protect citizens, and not the illegal immigrants, over and above the citizens. We must insist that the immigration laws are strictly, and promptly enforced, and enforced against all comers who do not come legally. We must insist on a simplified, and faster judicial process for every illegal immigrant. We must change the process. America needs a process that returns illegal immigrants, without the proper documentation, to their country of origin, instead of allowing them to linger in the United States for years and for countless, expensive legal procedures. We must fight, and end the hold that immigration lawyers hold over the United States, because it is their lengthy procedures that allow illegal immigrants to disappear within our borders.

We, ourselves, must obey the immigration laws, and insist that others do so. We must reject the sad narratives, all of those thousands of personal stories, many carefully, concocted, to be used to achieve the Obama, and the illegal immigrant nefarious agendas. We must be wary, even of those illegal immigrant stories that are true, that make constant exceptions to the rule of law. We are a nation of laws, not of men. The illegal immigrants, Progressive politicians, and the many activists’ cries are: Mercy for Millions! But we must know that: those millions of exceptions utterly destroy a law, and the rule of law. Millions of exceptions to the law defeat the policies put in place to protect the country from over-population, and from the take-over by those millions from foreign nations. Because that is the case today, we have millions of foreign nationals within our borders who are ready and willing to take over our country. And we must use laws and policies to dismantle the threat. Our immigration laws will not protect us if we do not enforce them. We must insist that immigration laws are not suspended again. Any president or Congress that suspends immigration laws should be considered at war against the Constitution and against the people of the United States. We must insist that in the future, the Federal Government stands by Article IV. Section 4. of the Constitution. The Federal government must obey what the Constitution’s guarantees. It must protect all of the states from invasion, and from domestic violence.

The president and the federal government must be stopped from continuing to put illegal immigrants’ rights over, and above, U.S. Citizens’ rights. With every move Obama and Congress make towards amnesty, they usurp the laws, they usurp the power of Americans, and they step further along the road to treason against the United States of America. We the people must stop them from amnesty, from usurping U.S. laws, and from committing the treason, that is amnesty.  We must stop them because there is no recovery for the nation, or its citizens, from amnesty.

We must keep millions of Mexican citizens, and Mexico’s hands out of America’s internal affairs. We must stop tolerating illegal immigrants’ lawlessness.  We must put a stop to their attempts to over-throw the Republican form of government in the U.S., their determination to claim amnesty, and to usurp the rights of Americans. We must stop them from laying claim to United States land for themselves and for Mexico.

Compare and contrast how the United States treats up to 30 million Mexicans, illegally in the U.S., who stage militant, and continual, protests against U.S. Laws, and policies, to the treatment that Mexico metes out to Americans who run afoul of Mexican laws.  The U.S. goes over-board in accommodating 20-30million illegal immigrants. They take our jobs, they take our IDs, they send billions of dollars, earned from American jobs, out of our economy. We pay billions to take care of their educational, medical and welfare needs. Our government allows their angry protests against our immigration laws and policies. And it allows many of the most fanatical, and anti-American groups, such as La Raza to receive huge grants paid for by tax-payer’s money. Cecilia Munoz, who served as head of LA Raza, serves as the head of the White House Domestic Policy Council in the Obama Administration, and was able to help write the “immigration Reform” bill. The Huffington Post wrote a press release about her “being a passionate advocate of the interests of everyday working people and defending the embattled American middle class.” It was nonsense. Munoz supports illegal immigration of all kinds, and she supports amnesty. She was part of LA Raza, which seeks the Reconquista of the United States. She does not support Americans; she supports Latin Americans.  The article is a fine example of the way the Left, and the main-stream media have sugar coated the radicals in the Obama Administration, and covered up its connections to organizations, such as LA Raza, that works to embattle the American middle class, and replace them with illegal immigrants. LA Raza works to under-mine and over-throw the United States.

Thirty million illegals, people with no right to be in the United States, are demanding amnesty, and all of the privileges of citizens. They are demanding lower tuition rates for college than citizens receive. They are demanding that we change our culture and our traditions. But Americans who are illegally in Mexico are deported, or jailed. They are not allowed to protest or demand anything. And U.S. citizens in Mexican jails are treated with contempt, and cruelty.

America has been invaded for decades. Our government has allowed the invaders to stay in our country. They have allowed that population to live and to grow out of control until they menace our way of life and our American government. An invasion by, mostly, unarmed foreign nationals is still an invasion, and all such invasions must be ended, and not supported by any government official; even members of Congress, or the President of the United States. The previous sentence should read: especially members of Congress, or the President of  the United States. United States Immigration laws, are not to be suspended because of the protests of those who have invaded the country. Illegal immigrants  have already broken a long list of American laws. Allowing them to protest in order to suspend U.S. Law enforcement is a bridge too far. Illegal immigrants have been allowed to scorn our laws, and to interfere with the United States internal affairs. They have shown exactly the kind of U.S. citizens they would make if given amnesty. If their past behavior is a guide, then their behavior as a citizen, would be that of criminal citizens. Those illegal immigrant groups who have been eager for amnesty, but vehemently, against immigration laws, have shown that they feel no obligation to obey U.S. law. They will never respect the rule of law, or the Constitution.

Immigration laws are essential to the protection of the United States. They must be enforced to protect America from further, and future invasions. We must insist that the Federal government follow our  wishes, and lower the huge number of immigrants that are allowed to come to the United States, legally. We must stop the endless extensions of visas. We must end birthright citizenship which automatically grants citizenship to babies born in the United States whose parents are foreign nationals. We must end the chain migration where legal immigrants can bring in extended families. If the Federal government doesn’t care about enforcing immigration laws which directly affect the future of the United States, then the citizens, the People, themselves, must care for and protect the nation.

Citizens can rely on few in Congress to help them. We cannot rely on Progressive-Democrats because their loyalty is to Mr. Obama and to  THE PARTY. Their loyalty is not to the people, to the Constitution, or to the nation. That is dangerous. Republicans in Congress are not fighting the battles the nation needs them to fight. Many may vote to reflect the wishes of powerful donors. Many of them are intimidated by the power of  the businesses that want millions of  illegal immigrants as cheap labor. And many are silenced by the attacks from the fierce and fanatical Obama mainstream media.

If we are to keep our country from the forces which are aligned against us, if we the citizens are to protect it from the forces who want to take away our ability to limit immigration, and to enforce our borders, then We the people of the United States of America must be as strong as the patriots of 1776. We must have the Common Sense that Thomas Paine wrote of in his pamphlet that inspired the thirteen colonies to declare their independence from England. We must have the colonists’ willingness to sacrifice, to fight and to die. If America is to be reclaimed, and restored, then We the present day Americans must have the courage and the strength shown by those who were left alive after the Revolutionary War to do the hard work of establishing this sovereign nation.

Present day Americans must follow the examples of those heroes. We must not be afraid, and even if we are we must still be willing to run towards danger.

Thomas Paine’s  pamphlet was first published anonymously because the content would have counted as treason. Common Sense, should be read by every American citizen because it takes us back to the time before our republic had come into being. In Common Sense, Thomas Paine wrote: “The cause of America is, in a great measure, the cause of all mankind. Many circumstances have, and will arise, which are not local, but universal, and through which the principles of all lovers of mankind are affected, and in the event of which their affections are interested. The laying a country desolate with fire and sword, declaring war against the natural rights of all mankind, and extirpating (to destroy exterminate) the defenders thereof from the face of the earth, is the concern of every man to whom nature hath given the power of feeling.”

There is currently no declared war, and no official desolation by fire and sword between the United States and Mexico, from which comes the greatest number of illegal immigrants. But there has been an invasion that has continued for decades. There are possibly 30million, or more illegal immigrants, the majority of whom are Mexicans, who are not supposed to be in the United States. If there had not been an invasion, there wouldn’t be such numbers. And, Illegal immigrants would not have countless organizations, activists, and advocates, within our borders to agitate to change United States policies and laws. If there had not been an invasion Americans would not be in fear of being disenfranchised in their own country by illegal immigrants. Americans are in danger, from Illegal immigrants who have no legal right to be in our country. And that is why the fight for amnesty has grown so angry.

They have no right to be here. And, they are determined to do, whatever they have to do, to secure the right to be here.

For decades, millions of Mexican citizens, and Central Americans, have descended on this country. They have laid the United States desolate. Their  invasion has cost Americans’ billions of dollars each year. Mexicans’ and other nations’ citizens are responsible for the decline of  the United States. They have taken jobs that, rightfully, belonged to citizens. They have invaded to take benefits that were provided by taxpayers, and that were meant to be provided to Americans, and not to be claimed by citizens of other lands, and by those who came to the United States illegally.

For the battle against amnesty, we must be as brave as George Washington. We must rely on the memory of the founders’ sacrifice and their courage. We must remember what they fought for. We must remember all that American soldiers have fought for, and died for, for over two-hundred-years. We must find our own courage to defend both the country and the rights, that those who came before us, have secured for us.

The invasion of our country, which is nothing less than a decades long war against America, fought by illegals from other nations, must be won. The Mexican people, and millions of others, who, daily, assault our borders and our laws, will continue to do so unless we fight back with every bit of determination and strength that we have. If we don’t fight to stop this invasion, this undeclared war, then we stand to lose our heritage, our rights, our future, and our country.


This is not a Scholarly work. It is the work of a citizen protesting and petitioning the President, his administration and the Congress of the United States.

It contains many links, and many referrences from other authors and other sources. As well as I could, because my time was short, I gave credit as I thought proper. If I did not cite your source and writing as I should, please notify me and I will try hard to correct my errors.

August 28, 2014

I write these words, last, to top my notes to readers. This pamphlet was begun in early summer of 2013; it is not the essay I imagined, but it is the best that I can do. It has gone from being essay, to pamphlet, to a book. God has given me much help, but I have been a slow and imperfect worker and now, suddenly it is October 4th, and I must publish this soon. I am sorry that the essay is lengthy, in length it resembles the lengthy essays by Emerson, and others in our past. The only excuse for the length is that I wanted to address many aspects of the current situation. The true situation in few words is simple: This is OUR country; it belongs to the citizens. But there is a deception, a kind of madness, and greed afoot in the United States. And there is a fatal Liberal kindness that is really  blindness; and that would give everything away to strangers. It says: America doesn’t belong to US, that it belongs to everyone else.

This is not true. America is ours, and No One can give it away; to even consider such a thing is madness, but that is exactly what the Immigration Reform Bill wants to do: take the country away from its citizens and give it to another group of people.

This post is about the theft of Americans Unalienable rights because the theft of our rights, our property, our country, will affect our entire lives; the theft of citizens’ rights will be the end of America. What is happening to the United States, what is being done to us by current leaders of the Democratic party, with the help of the media, Progressives across the nation, and by many in the Republican Party is suicide for our country. If Americans allow these dishonest machinations, politicians will destroy our good lives and  our liberty. The tricks, the lies, and the larceny that are being used on America is a giant con job. At first it was done slyly, but the robbers soon grow crude and bold. In our institutions, and throughout the nation they strive to force their will upon the citizens. This post is a warning to Citizens who love their country, and who love the life that was once theirs in America, about what happens to citizens when leaders no longer abide by morals and ethics. It is what happens when leaders won’t be bound  by rules or the laws of the United States of America.

Recently, some articles have said that the Immigration Reform Bill is “dead”  but I don’t believe it is. I believe that it is a major goal of the Democratic party, of millions of illegal immigrants, their activists, and of Progressives, and possibly of foreign nations; I believe that they will continue to pursue that goal, perhaps not at the present moment, but in the near future. I dedicate this essay to the very brave: Senator Ted Cruz, Senator Mike Lee , Senator Jeff Sessions, to Representative Stephen King, Michelle Bachman, and all others in the United States Congress who have stood with American citizens. And to America the Beautiful.


© A Modern Day Thomas Paine

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